The Drive_in 1/1

by HBKat, Jaxie, KaraKnt, LizM, PatWitham


Archived November 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

   Nick was just finishing his 5th bottle of blood. He needed to be
 in control tonight. He had *plans* for this evening. When he had
 finished the last bottle, he grabbed his leather jacket and keys, and
 headed to the caddie. He headed to Nat's place, stopping to pick up
 the dozen roses he'd ordered earlier. He was taking her to see 
Casablanca, at the drive-in. She loved that movie, and aways
 cried during it. He smiled. He could comfort her.
   Natalie was waiting for Nick to pick her up. He said he was taking
 her someplace special, but wouldn't tell her where. He just told her
 to dress causal.
    Nick arrived at Nat's and went to her door, with the roses. Nat
 heard the knock, and opened the door. Nick stared. He thought it was a
 good thing he'd drunk so much, because she looked so good!
   Nat stood in the doorway, wearing a black, silk blouse, and a skirt.
 Her blouse was unbuttoned to reveal a bit of her chest. Nick stared
 at Nat's cleavge and thought again, that it really was a good he'd fed
 well. He silently handed Nat the roses, unable to speak.
   Only centuries old honor, kept him from making a comment about her
 state of *dress*, or rather *undress* Nat could feel his eyes on her,
 in places he usually avoided staring at. She blushed slightly, plesed.
 She stood back from the door, and said, "Would you like to come in?"
 Nick wished he'd thought to bring an extra bottle, because it looked
 like he was going to need it before the night was through.
    "Let me just put these into a vase, and I'll be ready in a few
 minutes." Nat said as Nick watched her go into the kitchen. Nick cleared
 his throat as Nat put the flowers in some water. "We have to go, Nat, or
 we'll be late." She picked up her purse, and headed out the door,
 conscious of Nick behind her. She swayed a little more then usual,
 knowing he was watching.
   Nick closed the door behind them and they went downstairs, got into
 the caddie and headed out. A few minutes later, Nick turned into the
 drive-in. Nat said, "Nick, how sweet! I haven't been petted in a
 drive-in in years." Nat couldn't help but notice that Nick parked in
 a dark, secluded corner of the drive-in. Nick smiled at her statement,
 as he shut the engine off.
   Nick went to the snack counter, and got Nat a variety of chocolates,
 a large soda, and a tub of popcorn for the movie. As Nat waited for
 Nick to return, she looked the caddie over, noticing the back seat
 was rather large. When Nick came back, Nat saw all the food he'd
 bought, and said, "I'm hungry for something more, tonight." As Nick
 handed her the soda, some of it spilled, wetting her skirt. Nick
 began to apologize.
    As the movie started, Nick began to mop up the soda. Nat shifted
 slightly, loving the feel of his hand on her thigh. Nick was so
 engrossed in mopping up the soda, he was surprised when Nat leaned
 over and kissed his neck.
   Nick's response to the feel of her warm mouth on his neck was to> put 
one arm around her and pull her tight against him, the other
 hand still wandering up and down her thigh. As the kiss deepened,
 he pulled her skirt up and slid his hand higher. He was surprised
 she wasn't wearing any underwear.
   Natalie shivered with antcipation as she felt his hand on her. The
 feel of his hand on her mound, made Nat gasp with pleasure. Nick
 heard Nat's gasp and covered her mouth with his, begining a deep,
 passionate kiss. Nick's jeans were becoming excessivly tight, fast.
   Nat's hand drifted to the front of Nick's jeans, cupping the
 bulge she found there. Nick squirmed, unconsiously, as he moved
 closer to Nat's hand, encoraging her to continue. As their tongues
 wrestled, Nat sild her hand into his jeans, wrapping it around
 his erection. Nick groaned, and moved one of his hands up, to
 cup her breast, playing with the nipple.
   He pushed the black silk around on her skin, glad she had forgotten
 the bra. The feel of the silk on her skin was luxurious. She moaned
 into his mouthm and pushed herself against his hand. Nick moaned
 in dissapointment, as he felt Nat remove her hand. She quickly
 unzipped him, and quckly sild her hand back onto him.
   Nick played with the top button, slowly unfastening it and letting
 his finger stray inside. Then the next button and the next. Finally,
 her blouse was hanging loose. Glancing at the back seat, she breathed,
 "Are we really going to do it here? Or somewhere more comfortable?"
 Nick looked into her eyes and said, "Do you really want to leave, Nat?
 Its nice and dark here." As he spoke, he began to move his fingers
 over her nipple.
   Nick quickly closed her blouse, opened his door, and got a blanket
 from the trunk. He made up a bed in the back seat, reached out his
 hand, and escorted Nat into the back seat, hoping she'd windup on
 her back. Instead, with a shove, Nick ended up on *his* back, with
 Nat on top of him, working franticly on his pants. As Nat attacked
 his jeans, Nick slid his hand up her thighs and began to massage
 her clit.
    He wriggled a little, wanting more of her, but not sure what....
 He could smell her, her perfume and her blood. Hear her moans, and
 mutterings, and her heartbeat. He ajusted himself on the seat, and
 scooted down, kissing and licking her breasts, then her stomach,
 then her bellybutton. She looked outside to see if their corner
 was still private, then let his tounge find her hard center and suck.
   Nat moaned at the sensations flooding her! She sild to her back,
 pulling Nick's head deeper into her, arching up to meet his tounge.
 He flicked his tounge, faster and faster, driving her to the edge.
   Nick could feel her nearing the edge, and pulled himself away,
 covering her mouth with his, just in time to stop her scream as
 she climaxed.
   He kissed her lips and pulled her down on top of him. As they kissed,
 Nat reached down and freed his erection, grinding herself against
 him, as she ran her other hand down his chest. She slowly lowered
 herself on to him and began rocking slowly. Nick moaned as he
 felt her moist chamber surround him. His hands slid to her hips
 and he began thrusting gently. She felt his hands on her hips,
 pulling her down onto him, urging her on.
    Suddenly, Nat felt like a wild animal. She began to move faster.
 Nick was surprised, but pleased as Nat moved faster.He growled softly,
 and tightened his grip, urgently thrusting into her. He leaned up,
 and captured her nipple, sucking fiercly.
  Just when Nat thought it would never end, the world exploded, as
 she climaxed. Nick felt her muscles tighten around him, and he
 flipped her onto her back. His thrusts grew faster and deeper, as
 he sought his release. Nick climbed higher and higher, then
 he felt Nat's lips on his neck, sucking hard. His body convulsed,
 as orgasm shot through him.
   As Nat cuddled closer, Nick lightly stroked her back. She
 smiled." Next time, I really have to get the title of the movie."
 The End