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I wrote this over a year ago as a gift for a friend. It's been posted on my website for several months and I thought I'd share it.


Risks By Nightlady (c) 1999

Nick sighed as he turned the Caddie onto Bloor. His mind was not really on the road, but back at the Coroner's building, back thinking about Nat. He knew that he had to make some sort of decision about where their relationship was headed and he had to make it soon. He knew that he was drawn to Nat in a way that he'd never been drawn to any other woman. He also knew that to act on his feelings might well mean that he would destroy her. He sighed again, no matter what choice he made; she was going to be hurt.

Don Schanke watched the play of emotions on his partner's face. Knight hadn't said anything, but Don would bet a week worth of souvlaki that the subject of the blond detective's thoughts was a certain auburn-haired coroner. 'All they need to do is realize what everyone else knows, they are perfect for each other.' Schanke thought. The sound of the dispatcher's voice cut off further thoughts.

"Eighty-one Kilo, report to the scene of a traffic accident at Yonge and Sherwood Ave. Possible homicide involving vehicle."

Nick frowned as he headed the car in that direction. "What do they mean by that I wonder?" He asked Schanke.

"Dunno, maybe a drive by?" Schanke responded. He shrugged, "Guess we'll find out when we get there."

It only took a few minutes before they were at the intersection. They could see the lights of the fire trucks and patrol cars from over a block away. Nick parked about a half block down, the closest he could get, and he and Schanke walked toward the corner. Nick wrinkled his nose as the smell of burnt rubber, fabric and, beneath it all, flesh reached them. Along one side of the intersection, a medium sized car was engulfed in flames. It was clear that there hadn't been an accident, apparently someone had fired into the gas tank.

"Aw geez, I hate this sort of thing," Schanke moaned. He approached an uniformed officer. "Hey, Baines, what's the story here? Why did homicide get called?" Schanke noticed that Nick had stopped walking and was looking at the burning car.

Baines looked ill at ease. "Um, maybe we should talk over here, sir." He suggested, taking Schanke's arm. Baines did not want to be the one to tell Knight about this.

Schanke started to go with him, when an inarticulate sound from Nick, a moan that made Schanke's hair stand on end, drew his attention back to his partner. Nick was starring at the burning car with an expression of anguish and horror on his face. As Nick began to move toward the car, Schanke heard Baines say, "The registration on the plates show that the car belongs to Dr. Natalie Lambert."

Schanke froze for only a second, then rushed to intercept Nick.

"Let me go, Schanke! I've got to get to her!" Nick said in a harsh voice as he tried to wrench free of Schanke's grip.

"Nick! Listen to me! You can't help her, it's too late." Schanke said struggling to keep Nick from going closer to the car. "You don't want to see her like this." He added in a softer voice, as he felt Nick suddenly sag in his arms. Schanke could feel Nick's body shaking as he fought to keep his emotions under control. Schanke noticed that the fire department was starting to bring the flames under control. The last thing that Knight needed was to be here when they removed the corpse that was clearly visible in the driver's seat. Taking advantage of Nick's dazed condition, Schanke maneuvered him back to the Caddie. "Com'on Nick," Schanke said opening the passenger side door, "I'll drive. I'll radio for another unit to handle this case."

Nick turned a grief stricken face to look at Schanke. He nodded, handed over the keys to the Caddie and got in. His mind was screaming in denial and he felt an ache in his soul that he doubted would ever heal. As Schanke radioed in for a different unit, all Nick could do was sit, head in hands, and murmur "Nat, why? Nat!" over and over.

As they headed back to the station, Nick spoke. "Schanke, go to the Coroner's building. I don't want Grace to hear this over the radio."

Schanke glanced at Nick. "Okay." His own heart was heavy, Natalie Lambert was a friend as well as one of the best forensic pathologists he'd ever known. He was glad that Nick had pulled himself together enough to be concerned about someone else.

Parking the Caddie in the lot behind the building the two men made their way slowly inside. Nick swallowed as he saw Grace look up from her desk and smile. As they got nearer, Nick saw the smile freeze and a puzzled look come over Grace's face.

"Schanke, Nick, what's wrong? You both look like you just lost your best friend." Grace said.

"Grace," Nick started to say when movement and the sound of a voice down the hall caught his attention. His eyes widened as two people, one a familiar form, stepped out of one of the examining rooms. "NAT!"

"When you are trying to determine if a poison was used the first thing to look at is the condition of the internal organs." Nat said to the young intern she was instructing. She looked up, as she heard Nick's voice all but shout her name. To her surprise, Nick was moving down the hall, almost fast enough to draw attention to his ability, toward her. His face bore an expression that seemed to be a combination of disbelief and elation.

Nick all but flew down the hallway. Reaching Nat he pulled her into his arms and tilting her chin up covered her mouth in a passionate kiss.

Nat's eyes flew wide open in surprise as Nick began to kiss her. She was vaguely aware of dropping the chart she'd been holding as her arms found their way around his neck. She heard a low moaning sound and realized that it was coming from her as Nick's kiss deepened and her body responded with a will of its own. A sound from behind her reminded her where she was, reluctantly she broke the kiss and looked at Nick, puzzled by his behavior. She could feel a blush rising in her cheeks.

Nick looked into Nat's eyes. He couldn't believe that she was here, safe and well. "Oh Nat, I thought I'd lost you." He said, then pulled her close to him, his hand caressing her hair and his cheek against the top of her head.

"Nick? What are you talking about?" Nat said. She saw Schanke and Grace approaching and, to her surprise, Schanke looked as if he had tears in his eyes. "Would someone please tell me what is going on?"

Schanke looked at Nick and decided that his partner was better off just holding Nat. "I've got good news and bad news, Nat." He said.

Nat looked at him, "Okay, give me the bad news first."

"Someone apparently stole your car tonight and managed to wreck it. The car caught fire with the driver still in it. Nick and I got the call as a possible homicide." Schanke said.

Nat felt the blood rush out of her head. She raised large, blue eyes to Nick's. "You thought..." She couldn't finish the sentence. Nick nodded, as he cupped her face in his hand, his fingers lightly playing across the planes of her cheeks while his other arm encircled her shoulders. Nat swallowed and looked at Schanke. "And the good news?"

Schanke smiled. "Someone stole your car tonight." He said.

Nat reached out and took Schanke's hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. She was glad to lean into Nick's strength; death by fire had been her personal nightmare for many years. She wasn't really surprised to find that she was trembling slightly.

Grace looked at Nat. She could tell that her friend badly shaken by the news she'd just received. "Nat, hon, it's slow around here tonight. Why don't you head home early?"

Nat hesitated. "I guess it would be easier to get a cab now than at 4:00 am." She admitted.

"You don't need a cab. I'll take you home." Nick said. He glanced at Schanke, "You won't mind if we run by Nat's, will you?"

Schanke had been happily watching the way Nick still hadn't released Nat from his embrace. "Nah, I won't mind, but you know, Nick, you've had a bad shock tonight too. Might not be a bad idea for you to book off early either."

Nick looked at Schanke and thought how much he'd grown to like this mortal. "You have a point. I'll drop you back at the precinct and let Cohen know that I'm taking some personal time, then I'll come back here and get Nat."

Nat smiled at Nick. "Thanks, that will give me just enough time to get everything here straightened out and call for a replacement." 'Maybe he'll stay with me at my place, for a while.' She thought.

Nick placed a light kiss on Nat's forehead. "I'll be back within the hour." Then he and Schanke left.

Forty-five minutes later, Nick pulled the Caddie away from the Coroner's Building and headed toward Nat's apartment. As he drove, he couldn't help glancing over at Nat, reassuring himself that she was really unharmed. Pulling the Caddie to a halt in front of her building, Nick reached over and laid his hand on her arm. "Nat, why don't you feed Sidney, get whatever papers and phone numbers you'll need to deal with the car insurance people and pack an overnight bag so you can spend the day with me at the loft?" Nick asked, quietly adding, "I need to have you close today. I keep remembering how I felt when I thought you were in that car."

Nat looked at Nick in surprise. Although she'd spent part of numerous days at his place when she'd fallen asleep during one of their video watching sessions, Nick had never before specifically asked her to spend the day with him. The idea of spending the day with Nick definitely appealed to her. "Just how close do you plan to keep me?" She asked.

Nick saw the surprise in Nat's face. "You don't have to be afraid, Nat. I would never harm you." He said misinterpreting her look and her question as being caused by fear of his vampire side.

Nat blinked at Nick's words. "Nick," she hastened to assure him, "I know that. I have never been afraid of you and I never will be." Her voice was soft and comforting. "I'd love to spend the day at the loft. To tell the truth, I don't want to be alone either." She smiled as she saw the relief and happiness her statement brought to Nick's face. "Come on, you can feed Sidney while I pack a bag and find those papers." She said.

Nick kissed her on the forehead. "Sounds good to me, let's just hope Sydney isn't fussy about who gives him dinner." He got out of the car and went to the passenger side. Opening the door he helped Nat from the car, looping his arm through hers as he shut the door and the headed up the front stairs.

The door to the loft opened admitting Nick and Nat into the cavernous room. Nick took the overnight bag from Nat and disappeared up the stairs with it. Nat, watching, raised an eyebrow. 'Either he's planning to keep me as close to him as I want to be, or he's trying to be a good host and give me his bed.' She thought hoping that it was the former. She crossed into the kitchen and put the few groceries they'd stopped for on the way to the loft into the fridge.

Nick placed the overnight bag in the master bedroom. He hoped that he would be sharing the bed with Nat. The events of the night had made him realize just how important Nat was to him. More than that it had forced him to accept the fact that he loved her with a passion he'd never know in all his long existence. When he returned downstairs, he planned to tell her just that and to try and convince her to let them try to have as much of an intimate relationship as possible, as much as he could manage and still control the beast. Nat made a sandwich and carried it and a cup of tea over to the leather sofa. She nibbled at it wondering at the change in Nick's behavior. As she recalled the passionate kiss he'd given her earlier, she couldn't help but hope that it was only the first in a long line of future kisses. Just being near him made her want to feel his lips and hands on her body and to stroke and caress his body. She was imagining how nice it would be to fall asleep stretched out in his arms and didn't realize that Nick had returned downstairs until he spoke.

"Nat, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you earlier, but I'm not sorry that I kissed you." Nick said as he sat down beside her. "The only regret I have about that is that I waited so long to do it." He saw Nat's eyes light up with happiness and feeling more confident, continued. "I realized tonight that I've been lying to myself for a long time now. While I value your friendship beyond words, I want to be more than a friend to you."

Nat could feel her heart racing. After all these years of wondering if Nick had any feelings for her, she was at last hearing the words for which she'd longed. A gentle smile formed on her lips.

"I realized that I love you, Natalie Lambert. I love you so much that I ache every time you leave my sight." Nick continued, taking her hands in his. He traced small circles on the backs of her hands with his thumbs. "I told you a little while ago that I would never harm you. Will you trust me to control this beast that haunts my existence and let me love you?"

Nat felt tears of happiness fill her eyes. "Yes, Nick. I will and do." She said. "I love you, too." She smiled and willingly met his lips in a kiss that set every nerve in her body aflame. She moaned with pleasure as Nick deepened the kiss and parted her lips to allow his eager tongue entry. She felt Nick's hand as he tentatively touched her breasts and she pushed against him, encouraging his caresses.

Nick felt his beast stir as he gave himself to the sweetness that was Nat. Her eager response delighted him and he deepened the embrace, wanting her more with every passing second. As she pressed her firm breasts into his hand, he felt his groin ache with need.

When they finally broke the kiss to give Nat a chance to breathe, Nick still held her close to him. Nuzzling her ear he whispered, "Let me show you how much I love you, Nat." When nodded and smiled up at him, he lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom.

There he stood her on the floor. "May I?" He asked as he reached for the buttons on her blouse.

Nat blushed slightly. "Yes."

Nick slowly unbuttoned the blouse, his lips following his hands moving with velvet softness over her newly exposed skin. He undid the front clasp of the bra she was wearing freeing her creamy breasts. His hands closed over them, gently massaging them as his lips slowly worked their way down to the darker, rose colored nipple of one. He breathed in deeply, savoring the cinnamon and orange scent that was Nat.

Nat felt the cool fire of Nick's lips as they traced a slow, tantalizing path along her breast. She sighed with pleasure as he drew the nipple of one into his mouth, his tongue flicking lightly against the sensitive tip of it. She could feel the warmth of the sensations that his actions were causing spread throughout her body. She could feel her juices flowing; she'd wanted this for so very long and her body was all but pulsing with her need.

Nick could smell Nat's arousal. Slowly, he slid his hand into the waistband of the slacks she was wearing. He looked in her eyes, silently asking her permission to continue. He smiled as she nodded her head and then stepped out of the loafer style shoes she was wearing. Nick eased the slacks over her hips and let them drop to the floor. He paused to look at her, now clad only in a pair of sheer panties, admiring the womanly curves of her body.

Nat watched Nick's face as he looked at her. She'd always felt mousey compared to Janette and she hoped that he wouldn't be too disappointed in what he saw. When he looked back at her face, the love and desire she saw in his eyes brought tears to hers. When he pulled her close to him and murmured, "You're even more beautiful than I'd pictured." Nat's heart felt as if it would burst from joy.

Nick released her and carefully removed her panties, then lifted her and laid her on the bed. When she reached out to undo the buttons on his shirt, he clasped her hands in his. "Nat, as much as I want to feel your skin against mine, I'm afraid that I won't be able to control the vampire if we do that." He told her. He kissed her, softly, and continued. "Tonight, let me give you the pleasure I've longed to."

Nat raised her hand and stroked his face. "But what about you? You deserve to have pleasure, too."

"Knowing that I've given it to you will be enough," Nick said before capturing her lips with his. At the same time, one of his hands moved down to the wiry patch of her pubic hair and found the sensitive core of her pleasure. He began to lightly tease it, smiling at Nat's response.

Nat wanted to protest that there must be some way for him to also receive fulfillment, but the waves of pleasure that were washing through her body made coherent thought difficult. She gasped slightly as she felt Nick gently insert a finger inside her. Almost involuntarily she tightened her vaginal muscles around it, aching to feel his manhood there. As he continued to caress her clit Nat found her breath coming in small gasps. So many nights she'd dreamed of this happening, she was almost afraid that she'd awaken to find that this too was a dream.

Nick watched the play of emotions on Nat's face as he slowly brought her closer and closer to her climax. He loved the look of her face in the throes of passion, the way her skin took on a soft rosy hue and the glowing luminescence of her eyes. He clamped down on his beast, he wanted so much to bury his cock in the warm moistness that enveloped his fingers, but he didn't dare lest he harm Nat.

Not until he'd caused her to writhe in need did he at last bring her to her climax. As she called out wordlessly in elation he marveled that he'd been given even this much of a chance to express his love for her. As her body shook with the force of her orgasm, Nick held her tightly in his arms, kissing her and telling her over and over that he loved her.

Natalie stood at the window, a cup of tea in her hand and watched the sun slowly descending. She'd made a special effort to get up early enough to watch the sunset. The sky was brilliant with various shaded of red, orange, purple, and gold. She sighed in contentment as the last rays of the sun sank into the horizon. Turning from the window, she crossed to a nearby chair and sat, sipping her tea and letting her mind wander back over the previous half-year

A sound from behind her alerted her just before she felt those very arms encircle her. "You're up early. Everything okay?" Nick's voice said in her ear.

"Everything is better than okay." Nat replied, grinning. "I was just sitting here thinking about how good it is to be rid of those awful nightmares, how lucky I am that you were here to help me through that time, and how much I love you." She said setting her teacup on the table.

 Nick returned her smile and captured her lips with his as he pulled her to her feet. Feeling her press against him and finding her mouth open to his probing tongue he deepened the kiss. He felt Nat's arms encircle his neck. He ran the fingers of one hand into the thick mass of her curls while the other slowly slide down her back until it cupped her butt. To Nick every time they shared an embrace was a sort of small miracle. Nick had been haunted by the realization of just how close he'd come to losing her forever. As each week had passed, to Nick's delight their relationship had grown stronger and he'd been able to share more and more intimacy with her. At last breaking the kiss, he stood looking lovingly at Nat as she snuggled in his arms.

Nat had, from that first night, been determined that Nick was going to also enjoy the physical pleasures he was giving her. At Nat's insistence, he'd begun to drink more blood, though he still used only bovine blood for nourishment. He had to admit that he felt better than he had in many, many years. The results of his efforts had borne fruit earlier today. He reached out and gently touched the two, small puncture wounds on Nat's neck; wounds that were already nearly healed and fading. He met Nat's eyes and saw the same joy in them that he felt.

<earlier, that same day>

Nat hurried into the loft, knowing that she only had about an hour and a half before Nick would be returning from work. Her heart was beating quickly with excitement. She has several things that she wanted to do before he arrived and she went forward with her plan.

She quickly tended to Sydney's needs, setting out fresh food and water for him. Then she headed upstairs to the bath where she started running a hot tub. While the tub filled, Nat stripped the sheets from the bed and remade it. The next twenty minutes she spent soaking in rose scented water feeling the stresses of work and the stench of the morgue disappear. When the water cooled, she towel off and slipped into a thin nightgown. Brushing her hair until it crackled and floated around her face like a chestnut colored halo, she looked critically at herself in the mirror. A smile formed on her lips, she like what she saw.

A slender woman with large blue eyes looked back at her. The black nightgown clung to her curves and accented her full creamy breasts. Turning, Nat noted that the plunging back of the gown exposed a large area of pale skin above a small rounded butt. The front slit of the skirt rose to just below the curls of her dark patch of pubic hair. She couldn't wait to see Nick's reaction to the outfit. Slipping a pair of black satin mules on her feet and the sheer robe that went with the nightgown, Nat went back downstairs.

Over the past several months, she and Nick had slowly become more and more intimate. Nat smiled as she recalled how wonderful Nick could make her feel. Yet, a part of her still ached. Nick's fear again harming her meant that while he used his considerable skills at making love to give her intense pleasure, he did not experience the satisfaction she did. Tonight, she was determined to rectify that.

She waited looked at the wineglass on the table beside her and smiled. Over the past week, she'd draw blood from herself and mixed it with a small amount of wine. She hoped that the unexpectedness of it being her blood would cause Nick to abandon his carefulness and allow them to fully enjoy their love. She realized that the result might be her either being brought across or even dying, but she was willing to take that risk. At last she heard the lift motor. She got up and walked to stand behind the sofa, where the soft glow of the fireplace would backlight her.

Nick stepped off the lift and paused as he looked across the room. Even with just the few candles that were lit and the light from the fireplace, his enhanced vision had no difficulty seeing Nat as she stood beside the sofa. He felt his mouth go dry as he drank in the vision before him. He walked quickly over to her, his groin aching with unfulfilled need. As he neared her, she stepped eagerly into his embrace. He felt her hand against his head as she held his mouth to her own. Their tongues met in a familiar duel as their hands stroked and caressed each other's bodies. Nick felt his beast struggling to be free; it was becoming more and more difficult to deny the pleasure for which his body longed.

Nat could feel the hardness of Nick's cock against her. She knew that he was having more difficulty controlling the vampire and that gave her more hope that her plan would succeed. As they broke the kiss, Nat reached over and handed Nick the glass. It had become a habit that he would drink a glass of donated human blood before they made love. She watched, scarcely breathing as he put the glass to his lips and drank.

Nick ached to remove the enticing gown that Nat was wearing. As lovely as she looked in it, he still preferred to gaze upon the beauty of her nude form. In his eagerness he gulped the wineglass of blood, instead of sipping as he usually did. Too late, he realized that this was Nat's blood; the blood he'd desired and denied himself for so very long. The unexpected bliss of it unleashed the vampire from Nick's tenuous control. He couldn't even manage to warn Nat as he struggled vainly to regain mastery of his beast while the emotions contained in Nat's blood washed through him.

Nat watched as Nick suddenly stiffened and closed his eyes. When he reopened them, she found herself staring in to the golden eyes of the vampire. Straightening her shoulders, she stepped closer to him. In an instant, Nick reached out and pulled her tightly against him. She didn't resist; indeed she smiled and ran her hands down the front of his shirt, unbuttoning it and pushing it off him. As Nick's mouth found hers in a demanding kiss, she undid his belt and the waistband of his trousers. She could already feel his excitement as he held her against him. She undid the zipper and his pants fell to the floor. Hooking her thumbs inside his silk boxers, she eased them off of him. As he stepped out of the discarded clothes, she found his hardened cock and closed her hand around it, carefully squeezing and stroking it.

Nick thrust his tongue into Nat's mouth his long pent up desires demanding fulfillment. Her willing acceptance of his kiss and her unmistakable desire to truly be one with him only inflamed his need for her further. As he felt his pants drop to the floor and then the soft, warm touch of her hand on his already hardened manhood, Nick moaned with lust and ecstasy. He'd dreamed of her touch, longed for it, and never dared to hope that he'd actually experience it. Now, she was his, he knew from the small amount of her blood that she wanted this; she wanted to be united with him in passion and she was willing to risk her soul or even death to achieve it. Nick gripped her hair as his lips and tongue worked their way from her full lips to the smooth angle of her jaw and the soft skin of her neck. He could feel the beat of her heart in the large vessels that ran there and the scent of her blood, of her arousal filled his head and drove out any ability to stop his actions. He nuzzled the soft hollow of her neck, his fangs aching to penetrate her flesh and release her lifeblood for his gratification. He forced himself to wait, wanting to draw out this experience to the fullest. His hands found the straps of her gown and pushed them from her shoulders. A low growl of desire issued from his throat as he buried his face in her full bosom. Her moan of pleasure increased his growing need to feel her moistness surround his penis, to the point of near pain. Retracing the path his lips had made back to her mouth he again kissed her deeply. Looking at her flushed, passion-filled face, Nick realized that he could no longer wait, even the length of time it would take to carry her to the bedroom was too much. Turning Nat in his arms, he urged her to lean against the back of the leather sofa as he guided his steel hard cock into her tight, moist vagina. He heard her gasp as he entered her and then felt her thrust back into him as she sought to take him completely inside her. The feel of her surrounding him was rapture and he paused holding her against him, kissing the back of her neck, while one hand slid to the thatch of curly hair between her legs and found the hardened nub of her clit. Slowly, savoring each moment, he began to move in her, at the same time his fingers gently rubbed her clit starting her climb to ultimate pleasure.

Nat felt the cool hardness slip inside her and pushed back, wanting to feel Nick embedded within her. When his hands found her seat of pleasure and he began to stimulate her, she groaned and bit her lip. She could feel the warmth of orgasm starting to build and she gave herself totally to the wonderful sensations. As Nick caressed her clit with ever increasing speed and his thrusts deep with in her increased, Nat's muscles began to tense in anticipation of the release she knew would come.

Nick could hear the increase in Nat's heartbeat and breathing as she neared orgasm. He too, was fast approaching his own climax, one that would require only the elixir of her blood to complete. As she reached the peak of her pleasure, Nat leaned back against Nick crying out his name in joy. Her head was thrown back against his shoulder, baring the inviting, throbbing vein to him. As the first of her orgasmic contractions began, Nick sank his fangs into her neck releasing the sweet nectar of her blood. The power of her ecstasy burst like the finest wine into his senses and triggered his own climax. He drank from this font as he felt his cock milked of its cum by the contractions of his lover's orgasm.

Nat felt the sharp sting of Nick's fangs and then her mind was filled by an incredible sense of oneness with him. She knew the power of his own release and she felt his fear that he would take too much, would harm her. Most of all she felt his deep, abiding love for her, his willingness to have never experienced his own bliss to protect her and his terror that now that she knew all that he was she would despise the beast and turn from him. The force of all these information coupled with the overwhelming power of her orgasm, caused Nat's legs to suddenly feel like jelly and she all but collapsed in Nick's arms. Despite this she tried to relay to him her complete joy at their finally being one and the knowledge that there was nothing that could or would ever make her not love him.

Nick closed his eyes as the sensations he received from Nat's blood raced into his very soul. To him, she was a figure of pure sunlight, but a sunlight that only warmed and comforted rather than burned him. The man welcomed the embrace while the vampire cringed, fearful that it would see him only as a monster and unleash suffering upon him. Instead it felt soft warmth, a sense of peace and acceptance, and a knowledge that he was loved, man and vampire, unconditionally. For the first time in centuries, the beast was sated and Nick pulled his fangs from Nat's neck. Opening his once again blue eyes, he looked at the small wounds and the still limpness of his love. Lifting her in his arms he swiftly carried her upstairs and laid her on the bed. Pushing her hair from her face he stroked her cheeks. His hearing told him that her heart was still beating strong and steady, but fear that he'd somehow harmed her coursed through his veins. "Nat? Natalie? Wake up, please!" He beseeched.

Nat felt Nick lift her and only moments later felt the bed beneath her back. When she heard his voice, so full of concern calling her name, she managed to open her eyes. Lifting her hand to his face she smiled. "I love you." She whispered. She saw relief flood his face and then he was beside her holding her in his arms, kissing her tenderly.

Nick felt himself breathe when Nat opened her eyes. He could see her love shining there and he lay beside her, wanting only to hold her and reassure himself that she was safe. Her words were balm to him and they soon drifted into sleep.

(End Flashback)

"So," Nat inquired, "I guess this means that we can safely re-experience what we did tonight?"

Nick nodded. "I guess it does." His expression sobered. "You took a terrible risk, Nat. What if I hadn't been able to stop?"

Nat smiled. "I had faith that you would stop. I love you, and to me the risk was well worth it."

Nick kissed her. "I love you, too, now and forever."

The End.

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