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This story is the result of a badly needed (by me) smut purge. <G> I'd like to thank all the people on the Dark N&N list that sent me suggestions of what they'd like to see in the story. Unfortunately, I couldn't incorporate all of them in this one, but there are several that will most likely show up in future stories. For those of you not familiar with them, Peeps are small marshmallow candies produced by a company called Just Born, Inc and sold in the U.S. primarily around Easter. For more information on them check out (click on Factor Tour and then follow the links at the bottom of that page.)

My thanks to the entire N&Nnuts IRC channel for their being willing test subjects for this story.

WARNINGS: Explicit Sex (M/F) (Nick/Natalie)

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To Face Eternity By Nightlady (c) 1999

"Come on, Nat. It's not shift change, so there shouldn't be anyone else in here." Nick said as he opened the door to the precinct locker room. He paused just inside the door, using his vampire-enhanced senses. "Just like I said, empty."

Nat hesitated then followed Nick inside. "Let's hope it stays this way. I'd hate to have to explain to Reese, or even worse Tracy, why I was in the men's locker room with you." She laughed. "I could just wait in the hallway for you." She added.

"Yeah, and if Reese or Tracy saw you there, they'd guess that I was around and this is my night off." Nick said smiling. "You know as well as I do that they'd find something that they'd want me to do since I happen to be here. I have other plans for tonight and they don't include my partner or the Captain." He turned and gathered Nat in his arms.

Nat smiled. "You do have a point, " she managed to say before Nick's lips found hers. She forgot any concerns about being found as he skillfully kissed her. At last, she was able to pant, "Nick, get what you need and let's get out of here."

"Only if you promise that we can pick up right where we're leaving off." He said, his voice slightly husky.

"I guarantee it." Nat replied. This was unusual behavior for Nick and she planned to take full advantage of it.

Reluctantly releasing her, Nick went to his locker. Opening it, he removed a small canvas tote. Nat raised an eyebrow as she heard the distinctive sound of glass clinking inside the bag.

"I always bring a couple of bottles with me, in case we have a particularly nasty scene." Nick explained. "It wouldn't do for me to lose control out there." He didn't need to add that last night had been just one of those nights.

Nat shivered as she recalled the crime scene the night before. A multiple stabbing, with enough blood turn the stomach of even the most hardened veteran. She could well understand why Nick had needed to reinforce his self-control afterwards. She reached out and lightly squeezed his arm, feeling him relax as she did so. She was looking forward to this evening. Her relationship with Nick was, at last, progressing. They were gaining more and more intimacy and Nat cherished each moment they were together.

Slipping the bag over his shoulder, Nick casually slid his other arm around Nat's waist. Feeling her lean against him, Nick reflected that he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so content and yes, happy with his existence. Nat was balm for his soul. Her faith in him and her trust of him never failed to give him the confidence he needed to face his day to day battle with the vampire's desires. He'd long ago admitted to himself that he loved her. Now he knew that she returned those feelings. Nick waited just inside the door until his hearing told him the hallway was empty. Together they slipped out of the precinct and headed back to Nick's Caddy.

As they drove toward the loft, Nat stole a sidewise glance at Nick. She'd been sitting home, munching on some marshmallow Peeps, when an unexpected knock sounded at her door. To her surprise, and pleasure, it had been Nick. Nat couldn't recall seeing him in such an 'up' mood. When he'd asked if she'd like to go for a drive and maybe watch some videos later, it had only taken her a second to agree. So far they'd driven down to the lakefront and spent some time watching the lights of the big barges that plied the waters. The weather was perfect, a warm July night, and Nat had snuggled comfortably in Nick's arms as they sat on an outcropping of rocks and listened to the gentle sounds of the waves lapping below them. Just as it always did, being close to Nick seemed to heighten all of Nat's senses. Normally, Nick maintained a certain distance from her but tonight, he'd held her tightly, nuzzling her neck and the curve of her jaw. Shivers of delight had run down her spine and she'd never wanted the moment to end.

Now, following their brief stop at the precinct and the unexpected kiss there, Nat could feel butterflies in her stomach. She'd wanted Nick from the moment she'd seen him in the morgue. She'd felt a connection to him that had startled her and, in truth, frightened her a bit. It had been like a small voice inside her had said, "This is the person who is the other half of your soul."

Nick drove toward his home wondering for what seemed like the thousandth time this night if he could actually do what he was going to propose to Nat. He'd sworn that he'd never condemn her to his world of darkness, but recent events had made him question that vow. He'd done a great deal of thinking during the past several months and he realized that there were many things about being a vampire that he did, in fact, enjoy. What he hated about his existence were the things he'd done hundreds of years earlier. The lives that he'd stolen before their time. Although he'd relish being able to go into the sun, eat mortal foods, and perhaps have a family, if he had Nat with him, those things paled in importance.

Nick remembered the peace he'd felt when Marion had taken the guilt from him. He'd thought of Ellen and how she had functioned as a mortal despite being a vampire. More recently his thoughts had been of Janette.

When he'd brought Janette back across, he'd realized that he would rather have someone he loved with him as a vampire than to lose them to death. And there was no one in the world that he loved more than Natalie Lambert. She completed him; made him feel whole in a way that he'd never imagined could exist. His entire being ached to be one with her, to share the uniting of body and soul that could only happen if he drank from her; if he made her what he was. Tonight, before he could lose his nerve, he planned to ask her if she would consider joining him in eternal night.

 Pulling the Caddy into the garage, Nick got out and moved around to help Nat from the car. He could tell from the swift sound of her heart that she was aware that something was different about tonight. The look she gave him, however, showed excitement not fear; joy not terror. Nat had seen him at his worst and she'd never flinched in rejection. Nick hoped that she would see the love he had for her and consider what he planned to say to her. As they walked to the lift and got in Nick said a silent prayer for guidance.

In the loft, Nick pulled Nat into his arms. "Now, where were we?" He asked softly.

Nat grinned wickedly. "Let me see if I can remember," she murmured before pulling his head down to find his lips. As they met in a soft kiss, she breathed, "Ah yes, we were doing this." Her knees weakened with delight as Nick plundered her mouth hungrily. She met his fierce passion with her own and soon both were moaning softly as their bodies responded to what they'd both craved for so long. Nat savored every sensation praying that Nick wouldn't stop that he wouldn't pull away from her as he had so many times before. Every fiber of her being was screaming that this was right, that this was what she was meant to do. Even as she thought this, her eye caught sight of the top of the dinning room table and an idea occurred to her. Dropping her hand down Nick's back, she reached out and snagged the handcuffs that Nick carried on the back of his belt when he was on duty. Not allowing herself time to reconsider, she brought them up and clicked one side shut on Nick's wrist, then fastened the other side around her own wrist. As Nick's eyes flew open in surprise, she met his astonished stare.

"Uh, Nat? What are you doing?" Nick asked, amused. He knew that he could easily remove the cuffs, but he wanted to hear her explanation.

"I'm making sure that this time you finish what you've started." Nat said, looking into his eyes. She held her breath as she watched his face for his reaction. When she saw the love that radiated from his eyes, she felt hope.

Nick reached up to caress her face with his uncuffed hand. "Then maybe we should sit down for a few minutes and make certain that you fully understand what it is you're asking." He led her to the couch and sat beside her, making sure that the cuff on her wrist didn't pull uncomfortably. "Nat, you must understand that for a vampire to make love, completely and fully, requires that they drink from their lover." Nick began. When she nodded her understanding, he continued. "For a mortal, for you, that poses a risk. I love you, and because I do I am not sure that I would be able to control my beast once I tasted your blood. If that happens, I would either have to bring you across and make you a vampire, like me, or let you die." He ran his fingers along the curve of her cheek. "Do you still want me to make love to you, knowing this?" He sat watching as she made her decision, knowing that any hope he had for happiness rested on what her answer was.

Nat swallowed. She'd known this in an abstract sense, but hearing Nick say the words made her realize that if she choose to fully love him, it was going to be a permanent decision. She dropped her eyes from Nick's face and searched her soul. Was she willing to give up her mortality to be with Nick? It only took her a few moments to know her answer. Eyes shining with love, she met Nick's gaze. "I want to be with you. Whether in darkness or light doesn't matter to me. I need you, Nick, with out you I'm only half alive." Leaning toward him, she whispered. "Make love to me, Nick, and then make me what you are."

Nick hugged her to his chest. "I will, my dearest heart. We'll be joined for all eternity." He lifted her chin and softly kissed her lips. Releasing her, he stood and joining his cuffed hand with hers led her to the stairs.

In the bedroom, Nick took his keys from this pocket and undid the handcuffs. "You won't need these," he said, "you have my heart." The handcuffs fell to the floor as Nat responded, "As you have mine."

Nick sat on the bed and removed his shoes as he watched Nat begin to remove her clothing. After first stepping out of the pumps she had on, she then pulled her lightweight cotton top over her head. Nick's eyes drank in the sight of her firm breasts straining against the lacy bra she wore. She smiled seductively at him while slowly stepping out of the long loose skirt she was wearing. As it puddled at her feet, Nick found his eyes drawn to the tantalizing view of the small thong panties she wore. His manhood stiffened as he gazed at her standing before him in only thigh high stockings, the thong, and her bra. He stepped forward and, first lifting the glorious mass of her hair out of the way, planted the softest of kisses along her neck, and across the tops on her shoulders. His hands found the clasp of her bra and deftly undid it. He heard Nat sigh as the undergarment joined the other items on the floor. Nick turned her to face him and took one of her full nipples into his mouth. He sucked eagerly at it, his tongue playing across the tip as the nipple hardened under his ministrations. He could hear Nat's heart speed up and her breath quicken as his hands moved over the curves of her body. The salty tang of her skin and the rich scent of her blood as it sped through her veins, filled his senses. When he slipped his hand into her panties, pushing them down over here hips and seeking the small hard nub of her pleasure, the intoxicating scent of her arousal increased his own. He felt Nat's hands as they worked the buttons on his shirt and he halted his exploration of her body only long enough to shrug off the shirt.

Nat could barely concentrate on manipulating the buttons on Nick's shirt. The cool touch of his lips and hands on her was making her head swim with wonderful sensations. When he began to lightly massage her clit, Nat knew that she'd better hurry and finish undressing Nick while she could still think clearly enough to do so. Fumbling slightly, she managed to undo first his belt and then the waistband of his jeans. As the pants slid down over his hips, she gasped slightly as the hardness of his manhood was suddenly pressed against her abdomen. Even through the silk boxers, the feel of him cause her body to respond with a small gush of juices and an ache to feel him deep within her. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of the boxers, she allowed them to join the jeans. At last she found her body pressed against Nick's. The smoothness of his muscles and the coolness of his skin were exciting beyond anything she'd experienced. As his mouth returned to hers, she gave her entire concentration to her building ecstasy.

Nick groaned with relief as Nat freed his thick shaft from the confines of his jeans and boxers. As he pulled her now nude body against his own, he felt his fangs drop. He wanted her so badly, but he was determined to take his time and make sure that Nat found total fulfillment. He lifted his mouth from hers and gazed with golden eyes into the soft blue ones of the woman he loved more than his own existence. "Nat, this is what I am, what you will become. Are you certain, that you want me to continue?" He asked.

Nat looked into the face of Nick's beast and found no fear. Though he looked at her with the golden gaze of the vampire, Nick's love for her still shone in his eyes. "You are my love, my other half. I want this and you, Nick." She said in a soft, clear voice. Her heart told her that this was her destiny and she joyfully embraced it.

Nick lifted her into his arms and laid her on the bed. He slid his fingers into the tops of her stockings and carefully removed first one, then the other. Gazing at her as she lay atop the black satin sheets, his desire for her forced a low growl deep in his throat. When she raised her arms, beckoning him to her, he lowered himself beside her. His hands moved slowly down her body, caressing her and making her moan with pleasure. His moans joined hers as she reached for his hardness and began to slowly stroke him. He hadn't thought that he could become more aroused than he was, but to his pleasure he found that he was wrong.

Nat writhed under Nick's skillful touch. He seemed to know what excited her better than she did. Every new caress caused her to move closer to her climax. She pulled Nick's mouth to hers, her tongue caressing his before sliding along his extended fangs. She felt his entire body shudder when she did so and, fearing she'd somehow hurt him, pulled away. A slow smile spread across her face as he huskily begged her, "Please Nat, don't stop that feels wonderful!" She willingly resumed her actions.

Nick reveled in the sensations Nat's hands and tongue were sending throughout his body. He knew, however, that soon he would have to have her blood to reach his climax. As he gave in to pleasure, he also focused on giving it. His fingers found both the now firm, sensitive nub of her clit and the damp, warmth of her core. Carefully, he massaged her nub, loving the way her body twitched as she moved closer to her own release. Slowly, he inserted two, then three fingers into her dampness, moving them in and out. He could feel the new moisture that his actions were causing and gradually increased the speed and pressure of his fingers. As Nat's body suddenly stiffened and then relaxed Nick felt the wave of contractions around his fingers. Her breath was coming in short panting gasps and Nick could hear the wild beating of her heart as her orgasm washed over her. He held her tightly, allowing her a brief respite before he again started to kiss and fondle her.

Nat could feel her orgasm building. What had begun as warmth deep with in her soon filled her senses entirely. She was gasping as she spiraled toward fulfillment. She clutched at Nick, as she plunged over the top and the delicious peak of her pleasure washed throughout her body. She felt him holding her, a stable force in her universe, and she clung to him. She moaned again with joy as she felt him renew his ministrations and her body's eager response to them. "Please, Nick, let me feel you in me. " She begged.

Nick kissed her and slid between her legs. Lifting her legs, he slowly pushed the tip of his shaft into her. As her damp warmth embraced him, he struggled to keep from impaling her with a single thrust. He wanted to prolong this pleasure for both of them. Slowly he pushed deeper into to her. Nat squirmed as she sought his full length inside her, but Nick took his time. At last he was completely within her and he paused wanting to savor the moment. Slowly he began to move within her, the slickness of her core caressing his shaft and fueling the heat of climax within him. As the warmth grew, so to did the demands of the vampire. At last Nick knew that he could no longer deny what his body and his beast required. Throwing his head back he gave a low growl and then plunged his fangs into the soft skin of Nat's neck. As her blood filled his mouth, she came again and he both felt and tasted her orgasm. Her love for him filled his mind as her thoughts and emotions flowed into him with her life. Her pain at losing Richard and Cynthia and her fears of losing him saddened him while the purity and depth of her love for him humbled him.

Nick drank greedily, his own climax washing through his body. He listened as Nat's heart began to slow, withdrawing his fangs only when she was on the verge of life and death. Smoothing her hair from her face, Nick gathered her now limp form into his arms. Biting his own wrist, he brought it to her mouth. "Drink, Nat." He murmured. "Return to me, my love, forever." He scarcely breathed until he felt her first tentative swallows. Kissing her forehead he held her as she drew his blood into herself. At last she opened her now golden eyes. Nick gazed into them and the love he saw there removed any lingering doubts as to what he'd just done.

Nat gasped as she felt the sharpness of Nick's fangs entering her neck and the powerful orgasm that action caused. Almost at once her mind was flooded with images and emotions, Nick's memories of nearly 800 years of existence. Her heart cried out in sorrow as she felt all of the pain he'd know, his guilt over the many lives he'd taken, and in joy as his love for her filled her. She could feel her life fading as Nick drank from her, but she had no fear. She trusted Nick and knew that their love would draw her back to him. As blackness engulfed her, she focused on the strength of that love.

Nat opened her eyes to a soft green glade. She could feel the warmth of the sun, hear the singing of small birds, and smell the freshness of the land. In the distance she could see a soft, warm light and knew that beyond that light all those she'd lost to death awaited her. A part of her longed to join them, but a greater part of her ached for Nick and his love. Even as she thought of him, she seemed to hear his voice calling to her, calling her back to him. Smiling she turned and walked toward the sound of Nick's voice.

Nat looked up and saw Nick's beloved face. She could sense that he'd worried she might choose the light, rather than her new existence with him. Snuggling against him, she spoke. "I will never leave you. It would be like trying to leave myself." The tightening of his arms around her filled her with peace. She felt an overwhelming urge to sleep and was barely aware as Nick, still holding her, pulled the covers over them.

 Nick lay awake, gazing at Nat for a long time. He was, for the first time in centuries, at peace. He had found his soul mate, his true love, his Natalie. Together they would face whatever eternity brought perhaps, someday in the future they would find a cure. For now, Nick was content to simply enjoy their love.

The end.

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