Season 3

301 - Black Buddah - Part 1
"What if the rules aren't working?..." 108KB
"You really want a shot at mortality, you gotta give it a chance..." 118KB
"The Buddah didn't plant the bomb, Nick..." 120KB
"You know what, Nick, I'm tired, I'm gonna go home now..." 110KB
"Natalie, please! [Stop it Nick!...]..." 53KB
"You don't believe it's magic? [I didn't say that...]..." 57KB

302 - Black Buddha - Pt. 2
"You think she's attracted to him?..." 94KB
"You wonder if he picked it or if it just happened to be the tune..." 93KB
"Is he a ah [Yeah] hah, well, this is getting very, very complicated." 46KB

303 - Outside the Lines
"Bruising around the mouth, his hand?..." 66KB
"We ran a full tox screen on that..." 75KB

304 - Blackwing
"It's very sharp and very, very brittle..." 103KB
"I just feel better, okay, I'd like to see ya..." 93KB
"Maybe bi-products of sleep deprivation, vivid day dreaming..." 96KB
"I showed up..." 70KB

305 - Blind Faith
"You could chew on rusty nails for a whole year and not get that much iron..." 127KB
"So, suspicions confirmed about the rapist..." 116KB
"What about the dog, Nick?..." 70KB

306 - My Boyfriend is a Vampire
"Alright, I'll bite. I'm in the doghouse. You're angry with me..." 74KB
"I don't know what to tell you, Nat..." 82KB
"Should I sit down? [No, no, this shouldn't take long...]" 80KB
"Natalie..." 39KB
"What am I supposed to say, what am I supposed to say to you..." 76KB
"Natalie. [Why can't you just let this go] Because you're wrong...]" 82KB
"They're beautiful, and the card..." 58KB
"I saw more than you think I saw..." 103KB

307 - Hearts of Darkness
"Vampire stops over for a bite, stabs the host..." 122KB
"Open your mouth [What are you doing?]..." 93KB
"The hair looks like a match, I'd say it's Ellen's alright..." 73KB
"Still doesn't answer why..." 79KB
"She was a vampire who functioned as a human - sunlight, food, sex..." 107KB

308 - Trophy Girl
"And that's the good news. The bad news is..." 70KB
"Something like that, yeah..." 72KB
"You saved her life, Nick..." 46KB

309 - Let No Man Tear Asunder
"It's a match. Cinderella has both her slippers. Warm feet..." 62KB
"Myself am due to go under the knife as soon as my doctor..." 112KB
"Just let me know if you need anything after, okay..." 89KB
"What! Who's got Natalie!" 16KB
"They doing anything interesting in there?..." 90KB
"A little something to speed your recovery <kiss>..." 50KB
"It's my personal choice in the body parts hall of fame..." 95KB

310 - Night in Question
"My head is killing me..." 59KB
"Who am I, Nick? Say my name. [I'm sorry, I don't know who you are.]" 69KB
"It's a little dark isn't it?..." 27KB
"Just remember an apple a day keeps the coroner away. [I wouldn't want to do that...]" 44KB
"He said he was my oldest friend. [Well, he's not your friend...]" 62KB
<Fireplace scene> "You know, when I first saw you at the hospital..." 255KB
<Nick's dream> "Take me...please...bring me across...please." 93KB
"I told you not to go out. [But you didn't tell me why...]" 78KB
"Natalie, is this, is what I am the thing that makes you so sad..." 78KB
"Last night I believed it was possible..." 93KB
"Nat, you were right. It is a lot to take in all at once, but bear with me." 67KB

311 - Sons of Belial
"Nick..." 91KB
"Maybe not, but we all have our demons. [Not like this]..." 90KB
"I think that what happened set me back a bit, set us back..." 113KB

312 - Strings
"One way you treat the disease, the other way you treat the symptons..." 81KB
"Aha, I detect a pattern..." 94KB

313 - Fever
"Stay out of the sun, keep away from sharp sticks..." 101KB
"Something wrong? [I'm hungry, and I'm hot.]" 62KB
"Your temperature's 98 degrees, that's not even human normal..." 68KB
"Slow or fast, what's the difference. Maybe this was meant to be, Nat..." 99KB
"Natalie, I do not claim to know what God does..." 148KB
"It's killing you. Is that the kind of mortality you've been looking for..." 80KB
"Natalie, when Lacroix asked you why. [Why save vampires...]" 70KB

314 - Dead of Night
"You know, if I didn't know you better, I would say that this place frightens you..." 66KB
"But I'm not prepared to think that a ghost killed..." 65KB
"So, is your case closed now? [Boo!...]" 42KB
"Well, I'm not gonna go on record saying that I saw a ghost..." 118KB

315 - Games Vampires Play
"But you're not anybody else, in the past when this happened..." 66KB
"Could we have a private chat..." 40KB
"What the hell is wrong with you!..." 84KB
"You're not looking at the bigger picture here..." 95KB
"Virtual vampire, virtual feeding. [Virtual killing you mean...]" 65KB

316 - Human Factor
"Nat, I need a favour..." 67KB
"Nat, take it easy..." 28KB
"Nat, what Janette said about how much she loved Robert..." 104KB

317 - Avenging Angel
"Oh, man, I would hate for this creep to walk away..." 68KB
"I'm seeing more and more of these cases..." 67KB

318 - Fallen Idol
"Against my better judgement. [And there are those...]" 48KB
"We're making soup! [How domestic of you...]" 49KB
"And? [And if you gave him a little help...]" 77KB
"He's a little edgy, that is totally understandable..." 75KB
Was I wrong, Nick?..." 116KB
"So, who do you pick in the 4th? [This is wrestling...]" 58KB

319 - Jane Doe
"Forensics was unable to lift any usable prints..." 91KB

321 - Francesca
"Expensive pate, steak, caviar..." 85KB
"You have to understand that every drop of blood..." 101KB
"Imagine if you could know someone's soul..." 256KB
"He knows my name, he knows what I am..." 102KB
"You know, Nick, if this is Francesca..." 60KB

320 - Ashes to Ashes
"What exactly are we dealing with..." 97KB
"There's nothing I could do for her and there's no one she can talk to..." 78KB
"You got a 2000 year old little girl who's out to kill anyone..." 90KB

322 - Last Knight
"It's my wake-up call, Nick, time to get a life..." 91KB
"I don't want to end up like Lora, Nick..." 76KB
"I've been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but I'm not..." 59KB
"I'm asking for an end, Nick, for a resolution..." 92KB
"I can't damn you into becoming what I am..." 91KB
"It's not enough. It's never enough. I'm leaving..." 121KB
"I'm willing to take my chances..." 84KB
"I know that that's not true, and so do you..." 85KB
"You cannot deny what I am. [You can't deny what's in your heart...]" 117KB
"I believe in you. I trust you....................Forever" 430KB
"She had faith in me...................I have that faith too." 141KB

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