Sweet Revenge
by Judith Freudenthal

Natalie knocked on the lab door of an old friend and saw him motion for her
to enter. He was just over 6 feet tall, light brown hair, green eyes and a
killer smile.

"Hi, Bryan. What are you working on?" Natalie asked.

"Hi, Natalie. I'm doing the FX for a new movie. You still cutting up stiffs
for a living?"


"What brings you by? Other than my magnetic personality?"

"I was wondering if you could do something for me. I need a set of fangs and
a pair of yellow lenses. I want both to look as real as possible."

"Okay. No problem. Do you need prescription lenses?"


"I could probably have the fangs ready in a couple of hours. I will have to
make a dental casting of your upper teeth. The lenses I have to send away
for. They'll take a few days. Is this for Halloween?"


He mixed the the stuff for the mold and had her bite into the tray. She
hated this part as the tray was always overfilled.

While he examined the mold he asked, "how long do you want the fangs?"

She had to stop and think a moment. "About this long." She showed him how
far down, from her canines, she wanted the fangs to come.

"That shouldn't be a problem. How about a tour while we wait for the mold to

"That sounds like fun."

Bryan showed Natalie around, pointing out which of the various effects he
had worked on and which ones he was currently working on. Natalie loved the
tour as she had seen quite a few of the movies and made sure to tell him how
much she had enjoyed them.

About an hour later he checked the mold and it was ready to be worked with.
He started making the fangs. When he thought he had them the right length he
showed them to her and saw her nod her approval.

About ninety minutes later the fangs were ready for a test run. Bryan pulled
them off the model and handed them to her. Natalie slipped them in place and
looked into the mirror he handed her. A large smile spread across her face,
they looked completely natural.

"You're a genius," she said slurring her words slightly due to the fangs.
"Ow." She wondered if Nick had ever accidentally stabbed himself with his

"I forgot to warn you that the points might be sharp. Sorry."

"That's okay," she said.

Natalie's beeper went off. She looked at the number before pulling the fangs

"Can I use your phone? Today was supposed to be my day off."

Bryan nodded and motioned towards the phone on the next bench.

Natalie called work before turning back to him. "I have to run, duty calls.
Call me when the lenses come in. Don't let anyone know about them, it's a


Three days later Natalie returned to Bryan's lab to pick up her lenses. He
had her try them on to make sure that there was no problem with them. She
slipped in the fangs after she had the contacts in and smiled.

"I take it that you like the package?"

"Yes. It's great. Thanks!"

"How about lunch some day?"

"Sure. I'm usually home most days. How about a late lunch as I don't tend to
get up before noon."

"Okay. You really like working nights don't you?"

"Yeah, I do."

"You'll have to let me know how the costume works out."

"I will."

Natalie used the rest of her day off to get used to the fangs and lenses.
The more natural she sounded and reacted, the better. She wished she could
find someway to mask the sound of her heartbeat, as it would make the
illusion complete.

That morning Natalie was scheduled to drop by Nick's for their usual video
session. She couldn't wait to see his reaction.

Her shift ended about half an hour before his so she was able to beat him to
his loft. This gave her time to pop in the lenses and fangs.

Nick entered the loft. She turned to face him, smiling just enough for him
to see the fangs.

Nick's jaw hit the ground. He couldn't understand. He heard her heartbeat,
but she was fully vamped out.

"What happened?" He said as he approached. Even inches from her he couldn't
tell. He gently swept the hair off her neck, noticing no fang marks. He
wasn't sure whether or not to be relieved.

Natalie enjoyed seeing the confusion on his face, but not the sadness in his

"Why the sadness?"

"What happened? Who took the sun from you?"

"Nothing happened. I wouldn't miss the sun, as much as I would miss you."

Nick was even more confused. She took pity on him, lead him to the couch
where she removed her fangs and the contacts. He couldn't believe that she
had looked so convincing.

"Why? How?"

"Remember when you scared the hell out of me?" She saw him shake his head.
"After King Kong."

Comprehension dawned and Nick nodded.

"Ever hear the phrase 'payback's a bitch'?"

"Yes," Nick said uncertain where the conversation was going.

"I wanted to surprise you as much as you did me that day. And a few other
times since then."

"It worked."

"To answer your other question, I had a friend of mine make them. He thinks
that its all part of a Halloween costume.

The End