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Subject: Adult: The Rewards of Jealousy

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As far as timeline goes, this story takes place about 1 month after "Sons of Belial".

The Rewards of Jealousy

By: C. Brady - March, 1999

Nick and Tracy walked purposefully into the Coroner's Office. The results of the autopsy on the victim of their newest case were ready and they had come to pick them up.

Nick was looking forward to, and at the same time was hesitant about, seeing Natalie. Lately their relationship had been even more strained than usual. It was his fault and he knew it. Ever since his battle with the demon that had possessed him a little over a month ago, he had found it increasingly difficult to be around Nat without having his Beast rear its ugly head. Because of his feelings for her, this was nothing new, but what scared the hell out of Nick was the fact that lately the thought of giving in to those urges was becoming more and more compelling, more and more....necessary.

Natalie, of course, had no idea of the silent battle that he waged within himself every time they were alone together, so he took great pains to avoid that situation. And it hurt her, he could see it in her eyes. Natalie's deep blue eyes were indeed the windows of her soul and he could read the pain and confusion that she felt within those sapphire depths. But what to do? How could he resolve this problem without giving in to his dark desires?

He had started drinking human blood again....a fact that shamed him, but he could not resist that siren song any longer. His encounter with the powerful entity that had nearly overpowered him had left him with no will to resist the lure. He made sure that what he consumed was freely donated, no one had died to feed his hunger, but that made his weakness only slightly easier to accept. But oh! the wonderful richness....the sweet, earthy, sensual taste of human blood. How he had missed it! The change in his "diet" resulted in his regaining his full strength and all of his vampiric senses were once again finely honed, but it was a double edged sword. For along with the resurgence of his powers came the reemergence of the hunter, the predator, the beast within him that begged to be let loose to hunt, to stalk, to glory in the capture and the heady power that came from taking blood from a mortal woman. He had forgotten how powerfully sensual those feelings were. In every fantasy, every dream both waking and sleeping, the mortal woman that he stalked, the one that he took in a haze of dark sexual pleasure, whose blood exploded into his mouth and sang in his veins, that the vampire inside him was keening for....was Natalie. Dear God!! He loved her so much and yet he was tortured by the thought that he may very well end up being the instrument of her death.

"Hey, Nick! You in there?" came the voice of his partner. "Grace just asked you a question."

"Oh, sorry Grace," Nick replied. "I was...uh...thinking about the case. What was it that you asked?"

"I said," replied Grace with a sly smile, "that if you wanted to see Natalie, I'm afraid that you're about 30 minutes too late. She booked off early tonight - right after she finished the work on the Jeffries case."

"That's not like Natalie," Tracy commented. "I've never seen anyone as committed to her job as Nat is!"

"Did she say why she was leaving early, Grace?" Nick asked, worried. What if she was ill and in his preoccupation lately - he'd not noticed?

"Well-l-l," replied Grace, "I think that it might have something to do with the phone call that she got from her old boyfriend!"

"Boyfriend?!? Nick responded, looking visibly shaken.

"Good!" thought Grace - it would do him good to think that he had a little competition! "Just friends," indeed! "Yes, Detective Knight," she continued, "his name is Douglas Banning and apparently he and Dr. Lambert were quite an "item" during their pre-med days! He's a physician with the "Save the Children Foundation" and he just returned from an extended stay in the Philippines. The first thing that he did after getting settled was call Natalie! They were going to meet for coffee and to get reacquainted."

Reacquainted? With HIS Natalie?!? The vampire within threatened to make an untimely appearance and Nick had to focus all of his energy on containing it. It was a battle that he just barely won.

"Hey, Nick - you O.K.?" asked Tracy. For a moment there, Nick looked....well....feral was the only word that she could think of to describe it. Feral and dangerous! Obviously the thought of the lovely Dr. Lambert meeting with an old flame was not sitting too well with her handsome but complicated partner. "C'mon, lets get the report that we came for and head back to the precinct! Maybe it will give us some clues or somewhere to start. Lord knows, we could use a break with this case."

Nick knew that there was no way in hell that he could possibly concentrate on the Jeffries case now that he knew that some other man was - maybe right at this moment - enjoying the favors of the one woman who haunted his dreams, occupied his thoughts and captured his heart as no other had in the past 800 years. Nick was no fool, he sensed that Nat was a woman with an enormous potential to give and receive love, and she certainly wasn't getting anything in that department from him! So, if this guy - this Dr. Douglas Banning was looking to warm the sheets with his old girlfriend, Nat just might be lonely enough to welcome him! Nick could feel his fangs aching to drop as his mind conjured up vivid images of how they would look together. He could imagine Banning's hands in her hair or caressing her cheek. He could picture them locked in an embrace, Banning running his hands over the lush curves that Nick himself coveted. NO!!!! The vampire and the man both rebelled against the very idea! He would not allow it! Natalie was HIS! All of a sudden it became painfully clear to Nick that if he kept pushing Nat away in order to protect her from the vampire, then the man was going to lose the one thing that he most wanted, wanted even more than the return of his mortality....Natalie. She knew what he was, had seen him at his worst. Hell, he had nearly killed her while under the influence of the demon that had possessed him and yet she still did not run from him in terror, she didn't turn away from him in disgust. Perhaps there was something deep within her that craved them both? Both the man and the vampire? It was time to find out just how far Natalie was willing to go, how much was she willing to risk to be with him? Tonight, he would find out. Tonight he would claim the woman who had somehow managed to warm his cold heart. And God help Banning if he tried to interfere!

"Tracy, I'm sorry, but I just remembered that I have something that I have to check out - and I have to do this alone. I'll call you later. You can get back to the precinct on you own?"

Yeah, sure," replied Tracy, "and Nick?"


"Say hi to Nat for me!" Tracy grinned at him.

Natalie was enjoying herself. She had spent a very pleasant hour catching up with Doug. He was the same old Doug that she remembered. He was still dedicated and hard working and he still had that wonderfully twisted sense of humor that always caught her by surprise and never failed to make her laugh. He'd regaled her with stories of his time in the Philippines and other places that his work took him around the world. She was amazed by his memory for detail and at how he could make her almost 'see' what he had seen and the places that he had been. And she was touched by the very real care and concern that he had for the plight of the children that he had seen and had tried to help. He was a very special man.

And still so very good looking! She felt almost guilty for the attraction that she felt for Doug. She couldn't help but think of Nick, but it wasn't as if there was any "relationship" between them, at least, nothing beyond friendship. There had been times, in the past, when she thought that Nick might finally decide to try taking their friendship beyond those limits, but he always seemed to pull back at the last minute. He had been so cold and distant over the past month that she decided that any chance of a romance between them was only a figment of her very hopeful imagination.

She looked again at Doug. In appearance he was completely the opposite of Nick. Doug had hair the color of midnight and sherry-brown eyes that were deep and soulful. "Bedroom eyes" described them perfectly. She remembered how good sex with him had been. He had been a thoughtful and considerate lover even back then and Natalie imagined that time and experience would only have added to his talents. She found herself becoming moist just thinking about the delicious possibilities. Nick's face appeared before her minds eye once again and she determinedly pushed it away. There was no point in wishing for the impossible! Nick could choose from any number of beautiful and willing vampires in the Community who would be only too happy to see to his needs. She didn't seem to fit into that part of his life. Perhaps she was a fool to think that Nick would even want her to! She couldn't deny that she was lonely and maybe Doug was just what she needed in her life.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Doug asked.

Natalie smiled and replied "I was just thinking that another cup of coffee would be perfect. Except that this one should have a shot of Irish Cream added and it should be consumed at my place. You game?"

Lustful interest flared in Doug's eyes. "Oh, I'm more than game, Nat. Lead the way!"

Nick stood in the shadows of the hallway outside of Natalie's apartment. He knew from listening at her door that there was nobody but Sydney inside. His thoughts tortured him. What if they had gone to Banning's place? Or a hotel? He could feel his eyes start to burn with an amber light and his fangs slid halfway down. He would wait. Nat would want to come to her own apartment, she always fed Sydney when she got home. Nick could hear the feline pacing on the other side of the door - probably wondering why Nat was late.

Someone was coming into the building! He heard her familiar heartbeat accompanied by hushed laughter. As they came up the stairs he caught Natalie's scent, a mixture of flowers and spice that was so much a part of her. His nostrils flared as he also caught the unmistakable scent of her arousal! As she and Banning reached the landing on Nat's floor, they turned to each other and exchanged a passionate kiss as Banning ran his hands down Natalie's back to cup her delectable backside. Nick stepped out of the shadows.

Natalie saw him first. She almost couldn't believe her eyes. Nick was here? Why? And why was he making no effort to hide the vampire? All these thoughts raced through Nat's mind in the space of a heartbeat. In that same amount of time, Nick had flown across the hall and, with a snarl, had Doug pinned against the wall - his hands on his throat, eyes a feral red as he hissed, "You will NOT have her! She is MINE!!" Doug's face was rapidly turning blue as his oxygen was cut off.

"NICK....NO!!!!" Nat screamed.

Nat's voice and the sound of her panic broke through the red haze of rage that held Nick in its grip. He released the hold he had on the other man's throat and focused on his heartbeat. Looking into Banning's eyes he said, "You will leave here now, you will forget everything that happened tonight and you will feel an irresistible urge to return to the Philippines to continue your work."

Doug repeated in the voice of an automaton "...leave....forget..everything....return"

"Good boy, now get out!" Nick commanded. Doug staggered off down the stairs weaving like a man who'd had too much to drink. Natalie was incensed. She was absolutely furious with Nick. How DARE he!!! She turned to him, fully intending to vent her wrath....and came face to face with the vampire. Golden eyes glittered at her as he smiled at her with fangs fully descended. "What's the matter, Nat?" he hissed. "Upset because I broke up your little party? Don't worry, the game's still on, there's just been a change of players!"

With that, he backed her up against her apartment door and captured her lips with his. Plunging his tongue into her mouth, he growled as he explored the sweetness within. It was a kiss filled with passion and possession and it took her breath away.

"I think that it's time we went inside, don't you?" Nick breathed. "Or I may end up taking you right where you stand!"

Natalie's knees went weak at his words and she realized that the hallway of her apartment building was no place to have a heated argument with an angry vampire so she turned and unlocked her apartment door. She fully intended to get some answers from him, though! In the 5 years that she had known him, she had never seen him act this way and she was determined to get to the bottom of this!

All thoughts of getting an explanation flew out of her head in the next moment. For as soon as she had unlocked the door, Nick pushed her inside, slammed the door closed and pulled her back into his arms. "I can smell your arousal, Natalie." he purred. "Tell me, who is responsible for it? Banning or me? Did you want him to touch you like this?" he asked as he cupped her full breasts in his hands. "Your nipples are very hard." With that, he dropped his head and began suckling her nipples through the thin silk of her blouse, nibbling lightly. Nat gasped. She had often fantasized about Nick doing something like this to her, but the reality was so much more intense than she could have ever imagined. She could feel her panties becoming quickly soaked in response to his attention to her throbbing breasts. Still licking and nibbling at her nipples, he dropped his hands to cup her round buttocks and pulled her roughly against his pulsating erection. He ground himself against her mound and brought one hand forward to slip up her skirt to her drenched panties. "So wet...." he groaned. "Do you burn, Natalie? Do you burn with the same fire that consumes me? The same flame that threatens to engulf me whenever you're near and I can smell your blood, feel you so close to me? When all that I can think about is burying my aching cock inside you, have you writhing underneath me, making you scream with pleasure and call out my name as you climax? Tell me! you burn, Natalie?"

"Yes-s-s-s!" Nat moaned.

"Then tell me, Nat! Tell me that you want this as much as I do. That you're willing to take the risk with me. That you understand that the man cannot have you without the vampire demanding its due. I must have your blood as well, Nat! Are you willing to put your life in my hands? Can you trust me that much?"

Natalie looked into eyes that were once again the deep blue of a summer sky. She let all of the love that she felt for him show in her eyes. "I've always trusted you, Nick. You're the one that has always set the limits on our relationship. You were always afraid to let the vampire near me. Don't push me away again! Please, please take me now! Make me a part of you!"

Nick was humbled by this strong, passionate, beautiful woman. He could see her love for him shining in her eyes. He could feel her absolute faith in him. He didn't deserve her, but he'd be damned if he would let another man have her! He could smell the sweet, intoxicating scent of her blood mixed with the unmistakable musk of her arousal. Knowing that he was the cause of her present condition brought the lust roaring back. Golden flecks once again appeared in his eyes as he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.

Nick set Natalie down beside her bed. Slowly, reverently, he started to undo the buttons on her blouse. He slid the blouse down her arms and onto the floor. Natalie was wearing a lacy white wisp of a bra that thrust her breasts up and forward, almost as if they were begging for his attention. He could not resist the invitation. Leaning forward he cupped each ripe mound in his hands and slid his tongue into the fragrant valley between while his thumbs teased her nipples to aching attention once more. Natalie arched her back and threw her head back, exposing the long white column of her throat. Slowly, Nick licked his way from between her breasts up to her chin, leaving a wet trail behind that he then blew upon. Goosebumps appeared on Nat's porcelain skin and she moaned deep in her throat. Nick's fangs had dropped once again and he allowed them to scrape down her throat, evoking another rash of goosebumps, as he licked his way back down to her delicious tits. With one hand, he expertly unsnapped her bra and dropped that alongside her blouse on the floor. Reaching behind, he unzipped her skirt and kneeling, pulled it down until it pooled around her feet. Nat stood before him now wearing only her garter, stockings, low heeled pumps and white lace bikini panties.

Natalie blushed brightly under Nick's intense gaze. How did she compare to others he had known? How many beautiful women had he looked at like this? How could she possibly hope to compete against the sultry beauty of someone like Janette? She started to cross her arms in front of her and he grabbed her hands.

"Don't, Natalie! Don't ever hide yourself from me. You are so beautiful, Nat, you make my mouth water! Let me look at you."

Natalie dropped her hands and stood proud as he worshipped her with his eyes. Then, reaching forward, still on his knees, he pulled her towards him. He cupped her ass in his hands and carefully, so as not to nick her with his fangs, he slid his tongue under the leg band of her panties, sliding it along between her thigh and her mound. Natalie gasped at the sudden intimacy. The cool touch of his tongue was sparking a fiery reaction within her. "Nick!!" she breathed...."Please!" Quickly, Nick unhooked the garters holding her stockings up and peeled them down her shapely legs. Slipping both shoes and hose from her feet, there was now only the wisp of white lace hiding her from his hot gaze. In an instant, that too was gone and Natalie stood before him now gloriously naked.

Standing up, Nick ripped his shirt open with such force that buttons flew across the room. He undid his belt and slid it out of the loops of his jeans and kicked his shoes off.

Taking Nat's hand in his, he kissed the palm and then placed it where he needed her touch the most. Natalie's eyes widened when she felt just how ready for her he was. He was huge, hard and throbbing. She kneaded him gently through his jeans, making him growl with need and then she undid the button and slid the zipper down. Pushing his jeans down his muscular thighs, she then turned her attention to releasing him from his black boxers. Undoing the single button, she allowed the underpants to fall to the floor, releasing his pulsing shaft from its silken prison. Natalie looked her fill at this one part of him that she had never seen before. He was long, thick and uncircumcised. His erection stood proudly out from his body and she stroked it gently causing a hiss to escape him.

Nick pushed her down on the bed and quickly followed. He gave her a soul shattering kiss and then licked and kissed his way down her throat to the pulsing vein in her neck. Locking his lips onto it, he sucked gently causing Nat to squirm erotically. Nick allowed her to feel his fangs against her neck, but did not break the skin. Nat's heart was thundering in his ears, a mixture of lust and fear. The vampire in him responded to both, but the man in him kept firm control. The vampire would be appeased, but first the man and the woman would be satisfied! Nick continued his exploration of her flesh as he kissed his way down to her straining breasts. He ran his tongue around the outside of first one, and then the other, moving in ever decreasing circles until he reached the center. Pulling the turgid nipple deeply into his mouth he suckled contentedly, flicking the tip with his tongue, glorying in the little mewling noises his actions caused Nat to make. He continued downward to the center of her pleasure, stopping to swirl his tongue into her bellybutton. Down, down, the scent of her overpowering him, calling him. His fingers led the way, stroking her labia and insinuating themselves past her auburn curls to find her clitoris almost painfully erect. His thumb stroked this little button while he pressed two fingers inside, thrusting, mimicing the pleasures to come.

Nat was almost overwhelmed by the intensity of the sensations that he caused. She could sense that he was keeping himself under tight control and she was amazed by this. What would he be like if he really let go? The thought took her breath away. She whimpered as she felt Nick remove his fingers and then gasped as his tongue replaced them. Purposely, he allowed his fangs to nick her plump flesh. The taste of her exploded onto his tongue, making him dizzy with the need to have more, to bury himself within her and taste her blood as he pleasured her. Nick plunged his tongue as far into that dark, sweet cavern as he could get and then moved it in sensual circles. He then dragged his tongue along her moist folds back to her aching clit. He locked his mouth around it and sucked hard while giving it short, quick stabs with his talented tongue.

"Oh, oh, oh!....NICK! OH MY GOD!....YESSSS!!!"

Natalie very nearly fell off the bed as her back arched up, grinding her pelvis into Nick's hungry mouth. Nick could feel the spasms that rocked Natalie's core and knowing that he was the reason for her pleasure almost pushed him over the edge.

With a growl, he positioned himself above her. Taking a dimpled knee in each hand, he spread her legs wide. A panting Natalie reached down and guided him to her entrance. Nick pushed inside as gently as he could, it was obvious that Nat had not been loved in a long time and he didn't want to hurt her. The love that he felt for this woman was almost a living thing. Nick hissed, relishing the feeling of her muscles gripping him so lovingly and began to slowly thrust within her as he felt her relax and welcome him.

Natalie ran her hands through his silky blond hair as she began to match his rhythm with thrusts of her own. She allowed her hands to roam over his broad shoulders and down the strong line of his back to knead his muscular butt and pull him further inside of her. God! He filled her so completely! She could feel the familiar tightening that heralded the approach of another orgasm and she gave herself up to the sheer pleasure of finally making love with Nick.

Nick's thrusts became increasingly stronger as he heard the call of the vampire and knew that this time, there would be no stopping the inevitable. But being inside of Natalie and basking in her warmth and their love for each other had empowered him. He knew that the vampire must taste her as surely as he knew that the sun would rise in the morning. He would take her blood, yes, but he would not kill her. He felt strong, powerful and in control. Her love was a gift that he would not allow the beast to steal. He would take just a little and in so doing, create a bond between them that no one, mortal or vampire, could ever break.

Nick plunged in and out of her willing warmth again and again and then, rearing his head back, he bared his fangs and struck. Images of Natalie's life danced before him. He felt her dedication, loyalty, compassion, her deep and unquestioning love for him and her belief in him. He felt her excitement as her second orgasm rushed through her and he shared her enjoyment as it triggered his own.

He gave one final hard thrust and his seed exploded within her. He slid his fangs out of her neck and lovingly licked the wounds closed as he felt himself still pumping inside her. The sound of her strong, steady heartbeat was music to his ears, assuring him that he had not taken too much. He kissed her gently on the lips and she fairly purred with contentment.

"Mmmm...." sighed Nat.

"You look like the cat that just ate the canary." Nick teased, his male ego well pleased with the knowledge that he was the reason for her sated state.

"And a very tasty morsel it was!" Nat teased right back.

"Morsel?!?" replied Nick, affronted.

"Yes, and I might just have to have another sample very, very soon." Natalie had a wicked grin on her face. "Just as soon as you tell me what pushed you over the edge like that? I have never seen you so, well...."

"Jealous?" Nick supplied the word. "Possessive?" "Enraged?"

"Well, now that you mention did look like you were going to choke the life out of poor Doug! And ordering him out of my life like that. I should be very angry with you, Nicholas B. Knight!... and I believe that I will be....just as soon as the afterglow wears off!"

"Well, then," Nick leered at her, "I'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen, won't I?"

Natalie opened her arms to him. "That would seem to be the safest course of action!"

Much, much later as Nat was drifting off into a very exhausted slumber, her last thought before sleep overtook her was how very, very rewarding jealousy could sometimes be!



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