circa July 1997

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This story is a Forever Knight/Catwoman XOVER. I'll give it a PG-13 rating
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Forever Knight and its characters belong to J. Parriott and B. Cohen and etc.
The character of Catwoman is property of DC Comics, and her writers &
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Purr-fect Knight
by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

~~At the opening of another museum in Toronto...

"Capt. Knight, glad to see I wasn't the only one dragged to this
shindig,"his former partner said while slapping him hard on the back.

Nick nearly dropped the plate of food he was holding. "How are things over
at the 27th?"

Schanke shifted the tight cummerbund around his middle, "The only thing
that would be better was if we weren't required to come to these
charity-type functions all the time."

It was Nick's turn. Slapping Schanke on the shoulder, Nick grinned and
replied, "Didn't anyone tell you that being a precinct's captain was full
of adventure?"

"Adventure?" Schanke snorted. "Most action I see is if the janitor
forgets the toilet paper hanging from his shoe."

Nick tried to contain his laughter but was failing miserably.

"Sounds like the party's on this side of the room," a female voice said
from behind them.

"Nat! Looking wonderful as ever," Schanke exclaimed as he placed a kiss on
her cheek.

Nick beamed as he looked at his bride-to-be. Her hair was smoothed upwards
with a few tendrils of chestnut curls cascading down the sides of the
ravishing face. The dress, an off-the-shoulder evening gown, was
accompanied by a black wrap and had caused Nick to be caught speechless at
her apartment's door earlier that evening. Natalie was breathtaking.

Natalie blushed as she smoothed the black velvet of her dress. "Thanks
Schanke. It's good to see you! Is Myra here?"

"Yea, somewhere. I think looking at the Egyptian jewelry that was
recovered last year."

"What did I miss?"

Nick smiled. "Schanke was telling me about all the exciting action that
he's been seeing over at the 27th."

"Maybe you could send some of that action over Nick's way. Besides loads
of paperwork, the most fun Nick has at the 96th is when the waterman bends
over to pick up the empty water bottles. When will men learn to say no to

Schanke's laughter caused the other two hundred people in the large room to

If a vampire could've shown embarrassment, Nick's face would've been the
colour of blood.

Nat took her plate of food from Nick's hands. "Think I'll go and find
Myra. Leave you two to reminisce about the old days." She left, but not
before giving her fiancee a kiss and her best puppy eyes, "I'm sorry. You
know I love you."

"I love you too. Payback. My bedroom, tonight," Nick whispered back into
Natalie's ear then watched her as she seductively made her way through the
crowd and out of his sight.

"Man, oh man, I miss being on the streets. We made a pretty good team."
Schanke's voice snapped Nick back into the conversation.

"We did. As long as you didn't smell of garlic," Nick teased.

Schanke rolled his eyes back, "Hey, maybe after you and the doc are
married, she can work on a allergy pill for you. Then, you can truly
appreciate it." Maybe she will Schanke, Nick thought.

"May I have your attention please." A man's voice echoed through the room.
"Please, may I have your attention," he bellowed once more into the

Nick and Schanke turned there attention to the balcony above them. All
eyes turned to the formally dressed elderly man.

"Thank you. I am Max Astire, curator of Toronto's newest museum. Welcome
to the opening of the Museum of the Peoples. Thank you for your
attendance. I have the extreme privilege to introduce our guest speaker.
Her company has donated 1.5 million dollars to the museum and all that you
see here tonight," he spread out his arms then finished by saying, "If not
for her support, it would simply not exist. Without further ado...Selina

Applaud deafened the room as a sleek, slender, woman slowly walked to
Astire. A long well-defined leg peeked through the split of her dress with
each step. The gown she wore was fitted to accent her envious bosom and
tiny waist. With one hand, she tossed her shoulder length ebony hair away
from her porcelain like skin while the other held her handbag. She shook
the offered hand of Astire's and turned to face the people she would address.

Schanke let a low whistle escape as his eyes almost bugged out from his
face. "Holy Miss Toronto. Is she from here?" Schanke asked in a excited

"I don't think so," Nick replied in a hush voice while he retrieved a small
booklet he had been handed when he and Nat arrived. He scanned quickly
though the pages until he found what he had been searching for. "The
information on Miss Kyle is limited. It does say that she is president of
the Kyle Corporation. Supporter of endangered species and numerous other

Selina Kyle's green beaded gown shimmered beneath the lights as she took
the microphone offered by Astire. A smooth, sultry, voice purred out to
her waiting audience. "Thank you. Tonight...we, the people of the world,
celebrate a revolution in history. Toronto has been the city chosen above
all to house the remarkable discovery thought to have been stolen from all
people. I am the one who is truly honoured to have helped your famous city
to become infamous among all cities of the world. Again, thank you."

Once more the sound of hand clapping filled the large room as she returned
the microphone to Astire. "Thank you Miss Kyle. And to everyone who has
shown your support by your attendance here tonight, our gratitude. Please,
everyone enjoy ourselves."

"Certainly a woman to keep things short and sweet," Schanke remarked.

Nick nudged Schanke. "Heads up. She's making her way to us with Max."

"Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce you to Selina Kyle." Astire moved aside
for the beautiful dark haired woman that walked beside him.

She turned first to Schanke as Astire announced, "Capt. Don Schanke." and
shook his offered hand.

"And, this is Capt. Nick Knight," Astire said. Selina's sensual green eyes
stared into Nick's own blue ones as she offered her hand to him. "Miss
Kyle. Pleasure to meet you."

"No. The pleasure..." her eyes roamed down the length of Nick's chest

Schanke cleared his throat. Nick let go of Selina's slim hand.

" entirely mine," finished Selina as her eyes traveled back up to Nick's.

"Well, if you will excuse me, I have other guests I must attend to. Miss
Kyle, gentlemen," Astire said before leaving.

"Max has told me that men from both of your precincts are responsible for
keeping the Bast jewelry in safe hands during tonight's gala," Selina
commented as she continued to take in all of Nick. Not the Dark Knight by
any means, but he would be fun to prowl with in the night, she thought
wickedly to herself.

Nick was puzzled why Max would divulge such sensitive information. Perhaps
because Miss Kyle was such a large contributor. "Where are you from, Miss

"Selina, please. Miss Kyle is what my employees call me. To answer your
question, nowhere in particular. But, I tend to consider Gotham City home."

"Gotham City. Now that's one weird place," Schanke said without thinking,
then hurried to add, "No offense Selina." Looking at the stocky man with a
sideways glance, she replied, "None taken Capt. Schanke."

"It was a generous gift to our city by donating such a large amount of
money for this museum."

"You are too kind, Nick...if I may call you by your first name."

Nick smiled awkwardly.

Schanke felt like a fifth wheel.

"It is I that should be thanking your city. I convinced Max it would be a
considerate gesture to donate a portion of tonight's proceeds to your
country's wildlife association, to help your own endangered animals like
the eastern puma and the Steller's sea lion."

"I am impressed. Of course, I should have known after reading the brief
bio about you," Nick said holding up the brochure.

"Not half impressed as I am," Selina said under her breath. "I like to do
what I can for all, whether small," she replied aloud as she stepped closer
to Nick, "...or great."

Natalie and Myra finally made their return to their men. "Sorry for taking
so long. We ran into mutual friends." Natalie's smile suddenly went south
when she noticed the evening's extremely attractive guest speaker standing
closer to Nick than she'd like. Quickly, she looped her arm over her

For a few moments, Myra watched as the two ladies silently did battle with
eye contact. She then decided that a lull in the war was needed. "Hi, I'm
Myra Schanke."

Selina simply nodded.

"Nat, honey, this is Selina Kyle," Nick paused, then continued, "Selina,
Dr. Natalie Lambert. My fiancee."

"Your...fiancee, I see." Selina curled her mouth into a sly grin, "Dr.
Lambert. An honour, I'm sure."

Natalie arched an eyebrow. "I guess that depends, doesn't it?"

With his eyes and ears still glued to the trio, Schanke thought that if
only he had popcorn, it would've been the perfect movie. Feeling the
impending cat fight, Myra thought it a good time for her and her husband-
while she still had one- to go home. "Don, I think we need to get home.
I'm sure Jenny's babysitter wants us."

Giving him a nudge, Myra tried to get Schanke's attention, "Don, let's go."

"Go..." Schanke finally got the hint when Myra pinched him, hard. He
looked at her as if she had gone crazy. "Oh, yeah, right." He shook his
former partner's hand, "Nick, see you later buddy. Good to see you Nat."

Myra hugged Natalie. Into her ear she asked, "Are you going to be
alright?" While giving Miss Kyle the evil eye, Natalie whispered back,
"Fine. I'm going to be just fine."

"Nice to have met you Selina," Schanke managed to say before being whisked
off by his wife toward the museum's entrance.

Nick tried to think of something to say. "Can I get anyone something to
drink? Perhaps a glass of champagne," he managed to come up grinning at Nat
then added, "...or maybe something stronger?"

Selina slowly licked her upper lip. "A glass of champagne would be
perfect." Without taking her eyes off of the ferrous feline that was
obviously making a play for her man, Natalie simply replied, "Make that two."

Nick gave a small kiss on Natalie's cheek. "I'll be back in a few
moments." He nodded to Selina, "If you will excuse me," then left the two
women alone to fend for themselves.

Patting her green handbag against her palm, Selina watched Nick's backside as
he left. "Well, Miss Kyle it certainly seems as if you are a woman who
never misses a opportunity." Selina looked at the floor briefly then met
Nat's eyes, "You could say that when I see something I want, I don't
hesitate to pounce."

Natalie couldn't believe the nerve of this monster, though Natalie had to
admit that she was a beautiful, generous, glamorous monster. She reached
up and fiddled a gold necklace Nick had given her for her last birthday.
When she did, Selina's attention was diverted to the diamond that graced
Natalie's finger. Her eyes grew wild as the light from the museum's many
chandeliers danced off its many facets.

Changing her attitude, Selina smiled very nicely and commented, "What an
absolutely fabulous ring. May I?" After hesitating for a second, Natalie
held out her hand. "Yes. Yes you may." The coldness of the two carat
diamond against the tip of her finger caused Selina's heart to race. This
is going to be a most profitable night indeed, Selina thought reveling in
her good fortune. It is truly an exquisite piece of jewelry. If memory
serves, it is a Cat's Eye Diamond, believed to be the rarest diamonds in
the world. Your husband-to-be must come from a extremely wealthy family."

Quickly, Natalie withdrew her hand and the ring from Selina's inspection.
"You could say that. I'm very surprised that you would know about rare
diamonds, considering most of your time is spent with animals."

"Let's say I have my passions," Selina replied as Nick rejoined the ladies.
"Two glasses of champagne." Selina took the glass offered, "Most kind of
you." As Nick began to hand Nat the other glass, she draped her wrap
across her bare shoulders and said, "Nick I think I am ready to retire
for the evening." She nodded to Selina, "It has been...interesting."

Selina held her hand out to Nick, "Pleasure as been mine, Nick." Nick
shook her hand then said, "I bid you pleasant evening, Miss Kyle. If you
will excuse us."

After she was sure the couple had left, Selina opened her handbag and
retrieved her slender cell hone. She flipped it open, punched in a few
numbers, then spoke. "Holly, it's me. See what you an find on a woman
named Dr. Natalie Lambert. I will be expecting the information waiting for
e as soon as I return."

~~Meanwhile at the home of Det. Knight...

Nick pulled off his black evening jacket and headed toward the refrigerator
for a late snack. "The evening went quite well. It was nice to finally
meet Selina Kyle. She seemed to be truly interested in the museum," he
mentioned as he opened the refrigerator's door and withdrew a bottle of
liquid food.

"It appeared to me that she was only interested in two things. My
engagement ring and you." Natalie was a little less than thrilled with the
way she was feeling. In her heart, she knew Nick loved her. Nevertheless,
the green monster decided to raise its ugly head, and in a green evening
gown no less.

The cork Nick withdrew from the bottle with his teeth was spat out.
"Natalie, she was not," Nick replied before taking a deep drink.

"Nick she was all over you!" Natalie tossed her black wrap across his
couch then stomped off to the loft's kitchen while trying to remove her shoes.

After swallowing the liquid in his mouth, Nick managed not to choke on the
half laugh that escaped his throat and repeated, "She was not! You're
just...jealous." He walked over to her, the bottle of blood still in one
hand while pointing at her with the free one. "That's it! You are
jealous!" A certain amount of pride caused Nick to grin.

Her cheeks began to redden, her heart began to pound. Natalie spun to put
her back between Nick and her tears. Suddenly, Nick's smile faded when he
knew that her feelings were hurt. "Nat. Nat, I'm sorry," Nick pleaded as
he sat the bottle down on the dining table and put a hand on her shoulder.
Slowly, he turned her around to face him. With each falling tear, it felt
as if a stake was being driven through his body.

"Come here," coaxed Nick as he drew her into his arms. She sniffled and
cried more into his chest. "Nat, you know I love you and only you."
Taking a handkerchief from his pocket, he began to pat dry her eyes. Then
he bent down and placed a soft kiss on her moist saline tinged lips.

Natalie sniffled more then took the cloth from Nick and tried to salvage
what was left of her mascara and eye liner. "I know. I love you too.

"But what? I love you and you love me," Nick said, smiling at her with his
boyish blue eyes.

"You've had many women before me. And tonight, the way Selina Kyle was
looking at you. How do you know I'm the one you really want?" Biting her
lip, she waited.

For a second he paused. Then he held her face within his cool hands and
responded as only an 800 year-old vampire in love could have. "Natalie
Lambert, you are the light in my darkened existence, the soul of my soul.
Somewhere between the twilight of eve and the breaking of day, you have
taught me how to love and be loved. All my searches have led me to this
moment." He then took her hands and kissed them, "To these hands that give
me warmth," then he kissed her mouth, "and to these lips that bring me
pleasure. Wherever Fate may lead us, we will be as one until the end of

With those words Natalie began to shed more tears. This time, they were
tears of happiness and immense joy as Nick gently lifted her and held her

~~Later at the museum, where all is quiet...

Closing time for the Museum of the Peoples had long since past. Inside the
building was dark, save for the spotlights on the exhibits and the lighted
exit sign on the one door a person could observe though the building's
skylight. With a sharp, steel claw from a glove of the modified outfit,
the person traced a circle on the glass skylight of the museum's roof just
large enough for a slender body to slink through. With a suction cup
semi-attached to the palm of the other hand, she caught the circular pane
before it fell. A smile crossed the masked face marveling in the fact that
college nerds who thought they were developing a volcano proof suit had
actually given birth to the outfit worn by the most famous cat burglar of
all time.

Carefully, the pane of glass was set aside on the tiled roof. After
judging the distance, a leap was made from the roof, through the opening.
After a few somersaults, the unannounced visitor landed lightly despite the
height from the ceiling to the marble floor.

"Raise your hands, nice and easy." The guard's words cut through the
silence. First, he thought he saw a tail on the person. It must have been
all that sugar from that last batch of jelly-filled donuts, the guard
thought to himself. When the museum's latest guest didn't comply, he
clicked back the hammer of his gun. "I'm only going to repeat this once
more. Turn around. Raise your hands where I can see them." He knew it
wasn't Halloween. Maybe it was his buddy playing a trick to get back at
him for April Fool's day. He lowered his gun, "Billy is that you? Hell's
bells, I could have shot you!" He watched as the person slowly turned around.

The green eyes of the masked person widened. "I rather you not," a woman's
voice said. "It would interfere with my plans."

The guard's voice stumbled as the well-defined masked woman walked toward
him. "You're not Billy!"

"Oh well, no use in crying over spilt milk." She withdrew her whip from
her side and snapped it on the floor by his feet. "But, I'm sure we can
still have fun."

"Hold it right there. Now, just keep your hands where I can see them," the
guard nervously said as he was forced to walk backwards as the masked woman
continued to walk toward him, placing her whip around her neck.

With one hand, she reached into the other gloved one as she stared deep
into his eyes. "I think you have been working much too hard. Perhaps all
you need is a nice little catnap," she purred and blew a grey powder into
the guard's face. "Tsk...And to think I've been called insensitive."
Within seconds, the guard feel down onto the floor and began to snore.

Wasting no time, she located the Egyptian jewelry display. Then she
spotted her goal. The Bast Necklace. Remembering where the lasers were
located, she hurled her body backwards, back flipping over the invisible beams
until she came to the display case. With the time she had squandered
dealing with the guard, she forewent the claws and smashed the case with
the edge of her elbow. Hurriedly, she reached in and claimed her prize.
With the heavy gold laden necklace in her hand, she stroked the cat emblem
on the front. She could still remember Kia's straight leg kick and fierce
punches knocking her to the ground as he grabbed the necklace from her grip
all those nights ago during the early years. She kissed the emblem then
said, "I lost you once. I won't again."

With those words, an alarm shrieked through the building. She ran swiftly
to where moonlight poured through the opening in the skylight. Her eyes
darted, trying to locate an escape. After jumping on a Egyptian statue to
the top of a cement mock pyramid, she took her whip from her side and
snapped it, then wrapped it around one of the museum's chandeliers and
pulled herself up and through the opening with cat-like stealth. After
blowing a kiss to the sleeping guard, the mysterious cat masked woman
dislodged her whip and crawled out into the night.

~~An hour later at the same museum, two former partners reunite...

The two men, now out of their formal evening attire and into street clothes
arrived at the crime scene almost minutes of each other.

"Did you happen to catch the guard's story?" asked Schanke as he stepped to
where Nick stood looking at the skylight. "Nick? Did you hear me?"

"Yeah, I heard you. Guard said something about a woman dressed in a cat
costume or something," Nick replied as his eyes lingered on the almost
perfectly round opening in the skylight. "I don't remember that being there
earlier this evening," he remarked, pointing upwards where the moon could
be clearly seen.

Schanke looked up and thought. "Maybe it was and you just didn't notice."
Nick glanced over at Schanke and said, "An opening built on purpose in the
roof of a museum that houses priceless and rare exhibits...I don't think
so. Let's go talk to that guard."

The two precinct captains questioned the guard for almost thirty minutes.
After the guard had retold his story of his encounter with the "cat woman,"
Nick and Schanke were led to the spot where he had been found sleeping when
the other cops arrived after the alarm had been triggered. "Right here.
This is where she threw that powder junk on me," the guard pointed out.
Nick carefully looked over the guard's face for traces of the powder. "Have
you wiped or cleaned your face since you woke up Mr. Langley?" The guard
was quick to answer, "No. Didn't really think about it to tell you the
truth. I was just so confused to find cops all around me when I woke up."

Schanke sucked his teeth, then said, "Alright Mr. Langley, since the
emergency crew checked you out and we don't have anymore questions you are
free to go. Just make sure to stay in Toronto."

He looked back at the Egyptian display and the broken glass from one of its
display cases, "Makes you wonder if the dead owner of that necklace will
send some evil spirit after the person who stole it."

"Actually, the necklace isn't from an ancient king. It is of a cat-goddess
named Bast who is protectress of cats and those who cared for cats." Nick's
mind began to think about what he had just said.

Noticing his former partner's familiar expression of deduction, Schanke
said, "I know that look. You don't really believe him? I mean, a woman
dressed as a cat with a whip appearing out of nowhere, blowing magic
sleeping dust that we can't even see onto a guard's face? I'd put fifty
bucks on the table and say it was the guard who stole that necklace."

Nick counteracted. "Schanke, if you had ample knowledge about the museum's
protection system and have opportunity to leave with your treasure, why
stick around? Furthermore, why only take the one necklace?
There were more valuable pieces in the Egyptian collection, not to mention
in the other display cases."

"I don't know. Maybe...maybe he thought if he stuck around, no one would
suspect him. And maybe he didn't have time to get anything else," Schanke
answered, shrugging as Nick bent down trying to find anything that would
validate the guard's statement. While Schanke kept giving reasons why the
guard should be handcuffed and booked, a small amount of grey coloured
powder on the floor caught his eye. "Schanke, I don't want to interrupt
the private trial of Langley, but if you could go ask the evidence team for
a clear bag, I would really appreciate it."

Schanke was almost afraid to ask. "Why?"

Nick looked up at him. He smiled as he held up a finger that had the grey
powder on it, "I think you owe me fifty dollars. We have a cat to capture."

~~Another hour later at the Coroner's Building...

"Well, it is a synthetic drug. Whoever designed it, knew what they were
doing," Natalie remarked as she leaned back in her chair still in her black
evening dress as Nick and Schanke listened. She scanned the test results
and continued, "It is a temporary seep inducer. No known side-effects
except the person exposed to it may be disoriented for a short time. It is
heat sensitive, meaning that it dissolves or disappears within a certain
span of temperature."

"Like the normal temperature for a human," Nick wondered aloud. Natalie
nodded, "Yes. Either a few degrees below or above as well."

Schanke crinkled his brow, "What companies make this sort of drug? I mean
it would have to be an underground operation that would be able to pull
this off."

"Not necessarily. Not if you had enough money to keep those that made it
for you quiet," Nick said. "Or if they were being lied to and had no idea
they were designing a drug to be used illegally," added Schanke.

Natalie smiled to herself at the two men brainstorming. It was good to see
the dashing duo working together again.

"Nat, can you find out which companies have the capabilities to manufacture
a drug like this?" Nick had barely finished asking when he saw Natalie at
the computer.

After a few moments of investigating, Natalie informed them, "I've found
only two. And you're not going to believe this. Wayne Enterprises in
Gotham City and the Kyle Corporation."

"Kyle as in Selina Kyle," Schanke said not wanting to believe his own ears.
"Ok, folks can we return back to reality? We are talking about Selina Kyle
that donated a whole load of greenery to the museum. She does charities
and saves animals."

"Not to mention she looked drop-dead gorgeous in that number she wore
tonight," Natalie said trying to keep a straight face as she crossed her
arms and half-grinned at Schanke.

Schanke's face turned red, "I didn't say that. All I did say was that
she's a very upstanding citizen. That's all. Besides, what about this
Wayne character?"

"Bruce Wayne," Natalie turned around began to read from the computer screen
once more. "The sole owner and president of Wayne Enterprises which
operates various companies and such. Nothing much about him personally
except that he isn't married."

"If Mr. Wayne was in town, we, along with every newspaper and television
camera, would have known about it." Nick knew that tonight's caper wasn't
Bruce's doing because he knew of Bruce's secret life, just as Bruce knew of
Nick's clandestine one.

Nick took his cell phone from his long black jacket's pocket. While he
punched in the precinct's phone number he stated, "There's one way to
settle this." He paused for a moment then spoke into the receiver,
"Sergeant Maxwell, Captain Knight. I need to run a check on Bruce Wayne,
W-A-Y-N-E, and a Selina Kyle, K-Y-L-E." He became silent for a moment then
responded, "No, I'll hold."

Keeping the phone to his ear, he could hear Schanke pouring himself a cup a
coffee. He winked at Nat and smiled. When the moments of waiting had
passed, Nick listened very carefully as Maxwell relayed the information.
After a few minutes, Nick expressed his thanks and deposited the phone back
into his pocket.

"Well?" Schanke said as he tossed the empty paper cup into the trash.

"Mr. Wayne's record was spotless," Nick said knowing Bruce's would be.
Then he dropped the other shoe, "But Miss Kyle's on the other hand was not.
She has been arrested for theft of diamonds in Gotham City and was
recently released from Gotham City's Penitentiary for Women eight months
ago after only serving six months of a twenty year sentence. The diamonds
were found in her penthouse. She probably hired a very good and expensive
lawyer that was able to prove that she was framed which resulted in her
early release with all charges dropped."

Schanke threw up a hand, "Well, I see we're back at square one."

"Maybe not." Nick looked at his watch. It read a little after one in the
morning. "Let's go wake up Miss Kyle and have a chat."

~~Meanwhile, a cat on the other side of town watches as someone enters his

After using her claw to pick the lock of the balcony's door, the cat woman
slipped into Natalie's bedroom. She spotted Sydney laying on the bed,
walked over to him and picked him up. Sydney started to purr at the
attention he was getting. As he rubbed his face against her mask, she
cooed, "You are so precious..."

"I have the perfect girlfriend for you at my home. I think you and Isis
would get along purrrfectly." Her smile faded as she thought about how
much she would miss Isis or any of her other cats if someone took them.
Gently, she placed Sydney back onto the bed and nuzzled behind his ears,
"Maybe one day when you're in the neighborhood, you can drop by and say
hello to her."

Focusing back onto her task, she began to rummage through Natalie's jewelry
box. When she didn't find the item she sought, she scavenged her drawers
hurriedly sifting through clothes making sure not to disrupt anything.
"Drat." She placed her hands on her slender hips. "I'll have to wait for
her to return. I'm sure she's with Nick." Chewing a claw, she glanced
back at Sydney. "But, she'll be back."

Just as she was about to make her way to the kitchen, she heard a sound
from the front room. A door was being unlocked. Quickly, she checked to
see if she had enough of the sleeping powder then found a place to hide.
Crawling under the bed, she waited for Natalie's appearance.

"Sydney! Here kitty," Natalie's voice called through her dark, not
bothering with lights as she walked through her apartment. She laid her
wrap across the back of a chair and called out again, "Syd, where are you?"

Natalie jumped as Sydney playfully attacked her leg. "There you are."
Then a noise from her bedroom startled her.

In the bedroom, the masked intruder was silently cursing Natalie for
keeping so many boxes underneath a bed as she crawled back from under the
bed and stood at the half-closed bedroom door.

To put on a light or not, that was the question that ran through her mind.
In the next instant, someone lunged at her from the front, knocking her
down onto the couch. Whoever is was, now grasped at Natalie's hand,
pulling at her engagement ring. Natalie jabbed absently in the dark at the
person. Finally she landed a hit against the person's face, momentarily
knocking her on the floor. Natalie scrambled to the swinging door of the

Before slamming the door between herself and her assailant, Natalie saw in
the faint moonlight that shown through her window that it was someone in a
cat outfit on the floor. It had to be the same person from the museum,
Natalie thought to herself as she tried to slow down her breathing. She
grabbed the first thing she could find, a cast iron skillet from the
dish drain.

Wiping the blood from her mouth, the masked figure stood and inwardly swore
at herself for being so stupid, impetuous, and too greedy. She could have
done this a little more tactfully. But regrets did little good once a
decision was set in motion. Reaching into her glove, she withdrew the last of
her powder and tried to camouflage her voice. "All I want is the diamond
then I will leave." When she didn't hear Natalie answer she added, "What's
wrong? Cat get your tongue?" With the powder ready in her hand, she walked
toward the kitchen door.

Natalie could hear the thief inching her way closer to the door. Holding
the skillet with two hands, she took a breath. Then through clinched teeth
she mumbled, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

Just as the masked thief opened the door, the skillet made contact with the
thief's head with a wack. Natalie blew off her skillet, looked down at the
cat woman and sneered. "Bitch."

As Natalie flipped on a light, Nick and Schanke rushed through her front
door. "Natalie!" Nick looked at his fiancee and her skillet, then to the
floor. "Nice aim there doc," Schanke said as Nick rushed to Nat's side.
"Are you ok?" Natalie smiled at Nick then held up her skillet, "We both are."

Schanke knelt down and pulled back the mask of the unconscious person.
"Well, I'll be damned," Schanke exclaimed as Selina's ebony hair spilled
onto Natalie's floor. He reached for his wallet, withdrew fifty dollars
and handed it to Nick.

~~The next night at the 96th precinct in Nick's office...

"Capt. Knight, we have Miss Kyle sitting out in the car. Just wanted to
let you and Dr. Lambert know before we brought her in," Officer Stevens
said after knocking his captain's door. "Thanks Stevens," Nick replied as
the officer went out and helped his partner bring in their latest visitor
fresh from the hospital.

Selina, her hands handcuffed behind her, walked into the precinct with her
head bandaged courtesy of Natalie's skillet. Through the opened door, she
glared over at Natalie then asked Nick, "Don't I get my one phone call?"

We are here to accommodate, Miss Kyle. Right this way," Schanke said as he
led her to a phone at the front desk. The officers unbound her but stood
close by as she picked up the receiver. Leering at Schanke she asked, "May
I have a little privacy, please?" When Schanke left, Selina dialed the
number and spoke, "It's me. Is my cat safe?" She paused then ended her
call with, "Excellent. I am never going to lose it again." Then she hung up.

"That was a short phone call," Natalie remarked from Nick's office across
the room as they watched Selina being led down to booking. Schanke laced
his hands behind his head, leaned back in a chair and said, "Guess she's
just one to keep things short and sweet." Nick grinned. "By the way,
whatever happened at Selina's hotel suite last night?" Natalie asked.

"We didn't find Miss Kyle, but we did find her assistant, Holly. When we
asked her where Miss Kyle was, she claimed not to know. So, while Schanke
kept Holly occupied with questions, I snooped around and found your name
scribbled on a piece of paper by the phone. I remembered you telling me
that Miss Kyle was very interested in your engagement ring," explained Nick.

Natalie nodded then inquired, "But, what about the Bast necklace?"

"It seems that it has vanished. Poof. Her suite was searched and nothing.
Plus, we had to let Holly go because there was no evidence against her.
Your name on the paper was circumstantial. She said she had no idea why her
boss would want information about you," Schanke answered as he shook his head.

"But, you've got to admit that financing the museum was a great cover-up,"
Nick noted.

For a few seconds as the room grew quiet.

Schanke got up from his chair and stretched. "Well, I'm going to go check
and see if the illustrious Catwoman is comfy in her new home." He headed
for the door when Nick shouted after him, "Schanke, just like old times.
Nice work, partner." Schanke nodded and returned the smile. "It sure was."

After closing the door behind Schanke, Natalie slid into Nick's lap and
crossed her legs.

"It's a shame that a necklace of so much importance to the Egyptian history
is lost again," Nick thought aloud. Then, he made a mental note to call
Bruce Wayne when he his shift was finished.

"It is, isn't it," remarked Natalie as she wrapped her arms around him and
rested her head on his shoulder. Nick hugged her tightly, "You
know...this is highly improper Dr. Lambert." Natalie grinned evilly, "So, I
guess getting Selina's whip from the evidence room is out, huh?" Nick
threw his head back and laughed. "Yes, but I do believe that I owe a bit of
payback from last night."

Natalie jumped up, grabbed her purse, and headed for the door. "Last one
to the caddy is a black cat!"

~~A few minutes later, a 1962 Cadillac (with ample trunk space) races down
a street...

As Nick quietly drove through the Toronto night toward the loft, Natalie
cuddled up closer to the man she loved. "How about some music?"

Nick leaned his cheek into Nat's soft, chestnut hair. "Mmmm, that would be

Natalie turned the knob and the caddy's radio sprang to life.

Suddenly, Nick and Natalie stared at each other in disbelief and laughed at
the odds as the sounds of a bass and a low voice accompanied them home:

//Stray cat strut I'm a ladies cat
I'm a feline Casanova hey man that's that
Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man
Get my dinner from a garbage can

I don't bother chasing mice around
I slink down the alley looking for a fight
Howlin' to the moonlight on a hot summer night
Singin' the blues while the lady cats cry
Wild stray cat you're a rebel gone guy
I wish I could be as carefree and wild
But I got cat class and I got cat style//

The end!?!

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