Sleepless Knight
by BJ

Natalie had gotten home at 5:00 this morning and practically threw
herself into bed from exhaustion...What a busy night! As she settled down
into the warm comfort of her grandmother's hand-made quilt, she began to
thing about Nick. Then, she couldn't sleep. She began to toss and turn.
She got up and made herself a warm glass of milk. It didn't work. She
settled down into the bed...And then she got an idea.

It was only 7:00 a.m. Nick would have gotten home about an hour
ago..She remembered him saying something about putting a phone in
beside his bed just in case she needed to call him. Natalie giggled and
dialed Nick's number.


Natalie cleared her throat and murmered huskily into the phone.

"Hi there, big boy..."

A long pause.

"Well...hello. What are you doing up at this time of the day?"


"Thinking about what?"

"About you, about me...about what you and me could be doing right about

Another long pause.


"So...are you in bed?"


"In those silk sheets..."


"In that dark room."

"Yes...but, this bed is so big and I'm lying here all alone."

This time it was Natalie's turn to take a pause. Oh no, she was beginning
to lose her nerve...she cleared her throat again."

"Oh. So, would you like me to come over and keep the boogeyman away?"


Nick was whispering to her in a husky voice. Natalie tossed off the

"Can you feel me there...I'm lying next to you..."

"Yes. Can you feel my fingers as I run them through your hair...Can you feel
my breath on the back of your neck as I rain kisses down your shoulders..."

Natalie's face was flushed. What did she get herself into?

"Yes...Can you feel me as I nibble at your neck...and as I run my fingers
over your..."

"What are you wearing right now?"

Wnat could she say?

"My red, silk teddy...and fish net stockings and my 3-inch red leather

Natalie heard a sharp intake of breath.


"And what are you wearing..."

Nick paused for a moment.

"A smile..."

Natalie slammed down the receiver and stared at the phone for about five
minutes afterward. She lay back in bed...

And began to toss and turn.

The End