The Miracle
by Soulseeker

This story is based an characters created by J. Parriott and B. Cohen
for the TV series Forever Knight.

Natalie pulled the covers tightly around herself. She knew it was time
to climb out of bed and make her way to the kitchen to start cooking
the turkey, but she couldn't bring herself to lower the covers and
feel the rush of cool air. Finally determined to get up she threw
the covers to one side of the bed and rushed to her closet to retrieve
her housecoat. She slipped on a pair of fuzzy slippers and headed to
the kitchen. To her surprise the kitchen was relatively warm in
comparison to her bedroom. She yawned as she reached the fridge. With a
quick efficiency she stuffed the turkey with the stuffing she had
prepared the night before. In a matter of minutes the turkey was in
the oven cooking. Natalie debating going back to bed for an hour, but
decided against it.

A few hours later Natalie smiled to herself as she began setting the
table. An intimate dinner for three. Of course she would probably be
the only one eating, but that didn't bother her in the least. As she
lit the red and white candles she remembered what the last time she'd
had been with Nick.

Four Months Earlier

Nick was suffering from amnesia after being shot. He had no idea of
who he was or what he was. Much to her surprise he was eating real
food and had no fear of the sun. She had begun to see a future for
them if only it would last. As long as he didn't know what he was
they could be together. Even with his amnesia Nick could still feel
his love for her. It had all begun with a kiss at his loft. With the
feeling of his cool lips on hers, she couldn't resist, she didn't want
to resist. It was the one chance she may have to actually share her
love with him. As he pulled her tigher she could feel her passion
build. She was lost in a whirlwind of desire and love. Before she
knew what was happening Nick had her in his strong arms and was half
way up the stairs. A flash of worry hit her, what if something went
wrong. Then she heard his tender voice telling her how much he loved
her and she was lost again.

He eased her down onto the black satin sheets and laid beside her. Soon
she could feel his hot breathe on her now bare skin. She was so lost
in the moment she hadn't even noticed him removing her clothes. Their
kisses became frantic and passioned with each moment that passed. Soon
they were making beautiful love, having the true feeling of being one.
Natalie closed her eyes, afraid to open them again because it may be a
dream and she couldn't bear to wake up from it if it were. Finally in
one moment of pure love they reached their destiny. For hours after she
laid in the comfort and warmth of his embrace.

Finally after several sleepless hours she tore herself away from him
and headed down the stairs, intending to come back to bed when she
could finally sleep. She made herself a glass of warm milk and curled
up on the couch watching Jay Leno. Soon she was fast asleep.

As she finished setting the food on the table, there was a knock on the
door.She rushed to the door and opened it, standing there in all her
cheerful glory was Nick. It had been almost two months since the
incident had happening and it was only in the last two days that she
had decided to forgive him. It would be hard for her to trust him again
every since her near death experience with him taking too much.
Hopefully tonight would change a lot of things. She let him in and he
headed to the kitchen to survey everything.
"Nick, please have a seat at the table."
"Sure, Nat...Umm...Nat,thanks for inviting me."

Nick headed to the table. He stopped suddenly. "Uh..Nat, are you
expecting someone else for dinner?"

Nat smiled mischievously, "You'll see."

"Okay." Nick hesitantly sat down. Nat took the seat across from Nick.
She handed him a bottle of cow's blood and poured herself a glass of
grape juice. Natalie preceded to fill her plate with all her favorite
foods. "Nat, shouldn't we wait for whoever else is coming?"

"No Nick. They won't be here for awhile."


"Shall we have a toast?"

"Sure. Do you want to do it or shall I ?"

"I will. Okay her goes nothing," Natalie giggled nervously. "To us on
this very special night. To a future filled with love, mortality,
happiness and children." They wine glasses touched. Nick was a little
confused by her toast. Considering everything that had happened lately
this was the last thing he had expected.

"Nat, why the sudden change between us?"

"Because, Nicholas Knight things have changed, dramatically."

"What has changed Nat?"

"You mean you dont know?" Natalie asked slyly as she grinned at him.
"Umno I dont know, Nat."

"Well, there is someone else in my life now. And this person will
effect both our lives."

"Oh. Who is this person Nat?" Nick was heart broken.

Nat stood up. "Nick please come here". Nick immediately got up and
went towards her. Natalie took his hand in hers. Nicks felt a surge
of hope, maybe they could still be together. Suddenly Nat placed his
hand on her stomach. Nick was a little surprised, but relieved just
to be able to touch her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled
her close. She pulled back, but just a little bit. Natalie looked into
his baby blue eyes and spoke, "Nick listen to very closely. What do
you hear?" Nick was puzzled.

"The sound of your heart beating and the sound of Sydney in the

"Listen closely. Now what do you hear?"

Nick listened. His froze. It couldn't be. He listened closer. It was.
He was shocked. It all started to make sense.

"I hear your heartbeat and another very faint heartbeat. Nat?"
Natalie smiled, he finally understood.

"Yes, Nick. There is another heart beating. It is the heart of our
16 week old baby."

"Our baby?"

"Yes, *our* baby."

"But how?"

"Remember that night.."

"How could I forget?"

"Im not sure of exactly how, Nick, but the proof is here."

Natalie waited silently while it all sunk in. Then suddenly Nick pulled
her close and kissed her passionately. She could see the blood tears
forming in the corners of his eyes.

"Oh God, Nat, I love you, both of you, so much."

The End