The Christmas Wish
by Judith Freudenthal

Nick had been called in to work on Christmas Eve. Nick arrived at the
precinct and found that Tracy had the night and next day off. He knew that
Natalie had also been called in to work. They were supposed to spend the
evening together. He had been looking forward to spending the evening with

"Captain, what's going on?" Nick asked Reese.

"Sorry to call you in, but several people called in sick. We're working
with a skeleton crew tonight."

Natalie arrived at work to several new cases. She knew that the sooner
she started the sooner she'd finish. She had been looking forward to
spending Christmas Eve with Nick. She slipped into her cutting clothes and
started with her first client.

Several hours later she felt a familiar presence behind her. She turned
around and saw Nick standing just inside the doorway.

"Hi," Nick said.


"Do you still want to come over after work?" Nick asked hopeful.

"Yes. At least we can spend Christmas Day together."

"I know the holidays are tough for you. They're hard for me too."
Her slightly sad eyes said she understood all to well.

"Shall I pick you up?" He asked.


"Come here," he said playfully, noticing he was standing under the

Natalie approached, curious. Nick took her in his arms and kissed her
very passionately. She wrapped her arms around him and totally gave in to
the feeling. She had not noticed the mistletoe. Nick heard someone approach
and reluctantly broke off the kiss. Natalie soon heard the footsteps and

Nick smiled as he left. Natalie had a smile on her face. She took a
seat in her desk chair and thought about the kiss.

Nick picked Natalie up after their shift had finished. He noticed that
no one was around and kissed her again under the mistletoe. Once again the
sound of someone approaching broke up their kiss.

The elevator door to Nick's loft opened. He stopped Natalie from
entering and pointed up to the entrance of his loft. She saw the mistletoe
and initiated the kiss this time. This time no one interrupted them. They
hungrily kissed for what seemed to be an eternity before they separated.

"Merry Christmas, Nick."

"Merry Christmas, Nat. Where did we leave off?"

"We were about to exchange gifts, I believe."

They headed for the tree, where Nick plugged it in. It was a
magnificient sight with all the colored lights and a mixture of classical and
modern ornaments. Several packages, tastefully wrapped, had been laid around
the base of the tree.

Nick picked up one of the presents and handed it to Natalie. She handed
one to him. They both sat on the floor in front of the tree and opened the
gift in their hands. Natalie's box had a nice soft black leather jacket with
a detachable lining. It would come down to the bottom of her skirts.

"It's beautiful. Thank you," she said, touched.

"It will keep you warm when work forces us outside on nights like

Nick opened his box and found a several new extremely high quality
paintbrushes and several tubes of paint.

"Thank you. I was running low. I will paint something just for you."
He loved the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Nick handed her her last present. It was a smaller box, very elegantly

Natalie opened it and found a simple gold chain with a simple yet very
elegant gold heart hanging from it. Her eyes showed him how much she loved
the gift.

"It's beautiful. So elegant. Would you?" She asked, holding out the

He took the necklace from her and draped it around her neck. She held
her hair out of the way as he fastened the clasp. It hung down just above
the top of her blouse.

She handed him the last present she had for him. Inside he found a
sterling silver keychain with a heart on it.

"It's lovely. Thank you," he said.

Nick leaned over and kissed her. She responded. They kissed for what
seemed to be an eternity before they moved over to the couch. He sat down
beside her. She initiated the kiss this time. The passion heated up and
they found themselves exploring the other's body. He swept her up in his
arms and carried her to the bedroom.

Up in the bedroom there was a pile of clothing on the floor. Nick and
Natalie let loose their passion. They made hot steamy love all day long.

Natalie fell asleep in his arms.

Nick was the first to wake. He just stared at the beautiful woman in
his arms. She looked so innocent and peaceful. He could not remember when
he had been so happy and at peace.

She woke and looked into his eyes. Her eyes reflected the smile on her
face and the happiness radiating from within.

"Did we....?" Nick asked a little surprized.

"I think so. Unless we both had the same wonderful dream!" Natalie


"I don't know."

"I did not feel anything vampiric in the least. "

They slipped into a robe and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Nick
found a note taped to his fridge. He thought it odd for the note to be
addressed to them both. He knew it had not been there when they arrived that
morning. He opened it and read it before showing it to Natalie. She saw his
confused look when he handed her the note.

"I found this taped to the fridge. It was addressed to both of us. It
wasn't here when we arrived." Nick said bewildered.

Natalie read the note which said - Merry Christmas! I thought you two
could use a little holiday cheer. I granted both your secret desires for the
one night. Miracles are possible when they are believed in strongly enough.
Love, Santa. She was stunned.

The end!