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1. Is Myra's mother deceased?
There is a contradiction in the series as to whether she's alive or not. In IWR, Schanke tells Nick, "I remember when Myra's mother died. It took her a long time to get over it." In a later ep, PoTM, he speaks with Myra's mother on the telephone.

2. Does Schanke know that Nick keeps bottles of blood in his fridge?
He discovered this in 'Killer Instinct' when Nick's apartment was searched by the police. Nick's excuse to him was that he uses it in his paint.

3. Did Schanke believe Janette was French when he first met her?
He thought she might be Hungarian, "What is she, Hungarian or something?" (Love You To Death)

4. Does Jenny Schanke have any siblings?
This question was tough to answer. My first instinct was to go with "undetermined" because of a Schanke/Myra phone conversation where it wasn't totally clear if he said, "You and the kid" or "You and the kids". Because of all the other evidence and because I can't be absolutely certain that Schanke said "kids", I have to say NO. The clincher for me that Jenny is an only child is found in "Hunters" when the lives of Schanke and his family are at risk. At one point, Nick tells Schanke to go up north with "Myra and Jenny," and at another point, Schanke says, "check in on Myra and Jenny for me." If Schanke's entire family is at risk, neither he nor Nick would have singled out Myra and Jenny if there were other children involved. More evidence is found in:"The Fire Inside". Danny asks Schanke if he has any kids and Nick responds with, "Yeah, he's got a little girl, name's Jenny." Father's Day: Schanke wants to go to the cottage with his "wife and kid". AMPH - Nick asks Schanke to give Myra and Jenny his love. "Father Figure": Schanke talks to Lisa's father about missing out their kids growing up, "I got a daughter. I do know."

5. Does Schanke like any other type of music besides polka?
Schanke actually appreciates all types of music as revealed by his dialogue in Hunters, "Igor Stravinsky, Charlie Parker, the Beatles. The world of music has as many facets as the gem of life, each beautiful in its own way."

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