Private Parts - Sequel to Private Party
by Pam (Jaxie) Williamson

Natalie held onto Nick's neck as he lifted her into his arms. Her face
began to feel flushed and her head dizzy. Was it the shock of seeing Nick
in that black g-string or the bottle of birthday wine she drank before Nick
showed up at her door? It unequivocally wasn't Nick.

Before he reached her bedroom, Natalie scrambled out of his arms. With
a hand clamped over her mouth, she ran to the kitchen. Nick spun around,
confused. Standing there in only his black g-string, he watched Natalie run
into her kitchen slamming the door behind her.

Natalie went straight for the freezer. Opening its door, she promptly
stuck her head in the cold space. "Natalie, you finally have Nick where you
want him and where are you? In the kitchen with your head stuck in the
freezer next to a bag of ice and a package of frozen waffles," she quietly
said, scolding her actions. Natalie could feel the last glass of wine
wanting to make a return appearance. She closed her eyes, tried to psyche
out the nausea. "Oh god, I hope I don't toss my cookies. That's all I need."

Unsure if he should go after her or not, Nick called out, "Nat? Are you
ok?" Finding his leather pants, Nick pulled them on and went to the kitchen.

Natalie breathed in the freezer's cold air while she looked around at
the frozen food, then the frozen juice.

"Nat?"Nick said as Natalie could see the door slightly open. Stretching
one of her legs out, she slammed the door back into Nick's face.
"Mm..k,"Natalie managed to say.

In shock, Nick waited for a few seconds, rubbing his nose where the
door had hit it. There was no reply. "Nat! I'm sorry if I did anything to
offend you,"Nick yelled to her.

Nat swallowed and continued to think cold thoughts. "O, ooo deen't,"he
heard her say.

"What did you say?" Nick was getting worried now. "Natalie Lambert, if
you don't come out of there this minute, I will go in there and that door
will not stand in my way!"

Just as he was about to open the door it crashed once more again into
Nick's face. Natalie whizzed past him, bolted to the bathroom. Nick raced
behind her only to have another door slammed in his face. "Nat!"Nick yelled
as he banged on the door.

Nick listened for an answer. Instead of Nat's voice, he heard the sound
of her retching. He felt bad for her and had no idea what he could do. He
waited until she had finished before saying anything else, "Nat? Are you
ok? Tell me what I can do for you."

A toilet flush. "Nothing. Just leave me alone."

"Natalie, please open the door. I'm worried about you."

After a few minutes, Nick opened the door himself. What he saw was
worse than he could have imagined.

Natalie sat on the floor beside the toilet, her hair askew and face as
white as snow tinged red from embarrassment. With a wet washcloth in one
hand, she had her other propped up on the side of the tub holding her head.

"Nick, please, just go. I don't want you to see me this way,"she said,
burying her face in the washcloth.

Nick knelt down and hugged her. "Nat. Please look at me. So, you got
sick. So, you lost most of your dinner. It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Did he really know just how ashamed she was? Nick had come to her
apartment to surprise her with his private parts. Now, look at her.
Praying to a porcelain goddess giving up her own. Remembering the
reappearance of her dinner and wine, they were definitely not the private
parts she had wanted to show him. What a birthday this was turning out to be.

"Come on,"Nick said as he helped her up. "You get cleaned up and I'll
go turn down your covers."

Natalie couldn't say anything. Nodding, she watched Nick leave. After
she had brushed her teeth and washed her face, Natalie went to her bedroom
still queasy and ashamed.

Nick, still in his pants but now in one of her old t-shirts, stood by
her bed with one of her nightgowns in hand. "Let's get you into something
more comfortable." Walking to her, Nick began to lift her shirt off of her
and over her head. "I hope you didn't mind me borrowing one of your
t-shirts. If you remember, I didn't wear one over here." To keep her mind
off of the bathroom incident, Nick kept talking while helping her out of her
blue jeans.

Clad only in her bra and panties, Natalie should have felt humiliation
in the light of what had recently transpired, but she didn't. She was too
overwhelmed by his concern and thoughtfulness to feel any bashfulness.

"Turn around,"Nick quietly said. Natalie complied. The next thing she
felt was his cold hands on her back undoing the clasp of her bra. As she
watched the bra fall to the floor, he slipped the gown over her head. "Now,
put your arms through."

Now with her gown on, Nicked slowly turned Natalie to face him. He
lifted her chin with his hand, "Please don't feel any embarrassment,
especially with me." Smiling he added, "Don't worry about us. We will have
plenty of time to be truly together." Nick took her into her arms and
hugged her.

Natalie held onto this exceptional man tightly. Letting go of her far
too soon, Nick led her to the bed. He held back the covers for her until
she was completely on the bed. After he'd tucked her in, Nick bent down and
gave Natalie a kiss on the forehead, "Sweet dreams, my beautiful Natalie."

Before he could leave, Natalie grabbed Nick's hand, "Stay with me."

The End