The Passions of Painting

by Lisa a.k.a KnightOwl

Archived November 2003 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Nick carefully picked the paint from beneath his finger nails.  He
didn't think helping Natalie paint her bedroom would be so messy. 
Natalie walked back into the room, carrying the last of the paint and
poured some into Nick's pan.  Nick reached down with his roller before
she was finished.  As he began to pull the roller back, Sydney jumped on
his back, causing him to poke the roller right into Natalie's face.


Sydney jumped from Nick's back and retreated down the hall as he heard
the primal scream escape from Nick's lips.  Natalie jumped backwards
landing on her behind as the paint splattered all across her shirt and
pants.  Nick stood upright once again in time to see Natalie cursing
beneath her breath.  He couldn't help but burst out laughing as Natalie
sat there covered in pale rose paint.

Natalie sighed, "Ewwwww, this feels weird!"

Nick laughed, "You look a little strange too."

Natalie took her paint soaked hand and flung it at Nick.  "Let's see how
you like it!"

Nick tried to jump backwards, but he was too late.  The paint splattered
him point blank in the middle of his chest.  "Nat, I love this shirt. 
Look what you did!"

Natalie sat on the floor, giggling.  Nick began to move towards her,
stalking her.  "So, you think that's funny?"  The roller was still in
his hand, he raised it towards her as he came forward.

"Nick, NO!  don't do that!"  She began to skitter backwards from him on
her hands and feet.

He grinned evilly as he approached. "Don't what?"

As he begin to bend down towards her, Natalie began to swing her arms
wildly with her eyes shut.  The next moan she heard startled her as her
fist made contact. "Nick?"  

She opened her eyes to see Nick bent over double.  Nick responded in a
very high pitched voice, "Yes!"

"Oh Nick, I'm soooooooooooooo sorry, I didn't mean to....I mean.....does
it hurt?"

He went to his knees beside her and looked slowly up.  "Well it doesn't
feel good."

Natalie watched him regain his composure as he sat beside her.  She was
worried.  She hoped she hadn't permanently damaged him. "Are you sure
you're ok?"

He laughed, "Yeah, I think so.  Besides, you couldn't cause any
*permanent* damage."

"Oh yeah, that's right." She slapped him on the chest and the paint
splattered into her face.  She sighed, "I give up, I think we both need
a shower."

Nick grinned, "Yeah, I could go for that.  Come on."

Nick rose from the floor, pulling Natalie along behind him.  Natalie
stopped dead in her tracks.  "What?  Nick....What do you think you're

"If you won't walk, I'll carry you."  Nick reached down and scooped
Natalie into his arms and walked into the bathroom.

He carefully sat Natalie on her bare feet into the tub.  His fingers
trailed her chin, then he leaned over and gently kissed her on the
lips.  As they parted, Natalie noticed the paint smudge now on his
face.  She reached up with her fingers and smeared the paint, "You have
paint all over you."  She looked down at herself, "But not as much as

Nick gently kissed her fingers.  He reached down and turned the faucet
on, then turned on the shower head.  Natalie felt the cool water hit her
face.  She turned to face the stream as the water increased in warmth. 
Her hands went to her face as she rubbed the paint off.

As she worked on the paint, she hadn't notice Nick slip his shirt off
and position himself behind her in the tub.  His arms gently wrapped
around her waist, pulling her body against his.  Nick slowly began to
nibble at her neck, as his hands smeared the paint across the front of
her shirt, gently caressing her bosom.  He reached down and found the
shirt tail, then began to pull the shirt over Natalie's head.  Her damp
hair clung to his chest as he threw the shirt to the bottom of the tub. 
His hands once again encased her, drawing her backwards into his cool
chest.  He began to caress her breast through the lace of her bra as he
slowly began to nuzzle at her shoulder.

Natalie's head arched backwards into his chest.  The sensations Nick was
causing was driving her wild.  She afraid to open her eyes in fear she
was dreaming; and that if she did, her erotic pleasures would end.  Her
hands ran down her sides and behind her until she could feel the
dampness of his jeans.

Nick's hands trailed upwards to her shoulders.  He gently slid each
strap of the bra down.  He moved Natalie forward slightly, as one hand
slipped behind and undid the clasp.   The bra joined her shirt at the
bottom of the tub.

Nick's hands traveled round and cupped each of her breasts.  His fingers
pinched at the rosey centers until the hardened nubs puckered beneath
his touch.  Nick's lips continued to pleasure her skin as he kissed
gently on her shoulders and neck.  She turned her head slightly.  As she
did, Nick captured her lips with his.

Natalie could feel Nick's arousal building through the tight jeans he
was wearing.  As Nick kissed her, she turned in his arms until the two
were facing each other.  She ran her fingertips across his chiseled
chest, down his abdomen, until they came to rest upon the hardened
buldge in his pants.  

She kneaded him gently through his jeans, causing him so moan into her
mouth with pleasure.  His hands wrapped around her, pulling her even
closer into him.

Natalie's hands travled upwards to the snap of his jeans.  She undid the
snap, then gently pulled the zipper down.  Her hands went up and her
thumbs caught in two of his belt loops, then she gently tugged his jeans
and boxers to the bottom of the tub.  

Natalie stood once again, grinning as she had finally seen the part of
Nick that had eluded her for so long.  She stared into his blue eyes as
her hands once again trailed down his chest and abdomen, finally coming
to rest upon his throbbing member.  She kneaded slowly and gently. 
Nick's head jerked backwards as his hands flew to the sides to steady
himself in the tub.  Natalie kissed the base of his neck, then began to
trail kisses and lick down his chest and abdomen.

Natalie lowered herself to her knees as her tongue made contact with his
curly blond hair.  She continued to kiss and lick as she heard the first
low growl emerge.  She looked up briefly,  Nick's eyes were shut tight. 
His back was now against the back of the tub, as his strong arms held
himself upright. Natalie returned to licking the tip of Nick's member. 
She slowly began to swirl small circles with her tongue.  She began by
taking small amounts of him into her mouth at a time.  With each swirl,
she pull him deeper within her moist mouth.  

Nick was on the edge of losing himself to Natalie minstrations.  He
could feel the beast demanding to take her, make her his for all
eternity. Then they could pleasure each other forever.  He kept his
eyes  shut as he concentrated on the warmth of her mouth upon him.  His
hands went down to the top of her head and entangled in her mass of
auburn curls.  He slowly began to rock in rhythm to Natalie's motions.

Natalie felt his hands upon her.  His hand came down and traced the
outline of her ear, as she heard the moans and growls escaping from
Nick.  He caressed her face as his hands traveled back and tangled and
pulled at her hair.  She felt him respond as he moved in rhythm.  She
could feel the pressure building within him and within her own depths,
as her own juices began to flow in anticipation of what was to come. 
She increased her rhythm, sucking and pulling him ever deeper and faster
into her wet, moist lips.  She heard him scream her name as he pulled at
her hair, then grabbed at her shoulders, jerking her to her feet.  

Her eyes once again met his, but this time they were feral red.  He
pushed Natalie back to arms length.  He closed his eyes and turned his
face to the side.  "No Nat, we have to stop.  I won't be able to stop if
we go on."

Tears welled in her eyes as she heard the torture in his voice.  She
raised her hand and turned his chin.  His face was looking at her
again.  He tried to drop his face down, but her hand brought it back to
eye level again.  She struggled with her words, "Nick, I don't care.  I
want you. *All* of you."

He hissed his response, "You don't know what you're saying, Nat.  I'll
destroy you."

Her compassion turned to rage.  "Then why did you even start this Nick! 
If you couldn't finish it, why torture me?  You know how we feel
about each other.  We both want this.  Why?"  By the time she finished,
she was in tears.  She slapped at his bare chest, then threw herself
forward and wept into his shoulder.  The spray from the shower wiped
away the tears cascading down her cheeks.  

She felt Nick's arms begin to wrap around her again.  She jerked back
away from him violently.  "Don't touch me.  Not unless you mean to
finish what you start.  I *love* you Nick and I know you feel
something.  I don't know if it's love or not.  But there is something? 
I can't be wrong?"

"Nat, I don't know what to say.  Yes, we *feel* something.  But, all I
have to offer you is a world of darkness.  You'd never survive in that
world.  You would end up hating me for all eternity if I had to bring
you across Nat.  I couldn't bear that."  His voice was torn as he spoke.

Her hands once again laid upon his chest.  Her voice was now softer and
more in control.  "It's my decision Nick.  I wouldn't hate you if you
had to bring me across.  Besides, you maybe able to take only a little. 
We don't know unless we try.  I'm willing to try no matter what the
consequences.  I need to be with you.  We need to be together.  Even if
it ends up being forever Nick, I *love* you."

Nick's hands went about her shoulder's and pulled her close again.  His
head rested against her temple.  The red tears escaping from his eyes as
he spoke softly into her ear. "I'm scared Nat.

Her warm arms encased his waist. "I'm not."  She kissed him gently upon
the lips as she began to feel the chill of the shower beating against
her skin.

Nick's hands began to caress her back once again.  He could feel the
goosebumps beginning to form.  He released her lips, then reached down
and turned the shower off.  He stood in front of her cupping her cheek
into his hand.  His thumb traced her jawline, then the outline of her
now swollen lips.  He thought for only a few moments as he stared into
the vast well of blue in her eyes, then his lips recaptured hers.  His
hands trailed down to the waist band of her jeans and undid the snap and
zipper.  He slipped his hand into the band of her jeans and pulled them
down, discarding them into the bottom of the tub.

Without releasing her lips, he carefully picked up her now nude form and
craddled her into his embrace.  They left the shower and returned to
Natalie's bedroom.  He sat her down for a brief moment as he cleared the
plastic covering from the bed.  He turned once again to face her damp
form standing before him.  

He held his hands out as she stepped forward into his embrace.  Their
lips once again found each other.  Nick pulled her full against his nude
form.  Natalie could feel his arousal building once again.  Nick turned
until Natalie was backwards to the bed.  He began to lower her damp,
compliant body ever so gently onto the feather comforter.

Her arms raised up and captured his neck and pulled him on top of her. 
Nick gently lowered himself onto her fragile frame.  He propped his head
up with his hand, once again staring into her face.  She smiled.  Her
eyes never broke contact with the red feral ones staring back at her. 
She reached up to capture his lips once again.  They kissed madly as
their tongues demanded entrance into each others mouths. Natalie could
now feel the sharpness of his fangs against her tongue.  Nick's hands
ran down Natalie's sides, savoring the feel of her skin.  He gently
grabbed hold of her hips and pushed himself up.  He escaped the hold of
her mouth and began to trail kisses down her throat.  He stopped
briefly, teasing, tugging, licking, and sucking upon each of her
breasts.  His mouth continued on down her firm stomach until he reached
her sex.  

He growled softly as he began to trace his tongue through the curly
hairs.  He slowly spread her labia exposing the now swollen clit to his
advances.   He licked and slowly applied suction.  His tongue ran
circles around and around as Natalie's hips began to move in rhythm to
his motions.  He could hear the mewling noises escaping from her
throat.  The sound was music to his ears, as the vampire once again felt
satisfaction in it's lovers enjoyment.  Nick brought his hand down and
slowly began to insert his finger into her warm chamber increasing
Natalie's vocal approvals.  

His finger moved ever faster and deeper, he then inserted a second
finger to join the first.  Natalie began saying his name, softly,
"Nick."  His other hand raised and began to pinch and pull at the
hardened nub of her breast.  Natalie was lost in a wave of pleasure. 
She never dreamed of the ecstasy Nick could release on her senses.  Her
hips rocked in rhythm to his fingers as she felt herself coming closer
to the edge of her release.  Her hands went down and entangled in the
blond curls of Nick's head.  Her passion was building, she felt as if
she would explode at any moment.  "Faster Nick, faster!"

Nick increased his speed and the pressure his mouth was releasing upon
her body.  He could feel her muscles begin to contract around his
fingers as her orgasm began to overtake her.  He rode the waves of her
emotions as he lapped at her copious juices being released.  He growled
feverishly as the vampire demanded to join its lover in her ecstacy. 
Nick released her clit, then his knee moved her legs to gain access to
he moist core. 

Natalie screamed Nick's name as her orgasm cascaded across her body. 
She was lost in a wave of color and light as she felt his movements
becoming one with her own.  His hardened member moved slowly into her. 
Her muscles continued to contract as Nick moved ever slower and deeper
into her moist chamber.  She wrapped her legs tightly around him,
helping to guide him ever faster and deeper.

Nick gently increased his speed, as he felt his own release growing.  He
could feel her muscles contracting around his throbbing member, ever
increasing his pressure and pleasure.  He moved ever swifter, building,
pounding, until his beast demanded its release.  The growl escaped his
lips as Natalie turned her head to expose the subtle flesh of her

Nick's head flew back and then swiftly forward.  His fangs entered her
pliant flesh.  He lapped and drank deeply all that was his Natalie.  His
thrusts increased at a fevered pitch, until one final penetrating thrust
forward forced the release of his seed deep into the wells of Natalie's
being.  He heard Natalie scream his name as his last thrust ripped into
her core.  As the shorter thrusts continued, he was lost in a sea of
emotion: love, trust, fear, faith, envy, jealousy, and rage.  He began
to focus on the images from Natalie.  Her struggle to find a cure, so
they could be together.  He discovered she had lied the very first
night, she knew exactly what she wanted as a reward...him.  He pushed
ever deeper into their newly formed link.  Her undying, faithful,
unconditional love only for him.  A love so deep at times it scared even
her.  Her hopes and dreams of a future together, mortal or vampire, it
didn't matter.  He wanted ever so much to push further until, he could
see the darkness beginning to envelope her.  He quickly removed his
fangs from her neck.  He cried, "Natalie!"  Fear siezed his heart as it
beat twice.

His hand frantically reached for her neck.  "Pulse.  Please, oh God! 
Please let there be a pulse."  His finger searched long her neck until
he could feel a faint beat.  He sighed in relief as he felt the beat
growing stronger.  "Natalie, come back to me.  Nat."  His hand caressed
her jaw as he saw the first signs of color return to her cheeks.  Her
head slowly began to bob side to side as her eyes lids began to
flutter.  "That's it Nat, come on.  Come back to me."

She opened her lips as a small sigh was released, "Nick?"

"That's it.  Come back.  Come back to me."  Tears began to stream down
his cheeks.

Natalie's eyes fluttered.  She frantically tried to focus on the image
before her.  Her hands raised and moved towards the image hovering above
her. "Nick?"

Nick grabbed her hands and kissed her palms.  "Yes, it's me.  You can do
it Nat.  You've got a strong spirit and faith.  Fight."  His tears
cascaded across her hands.

Natalie's vision began to clear as she saw Nick enfold her hands in his
crying.  Crying?  She looked at his face, frantically blinking to see if
what she thought she was saw happening.  "Nick?"

"That's it Nat.  I can feel you getting stronger.  I can't lose you, not
now.  Please God, don't let me lose her."  He kissed her finger.

Natalie raised her hand to her face and rubbed her eyes.  She watched
Nick weep.  A smile crossed her face. "Nick, I think..."

He raised his face to meet her eyes, "Oh, God Nat.  Are you OK?"

She smiled and then began to weakly laugh, "Nick, I think God heard

Nick looked confused as he held her hand and kissed the fingers again. 
He didn't care if she made any sense at all.  She was back, his
Natalie.  She'd been given back to him.  "I think so, you're here in my
arms again."  He reached down and scooped her up and kissed her lips.

She began to laugh as her hand reached up and caressed his cheek.  Her
finger tip ran across his eye lid.  She then turned her hand to look at
her finger.  She then smiled at Nick and turned her finger towards him,
"Look Nick."

He looked at her finger and stared.  He didn't know what she was talking
about.  He reached and kissed the tip, "It's beautiful Nat.  I *love*
every inch of you."

She startled at his words, "You what?"

Nick thought for a moment then realized what he had said, "I *love*
you.  But how?  Vampires can't love."

Natalie laughed louder as she threw her arms around his neck.  She began
to weep uncontrollably in his embrace.  "Nat?"

She ignored his call and brought her hand to his chest.  She held it
there ever so still.  She hugged him tighter.  Then she whispered into
the air, "Thank you."

Nick pulled back and captured both of her hands in his, "Nat, what's
wrong?  Is something wrong?  Did something happen?  Did I take too
much?  What?"

She smiled and her head bent slightly.  She removed one of her hands
from his and cupped his cheek in her warm hand.  She ran her hand across
his moist face, then pulled it back.  "Look Nick."

Nick stared, but only look confused.  She then took his hand and put it
upon his own chest.  He sat still for a few moments, then looked at her
with dawning realization as he grabbed for the hand she had just shown

He grabbed at his own cheek, then stared in disbelief, "Nat,
it''s...salty.  Not red?  And my heart, I thought I felt....?"

Natalie's arms flew around his neck once again, "You did Nick, you did. 
It's beating."

They sat and held each other the rest of the night.  They talked,
laughed, and cried.  They admitted their fears about expressing their
love as well as the consequences of making love, the consequences of
Natalie dying, of being brought across.  It had never occurred to
either, the change may happen to Nick.  A world of possiblities now lay
before them....

The End.