Sleepless Knight(s): The Sequel
by BJ

Natalie lay in bed thinking about the conversation she'd just shared with
Nick. She got out of bed and opened the window. A cool breeze blew the
gauzy curtains around her. They felt like cool hands caressing her. She
closed her eyes imagining...

She felt something brush her thigh...

She jumped, startled.

"Oh, Sid!"

She got a muffled meow in reply. Sidney was pacing back and forth on the
bed. His tail brushed Natalie as she stood by the open window.

She smiled to herself, boy did that conversation get out of hand. She
giggled just thinking about it. It had been exciting and a little
bit...well...not the kind of conversation that she and Nick were use to
having. After all, those usually ended up with Natalie walking out of the
loft in a huff or Nick flying off in the opposite direction.

Natalie looked out the window. People were milling about in the park
across the way. Cars were driving by. She was standing here in an open
window in her...She quickly pulled the curtains closed.

The phone rang.

Natalie hesitantly answered it.


"Hi. We didn't finish our conversation."

"Well, it was getting kind of..."


"Well, that's not what I would have call it but..."





"Still wearing that red teddy?"

Natalie laughed.

"You still wearing that smile?"

"It's more like a grin now."

Natalie walked over and flipped on the A.C.
She fell back onto the bed.

"I'm pouring a glass of sparkling champagne for you. As you sip from the
glass, I am massaging your feet, then I kiss the instep of each ever so

"My feet?"

"Then, I brush my hands along your calves, your thighs..."


" you want to know what I do next?"

"Uh, huh..."

"I begin to kiss your calves, your thighs..."

"Uh, huh."

"Then, do you want to know what happens next?"


" have to come over here to find out."

And he hung up the phone.

Natalie sat there dazed.

For about three seconds...

The End