Private Passion (Sequel to Private Parts)

by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

Archived April 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

    Nick's eyes drifted to her hand that held tightly onto his.  Had he
heard correctly?  She wanted him to stay.  Nick knew that the evening had
not gone exactly how he had planned though the ache and desire for this
alluring creature burned deep within him still.  He should leave her to
rest.  But how?

     "Nat, maybe this isn't the right time.  Perhaps when you feel better."

      Natalie desperately wanted to feel the length of his body against
hers.  With memories from earlier that evening out of her mind, Natalie
could only think about his eyes on her body and his cool touch against her
warm skin when he had dressed her for bed.     

     "Just lay beside me until I fall asleep."

     How was he to resist the soft, harmonious sound emanating from her
porcelain throat?  How could this bewitching woman have made such a request
when Nick had caught a glimpse of the exquisite body now hidden beneath the
cotton fabric of her gown.   He wanted her so badly!

    "Just until you fall asleep."

     She watched as Nick walked to the other side of the bed.  In what
drawer had he found that shirt?  It looked far better on him that it ever
had on her, accenting his rock hard abdomen and each of his chest muscles.
Natalie couldn't help but gasp.

    Stretching behind her so that her back was snuggled against his chest,
Nick placed an arm under her and another around her.  The effect was a
roguish smile on Natalie's face.

    He could hear her rising heartbeat, she could feel his arousement.

    Gingerly, he ran his fingertips up and down her arm, causing Natalie's
skin to tingle with excitement and anticipation.  Fluttering her eyelids
closed, she imagined those butterfly movements on her breast, her stomach,
between her thighs, and then into that area- that hot wet area that longed
to be cooled down by his touch.

    Nick moved closer, pressing his harden bulge against her more.   By now,
his fingers had abandoned her arm for the outside of her thigh.  The gentle
movements were replaced by kneading, massaging ones up and down her leg.

     Without thinking, he began to rub himself against her, slowly.  He
should leave.  Nick told himself.  In one motion, turned Nat to face him.  

     His head bent down, crushing his lips hungerly down upon hers.  A hand
began to search for the zipper on his leather pants.  Nick raised her up, as
she carelessly shed her nightgown tearing a seam.  Within short feverously
moments, their clothes were scattered.  Natalie's panties on the lampshade.
Nick's black g-string tossed on a bedpost.

     Their lips met once more, this time more forceful and ravenous, her
tongue desperately seeking his.  As his lips traveled down to her velvety
neck, he stroked along her inner thigh. She groaned, arching her back as his
fingers then began to massage the area that craved for him.  Nick's touch
sent her over the edge.

     Reaching down, she took his hard shaft into her hand stroking his
length.  He threw his head back and growled.  When she saw his eyes again,
they glowed a bright amber.  His fangs had dropped and her excitement sore
to new heights.

     Before he could speak, Natalie put her other hand behind Nick's head
and pushed his mouth onto her left breast.  She gasped as he scraped his
fangs along the tender skin around her now hardened nipple.  Nick stiffened
and rose suddenly.   His breathing was that of a starved animal, short and
intense.  "Take it Nick.  I want it as badly as you,"Nat said staring deep
into his eyes as Nick's body shook with the urge to feed.

    Nick suddenly clamped upon the breast once more.  As he sucked, Natalie
screamed with euphoria as the blood left her body.  Releasing the breast, he
looked back up into her eyes.  Drops of blood stained the ashen skin of one
side of his mouth and chin.

     "I need you now Natalie!"Nick growled.

     Natalie struggled for a breath.  "Then take what you desire."

    Reaching with one hand, he grabbed a pillow and placed it under her
buttocks.  Then, with one swift thrust, he penetrated her throbbing cavity.
Before Natalie could scream, he put two fingers into her mouth to suck.  

    Nick closed his eyes and flung his head back wildly.  Her warmth and
wetness surrounded him and he thought he would loose his mind.

     Natalie sucked vigorously as Nick buried himself deeper each time.  And
then, as Natalie's body began climbing to another release, Nick spilled
himself within her.

    As he collapsed beside her, Natalie could have sworn she could have
heard the ringing of bells.   She tried to open her eyes to see her lover.
"Mmmm Nick, do you hear ringing in your ears..."
     Natalie opened her eyes.  Blinking hard, she frantically looked around.
She was on the couch, her empty wine glass on the carpet and the doorbell
ringing.  Shaking her head, she tried to regain her bearings.

     As she did, she crinkled her brow with the realization that none of it
had taken place- his private party for her, her private parts that she could
easily forget, their private passion that had taken her to the realms of

     The only thing that had happened was Natalie's private phantasm
of erotic pleasure.

     The doorbell rang once more and then a voice, "Nat? Are you ok?"

      She silently screamed.  "Yea! minute Nick!"
Natalie yelled over her shoulder as she scrambled to her bedroom to smooth
her hair from where she had tossed to and fro from her fantasy.  She sprayed
perfume to mask the odor from the sweat that drenched her body and dampened
her clothes.

     By the time she had returned to the front room, Nick stood in the
opened door with his boyish grin and a bouquet of white roses. "Happy
birthday Nat,"he said as he crossed to hand her the flowers.

     Natalie couldn't bare to look at those azure mirrors that reflected the
soul of the person he gazed upon.  She could feel the warmth of abashment on
her forehead and cheekbones.  

     "Are you sure you are alright?" Nick had heard her soft almost
inaudible moans from the hallway before knocking on her door.   Even through
the perfume's alluring scent, he could smell the redolence of sexual release
emanating from her body.  He wanted to take her then, but resisted.

     She nodded, fingering petals from one of the blooms.  "Yea.  Just
spending a very quiet, very calm birthday at home.  Alone."

     Nick took another step towards her.  Lifting her chin so that he could
see into her enchanting eyes, he replied, "Not tonight.  This is our private
celebration.  You won't be spending anymore birthdays alone if I have
anything to say about it."  He brought her soft lips to his eager ones.

     "I love you Natalie,"he breathed onto her lips.  Natalie stepped back
and caressed his face with the back of her free hand.  "This is the best
birthday present I have ever received.  I love you too Nick."

The End