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I've been working on this project on and off for a few years and am finally ready to post the bulk of what I've done in the hopes that it will not only answer questions, but provide a place where fic writers who want to work within the realm of canon can find both information and the episodes that support it.

Please note the definition of "canon" is what you hear and see on the screen (full Canadian version)! Behind-the-scenes interviews, script writer's intentions, edited-out portions of scripts, etc., are not taken into account.

Most of the info here is about Nick, Nat, LaCroix, Schanke, and Janette. I wasn't much of a stickler on collecting data on the 3rd season newcomers, but will probably add more later. If there is any information you need but can't find here, information that you have and would like to see included here, or if you notice any blunders, please feel free to e-mail me at

Conclusions were reached considering the episodes in chronological order. "Undetermined" means either the subject was not brought up, or there is conflicting evidence of equal weight.

FK Vampires in General (Below)
Tracy, Vachon, Urs, Screed, The Captains
Other Characters & FK Places and Things


1. Do they have perfect memories?
Both Nick and Lacroix have admitted to have forgotten things. While some people have taken Nick's flashbacks as an indication of perfect memory, it must be pointed out that both mortals (CRCH) and "souls" (Francesca) have had clear flashbacks throughout the series and that flashbacks are merely a device to impart the story to the viewer.

2. Do they all live nomadic lifestyles, moving every few years or decades?
In the episode 'Francesca', Francesca said she lived at Cote de Rhone for 400 years.

3. Do FK vampires really live forever?
Although the reference to "eternal" life occurs frequently, there is also contradictory evidence. Nick mentions 1,000 lifetimes in ND; Janette tells Nick he shouldn't reach midlife for 1,000 years in ILCK; and in BM, Lacroix tells Nick the old mafia guy should be healthy for another 100 years, suggesting that his lifespan is limited. (It's also possible that Lacroix did not bring the man across, but gave him some blood to extend his life similar to the story in ILCK)

4. Does it normally take a long time for a new vampire to learn how to be a vampire?
Most vampires are left to their own devices after being brought across and Janette, for example, instinctively knew how to feed immediately. According to Vachon in Black Buddha, Angel taught him and the Inca the "ways of the night" in one night.

5. Are vampire hunters less skilled at hunting than vampires?
According to Lacroix they are equally skilled, "Hunters as accomplished as ourselves" (Hunters).

6. Can vampires feed on humans whenever they desire?
Among other examples, in LYTD, Janette says to Nick, "You know how rarely any of us gets to feed on humans anymore."

7. Is human blood is the preferred food of all FK vampires?
Screed prefers rats. First hunger is described in Fever which reveals that you don't hunger for humans if your first kill wasn't a human.

8. Do they require human blood to survive?
According to Vachon in 'Fever', "If your first kill isn't human, you don't hunger for humans." If a vampire doesn't hunger for human blood in particular, he obviously doesn't require it.

9. Do vampire bodies always contain blood?
In StF, Natalie said, "...vampires don't have blood unless they've just fed, then their blood is full of digestive enzymes". Although we usually see them bleed, Nick has been shot and not bled; and Vachon wasn't terribly bloody after losing a hand. (There is also much leeway in the time period of "just fed", depending on how often an FK vampire "normally" feeds -- something not determined in the series). In the end, there's no solid evidence to contradict Nat's direct statement, but there is evidence to support it - DK and Francesca both infer that it is actually the ingested blood that runs through the vampires' veins, and in KI, Lacroix says to Nick, "Do you feel her blood surge in your veins, Nicholas." Once the blood is in the vampire's veins (and no doubt changed by those enzymes), it would be considered vampire blood.

10. Do they always disappear when they die?
Although Nick said in ILCK that vampires disappear when they die, we have seen many who haven't disappeared including Screed, Urs, Vachon, Spark, and Divia. (Also, in AtA, Lacroix asked Nick about the bodies.) They do disappear if they are killed by sunlight, however, e.g. Erica, Tran, Richard, and Angel.

11. During the process of being brought across, is every mortal given the opportunity to choose death over vampirism?
While Near Death showed that both Nick and Janette were given a choice and that Lacroix had knowledge of the "light", it was not established that this phenomena was universal. There is, in fact, evidence that it is NOT universal -- Nick tells Fleur in BMV, "He will make you one of us whether you want it or not," and Lacroix says re Daniel in FFi "...we choose for him." Less conclusive evidence is found in HoD when Urs says to Vachon, "I asked you to kill me, not to bring me across." Her statement suggests that had she been given the choice, she would have chosen death.

12. Is being bitten by a vampire is always an enjoyable experience?
Among several others who didn't appear to enjoy it, Lacroix himself cried out in agony when Divia bit him. (AMPH).

13. Does vampirism change a person's DNA?
Natalie once discovered extra nucleotides on Nick's DNA that evaporated when they were removed from the host cell (The Fix).

14. If a carouche creates another vampire, is the new vampire also a carouche?
From 'Blind Faith' the only things we know about carouche are that they are a "lower form of vampire," (wide open to interpretation), can occur in human form (like Screed), and "mostly" feed on vermin. Perry and Raleigh may or may not be carouche. There is no indication given of what makes a carouche -- maybe they're created by other carouche, maybe something goes wrong when they're brought across, or possibly something else.

15. Does an FK vampire's heart beat once every ten minutes?
Lacroix referred to his own heart as being "still" in BMV and "dead" in UTV, indicating that it no longer beats whereas Nick said Richard would get a heartbeat about every ten minutes. However, because Nick's statement was possibly given as a fact of vampirism rather than something specific to Richard, that makes it a contradiction and the answer becomes "undetermined". Possibilities include: Lacroix using the words figuratively for a heart that doesn't beat very often, the heart beating every ten minutes only until the person awakens as a vampire, or the heart eventually stopping as the vampire ages.

16. When injured, do they need to ingest blood to heal?
After being blown to pieces in OtL, Nick healed quite nicely before he drank any blood; same thing in NiQ after being burned by the sun; and in several eps after being shot (including The Fix when he was partially mortal). There is also Vachon in BBu who was able to simply reattach his severed hand and wasn't shown to have ingested any blood. Although Nick was given blood by Nat and a wrist exchange by Lacroix in NiQ there's no evidence that either was necessary, although it may have sped up the healing process or possibly, in LC's case, strengthened Nick's vampirism.

17. Do FK vampires have a constant mental link between them?
Throughout the entire first season, Nick did not realize that Lacroix was "undead". In both Fatal Mistake and Black Buddha, Alexandria and the Inca appeared to have been searching for Nick and Vachon respectively for centuries. While distance often seems to be a factor, Nick's frequent refrain, "Where's Janette?" when he enters the Raven, Lacroix following Nick around in BMV, Nick not realizing that Lacroix's cohorts in LYTD were vampires, Nick with amnesia not knowing Lacroix in NiQ, and the hidden 'Jacqueline' personality being unrecognizable to other vampires in HoD, indicate other factors can weaken or extinguish the mental link.

18. Do vampires need to have blood in their systems in order to heal?
Although in OtL, Nick started to heal before his spilled blood even slithered back into him, there is no way to determine how much blood was already in his body.

19. Is an older vampire always more tolerant of sunlight?
In AFWTD, Janette visits Nick at the loft. Nick is quite comfortable with the blinds partially open, but he must close them before Janette is able to approach him and uncover her head. While IWR establishes aging as improving tolerance to the sun, Nick's higher tolerance level indicates there are other, more effective, means.

20. Do FK vampires always require blood to be brought across?
As well as those we never actually saw get blood (Richard, Serena, Alyce, etc.) there are some who did not have the time and/or opportunity - Jack and Bridget in "Bad Blood", and Perry and Jody in "Blind Faith" - who were still able to become vampires.

21. Does becoming a vampire change one's sexual orientation?
Nick and Lacroix, as mortals and later as vampires, both displayed *definitively* sexual attraction only to women. Both Divia's (AtA) and Elizabeth's (IWR) manner and dialogue suggest that they too were hetero as mortals and as vampires. Serena (BaBa) can't really be used as an example because of her conspicuous motive in both forms -- wanting to become pregnant. Nick's own sexual orientation is further verified in 'Father Figure'. Lisa asks, "Are you straight?" and Nick responds, "Yeah."

22. Can FK vampires have human sex?
At least for the males. (Undetermined for the females - BaBa and THF) There is no evidence in the series that any male vampires have had sex, only evidence that they cannot. LYTD - (FB) Lacroix - "There really are only three choices in this matter. Try to love her as a human, but we all know that's impossible so let's move right along. Continue to gaze at her over the balustrade like a love struck mongrel, which would be a terrific waste of eternity. Or, consummate your intense love for her in the most intense way. Take her. Kill her." BMV - Lacroix - "there are many mortal pleasures we cannot experience", HoD (Tag) Nat talks to Nick re the human personalities being able to do things vampires can't - sunlight, food, sex, and LNMTA - (FB) Nick on being a vampire - "You would have to give up the women".

23. Is an older vampire always physically stronger than a younger one?
Apart from Nick's struggles with the younger Richard (IWR) and Spark (AMPH) which are speculative examples, and his triumph over Francesca who was older than him, solid evidence is found in Alexandria's (FM) belief that she was stronger than Nick ("I'm much stronger than you now"), even though she knew she was younger.

Other factors - fear, anger, blood, evil, etc., are also speculative - they can result in no noticeable change at all (there's no evidence that any of the vampires are any stronger now than they were when brought across), an opposite effect (Divia's evil weakened Vachon in AtA) or in simply bringing the individual vampire to his own full potential (i.e., Nick was weakened in DK because he was starving and still managed to stake Lacroix twice).

24. Do all FK vampires cast reflections?
Natalie's remark about Nick being able to see himself in the mirror in Father Figure seems to indicate that this wasn't always the case. Although Nick's reflection is evident in numerous episodes, and both he and others see it, that doesn't automatically mean every vampire has a reflection.

25. Can FK vampires turn into animals?
Believe it or not! While it's generally understood and most likely that FK vampires don't have the ability to turn into animals, there is actually no proof one way or the other.

26. Can FK vampires dematerialize?
Thanks to Lacroix's virtual disintegration and magical reappearance, vampire dematerialization is possible in the FK universe. Whether or not he had any control over it isn't known. While FK vampires are usually stopped by doors and walls, etc., there are two other scenes that can be interpreted as an ability to dematerialize and move through matter:
a) Spark's ability to appear in Nat's room in a couple of seconds with the door and windows closed.
b) In Bad Blood, Liam (the vampire hunter) was waiting at Bridget's grave for her. Assuming her grave was undisturbed (if it was, he would have no reason to wait there), it's possible she rose through the grave rather than from it.

27. Do FK vampires need to breathe in order to function?
There's no conclusive evidence one way or the other -- we see them breathe, but it's something never discussed and not continuously visible. It's possible that they go into a suspended state and can't function without an air supply, but it can't be proven. (Divia for example could have been 'revived' simply because she [or whatever part of her] was able to breathe again)

28. Do any FK vampires sleep in coffins?
Although Nick obviously doesn't, some might. A coffin was shown in the basement of the Raven, but it's unknown whether it was occupied. A female vampire was, however, sleeping in the closet, hanging upside down like a bat. (Hunters). The only other mention of a coffin occurs in 'Dying to Know You' when the psychic says to Nick, "I saw you in a coffin". Nick replies, "I don't sleep in a coffin." Whether or not Nick was ever in a coffin is also undetermined because Denise's accuracy can be questioned (i.e., she had to ask Nick if the things she saw were real and his reply was, "I'm sure some of them were".)

29. Is there an unseen entity, evil or otherwise, responsible for vampirism?
YES. In Killer Instinct, Lacroix said, "Follow the vibration. It is the force that joins us and makes us what we are."

30. Can an FK vampire starve to death?
Lacroix indicated in AMPH that younger vampires would die if the asteroid collision obliterated their food source. (It wouldn't necessarily be out of place for Divia to survive without food because she proved an aberration in other areas - surviving beheading, inflicting non-healing wounds on other vampires, extraordinarily powerful).

31. Can animals become vampires?
Dogs at least can. In both the flashback and present day of Blind Faith, dogs were turned into vampires. The same episode reveals that dogs can also turn people into vampires!

32. Do vampires need to drink blood to "feel life"?
Nick relates this to Natalie in Francesca.

33. Do the FK vampires draw lifeforce from the blood of their victims?
This is brought up more than once in the series. In a CL flashback, Lacroix says to Nick, "One moment we gorge on the lifeforce and the next only silence fills us and we are empty again, then whisperings of renewed thirst.." In FFo, Thomas believes a past civilization knew of vampires, "It was the first clue that I had discovered something of huge importance to our kind. One of the creatures of the dark world, neither dead nor alive, and here, one of the creatures of the underworld, are drawing sustenance from the lifeforce of the living."

34. Was Screed the only vampire to die from the retrovirus in the Fever episode?
This was my original answer, but after listening to the tape again, I realized that LaCroix's radio monologue could have gone either way - it's not clear whether the dozen he mentioned were dying or already dead. I started leaning towards the former because of the words, "How to prepare them for the bitter end," and "living their last", but in the context of his whole speech, it's really inconclusive. Most of his conversation with Calvin went the same way <sigh>. The only piece of dialogue I could find to use as confirmation that others have died is, "They die silently, invisibly, out of the light. I am their only voice and my people cry out for revenge."

35. Are the physical and non-physical aspects of vampirism separable?
There are several episodes that prove vampirism is more complex than "you are or you're not". In The Fix, Nick proclaimed that the vampire was "gone", he could eat food and withstand the sun. In HoD, Ellen/Monica could eat, withstand sun, and have sex; even though the third personality, Jacqueline, was a vampire. In The Human Factor, Janette lost her ability to vamp out, but did not sense the "killer" in her was gone until Robert's death. In Blackwing, the spiritual aspect of the vampire left Nick and invaded Marion (and vice versa) without any biting, yet Nick still drank blood and burned in the sun. In NiQ, Nick could eat, but by morning he couldn't tolerate the sun and started hungering for blood.

36. Does a vampire learn everything about a mortal from their blood?
Nick makes this clear in Francesca, "to know all their secrets..." (While at first glance the rest of the sentence, "to let them know yours" suggests the information exchange is mutual - the vampire must be able to control how much information is imparted. Nick has had Lacroix's blood [when he was brought across and in NiQ], but didn't know who LaCroix's master was, Janette didn't know what happened between Nick and the ballerina in LYTD, etc.)

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