The Horseback Ride

by catspaw, Jaxie, LizM

Archived November 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

    Nat came by the loft to pick up Nick. After all 
   the trouble she had gone to make arrangements for a 
   midnight ride at the stables, he wasn't going to back 
   out now. He came out dressed in blue jeans and leather 
   and got in the car with her. The stables were only 
   minutes away and the manager had the horses ready and 

      They arrived, quickly found the manager, and 
  got their horses. The moonlight shone brilliantly as Nick 
  gave Nat a leg up. His hand lingered on her calf, as his 
  mind wandered. " Nick?" Nat's voice pulled him from his 
  dream and he smiled somewhat embarrased. 'If she knew 
  what I was thinking" he thought. Quickly mounting his 
  horese they trotted off down the moonlit path.

     What Nick didn't know was that Nat had been plotting.
  After a few minutes, she contrived to spook her  horse,
  who set off down the trail at a run, leaving her behind
     Nick got off the horse and went to her. "Are 
   you OK, did he hurt you?" "No, I'm fine, but I guess 
   we'll have to ride double now."

     Nick hesitated before reaching for her hand and 
   pulling her up. As he lifted her onto the horse, the 
   saddle came loose and fell off. Oddly enough, the cinch 
   had been cut by someone. So now they were not only going 
   to have to ride double but bareback

    Nick gracfully mounted the horse and extended his 
  hand to Nat. She took it and before she knew it she was 
  sitting in front of Nick his arm holding her snugly to him. 
  She smiled. Her plan ws working perfectly. Nick kicked 
  the horse into a walk and they started off. The gentle 
  bouncing of the horse caused him to rub against Natalie, 
  sending shivers down his back. He could feel his desire 
    Natalie leaned back against Nick as she closed her 
  eyes reveling in her success so far.  As her back 
  pressed against his chest, Nick wrapped his arm tightly 
  around her waist and softly caressed the delicate folds 
  of fabric of her shirt.
    But as she relaxed back against him, she could 
  feel his belt buckle digging into her. Hmmmm. "Uh, Nick, 
  could you take off your belt. It's hurting me." Nick 
  reached down, unbuckled his belt and pulled it free, 
  surreptiously unbuttoning his fly at the same time

    Natalie sighed and snuggled back into Nick. She 
  felt a hardness pushing against her and realized how 
  aroused Nick was. She wriggled a little and smiled at his 
  low moan. She had been so caught up in what she was doing 
  she didn't feel Nicks hand as it dropped lower, till she 
  felt a massaging pressure between her legs.She gasped in 
  delight as his hand stroked her.

     She could feel him pushing at her from behind 
   and massaging her in front. She let her hands wander to 
   her shirt and unbutton it, then unfasten her jeans. She 
   wanted to feel him on her bare skin.

     Nick brough both his hands to Nat's hips and lifting her 
  started to turn her to face him. With a little manuvering she
  sat facing him. Nick took her weight on his arm so she could 
  rise enough to wriggle her jeans down and off. She was 
  naked underneath. He was sliding back and forth between her 
  thighs now.
     She ran her hands across his chest, feeling the 
  muscles beneath.Grasping his collar she yanked,buttons 
  flying. She leaned in, planting a soft most kiss on his 
  nipple. She began to lick it, swirling her tounge around 
  it, feeling it harden. Nick's hand slid down her thigh and 
  parted her curls

     He rubbed just the tip of his finger between 
   her curls and she jumped, allowing his cock better 
   access. He manuevered it into her, filling her emptiness

      She reached up and kissed him, her hands stroking up
   and down his chest, while he started to pump 
   into her. His hands were on her breasts, massaging the 
   tips.They began moving faster and faster, getting 
   near the end. 

      Unnoticed, they let the reins loose.The horse, without
  directions from his riders, shook them off. Nick landed first,
  with Nat cushioned by his body. But the mood was definitely 

     They laid there stunned staring at one another.Suddenly
  they burst out laughing. Running her hand down Nick's face 
  Nat said, " Ok, I think thats a hint. Why don't we round up 
  the horses and continue this someplace a little more comfotable?"     
Grinning at her, Nick pulled her close and kissed her cheek.
  " Sounds like a plan to me." Nick lifted them both up and they 
  quickly gathered their clothes. Catching the horses they rode back 
  to the stable, eager to finish what had been so rudely 

The End