Rosebud Part 6: The Fantasy

by Soulseeker

Archived November 2003 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further
Note: This is a part added to the story called Rosebud, 
which has no real bearing on the story but done by 
request for several N&NPackers.  

        Natalie had dreamed that night gone differently a thousand 
times. In her fantasies it played out so beautifully. 

        Nick had been waiting for her in her apartment when she had 
gotten home from a date. Her date was the first in a very long time.  
Nick had come because it was late and he was worried about her. She 
assured him she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and that 
her date had been a perfect gentleman. Natalie could see the jealousy in 
his eyes.  Nick told her he was glad and headed for the door. Then, he 
abruptly stopped and turned to face her. He said he didn't want her to 
see him anymore and when Natalie asked why he reached for her hands and 
pulled her close to him. Nick's embrace was like like heaven to her. 
Then, Nick leaned down and his lips grazed hers. Natalie's heart sped 
up. She had been dreaming about this moment for a long time.  She 
reveled in the taste of his cool lips. As their kiss deepend Natalie 
could feel the desire in Nick rising. His tongue danced a dance of 
passion and love with hers while his cool hands caressed her warm tender 
face. Slowly and confidently Nick moved his hands down the sides of 
Natalie's face to the small of her back. He pulled her closer to him 
allowing himself to revel in her warmth of body.

         Natalie could feel the bulge in Nick's pants pressed up against 
her hip. Natalie pressed herself against him enjoying the hardness of 
his body. Nick slid his hands down her back, untucked her blouse and 
slipped his cool hands beneath. His hands brushed her skin sending waves 
of pleasure through her. Natalie pushed her pelvis against his engorged 
member. She felt him harden even more and his penis jump with 
excitement. Their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouth at a 
frenzied rate. Nick undid the clasp of her bra with ease. Once her 
breasts were freed, he brought his hands to the front of her blouse and 
quickly undid the buttons. Natalie brought her hand down and placed it 
over the large bulge in Nick's pants. After rubbing her hand against 
Nick's hardness a few times, Natalie moved her attention to his shirt. 
With a little effort Natalie and some help from Nick she  undid the 
buttons on his shirt giving her free access to the soft cool skin 
beneath. As she ran her hand down the length of his chest to the tender 
skin of his waist, she could feel the ripples beneath. She revelled in 
the strength of his toned chest. Natalie always knew he had a great 
chest but finally being able to caress it was sending her desire to new 
heights. She wanted him more than she had ever wanted any man. 

        At the moment Nick swept her up and carried her  to her bedroom. 
Nick carefully set her down on the bed and removed his shirt. Natalie 
took in the view of the man before her. He had strong, solid shoulders 
and a rippled hairless chest. Nick was the most beautiful thing she had 
ever seen. She could see the crotch of his pants straining. Natalie 
leaned forward and caresses his chest with the tips of her fingers 
allowing them to work their way down to the buckle of Nick's belt. She 
easily undid his belt and the button on his pants. With exaggerated 
slowness she pulled the zipper down. Nick's pants fell to the floor 
leaving him standing before her wearing a sexy pair of red bikini 
briefs. The tip of his penis completely exposed, above the elastic of 
the briefs. Natalie let her hand lightly trace the outline of his penis 
and finally brought her thumb up to caress the exposed tip. Natalie was 
in ecstasy having her deepest desires played. Nick reached down and 
cupped each of her supple breasts and preceded rub the nipples with 
thumbs.  Natalie's nipples hardened in response to Nick's efforts.      

        Natalie eased Nick's briefs down passed his firm butt, freeing 
him. She ran her rans across his firm buttocks to his hard penis. As she 
enclosed her left hand around his hardness, she could feel him 
throbbing. Slowly she moved her hand up over the tip and  down the shaft 
of his penis causing Nick to shudder with pleasure. 

        Nick eased himself down onto Natalie. She could feel the 
coolnesss of his bare chest pressed against her breasts. Their lips met 
hungrily and their tongues darted in and out of each others' mouths. 
Nick delicately kissed a trail down Natalie's cheek  to the soft nape of 
her neck. He tenderly licked and sucked the tender skin. Nick shifted 
his weight to allow him better access and then kissed his way down to 
her ample breasts. Grasping the breast in one hand, he twirled his 
tongue around the nipple. Nick's mouth enclosed Natalie's nipple and he 
firmly suckled it. Then he preceded to do the same with her other 
breast. Natalie's body was a tickle with sensations as Nick kissed and 
licked the soft fesh of her breasts. She could feel his hand playing 
with the buttons on her skirt. With relative speed he had pulled her 
skirt and lace panties off and had returned his attention to her 
breasts. Nick traced a line with his finger tip from her navel to the 
top of  her mound. He was pleasantly surprised to find that she had 
trimmed most of the hair away. Her vagina began to throb in response to 
his fingers  stimulated her.    

        Natalie's lips searched out his in a state of heightened 
passion. Her hands caressed the smooth skin of his back. She felt 
Nick shift above her, moving himself into postion. Natalie could feel 
his  hard penis pressed up against the enterance of  her awaiting 
vagina. Nick looked deep into her eyes and .......

        Enough! She wasn't going to torture herself with this impossible 
fantasy anymore.     

The End