Season 1

101 - Dark Knight
"Have you ever noticed how you can take a simple..." 105KB
"Is this the same guy who came begging to me..." 79KB

102 - Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
"You've got to stop blaming yourself, this is not your fault..." 48KB
"It's very seductive, isn't it, the idea of never dying..." 74KB
"Do you think you can really bring me back over?..." 46KB

103 - For I Have Sinned
"Well, if you don't mind, I'd just as soon stick with your garlic pills..." 101KB
"It burns, but not as badly. Who knows, maybe I'm a step closer...." 72KB

104 - Last Act
"I'm playing the devil's advocate here, but there are no fast rules for suicide..." 72KB

105 - Dance by the Light of the Moon
"Bye, hon." <kiss> 10KB

106 - Dying to Know You
"Tell her the truth, Nick. I know what you are and it hasn't made me crazy..." 100KB
"You can't blame yourself for that, she made the choice to follow you..." 56KB

107 - False Witness
"Did you actually see the shooting?..." 85KB
"How can you laugh about that..." 133KB
(Popcorn scene) 74KB

108 - Cherry Blossoms
"If I have to leave, I'll get in contact with you somehow..." 82KB

109 - I Will Repay
"What have you done? [It's okay] My God, you've killed him..." 66KB
"There's only one person who can save him..." 82KB
"Natalie [Damn you, what..what makes you so special...]" 362KB
"Well, he's not the man he used to be is he, Nat..." 113KB

110 - Dead Air
"This stuff makes vampires look like cute little schoolboys." 33KB

111 - Hunters
"A small time pimp with no connection to Schanke..." 104KB

112 - Dead Issue
"The things he did to her weren't frightening or shocking..." 70KB
"She heaps all the blame and guilt on herself..." 80KB
"No, I think it would spoil the fun if I started to smoulder..." 69KB
"For some of us it has, for millions of us... <kiss>" 77KB

113 - Father Figure
"Natalie's Bed and Breakfast..." 67KB
"You know I have to really stop getting shot..." 64KB
"Oh you know I don't need this stuff, Nat..." 50KB

114 - Spin Doctor
"Hey, Nick, too bad you don't work the day shift..." 73KB
"Oh no, you don't get off that easy..." 75KB
"I know how you feel about archeology..." 96KB

115 - Dying for Fame
"Go slow on the autopsy..." 72KB

  116 - Only the Lonely
"I am a vampire [A vampire] Yes." 61KB
"You're so cold. [I'm dead] No, no you're not.." 76KB
"Natalie's? I completely forgot. They called me last week..." 30KB
"So, is that where you've been all day, with him..." 67KB
"I guess you don't think that's a little too familiar for a first date..." 94KB
"Would you just let me finish..." 117KB
"You're testing me, to see if I've forgotten..." 122KB
"You're a unique woman..." 247KB

117 - Unreality TV
"Boy, sometimes being a vampire is a real disadvantage..." 62KB

118 - Feeding the Beast
"Come to ogle the beast..." 55KB
"What secrets are you hiding, Natalie? What kind of betrayal?..." 132KB
"I like it [How much?] A lot, a lot, a lot..." 100KB

119 - To Die For/ If Looks Could Kill
"So, shall we spread out..." 37KB
"Well I don't mean to criticize, but couldn't you have been a bit more thorough..." 94KB

120 - Fatal Mistake
"Just in time for dinner [Such a romantic setting]..." 62KB

121 - 1966
"Natalie, listen to me, nothing's going to happen to you." 32KB

122 - Love You to Death
"Nick, what are you doing here, the sun's barely gone down..." 60KB

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