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Subject: ADULT: Secret Desires

CONTENT WARNINGS: This story is an ADULT Nick & Nat story that contains explicit sex [m/f] Nick/Nat. If such content would offend you, do NOT read and hit the DELETE key.

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Secret Desires By NiteMar April 2000


Natalie's last minute attempts to evade him had failed and she realized her mistake as he stood before her inside the room. Her eyes were wide with terror, facing the vampire she had asked to help her, the vampire she asked to bring her across. Spark lowered her onto the bed and she was unable to think of any other way out of this.

The crash through the window came just in time; Spark leaned over Natalie on the bed, ready to plunge his fangs into her neck. Spark growled and fought to protect his evening's pleasure from being taken from him. The two vampires circled in battle, eyes glowing and fangs bared. Natalie backed up against the wall away from the beastly fight, frightened at how close she had come. The vampires fought bitterly, until Nick finally threw Spark across the room into the closet doors, stunning him.

With his eyes still gold, he approached Nat, concerned about her. She shouted his name in alarm. Nick turned as Spark attacked and tossed him over his shoulder onto the bed. He grabbed the broken piece of wood from Spark's hand and plunged it into the young vampire's heart as he lay on the bed where he had fallen. The blood flowed from the fatal wound and the rival lost consciousness into death.

Natalie had backed herself into the far corner, trembling over the terrifying events of the past few minutes. Her desperation to live had almost cost Nat her life. She just hadn't wanted to die, to be snuffed out so soon. She stared out at Nick as he walked toward her across the bed, determination in his vamped eyes.

As he stepped down from the bed, he held her in his arms and gruffly asked, "Did you really think that I would let anyone else have you?" Nat looked up at his red tinged eyes as he continued to explain that the asteroid wasn't going to hit after all. It was a hoax.

She stared at the mayhem in the room. The broken windows, bookcases and doors shattered into pieces and a dead vampire sprawled across her bed with a white wooden stake protruding from his chest. It was a hoax, and she had almost made a huge mistake. She leaned into Nick's protective embrace and collapsed.


"Thanks, Ian. Yes, it's been a crazy night. I appreciate you handling this so quickly for me," he said into the phone. "I'll see you in about 15 minutes then," he repeated before hanging up.

When he looked up from setting the phone back in the cradle, Nat was watching him. He rushed to her on the couch murmuring, "Nat, you're awake..." He sat on the couch beside her, wrapping his arms around her and cradling her close.

It was a much different look for him than before, Nat thought, smiling. Before he had been scraped up and clothes torn, fierce and wild. Now his damp golden locks fell over his forehead, his eyes twinkled a deep blue, and he was dressed in an old robe of Richard's he must have found in the closet.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

She shook her head, unable to speak just yet.

"I'm sorry about the mess in your bedroom. I have someone coming to temporarily board up your windows, so it'll be safe and you can sleep there," he explained.

The terror returned to her eyes, picturing Spark lying impaled through the heart on her bed. "No!" she cried.

Realizing her fear, Nick calmed her, "Oh, Nat, he is gone. I took care of his body while you slept. The bloodied bed sheets too. It's ok now. And I'll make sure everything gets repaired properly."

She still was frightened and clung to him, crying. "Don't leave, Nick. Stay. Please," she begged.

"I wasn't planning to leave you. I'll be here." Finally, she relaxed into his chest. "I wasn't sure you'd want me here," he added. She looked up at him, confused. "Seeing the vampire in me like that, considering all that had happened tonight."

She sat up and caressed his cheek with the back of her hand. "I'm not afraid of you, Nick Knight. I..." she stopped. She leaned forward to softly kiss his lips and pressed her cheek to his in an embrace.

Nick sighed at her closeness. She had asked him to bring her across and he had denied her. She didn't know how hard it had been to refuse her pleas. How many times had he fantasized about doing just that, having her for an eternity? He loved this woman in his arms, but he couldn't tell her. He knew that she loved him, but if she knew how much he truly loved her, it would be that much harder to resist taking her.

He cradled her to his chest, holding her in his embrace. During this recent scare, she had asked to be brought across in desperation. Even if he had decided to act on his dreams of having her and bring her across, how could he be sure that she really wanted that? The panic of impending death caused reckless behavior among the most sensible people. Nat was one of the most rational people he knew, always thinking things through logically. Fear often distorted people's minds too much.

He couldn't stand it if she regretted her request, hating him for the rest of her days. If he was to ever follow through with this secret desire, they would need to talk it over, plan for it, and consider it for a period of time. Logically and rationally. Even with the asteroid, they would have had three months after it was confirmed. But to discuss it, he would have to be willing to let her know his secret desire to bring her across.

Nat realized how foolish she had been, to blindly seek out any vampire to bring her across in her attempt to survive. And then what? She would belong to that vampire, not Nick. Nick wouldn't even want her then. What did he say? 'An eternity of darkness is not living.' If she had become what he is, he might turn from her forever.

Her hand absently brushed across his chest, softly caressing through the light hairs there. Her eyes fell across his chest, skimming past the black robe he wore, stopping at his bare legs that were exposed between the split of the robe. She gasped as she became aware of her closeness to him and the motion of her fingers on his chest.

Nick sensed her desire awaken, her scent growing stronger and her heart quickening. He lifted her face to his, looking into her eyes. His love burning deep, he crushed his lips to hers. Someday, maybe he would have the courage to tell Nat his secret desire. He parted her lips with his tongue and probed her mouth. Someday. Until then, his kiss said what his words could not.

Nat trembled in shock as his kiss deepened, becoming more sensual. He had never kissed her like this before. She wanted to kiss him forever, but reluctantly, she broke the kiss, breathing raggedly for the air she desperately needed.

"Nick," she gasped.

How stupid of him. After what she had just been through tonight, he had the audacity to kiss her like that. Her close call with Spark had given her a taste of the vampire's hunger for terror in his victim and the powerful intensity of a vampire's need for complete control. How could he even hope to tell her of his secret desire no w?

"I'm sorry, Nat," he muttered backing away, just as the doorbell rang.

Nick rose to answer, thankful for the interruption at his errant behavior. Ian followed Nick through the living room. "Nat, This is Ian. He's going to take care of things." Nat nodded, unable to make eye contact while she sat on the couch.

Nick took Ian into the bedroom and showed him the broken windows that needed covering. Ian chuckled to himself, wondering what had led to such havoc in this room, and put down the heavy boards. Ignoring his chuckle, Nick took the opportunity to clear away broken pieces of the doors and shards of glass, while Ian started to board up the windows. Anything to keep from returning to Nat, embarrassed at the intensity with which he had kissed her and the results it had on him.

Nat sat alone on the couch, even more uncomfortable. Nick was avoiding her now, because he thought she was shocked at his behavior. She had to convince him otherwise when Ian left. 'He was just going to board up the windows tonight, wasn't he,' she wondered.

Nat rose and walked over to the bedroom door and watched. "Are you just going to board those windows for tonight?"

Turning, Ian replied, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll come back to finish the other repairs later, so you can get some sleep."

Smiling, she said, "Thanks, Ian." Suddenly thirsty, she walked into the kitchen for a glass of water.

Nick popped into the kitchen saying that Ian had left and that she could go to bed. She set the glass on the counter and followed Nick to her room. Nick was explaining when the other repairs would be completed, but she wasn't paying much attention. She halted briefly inside her room and Nick turned to her.

"Nick," she said, as he smiled at her. Stepping forward, she boldly kissed him and wrapped her arms around him. Nick responded, kissing her aggressively in return and gliding his arms around her, pulling her tight against him. The obvious bulge beneath the robe pressed against her and she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Gold eyes stared at her and Nick pulled away quickly. Gruffly, he declared, "I think I'll be sleeping on the couch, Nat. But I won't leave; I don't want you to be alone tonight."

"Then stay here with me," she begged.

He looked back at her, eyes glowing, growling, "Nat. Look at me. I am a vampire. You were almost killed by one tonight."

Nat smiled back at him. 'I know, and a vampire saved me' she almost said aloud. But looking at his determined expression, she sighed. She could tell he wouldn't stay in the bedroom with her tonight. "O.K. Nick, but you'll stay? You won't leave?" she asked.

He nodded his promise to her and left the room. How could he ever tell her what he wished for? She needed to be free of the vampires in her life, for at least one night. Lying back on the couch, he tried to rest. Yet, every time he closed his eyes, he saw visions of Nat in his arms as he caressed her neck, took her precious blood, and called her back across to him.

When she had begged him to bring her across, it was all he could do to reign in his beast. He couldn't do it, not that way. His hands rubbed against the bulge under the robe as he thought of having her. He hadn't meant that he wouldn't bring her across, just not that way. They still would have had time if this asteroid turned out to be real. Yet, after the reality of her encounter with Spark sunk in, he may never be able to tell her about his desire.

Nat couldn't get comfortable. Images of the night's events flashed across her consciousness. Spark's insistence after she doubted her rash choice and the whammying he attempted on her. It hadn't held, but going along with it was her only way to get through this and buy her more time. She had given up on getting away from Spark by the time Nick burst into the room. The fight, the crashes, the violence, and the staking all flashed in her mind. Finally, Nick's arms were around her, protecting her. She had felt foolish at her behavior, and she felt comforted in his embrace.

He never said 'I told you so.' He never did one thing to make her feel bad about her reckless behavior. In fact, he had kissed her. Passionately. She wondered what he meant by saying he wouldn't let anyone else have her? 'Else' meant someone besides him. Still, he had refused to let her into his darkness.

She finally rose, unable to sleep, and quietly made her way to the kitchen. Distracted by her thoughts, she didn't notice when Nick groaned and turned on the couch as she passed. Maybe some warm milk would help relax her. As she poured the milk, she realized maybe hot chocolate would be better. It was warm milk for a sweet tooth. She opened an envelope of hot cocoa and mixed it in, before microwaving.

She hummed softly as it heated. When cool hands rested on her shoulders, she jumped. "Nick," she cried, as she turned in his arms.

"I didn't mean to scare you, Nat," he said softly.

Nat looked at his sleepy eyes and tousled hair. "Oh Nick, I woke you up. I'm sorry."

Not quite awake, Nick pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her. "If only it would be you waking me up everyday," he mumbled into her hair.

Did she hear him right? Wanting to wake up to her everyday? She pulled back and looked at him, deep blue eyes staring back at her.

Breathing in her scent, the beast awakened in him and he fought its intrusion. Reminded of the beast's control of his life, he insisted, "But no one would chose this life I have if they thought rationally about it, not reacting from panic or from the seduction of it."

Nat bit her lower lip nervously. "I'm not so sure, Nick," she said finally.

He looked at her puzzled, certain she would agree. "You can say that after tonight?" he asked.

She stalled, partly afraid to continue. "This is not the first time I have thought about it, about coming across to join you." Nick looked at her intently, hopefully. "I've thought about how I may not find the cure in time. I don't want to lose you, Nick. Even if I do find a cure, what are you going to do with an 80 year-old woman?" she said, tears welling in her eyes.

He pulled her close. "Oh Nat," he sighed leaning his head against her forehead.

Surprised, Nat muttered, "I half-expected you to push me away when I told you that I had thought of it before. Like you did at the lab." He had told her he wouldn't bring her across. 'I won't do it.'

He looked at her with agony in his eyes, and promised, "I'm not going to push you away." How many times had she thought about it before, he wondered. After a slight pause, he asked, "Are you sorry I stopped him from biting you?" Did she just want the power of immortality? No matter who gave it to her?

"God, No, Nick," she insisted, pulling back in alarm. "I want you to bring me across; I want to be with you! What was I thinking going to him like that? I am so sorry, Nick." She melted into his arms and he walked her to the bedroom.

He joined her on the bed, holding and caressing her as she drifted asleep. Why didn't he tell Nat his own secret desires? After what she confided, he should have. They could start to really talk about it, but something kept him from telling her just yet. If he had told her, he was afraid he couldn't handle the unleashing of his passions. There was no way she could know the power of what his love would entail. She finally rested comfortably in his arms and slept peacefully.

When Nat woke up, Nick was gone. Had the entire evening just been some terrible nightmare? No. The boarded up windows and shattered doors and bookcases told her the truth. She thought through last night's occurrences as she showered and got ready for work. Had she made a complete fool of herself?

The note was left on the refrigerator door. He had left early to help deal with the aftermath of the asteroid scare and he didn't want to wake her since she was sleeping so well finally. He asked if she would stop by the precinct tonight before going to her office.

She couldn't even remember all that she had said last night, but she was sure Nick did. She had told him her secret desires, to be with him in the darkness. She had told him she wanted to join him in a place he longed to be free from. Not just because of the recent desperation. She wanted to be with him. Yet, he had outright refused to bring her across. What did he think of her now?


She arrived quietly at the precinct, hanging back from the loud party going on, celebrating the hoax with relief. Arms crossed, she waited as Nick approached her.

"Did you sleep well?

"Some," she answered softly, not looking at him. "When did you leave?"

"I stayed as long as I could," he answered, both knowing that meant he left just before sunrise.

"I thought maybe..." she looked away trying to hide her pain, "Maybe you'd close the curtains and spend the day." She realized as she spoke the words how ridiculous it sounded. He didn't want to be that close to her, he only stayed to comfort her and make her feel safe. Oh, she knew he wanted her. She knew by his kiss, his embrace. But he wasn't going to let it happen, he didn't want her in his eternal darkness.

"I didn't think you'd want me to, not after what happened," he answered. He had stayed, holding her as she slept; glad she was finally resting well. But he left as soon as possible to avoid any close moments like last night. He wasn't sure he could stop from ravaging her this time. Nat confiding her thoughts of joining him awakened his need for her, his dark desire even more. He knew the note had been cowardly, but it was his only option. He needed to think things through alone, without distractions. The options since her revelation had come to him with mixed feelings.

"I don't know what I want," she said, and turned to walk away. He grabbed her shoulders and sighed, "Oh, Nat."

She looked at him for the first time since she came in the room and told him, "You were right not to bring me across." Needing to leave, she added, "I got to go. I got lots of work to do." She pulled away from him and left through the door. She felt self-conscious, knowing Nick was aware of her dark desire when he didn't want the same.

Nick's heart sank and he cursed himself for telling her he wouldn't do it, for speaking aloud to his beast like that. She believed he was rejecting her completely. The asteroid's path hadn't even been confirmed. They would still have had time. He intended to bring her across if it turned out to be true, but she had run off before he could explain.

Nick watched after her as she left, seeing his dreams threaten to fade. They needed to talk about this. There was too much to consider. He looked over at his co-workers, busy in conversation. Looking back towards the door, he quickly turned and walked after her.

"Nat," he called out after her, as he pushed through the doors.

She turned, surprised that he had followed her. He quickly reached for her and pulled her into an embrace. Her body felt good pressed against his own.

Mumbling her name into her hair, he gently slid his hands across her back before releasing her. With pained eyes, he asked, "What do you mean, you don't know what you want, Nat? You don't want me anymore?"

Nat thought Nick didn't want her. Surprised by his question, she responded, "Nick, I..." He looked at her, waiting. "I didn't think you...How?" she stuttered.

Nick smiled, and pulled her aside, whispering in her ear, "What you told me, concerning what you secretly thought about before this all happened -- do you still think of that? Do you think you will ever consider it again? Or did wanting that pretty much stop because of what happened last night?" Part of him hoped that she still desired it.

He pulled back to see her eyes wide and mouth open. She started to explain, "Last night I was humiliated because I almost allowed my panic to cause me to act very foolishly. To do something I couldn't reverse."

Nick's smile faded at her words. She regretted her desire to be brought across.

Nat continued, "With someone I didn't know, or care to know. If I ever do go through with that, I want it to be you, Nick. I want to be with you. But, you don't want..."

Nick smiled, realizing that her actions, based on pure panic and desperation, are what had scared her. That was why she was glad he hadn't brought her across, because of her reasoning at that time. Not that she had stopped considering it altogether.

Nick draped his arms around her neck, pulling her closer and explained, "You left before I could tell you, Nat. I fully intended to bring you across if the asteroid was confirmed. I wasn't going to let you die, without a fighting chance." He glided a hand over the softness of her hair. "When I said I wouldn't do it, I was talking to myself, my beast. I wasn't going to do it then, not that way. I didn't mean that...I'm so sorry for hurting you." Smirking, he commented, "Begging a vampire to take you isn't such a smart idea, Nat. I was on the edge of control."

She was puzzled at his revelation, especially at remembering his comment at the morgue about 'an eternity of darkness is not living'. "Nick?"

He kissed her lips tenderly and whispered, "I love you."

His words shook her and she pulled back, only to see his smiling face.

Nick told her, "We need to talk about this some more. It's important." He continued at her puzzled look, "Can I pick you up after work tonight?"

"I drove tonight," she murmured.

"Then will you come to the loft after work?" he begged.

" talk?" she asked.


Talk. That's what he said. He stopped her in the hall, asked her if she still thinks about being brought across, kissed her when she said yes, and then insisted that they talk later. 'Oh mygod!' She stared after him as he returned inside before he was missed.

She walked into the loft to find candles everywhere, the soft glow reflecting from the furniture and objects in the room. The fireplace glowed with a warm blaze, dispelling the loft's normal chill. As she walked around the couch, she noticed all the pillows strewn on the floor.

At the sound on the steps, she looked up to see Nick approaching. He had changed from earlier in the evening, wearing tight black jeans and the blue silk shirt she so loved on him, as it brought out the deep blue of his eyes.

She walked into his arms and he kissed her lips. "You wanted to talk?" she smirked.

"Yes," he whispered seriously. "But I do want to talk comfortably," he added, smiling.

That was odd. Romantic surroundings, ones that brought them closer, usually made him uncomfortable. Shudders of pleasure spread through her in anticipation.

He helped her coat off and draped it over the chair. After easing to the floor, he moved some pillows to make a comfortable spot for Nat. He held his hand up, extended for her to grasp.

She took his hand and eased to the floor next to him, her heart beating fast in anticipation. What was he planning? The mood he had set was for more than just talking. Not that she was complaining, but with all that was going on, it seemed strange. Was he really considering bringing her across? The words echoed in her mind, 'Did you really think that I would let anyone else have you?'

He pulled her closer, with his arms around her. "I love you," he again murmured for a second time tonight. She turned towards him and he captured her lips passionately before she could utter a word. She wondered if this would end like it did last night. The vampire would awaken and he would push her away.

He pulled back smiling at her. "I have a secret I want to tell you tonight, Nat," he confided. As he spoke, golden flecks danced in his eyes. Nat gasped as desire flushed through her.

"Last night, you told me you thought about me bringing you across more than this once, and earlier tonight you confirmed you still did," Nick started.

Nat held her breath at the direction this conversation seemed to be going. Would he consider bringing her across?

"You know now that I planned on bringing you across if the asteroid thing checked out, but I didn't tell you that I often think about bringing you across," he continued. "I dream about it a lot, Nat. I was always afraid that you would be frightened of me if you knew that secret desire of mine, if you knew the power of it. But I don't want to lose you to the passing years, either," he confided, his eyes now with a golden glow.

"But, what you said...about an eternity of darkness not being living?" she questioned, confused. She saw the gold eyes of the vampire staring at her, but Nick did not turn away this time.

"I still seek mortality, Nat. But right now, I am a vampire. And I crave to have you with me in my universe, my reality. To be able to love you completely, to be with you," he explained as flecks of red danced in his gold eyes. Her fingertips reached to touch his temple, as his eyes fascinated her.

Nat sighed and breathed deeply, as she realized she had been holding her breath. "Then why didn't you bring me across?" she asked, remembering her hurt at his rejection.

Nick's expression saddened. "You don't know how hard it was to deny you like that. But I knew it wouldn't be right. Not that way, Nat. This can't happen on a whim. Even though I want it badly, I knew we would need to talk about it, discuss it over a period of time," he explained.

Nat knew he was right as soon as he spoke the words. It was something they both had to be sure of. "Why haven't you said anything before? How can we begin to talk about it if you kept it a secret?"

"It's not a secret anymore, now is it?" he said smiling sensuously, leaning closer. She smiled back and Nick lightly caressed her cheek with his fingers, before pulling her in closer for a kiss. His kiss deepened and his tongue delved into her mouth, while the pressure of his body slowly pushed her back on the pillows.

The flush of desire flamed through her body, kindling the heat of passion deep within her. As he pushed her lower on the pillows and plundered her lips, she slipped her fingers through his blonde locks. She plunged her tongue into his mouth as well, exploring. When her tongue brushed against his fangs, he growled within his chest but did not let go of his hold on her.

When he finally broke from the kiss and gazed at her, he smiled at her with golden eyes of desire. Still watching her, his hands pulled her blouse slowly from her slacks. His hands softly slid across her abdomen and around her back onto her bare skin, as he leaned in to kiss her swollen and welcoming lips again.

He unclasped the bra and slid his hands under the loosened bra to her front, cupping her breasts in his hands. His fingers teased and twisted the nipples into hardened nubs, as he kissed his way from her mouth, across her chin to her neck, where he paused over the pulsating vein there. The smell of her blood seduced him, tempting him as he lingered and licked at the tender hot flesh.

"OhNick..." she panted breathlessly. The sensations that spread through her were exquisite. She could feel the bulge of his hardened manhood pressing against her through the tight jeans, and she longed to touch him.

He stopped to unbutton her blouse to gain better access to her breasts. After he pushed the blouse and bra aside, he captured a breast in his mouth, teasing the nipple with his tongue. His hand continued to fondle the other breast as she squirmed under his touch. He looked up to see the pleasure on her face, before switching his mouth to the other breast.

"I don't think this arrangement was so good for talking," Nat whispered raggedly.

"Mmm," Nick mumbled at her breast. Peering up at her face, he admitted with a smile, "I'm done talking for tonight. Maybe we can talk more tomorrow." He watched her expression, looking for any sign she wasn't ready for this. She stared back at his gold eyes, flecks of red dancing in them, and licked her lips and smiled.

Nick fondled her breasts, as he leaned up to kiss her. "Nat," he started. "I'm not planning on bringing you across tonight. We still need to consider everything. But I want to make love to you. Do you trust me? To bite you?" he asked.

Taking a deep breath, she asked, "Bite me?"

He started to pull away at her hesitation. He couldn't let things go any further if she was uncomfortable with him biting her.

Nat quickly grabbed him and pulled him back. "No, Nick. Don't pull away. I just want to understand," she begged. He relaxed somewhat at her plea. "Do you mean you want to bite me and drink my blood without killing me or bring me across?" she asked.


"You can do that? Why didn't you ever..." she started to ask, feeling a bit angry they had been celibate all those years needlessly.

"Yes, I can do that, but it will make me want you even more. That is why I never made love to you before; I knew the burning passion for you would possess me. I want you so bad, but once I taste you, it won't end. You need to be sure, Nat," he explained

"Yes," she said firmly.


"It's O.K. to bite me," she said, answering his question. She understood now why he had never attempted it before. Making love with a vampire was more than a casual romp under the covers. It was a binding commitment, in every sense of the word. "I love you, Nick."

Nick stared into her eyes, his lovely Natalie, this amazing woman who loved him more than he could imagine. Overcome with his love for her, he captured her lips with the desire he had fought back for so long.

After several moments, Nat pushed him back a bit. "Nick, wait."

She pulled her blouse off and tossed it aside. Nick took the hint and finished unbuttoning his shirt too. They both shed their remaining clothes quickly, and tossed them aside. Staring at each other's nakedness, they paused to appreciate each other.

"You are so beautiful, Nat," he said, causing her to blush. He reached for her uncovered breasts again, cupping them softly. He leaned in to kiss her breast, as his hand slid down her side to her waist and then her thigh, resting there. He watched her face again as he slid his hand to her inner thigh and lightly pushed, asking for entrance.

Nat slowly leaned back on the pillows, allowing him to spread her legs. Cupping her mound, he teased at the auburn hairs. He slid his body downward and rested his face near her opened folds. His tongue darted out to lightly touch her, and his fingers traced along her opening. His tongue plunged into her and he was rewarded with her flowing moistness. Grasping onto her hips, he ran his tongue along her folds to circle her clit. She threw back her head screaming his name, thrusting her hips closer to his mouth.

He continued his glorious assault on her, slipping his tongue inside her, drawing out her juices, and sucking and flicking his tongue across her clit. She grasped at his locks, as he brought her to near-madness. As she came, she thought she was surely dying in his arms.

He crawled up alongside her, holding her and kissing her as her breathing returned to normal. As Nat's senses returned, her hands caressed Nick's body. He had assaulted her senses so quickly after they had undressed; she hadn't had a chance to explore his body. She loved the feel of the soft blond hairs on his firm chest. Her hand traveled lower to the throbbing cock waiting for its own release. She lightly touched the head, as Nick groaned. Her hand slid down the shaft to softly cup his balls. She leaned down and touched the head with her tongue, twirling her tongue around it. Sliding her tongue down the shaft, she licked and wrapped her tongue around his thickness. Then she took his cock deep into her mouth, and Nick gasped at her warmth.

Nick was on the edge of sanity. Her first touch to his cock was almost too much; then her tongue worked its magic on his senses. Her warm mouth surrounded his cock and drove him wild. He firmly grabbed onto her, pleading, "Nat, please, stop. I want to come inside you."

Nat released him and Nick pushed her back on the pillows, parting her legs with his knees. Guiding his cock to her hot entrance, he pressed against her before plunging into her depth in one stroke. Nat screamed at the intensity of it.

He leaned against her and whispered, "Are you O.K., Nat?" She smiled back at him, pure ecstasy on her face. He kissed her as he started a rhythm, pumping his cock into her.

Nat grasped his buttocks, pulling him in closer and wrapping her legs around his. His thrusts ground against her clit as he slammed into her, stimulating her even more.

As he neared his own release, Nat turned her head and offered her neck to him. He plunged his fangs into her neck, drinking her lifeblood and sending him over the edge, pouring his seed into her core. As he drank, he felt her orgasm again, sweetening the taste of her even more.

He tasted her confusion of the past few days, her panic, her recklessness at the Raven, and proposal to Spark. He saw her wavering at her choice and Spark's insistence at having her. She bravely faked being mesmerized to buy time, but had given up by the time he had burst in the room. He saw her first desire to be brought across, the first time she had secretly considered it. But she wanted him, and only him.

His fangs stung only for a moment. Then the images flowed into her, bombarding her. She felt his passion, his desire for her and his fear at having almost lost her to another. He had been afraid to reveal this secret desire to her, the strength of his passion for her. She felt him withdrawing his fangs from her neck and she wanted to scream. She wanted more.

Nick licked her wounds after removing his fangs, and rolled over, pulling Nat to his chest. He heard her steady heartbeat and sighed in relief, kissing her forehead. He had done it. He had made love to her as promised, without hurting her.

Nat looked up and smiled at him. "Wow."

Nick smiled at her expression. "Was it good?" he teased, knowing the bite would make the experience unlike any she'd known before. An intensity she could never have had anywhere else.

"I didn't want you to stop," Nat confided.

"I know. I could taste it in your blood, but I said I wouldn't bring you across yet. Not without considering everything together," Nick reasoned.

"Oh, I know, Nick. It was just so intense," she admitted.

"That's why I never did this before. I had to be sure that bringing you across was a viable option for us," he explained.

"And what if we decide against it, after talking it over?" she asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"I'd move on then, distance myself from you," he explained, sadly.

Distressed at his answer, Nat frowned and Nick pulled her closer and kissed her. "I deeply believe that we will decide to be together as vampires, or I wouldn't have made love to you," he confessed. "But I do want this to be done right, Nat. You need to know everything about it first. We need to discuss this and consider everything."

Nat softened at his explanation, and planted soft kisses on his chest. "So, just what other secrets are you hiding from me?" she teased.

Nick rolled her over onto her back, kissing her passionately. After a few moments, he pulled back, resting on his arms over her. Gazing into her eyes, he asked seriously, "Will you marry me, Natalie?"

~The End~

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