Sweet Sixteen
by Rosefever


Nick was in Toronto for the first time ever. He'd heard Janette was here,
and though he wanted to check up on her, (It had been a while) he didn't
want to talk to her and listen to her mocking.

He walked past a movie theatre that was playing 'Grease' on his way to
his hotel. The movie had just gotten out and a group of giggling teenage
girls rushed out.

"Having a happy birthday?" one of the girls asked another.

She bumped hips with a girl with reddish-brown hair, knocking her off
balance and sending her flying into Nick.

Nick steadied her and waved aside her embarassed apology.

"No harm done." Flashing her a smile, he continued walking.

The girl stood stock still, staring after his retreating back.

One of the girls nudged her. "Nat? Natalie, what's wrong? Who was that?"

"That was the man I'm going to marry." Natalie told them with absolute

Her friends were silent.

Finally one spoke up. "Does this mean John Travolta's out of the

They all laughed and Natalie joined them after a moment.

For the next few years...her dream man stayed in her thoughts...but her
life in medical school soon erased girlhood fantasies.

Then one night, twelve years later, on Natalie's birthday, one of the
techs at the morgue rolled in the body of a victim of a bomb....

The End