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Date: Tue Aug 22, 2000 2:08 pm

Subject: Psychoactive Knight

<<This is a repeat due to overwhelming personal email response. Soul has my permission to archive this story on the N&N site. All others, please ask for permission...thanks! For my fans...Yes, a new story is in the works for the general N&N loop:) Pam (Jaxie) Simmons>>

The characters belong to whoever/whatever/tptb of "Forever Knight." The story belongs to the twisted mind of Pam (Jaxie). The lyrics are from "Psychoactive" by Rick Springfield (Sahara Snow). And as always, the standard "I claim to be no great writer" applies also.

This story is smut-free, kinda...Of course, if your mind is where mine stays, you know nothing is smut-free. Hate to disappoint the fans of my sex store story, but this isn't the follow-up to "Don't Leave Home Without It." ...sorry :(

For those who know of my obsession, you knew this would happen sooner or later. You've been warned...


Psychoactive Knight (1/1) by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson


He'd said it. And what had been her reply?

"I don't know how I feel, Nick." The words echoed in his mind, driving a mental stake in his heart with each syllable.

The precinct's door opened. The pencil he held easily broke in two when he thought he saw her across the room.

//Hey little sister, I don't understand what you did. I'm hot enough to blister- Maybe this is just some kind of foolish game my mind's playing...//

Had he really misunderstood the vibes between them? Of course, why would she want him? She knew his dark secrets. But, her touch, that night. Her lips, so soft. Had he only imagined them?

Maybe this was his wake-up call to reality.

//One voice it cries a warning. Half of me's already there and half of me ain't got the stuff.//

Jerking on his leather jacket, Nick told Schanke he had suddenly become ill and stormed out the precinct's back entrance. The night embraced him as he took flight and his heart cried out...

//My love it's out of control. I tell you because of what she does to my soul. With all these fantasies she's triggering.//

Before he knew it, Nick was standing in front of his refrigerator with a bottle of blood to his lips. His eyes closed as the precious liquid passed his tongue and down his throat; his body responded as the image of his coroner's mouth passing over his...

//Psychoactive, that girl is hypersexual. She knows how to fire my imagination. She's got to be psychoactive. The fact is everything's a fantasy. Makes that offer so attractive, cause that girl's so...//

His fangs...needing to puncture just as he needed release. The bottle was thrown into the ashes of the fireplace as Nick dashed upstairs for a cold shower.


Icy showers were over-rated. Nick came to that conclusion, staring at the ceiling as a vision of that coroner's lush, milky body entangled in his black silk sheets once more entered his mind. He knew exactly which part of that body he would begin with. It would be...

//Hey little sister, I still sleep alone in my bed. What's wrong with this picture? Could be this is nothing but my fantasy. Am I crazy? One voice says its trouble.//

Intense. Wet bodies. Tangled sheets. He might kill her. But then, he might not. Nick's private war- his rationality, desire, and love for this woman was about to send him over the edge, the peek of ecstacy. Just the thought of her running her long fingernail up and...

//Part of me just wants to run and part of me just wants to fight. Split decision again in my bed. Another sweet vision coming on in my head Imagination she's triggering...//

Nick had to get out of this loft before he did go crazy. Quickly, he bolted from the bed and went to the bathroom. Splashing cool water over his face, he washed the blood sweat from his forehead. Downstairs for another bottle and he would take flight again though the skylight. That was until he saw the red light flashing on his answering machine. He almost didn't push the play button, but did. His cold blood turned into hot lava while he listened to her words of what he'd only fantasied about. Then her message finished, "I promise to explain everything. I love you. Hurry I want to be the..."

//Psychoactive, that girl is hypersexual. She knows how to fire my imagination. She's got to be psychoactive. The fact is everything's a fantasy. Makes that offer so attractive, cause that girl's so...//

The Springs of Qetesh. He arrived there as fast as the night could carry him to this remote part of the providence. This was the place, but Nick couldn't find anyone unless he counted the statue of the nude woman holding flowers and a mirror riding upon her stone lion. Finding the door to the darkened cabin locked, he quietly slipped the gate of the high privacy wooden gate opened. He rounded the corner of the cabin to find her standing there with nothing...


Nothing except black sheer material draped across her shoulders. Behind her steam rose from the natural hot springs, curling around her bare ankles through the silky robe up to her soft...

//My love it's out of control, yeah baby. I tell you because of what she does to my soul. With all these fantasies she's triggering...//

Soft, supple face. "I think we can wait on that explanation. Right now, I'll I want is you. I love you Natalie." Nick said as he drew her hard against him. "Forgive me. I was so foolish. I love you too Nick.." He silenced her with a passionate, deep kiss.

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