by Heather L Markle & Chris Rosmini

Archived November 2003 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Sometime in February:

        Natalie Lambert sat at her desk, her lunch spread out before her as
Grace's voice babbled on about the latest movie she had seen. Natalie paid
no attention because she was thoroughly absorbed by the glossy catalog in
her hands.
        "I'm going now, be back in an hour. Bye, Natalie." Natalie waved
and mumbled bye. She heard the door whish behind her. A few moments it
swished again. Natalie continued to ignore it.
        She jumped, looking up quickly "Nick! When did you get here?", she
asked, with an embarrassed smile.
        "Thirty seconds ago" he said, holding up his watch. He was amused
at her discomfort. "So, what's got you so engrossed?"
        "Oh, its a rose catalog", she said, handing it to him. "Grace gave
it to me."
        "It's lovely", he said, flipping through the pages. "But I don't
understand. You don't garden."
        "I know, I just like looking at the pictures. Those hybrid teas
would never survive a winter here anyway. I'm really interested in antique
roses. They are much hardier."
        Nick looked at her, interested in this side of her that she had
never shown him before. "Where would you grow them?"
        She smiled ruefully, "No where. My apartment and my current
lifestyle aren't horticulturally friendly. It's just a fantasy really." She
looked back down at the pictures of perfect flowers. "It's just that, with
my job, and you, I just wish that I could do something creative, something
. . . alive once and awhile."
        She looked up at him sideways, "I bet that sounds weird to you".
        "Not as strange as you might think", he said thoughtfully. "You
don't find trying to help an 800 year old vampire to regain his humanity
creative enough?" He was smiling, to let her know it was a joke.
        She grinned back, "Sometimes, it's a little too creative."
         He let the moment pass. "Do you have the report on the Larsson case?"
        "Right here", she pulled a file off her desk. "You were right. The
victim was moved after he was killed. I found carpet fibers and abrasions .
Toxicology came back negative."
        Nick took the folder and flipped through it. "Okay, thanks Nat", he
said as he gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "See you later", he called
as he walked out the door.
        Natalie sighed as she watched the door close behind his retreating
figure. "Well, Lambert", she said aloud to herself, "You expected him to
take you in his arms and swear his undying love for you?" She snorted "I
don't think so." She shook her head and returned to her work.

Later, sometime in July:

        Natalie had all her windows open as she drove across town. It had
been the hottest week yet of the summer. During the day the temperature had
hit over 37, but now a storm was rolling in. She smiled at the dark clouds
building overhead. At least things will cool down, she thought.
        Natalie had always enjoyed thunderstorms. She love the thrill of
watching the lightning and hearing the crack and bang of the thunder. She
could smell the change in the wind, and feel the tension building in the
air. I wonder what Nick's up to, she thought as she got closer to his
warehouse. He was certainly up to something. She hadn't been over to his
house in months and he seemed so distracted lately.
        At least he's happy, she shrugged. Natalie couldn't remember seeing
Nick more . . . content. She was pleased that tonight he was finally going
to let her in on his secret. He had skillfully avoided all her questioning
on the topic by saying he was working on a new piece of art.
        At least he was attentive when they were alone together. Their
video nights had moved to her apartment because the loft was "a mess".
        "I can't wait to see wait you got hiding, Nick Knight" she said to
herself as she shut off her car and entered the building.
        Nick was waiting for her when the lift stopped. "Hi" he leaned over
to kiss her. Natalie barely acknowledged his kiss as she walked into the
        "Where is it" she demanded.
        Nick chuckled "Well, I'm glad to see you too". He was amused by her
impatience. "I guess this won't wait." He took her hand. "Come here."
He lead her to the center of the room and wrapped his arms around her.
Despite her curiosity, Natalie enjoyed feeling him so close. "Hang on" he
said into her ear. She could hear anticipation in his voice.
        Suddenly she felt herself being lifted into the air. She muffled a
squeal of excitement as they flew out of the skylight and into the night.
Nick gently set her down on the roof top.
        "You've been wondering what I've been working on. Well, here it is".
Natalie's eyes went wide as she looked around speechless. They were
standing, not in the outside air, but in a crystal enclosure, surrounded by
shadows and the flames of candles in tall branched holders, reflected again
and again in the glassy walls. The glittering lights and the sudden flight
combining for one dizzying moment with a flash of lightning to make her
wonder if they had escaped reality altogether.
        An earthy fragrance and the roll of thunder called her back and the
walls solidified around them into metal ribs supporting Gothic arches
overhead, and columns of flowering jasmine and the luminous trumpets of
moonflower vine. Shadowy forms turned into pots of waxy gardenias and tall
plants with hanging blossoms like huge fluted bells of white and palest
        Natalie found the power of speech returning, "It's a greenhouse"
she said as Nick, grinning hugely moved to turn up the lights. "A
Conservatory", she amended, feeling it needed a grander sounding name, and
looking around at the wooden benches for displaying plants, noting a ground
cover of African violets growing in the gravel beneath them.
        "This is incredible, it looks like it's always been here" she said,
fingering a silver curtain of Spanish moss. "This is what you've been
        "There's more", said Nick, smiling and taking her hand and leading
her out through the wide doors into the night air and a stone floored
plaza. At least that's what it felt like on this transformed rooftop, an
open space with low walls supporting ell-shaped beds for planting around a
central square. The glass frames of the loft sky lights rose up out of this
pattern like glowing prisms, almost at random. On either side at the roof
edges, were deep borders backed with rows of stone pillars joined with
swags of chain, tendrils of climbing roses just beginning to cover them
with a froth of blossom and whipping about in the moist breeze. Huge pots
held lemon trees, their fresh sweetness heavy in the damp air. Nicotiana,
Lunaria, mignonette, glowed white in the shadows and gave off their
nocturnal scents.
        Nick held her hand as he led her through his handiwork, pointing
out each blossom and letting her savor each fragrance. Natalie was
surprised by the plants. These flowers were so beautiful, and yet,
mysterious. Their perfume was musky, much stronger than the daytime flowers
she was used to, almost like an animal's. She was stimulated by the
haunting scent. They seemed to be almost magical, like Nick himself.

     "I started thinking about a garden right after our talk about the
antique roses, but I guess it's my fate to specialize in night-blooming
plants. I've put a lot of them near the greenhouse, so many of them are
tender. I had to plant some of the bigger things" Nick said, gesturing
toward the waiting flower beds with an odd shyness, "but I need help with
the roses and herbs and the perennial stuff. I thought you would want to
choose most of them".
        "Me?" Natalie said in surprise, "Like you said, I don't garden."
Even as she said this, she caught the glint of light on wind-rippled water
across the little square and imagined the rising wind full of the musky
scents of roses and spicy herbs, the beds filled with their rich colors and
voluptuous forms.
        She turned from her contemplation of phantom roses to look at Nick,
captivated by his enthusiasm, the straightforward joy he showed in his
creation. When had she ever seen him like this, full of delight at what he
had made for her?
        "You said you didn't have a garden, remember", Nick said as he
smiled playfully, "Now you do."
        "This is for me?" she said looking around and thinking dear lord, I
wanted a flower bed, this is an estate!
        Nick turned in the middle of his description of the climbing roses
he had planned for the Pergola and caught her look. He stopped in
mid-sentence to smile into her eyes, "No", he said after a long moment,
"For us". In a serious tone he said "You talked about wanting to have a
garden, a place to get away from the things we deal with every day, and I
wanted to make something we could share." He took a breath and rushed on as
though if he slowed to see what she thought, he would never continue. "I
take so much from you, I wanted to give you something I created, a little
part of myself," adding a little wistfully, "And I wasn't sure you like my
paintings all that much".
        She just stared at him astonished, and touched beyond bearing.
"Thank you", she whispered, turned away to hide her emotion in the scented
        He watched her, as she explored the plants and flowers in
amazement. I wish you could know how much I want to give you. Something we
could share together, right now, as we are. Because I'm afraid of taking it
all, he thought, of using up your life in waiting for our miracle. I want
us to create some living thing together now, not in some mortal,
maybe-never-happen future. I want to give you the best, most hopeful part
of me and promise it forever. He had a strange sensation of something
unfolding in his silent heart as he watched her move through the shadows
that were bright as day to him.
        The beauty of the garden surrounded Natalie. It filled her with a
sense of joy, of excitement. She hadn't felt so alive, so vital in a long
time. The strangeness of the place  freed her and she felt transported to a
different place.
        The sound of the splashing fountain in the distance was overtaken
by the sound of the storm and she felt a breathless excitement in the
turbulent air, as they walked up broad, shallow steps to a stone seat
overlooking the city.
        The wind was blowing fiercely, touching her fingers, her neck, her
thighs where her short skirt ended. Her breath deepened. Nick's hand was
cool and firm in hers. She wondered how those cool, sure fingers would feel
on her breasts, touching and squeezing her nipples, sliding over her belly
and thighs, moving between her legs.
        She was brought to sudden awareness by a fat raindrop landing on
her arm. Gasping she felt another and another. The rain blew in fast and
warm, quickly soaking the sheer cotton blouse she was wearing. Natalie
lifted her face to the wind and the rain and let them caress her body.
        Nick looked at Natalie when the rain started and stared at her,
bewitched. There she stood, deeply enjoying the storm, completely lost in
her own sensuality. This was not the Natalie he was used to, she was like
the rare flowers of his garden. Her face in the pale light of the storm was
more lovely than the jealous blossoms. The scent of her arousal was
stronger than any of their perfumes. He was irresistibly drawn to her.
        The rain dripped off her chin and her breasts as he gently took her
face in his hands. Her eyes opened to show her naked desire for him, and
something more. Beyond her longing he could see her love for him, as deep
and endless as the ocean.
        Their lips met gently at first, then the fire inside overtook them
and they crushed their mouths together, their tongues leaping and dancing
as one. Nick wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body close to his,
lifting her off the ground. The feeling of Nick hard against her only
heightened Natalie's desire. She wrapped her legs around his waist as her
arms locked around his head. She ground herself against the firmness of him
as they were buffeted by the rain and wind.
        Nick's head swam in the sensations. Natalie was hot like a fire,
burning him everywhere they touched. The wind carried away her heat, but
brought with it the powerful smell of the flowers, the rain, and her. Then
the sky lit up with a flash, casting everything in a bright blue light. The
lightning flashed again and again, like a strobe. The sky rumbled and the
earth answered with a deep sound that was more felt than heard. The effect
was intoxicating.
        Nick carried Natalie, still locked in their embrace, to the
greenhouse and setting her down, closed the door, leaving them in the
scented stillness.
Natalie looked at him a moment, her breathing ragged. The rain-soaked
clothes clung to her body, exposing her breasts and hips. Her eyes looked
into Nick's, seeking . . .what? Permission? A sign of his willingness? A
promise that he would not push away and hurt her again?
        Whatever it was, she found it. She saw it in his face. She knew he
was just as trapped as she in the spell of their passion. There was no
escape for either of them. They were happy in their damnation and with joy
fell upon each other's bodies again.
        Nick's mouth left hers to trail along her chin to her ear. He
kissed the tender, hot spot on her neck, under her ear. He could feel her
warmth against his lips and the throbbing of her pulse. The smell of her
blood filled him and he sucked gently on the skin there. Natalie sighed,
lifting her chin to give him better access to her. Her hands rubbed against
his chest, feeling his nipples through the wet silk of his shirt.
        Her thumbs stroked them to hard points, then she began pinching
them. Nick moaned into her neck as he lifted her up and sat her on the
potting table before him. Natalie leaned back, pushing her still wet
breasts towards him. With a smile, Nick took the hint and captured a damp
nipple in his mouth. His hand slid under her blouse to stroke and fondle
it's match. One of Natalie's hands grasped his head, pulling him closer.
Nick pulled back a moment, and faster than sound, her blouse was open. Her
pale skin glowed in the lightning flashes.
        With a deep growl, Nick returned to her. Her nipples had grown big
and hard in his mouth, like sweet red strawberries. He could feel her
excitement growing as he slipped a hand between her thighs.
        "Oh, God, Nick! Harder! Please!" She moaned. Nick gently nipped her
nipple, as his hands found her moist folds and began to stroke. Her
moisture soaked through her underwear and covered his hand. He brought it
to his mouth to taste as his golden eyes started into hers. Her taste was
so sweet! Nick saw the need burning in her eyes.
        Nick quickly slid her skirt up and ripped away her panties. Natalie
leaned forward and undid the fastening on Nick pants. She took his hard
penis in her hands as he slid his pants and underwear over his hips.
        She gave it a few strokes, but she could tell by the size of his
erection and the amber color in his eyes, that he was just as excited as
she was.
        She couldn't wait any longer. Spreading her legs, she moved to the
edge of the table and pulled Nick close. He took his hard cock in his hand
and used the tip to rub her clitoris. Natalie screamed as she felt these
new sensations filling her.
         She grabbed his arm and begged. "Please, Nick. I need you! Please,
inside me! Nick! Niiiiiick!" she screamed as an orgasm washed over her.
        "Anything you say" he whispered evilly into her ear, as he slid his
full length slowly into her still quivering warmth.
        Natalie distantly heard herself screaming as Nick entered her. It
seemed that she was more aware than ever before in her life. She heard her
voice and Nick's answering her. She heard the thunder, the rain pelting on
the glass roof over them, and the sound of the table moving with their
every thrust.
        She saw Nick's face and eyes, glowing out at her in the eerie
light. She never knew those golden vampire eyes could hold so much
expression. She saw his hunger, his pleasure, but also his love and most
strangely, a tenderness. It was as if she was giving him a special gift he
would hold close and remember forever.
        The heat of the day and the warmth of the greenhouse were eased by
the coolness of his skin pressed against her. His cool cock inside of her
made deliciously erotic sensations as he thrust faster and deeper into her.
whole body began to shake as wave after wave built within her. She could
feel Nick growing harder as suddenly a white light/noise pierced all her
        She came again and again as Nick pumped his climax into her and his
fangs sank into her shoulder. From the center of the waves of pleasure that
flooded through her, cool fire burst into her lower body. In one dizzying
moment she felt herself to be the cold center clasped in silken warmth,
exploding into it with all the yearning and passion and tenderness of
        She knew in an instant of understanding that this was him, his
feelings and essence carried to her though his seed. She was suddenly
ancient, strange and wounded, and filled with love like sunlight, so
immense it couldn't be perceived as a thing in itself, but only by the
landscape it illuminated. She felt savage pleasure in her body's possession
of this warm sweet other, and it's power to make it writhe and scream with
release, and an aching gratitude for being accepted into it's softness.
Slowly the heady warmth of being filled with her (own?) blood faded into
the sensation of being filled with him, now soft and cool and spent inside
her. Returned to her lone self Nat found her fingers clenched in his soft
hair and wondered at the memory of his passion and vulnerability and
desperate need to trust.
        A moment/eternity later, Nick removed his fangs, gently licking the
spot where he had bitten her. Natalie gave a small cry, as if pleading to
him not to stop. He gently gathered her into his arms and pressed his head
hers. She felt the sting of tears starting at this separation, the fading
of that other closeness.
        "Nat?" he said, kissing her ear. "Are you all right?" Natalie
looked up into his eyes, and smiled at the love and concern she found
there. The pain of parting was replaced by the warmth of afterglow. "Ummm
hmmm" she nodded. "I've never been better in my life. I love you."
        She laid her hand against his cheek, brushing her fingers along the
silky stubble on his jaw line, tracing the perfect line of his mouth,
touching him as she had always wanted to, as she had that first moment
years ago.He smiled in relief, and nipped gently at the caressing fingers.
        "I love you." He kissed her lips tenderly and then the corners of
her eyes tasting the moisture there. "Thank you. I'll never forget this,
        Natalie lay her head on his shoulder and said wickedly "You better
not! But, just to be certain, I think we should do this again!"
        Nick laughed as he picked her up and carried her towards the skylight.
"And again?" he whispered into her ear.

"Mmhhhmm, and always."

The End