The Card
by Pam Williamson

Natalie didn't even have a chance to drop her purse on her desk when
she noticed the bouquet of flowers. Slowly, she walked to the opened box
that held the delicate buds of springtime blossoms. As she picked the
bouquet up, she found the card addressed to her tucked within the stems.
Opening the card, her eyes brimmed with tears as she read the words. A wave
of guilt washed over her heart. How could she have treated Nick with such
contempt? She loved him. But, she had no idea how he felt about her
through the years of their unusual relationship. Not until now. Hurriedly,
she gathered the bouquet and card. Work would have to wait. Now, she
needed to see Nick.

Nick sat before his large screen t.v. sipping on a glass of blood,
knowing that any minute Natalie would be arriving. He knew that she
wouldn't hesitate to see him once she had a glance of his little gift to
her. Just at that moment, he sensed her accelerated heart rate as the
elevator's door slid open. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Nick waited for
her to speak before turning around. "Nick...they're beautiful. And the
card...well,"Natalie said breathlessly. Nick composed himself and flashed a
smile. "I had to get you over here somehow."

Setting down his goblet, Nick rose to meet Natalie. Gently, he stroked
her cheek with the back of his hand. "I meant every word I wrote Nat." She
tried to breathe as a warmed tear fell helplessly down her cheek onto his
cool hand. "I'm sorry Nick. I behaved so badly towards you. I just didn't
know..."Nat tried to say awkwardly. "Shhh. That doesn't matter now. This
is the only thing that does. We are here, together." Nick softly kissed
her, sending Natalie over the realm of this world. Then, as he kissed her
down her neck, she whispered, "Nick tell me again." He stepped back as
Natalie ran her hand down the length of his shirt. "What you wrote in your
card...I want to hear those words from you."

Nick tenderly took Natalie's hand into his and gazed into her tear
filled eyes. With a soft voice, he spoke the words that would be written on
their hearts for eternity, "Though I may never see another sunrise, you are
the light in my darkness. Forever means nothing without your love..."

The End