Trick or Treat
by Judith Freudenthal
circa November 1996
The FK characters aren't mine but I'm borrowing them for a little while.

Nick and Natalie were decorating the front of their house in the suburbs
for Halloween and were looking forward to that evening, but not as much as
their four year old daughter Carrie was.

Natalie enjoyed taking her daughter to the store to pick out a costume
and was quite surprised when Carrie picked out a vampire one and would not be
dissuaded. Mom had no choice but to agree to her daughter's choice.

Nick was eagerly awaiting the return of his wife and daughter. He
couldn't believe it when Carrie showed him her costume and wondered if
something had been passed through his genes. Nat shrugged her shoulders when
he looked over at her inquiringly.

Later that evening their daughter couldn't wait to go out trick or
treating. Nick made sure she was the best vampire she could be (for a
mortal), which Nat found most amusing.

"Nat, you coming with us?" Nick asked playfully, dressed in a costume as

"No. Someone has to stay here and hand out the candy. Go on," she said
with a smile, seeing how excited he was. Besides she had accompanied them
last year. She knew he enjoyed the night as much as Carrie did.

Nick and his daughter went from house to house. The neighbors knew how
much he enjoyed this night.

"Nick, would you like some candy too?"

They took Nick's embarassed grin as a yes. Since he had not brought his
own bag Carrie reaped the benifits.

They trick or treated for two hours before Carrie was exhausted, forcing
Nick to carry her part of the way home.

Natalie was surprised at how full her daughter's sack was.

"They gave Daddy some too."

Nick looked completely embarassed causing Natalie to nearly fall over
laughing. She knew that the reason he made such a good father was he had
never lost the child inside. Her pregnancy had brought it out of hybernation
and Carrie had made it flourish.

The end