Private Party
by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

Natalie sat on the couch with her cat in her lap. "Well, Sydney looks
like it's just you and me once again on my birthday."

Picking up her glass of wine, she toasted herself, "Happy Birthday Nat.
Maybe next year you'll get what you wish for." As she took a sip of the red
wine, she heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?"she yelled over her shoulder.

"Telegram for Dr. Natalie Lambert,"a voice said. It sounded familiar,
yet strange.

Groaning, she got up to answer it, "Telegram? This has got to be a joke."

With her wine glass still in hand, Natalie opened the door to find Nick
dressed all in black leather. "Nick!"she said, smiling as she closed the
door behind him.

In his hand he held a cassette tape. Without saying anything, he went
toward her stereo's tapedeck. He popped it in and pushed play.

He put one of her dining chairs in free part of the room and removed his
shoes. Natalie looked at his bare feet and wondered what the hell she was
in for.

"Happy Birthday Natalie. This private party is just for you,"Nick said
as EnVouge's seductive song began.

As the beat reverberated through the room, he danced around her
stopping here and there to hug her from behind or to touch her.

As Natalie stood there with her mouth gaping open and unbelieving eyes
wide, she watched as Nick popped open each snap of his black jacket. Then
as his jacket fell open.

Natalie took another deep drink of the wine, not believing what she was

Leading her with her free hand, Nick led her to the chair. Natalie sat

Then, the jacket was discarded. Natalie gasped at the sight of Nick's
bare chest and him in those tight black leather pants. Feeling small beads
of perspiration on her neck, she let a small moan escape.

Nick continued to slowly dance close to her, behind her, touching her.
And then he put his torso close next to her and put one of her hands on the
zipper to encourage her. She slammed back the rest of the wine.

Although the music was wafting in her head, she could hear the zip of
his zipper as she nervously pulled it down.

She watched as the leather pants were peeled off.

","Natalie gasped.

Just as the empty wine glass hit the carpet, Nick picked her up in his
arms to carry her to her bedroom.

With a hypnotizing smile, Nick responded,"You haven't seen anything yet,
birthday girl."

The End