Sex and the Single Vampire

by Nancy Taylor

Archived April 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

	It had been a long night at the precinct and Nick was
exhausted. He stepped out of the shower and toweled his hair
before laying the towel around his shoulders. Thinking himself
alone, he brushed his teeth, dropped the towel into the hamper
and strode naked into his bedroom only to be confronted by....
	"Natalie!" Nick looked desperately around for something
with which to cover himself. "What are you doing here?"
	Natalie couldn't help but stare. Nick was every bit as
beautiful as she had imagined. His chest was toned and
well-muscled, and he had a terrific butt. She smiled. 
	Nick, noticing her appraising look, blushed from head to
toe. He found his normally cool skin heat up even more as he
felt his body responding to the presence of the attractive
	Natalie walked across the room and wrapped her arms around
the embarrassed vampire. The robe she was wearing fell open and
she pressed skin to skin, rubbing her thigh up and down his
growing arousal. Capturing his mouth with hers, she kissed him
	All rational thought fled as Nick let himself be drawn in
by that kiss. He backed Natalie up until she bumped into the bed
and fell down onto it.  
	The robe Natalie was wearing mysteriously slipped to the
floor as she lay sprawled on the bed. Nick's kisses began
trailing down her body as his hands roamed her form, memorizing
every curve. He stretched out beside her, continuing his
	Natalie, herself, had not been idle. When Nick finally
laid beside her, she pushed him down and straddled his chest
facing his ... feet. But it wasn't his feet she was interested
in at the moment. Leaning down, she licked and sucked, finally
taking him completely into her mouth and throat. She continued
exploring his rigid member with her tongue as she moved up and
down in an agonizing rhythm. Natalie heard Nick moan behind her
as she continued her ministrations.  
	Finally, Nick shoved his hips up, forcing himself deep
into Natalie's throat. Natalie could feel his member throb and
pulse with imminent release. Smoothly, she sat up and turned to
face Nick in one fluid motion. Taking him into her hands, she
guided him within her, feeling the comfortable fullness of
having him inside her.
	Once Nick found himself ensconced within Natalie's warm,
moist body, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down.
Nick flipped Natalie over with the fluidity of much practice,
not even disturbing their coupling in the process. He was so
near his own climax that he took things slowly at first in order
to pleasure Natalie. His thrusts were gentle, but deep. His
hands and mouth caressed Natalie's breasts with gentle strokes
and kisses. Natalie had brought him so close to completion that
Nick's body finally took over from his conscious mind. His
thrusts increased in speed and intensity, his mouth suckled
almost painfully on Natalie's breast.
	Natalie could feel her own body responding to the urgency
of Nick's. As the friction of their lovemaking increased, she
felt the first of the waves flow through her body. Natalie
raised herself from the bed, coming up to meet each of Nick's
frantic thrusts. Through a fog, Natalie heard Nick cry out and
felt him pulse repeatedly within her as he climaxed. Her own
completion swept over her in wave upon wave of utter delight.
Natalie found herself lost in a sea of sensation, finally
floating peacefully as the last of the passion swept through
her, leaving her pleasantly exhausted.
	Nick collapsed on top of Natalie, then rolled to the side,
turning her with him. Softened, but still inside her, Nick
savored the warmth and closeness. This is what he wanted every
night, for the rest of his life....

	A soft touch. A gentle shake. A whispered word.
	Nick awoke on the couch to Natalie's soft, but persistent,
touch. Shaking the fog of the dream from his mind, he tried
diligently to focus on her face. What had happened? He'd been
so exhausted when he got off work that he had downed a bottle
straight from the fridge and gone and laid down for a minute on
the couch....
	Natalie smiled down at the bewildered look on the
detective's face. "Did you forget our date?" she asked, waving
the video box and microwave popcorn package under his nose.
	Sitting up, Nick reached for Natalie and pulled her down
beside him on the couch. "Oh, I'd never forget our date," he
murmured into her ear. "Just dreaming up some ideas for AFTER
the movie...."

The End