Song Challenge

Lyric from "Colour My World" by Chicago
based on characters from Forever Knight, etc.
Renewed Hope
by Susan B.
October 1996

(Add-On to the end of FK Episode "Avenging Angel")

Something was different this time, and Nick knew it. Lately his
quest for humanity had taken many turns for the worse, but it
wasn't his backsliding that depressed him now, it was this case.
More precisely, it was what this case revealed to him. A child
sexually abused by her father, a mother who allowed it to happen,
murders committed in revenge. This was the humanity he sought? This
is where he would find redemption for his sins?

"Nick, are you okay?" Nat tried to smile, but she saw the pain in
his eyes and she couldn't.

"I'm just tired," Nick shrugged, I'm going home."

"Do you want company?"

"I said I was tired," Nick snapped. He got up and walked a few
steps away from her, but quickly turned back. He touched her cheek,
and spoke softly, "I'm sorry. Yes, I want company. I need company."

As time goes by
I realize
just what you mean to me

Nat left her car at the office and rode with Nick to the loft. Once
inside she made a cup of tea while Nick went over and sat on the
couch. Nat walked over and sat down beside him.

"You're too quiet," Nat said, "what is it?".

Nick smiled half-heartedly, "I've been thinking."


"Nat, you know I've been seeking mortality, humanity, for a very
long time. But I've come to realize lately, particularly with this
case, that humanity has taken on a cold darkness of its very own."

"I see," Nat replied sombrely, "and mortality is not looking as
desirable as it once did?"

Nick hesitated, then nodded his head slightly.

Once again Nick had lost his hope, and Nat was desperately trying
to think of something to say. "Nick. There can be coldness and
darkness in humans, just as there is in vampires."

"That's exactly what I'm talking about, Nat. What is the point? How
could I ever hope to find redemption simply by becoming mortal,
when the hearts of mortals can run so cold?"

Nat lifted his hand and placed it over her heart, "Not all mortal
hearts are cold, Nick." She put her free hand on his chest, "and
neither are all vampire hearts. There is warmth too, Nick, and
there is love. You must not forget that." A tear slipped from her
eye and ran down her cheek, "You must never forget that."

Nick moved his hand to wipe away the tear. He put his arms around
her and held her tightly, "Forgive me, Nat. I haven't forgotten
your love. I never could."

"Then you must never give up hope that we *will* be together
someday," Nat moaned.

And now
now that you're near
promise your love
that I've waited to share
and dreams
of our moments together

Nick stroked her cheek, and then her hair, "You know I love you,
and I want nothing more than to be with you. But I am beginning to
fear that my darkness will be eternal."

Nat whispered softly, "No, Nick. Love is eternal. Hope is eternal.
We will be together."

"How can you be so sure, Nat?" Nick asked.

"I am certain of it, Nick. For even in my saddest moments, when my
mind says we will never be together, I know in my heart that we

She had to be right. She was right. Nick smiled and kissed her
gently, "then in my heart, I know it too."

Colour my world
with hope
of loving you

-- The End --