Waterbeds and Stairwells and Blackouts... OH MY!

by Mother Superior/Sister Dementia

Archived November 2003
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under
18 years then please do not read any further

Nick watched as Natalie jumped around on the waterbed like a little girl.

"Come on, Nick! This is fun!" Natalie rolled around on the bed and giggled as
Nick went flying through the air. She stopped laughing when she realized that
he probably going to break the bed. She held up a hand and yelled out,
"NOOOOOOOOO!" But it was too late!

Nick smiled and took a flying leap at the bed, his eyebrows furrowing as
Natalie yelled out for him to stop. Nick landed straight in the middle of the
bed with a loud thud. Suddenly, his clothes were soaking wet and Natalie was
spluttering about in a puddle.

She sat up and smacked him on the chest, water flew out of the pocket of his
leather jacket. "Nick, when I said I wanted to get a new bed and break it in,
this isn't exactly what I had in mind!"

Before Nick could apologize, the store manager walked up to them. Jody, as her
name tag read, looked at them disapprovingly. "Will that be cash or credit?"

Nick tried his puppy dog look but it didn't work, so he tried VISA next. That

Natalie ignored the weird looks she and Nick were getting, and waited for the
elevator in frustration.

"Nat, I'm sorry." He tried his puppy dog look again, but it just made her more

Natalie finally realized why the elevator was taking so long, it was out of
order. She looked at Nick once more and stalked off to the side stairwell. She
slammed the door open and stomped down the steps, Nick following behind very

Then it went from bad to worse when there was a sudden clicking sound as all
of the electronic door locks automatically went into effect.

Natalie looked from Nick to her watch, and then up towards Heaven as all the
lights went out. "NICK!"

Nick tried to sneak away but Natalie was amazingly adept at finding him in the
dark, well... at least part of him.

"Nick, please tell me this is your key ring." Natalie was afraid to find out
the answer, but more afraid to remove her hand.

Nick shook his head, even though Natalie couldn't see him. "Nat, I'm a cop not
a Janitor. My key ring isn't that big." Then he regretted his words as his
'key ring' got even bigger.

Natalie was about to make a comment about his key ring being big enough, but
when it got bigger and her hand flew away. She knew that Nick could see better
in the dark than she could, so she said, "Go over there and check the door."

Nick grumbled under his breath and trudged over to check the door. "It's
locked up tight." He leaned in and listened to the voices on the other side of
the door. He turned to her and tried not to laugh. "Um, Nat, the building just
had a power outage and they don't think they'll be able to get the power
working until morning."

Natalie sighed and slapped her hand against her wet thigh. "Damnit! And my
clothes are soaking me to the bone, too!"

Nick walked down to where she was standing and said, "Well, take your clothes
off and I'll give you my shirt. It's still pretty much dry."

If Natalie hadn't known him better, she would have thought he was just trying
to get her out of her clothes. But, since she knew he liked to sleep with
every other woman in Toronto EXCEPT her, she knew he was just looking out for
her well being... as a brother would!

She turned around and began to strip her clothes off. Because her outfit was
so wet, it was almost impossible to get off. So, Nick decided to help her.
Natalie shivered as his cool hands peeled off her shirt slowly, her nipples
hardened but she tried to convince herself it was because of the cold air and
her wet state.

Nick could feel her shiver and his penis hardened at the thought that he was
the reason for it. Nick knew that he would never get a chance to confront his
feelings for her in such a way that she couldn't run from him, so he decided
to take advantage of the situation. As he pulled her pants down past her hips,
he made sure to catch the bottom of her panties and drag those down too.

Natalie gasped when she felt his cool breath on her ass, she hoped that it
hadn't been a mistake that she was standing in front of him half naked and
very aroused. "Nick, what are you doing?" She didn't want to ask, but knew she
had to.

Nick took in a breath and blurted out, "I'm trying to find a way to get you to
let me make love to you!"

Natalie couldn't believe he had just said the words, but she couldn't ignore
them. She twisted around and kicked her pants down the stairwell as she threw
herself into his arms and began to kiss him.

Nick pulled her against him so tightly that he could almost feel her heart
beating against his chest. His tongue darted into her mouth and dueled with

Natalie moved her lips against his and let her tongue taste the coolness of
his, her body was reacting to his touch like she had never imagined before.

Nick's hands roamed over her back and down to her behind, he fondled the
softness of her cheeks, cupping and stroking them.

Natalie moaned out and reached forward to pull off his jacket, unbutton his
shirt and let her hands feel his gloriously muscled chest. She reached down
and unbuckled his pants as Nick unsnapped her bra and pulled it off of her. It
took some maneuvering, but within minutes, they were both completely naked.

Nick started to kiss her face and made his way down to her breasts. He ran his
tongue around the edge of her areola and continued to lick until he pulled her
hardened nipple into his mouth and began to suck. He felt her tense in his
arms as he continued to lick and suck on her breasts. His hand slipped down
her body until he found her mound and slid a finger inside her lips.

Natalie's hands flew back to grab at the handrail as Nick began to slowly
caress her clit with the tip of his fingers, each one circling in rhythym with
his tongue on her nipple.

Nick hunched over and bit at her nipple until she yelped out, he let go and
moved his mouth back to her mouth for a kiss. He could feel her body shake
with orgasm as his fingers worked their magic on her.

She broke off the kiss and started to scream out, as her body was flooded with
her climax, Nick quickly clamped a hand over her mouth just in case there was
someone listening on the other side of the door.

Natalie's breathing slowed down to a pant as her orgasm calmed enough for her
to regain her composure. She was instantly thrown into a tidal wave of emotion
as he lifted her up and slid his hard shaft inside her with one thrust.

Nick began to pump inside of her with the urgency of a man who had waited for
too long to ask for what he really wanted in life. His eyes changed to gold
and his fangs started to drop as his thrusts became harder and faster, his
desire for her overwhelming his common sense. He began to call out her name in
bursts of breath that he felt he couldn't spare, his orgasm was building so
fast and so intensely that he thought he would explode from the rapturous
feelings coursing through his body.

Natalie didn't even feel the rough stucco scraping against her back as Nick's
movements caused her to roughly slam up and down against the wall. All she
cared about was the fact that he was making love to her, and in doing so... he
was expressing his deepest emotions.

Nick slammed his cock into her so hard that Natalie was sure she was going to
have to be checked out for some sort of dislocation in the morning. She cried
out as another orgasm overtook her, almost passing out from its strength.

Natalie wrapped her legs around him and strained against his body as she felt
him shudder with his own climactic orgasm.

Nick pumped into her one last time as the last of his seed was released. His
fangs dropped completely and sank into her neck, bringing yet another orgasm
over the both of them.

Natalie sighed as he reluctantly removed his fangs from her and slowly pulled
his member out of her at the same time.

Nick kissed Natalie and laughed quietly.

Natalie looked at what she thought was his face, since she couldn't see in the
dark. "What's so funny?"

Nick kissed her again and responded. "Well, I was just wondering if this means
you'll let me help you break your new bed in again."

Natalie kissed him back and smiled. "Only if you promise to do it like you did

Nick smiled and pulled her close to him. "Always."

The End