Season 2

201 - Killer Instinct
"Who is trying to set you up, another cop?..." 40KB
"Look, I know if I don't regain mortality, I'm going to have to leave eventually..." 91KB

202 - A Fate Worse than Death
"Maybe I should have left it alone, maybe Schanke was right..." 39KB
"What time? [Not long, the blood's barely congealed. Oops, sorry]" 38KB

203 - Stranger than Fiction
"What? [Emily Weiss, she kept staring at me...] You know, Nick..." 82KB
(Nat's Fantasy) "You are not in love with a man, Sophie,..." 57KB
(Nick catches Nat reading The Denied) "Slow night?..." 83KB
"I almost destroyed her because of what I felt..." 113KB
"And what you felt for her has brought you closer to..." 79KB

204 - Bad Blood
"Uhhhh I need coffee [Under the sink] You keep coffee..." 61KB
"I'm responsible for this, I could have stopped him..." 59KB

205 - Forward Into the Past
"But I told Katherine the truth, I'm not sure why..." 64KB

206 - Capital Offense
"What plugged it anyway? [A scrunchie]..." 98KB
"A vampire against the death penalty, yeah, that's rich." 39KB
"What do I do? [Well, like all human feelings, it can get you into big trouble]..." 73KB

207 - Hunted
"Has the irritation stopped?..." 79KB
"Oh it's a little dark, yeah, but then I like dark..." <kiss> 41KB

208 - Faithful Followers
"Anyone who promises you that you can have everything..." 133KB

209 - Undue Process
"Nat, you know you don't have to stay here..." 63KB
"How can that be? [Even for me, it's difficult to comprehend evil like that]." 50KB

210 - Father's Day
"Even when they're trying to kill you, they're still your family..." 52KB
Hi Nat. [Hey you, hey have you seen Schanke, the captain...]" 83KB

211 - Can't Run, Can't Hide
"Here's my report, Schanke says you're going to close this..." 66KB

212 - Near Death
"People have seen a lot more than you're describing, Nat..." 67KB
"You think if you have a near death experience, you'll go back to the light..." 77KB

213 - Crazy Love
"I know how she felt, Nat, all of it, not just the loneliness..." 124KB

214 - Baby, Baby
"She's a strong willed woman. [What's wrong with that?]..." 63KB
"However, they don't grow fur and bay at the moon..." 73KB

215 - Partners of the Month
"He made me eggs and bacon for breakfast..." 68KB

216 - The Fire Inside
"You know, I'm proud of myself, just for having dealt with it..." 67KB

217 - Amateur Night
"So, are you going to go after the killer?..." 97KB

218 - The Fix
"May I ask what it is? [I was afraid you would]..." 88KB
"You... you just went through a red light..." 67KB
"You're talking like a junkie [This whole experiment...]" 72KB
"I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm outta here..." 51KB

219 - Curiouser and Curiouser
(Nick's dream) "Well, no, it's just I wasn't expecting this..." 95KB
(Nick's dream) "Here's, darling, and don't you worry that pretty little head..." 85KB

220 - Beyond the Law
"If Petroshanko pushes back and someone's career's on the line...." 74KB

221 - The Queen of Harps
"Nat, would you stop worrying about me..." <kiss> 129KB

222 - Close Call
"Nick, we have a problem..." 18KB

223 - Be My Valentine
"Any little thing that I can do to help you feel a bit more human..." 83KB
"Nat, [yeah] this case is really getting to you uh..." 68KB
"Driving and thinking about what?..." 171KB

224 - The Code
"Nat, you look stunning..." 110KB
"Jealous? I withdraw the question..." 81KB
"HMS Medical, where are they?..." 76KB

225 - A More Permanent Hell
"Everything that I've held back, I want to give you now..." 106KB
"Nat, you're not making any sense..." 62KB
"Are you alright? It was a hoax, Nat..." 87KB
"I thought maybe you'd close the curtains and spend the day..." 92KB

226 - Blood Money
"Japanese industrial coating, he could have upgraded his stereo..." 79KB

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