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Subject: Overtime Has Its Benefits

A little something that I did last night on IRC. Thanks to Micki, Sue and

NiteMare for their encouraging words.

WARNINGS: Explicit Sex (M/F) (Nick/Natalie)

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Overtime Has Its Benefits

By Nightlady


Nat moved slowly up the last flight of stairs to her apartment. The past

night's shift had been brutal, at one point they'd had bodies stacked in

the hallway because there was not enough space in the cold room to store

them. Several multi-vehicle accidents and what seemed like a sudden

shooting spree by the local criminal element that combined with a full moon

to make Nat wonder why she'd ever gotten into this line of work. She'd

ended up being on duty for nearly sixteen hours, and her entire body felt

like it was in rebellion.

Even worse, in some respects, was that Nat had planned to have a movie

night with Nick. 'Back when I was suppose to get off work at midnight!'

she thought grumpily. She looked forward to such times, enjoying the

bittersweet time spent cuddled next to Nick while some wonderful old movie

played on the VCR. Her soul craved the comfort she found in his arms, even

as she longed for more, much more, intimacy. While her mind understood

Nick's reasons for keeping a certain distance between them, her heart ached

at the imposed restrictions. There had been so many deliveries Nat hadn't

even been able to take the time to call him herself.

Arriving at the door to her apartment, Nat fumbled briefly with her keys.

Cursing softly under her breath, she missed hearing the soft click of the

lock opening and jumped slightly as the door opened. Her surprise only

increased as she saw the figure standing in the doorway. "Nick! What are

you doing here?" She asked, even as her heart fluttered with desire.

Nick could see the exhaustion on Nat's face as he reached out and took her

briefcase and medical bag from her. "After Grace called and explained what

was going on tonight, I thought that you might be in need of some

cosseting." He smiled at her. "I hope you don't mind?"

Nat looked into his blue eyes, "Cosseting, I think I like the sound of that."

Nick sat the items he'd taken from her on a nearby table and put his arm

around her. "You always seem to be there for me when I need a little extra

attention. I think you are way overdue to have some of that returned." He

looked into Nat's face, the face that filled his dreams as well as his

waking hours. He could feel her tiredness as she leaned into him. Together

they went into the living room and he guided her over to the couch.

Seating her there, Nick disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a

tray containing several slices of cheese, some fruit and a small glass of

wine. "I figured you didn't get a chance to eat much tonight and that

you're most likely too tired to want anything heavy." He said, sitting the

tray within easy reach of Nat.

Nat gave him a dazzling smile of gratitude. "This looks wonderful!" She

said as she selected a slice of sharp cheddar and a wedge of apple.

As she ate, Nick knelt beside the couch and gently slipped off her shoes,

softly massaging each foot as he did so. He heard Nat sigh with

contentment. Nick saw that Nat had finished the food. Standing he held out

his hand to her. "Come on, I think that to be properly 'cosseted' you need

a lot more than just a foot massage." He said.

'I know what would make me feel completely cosseted.' Nat thought,

imagining what it would be like to have Nick make love to her. Aloud, she

said, "Oh, what did you have in mind?" She allowed Nick to help her to her

feet and lead her towards her bedroom.

Nick hesitated briefly at the doorway to the room as he imagined what it

would be like to lie in the bed with Nat in his arms, her body freely

opened to his. He could feel his body respond to just the thought and was

glad that he'd feed well before Nat had arrived. His beast was much easier

to control when he wasn't hungry. "Why don't you go slip into something

loose and when you come back I'll give you a nice back rub. Nick said.

Nat nodded and taking a long satin sleep shirt from her closet went into

the bathroom. When she returned, Nick had turned down the bed, lowered the

lights, and lit several candles as well as some soothing incense. He'd

arranged pillows so that she could lie in comfort on her stomach. Nat

stretched out in the bed, wincing slightly as her muscles twinged with

discomfort. She felt Nick's hands moving along her back, firmly but gently

kneading the tension and stiffness out of her muscles.

"Ummm, that feels wonderful, Nick. I think I must have lifted a couple of

tons tonight." Nat said as the tension in her back and shoulders abated.

She realized that it was being replaced by a different sort of tension,

however, and after several minutes decided to take a chance. "You know,

Nick," she said in a soft caressing voice, "I bet if you used some of my

body oil, this would feel even better."

Nick had all but lost himself in the feel of Nat's body under his hands.

He could easily tell that she was nude beneath the sleep shirt, and the

thought was causing him some slight discomfort. This discomfort only

increased at Nat's words. "Nat," he said, choosing his words carefully, "in

order to do that, you'd have to take off the sleep shirt." Nick held his

breath, part of him wanting her to agree while another part worried that

he'd be unable to control himself.

Nat turned her head and looked at him with desire filled eyes. "Yes, I

suppose I would. You wouldn't mind too much, would you?" She asked.

Nick's discomfort was now bordering on pain. "I...I wouldn't mind." He

managed to say. His mouth suddenly felt dry and he could swear that his

heart gave an extra thump in his chest. He sat back to allow Nat to get up.

Nat rolled over on her back, then swung her legs over the edge of the bed,

and stood up. Slowly she reached down and taking the hem of the sleep

shirt in her hands pulled it off over her head. While it was still

covering her face, she smiled as she heard Nick gasp slightly. With the

shirt off, she noticed that he had an odd expression on his face. "Nick?

Are you okay?" Nat chuckled inwardly as she had a pretty good idea of what

the problem was. It was rather hard to miss the noticeable bulge in Nick's


Nick didn't know what to do. He desperately needed to get the tight jeans

he was wearing off. He looked at Nat with pleading eyes. "Nat, I'm not

sure this is such a good idea." He was nearly trembling with the effort it

was taking to not rip of his own clothes, grab her and ravish every inch of

her body.

Nat leaned toward him, her full breasts now only inches from his face. "I

think it's a wonderful idea, and I also think you have far too many clothes

on." She said while reaching for the buttons on his shirt.

Her scent filling his head, Nick moaned and caught Nat's hands in his.

"Nat, you know what I am. You know how dangerous what you're proposing can

be." He tried to reason with her.

"I know all that, Nick. I also know that if you don't make love to me, I

will personally stake you!" Nat said. "I love you and I'm not afraid of

ANYTHING that might happen." She felt tears spring to her eyes. "Please,

Nick," she said softly, "love me."

Nick looked into her eyes and knew that he couldn't deny her, or what he

felt for her anymore.

He stood and after kissing her softly, removed his own clothes. Pulling

her against his nude body, he groaned with pleasure as her warmth caressed

him. His mouth found hers and he kissed her again, this time a kiss full

of passion and need. At the same time, his hands glided along her body.

Nat met his kiss with an equal passion, her tongue darting into his mouth,

sensuously caressing his. She slid her tongue against his fangs until they

descended and she heard Nick growl deep in his chest. All the time, she

felt Nick's hands as they moved along the curves of her body. Each touch

seemed to send sparks of electricity through her and she could feel her

juices flowing. She broke the kiss, needing air and gasped as Nick's lips

began to explore the soft skin of her throat and then moved on down to her


When he pulled one nipple into his mouth, his sharp fangs nipping lightly

at the sensitive skin, she cried out with the intense pleasure that shot

through her body. The sensations that flowed through her as he suckled and

licked at first one nipple, then the other made her legs tremble. She

could feel her breath coming in short gasps as Nick's skilled hands and

mouth filled her with almost overwhelming desire.

She didn't resist as Nick pushed her down onto the bed. She did get a good

look at him, just before he joined her. 'Oh, Lambert, THAT is well worth

having waited all this time!' She thought mischievously, even as her core

throbbed with her need to feel Nick deep inside her.

Any further semi-rational thought became impossible as Nick's hands and

mouth again worked their magic on her.

Nick was in a near frenzy of need as he at last explored Nat's body. His

delight in her was increased by how eagerly she met his passion with her

own. The few small drops of blood that he'd tasted when his fangs had

nibbled at her breasts, had told him that she had no fear of him and of her

love for him. He ached to know that love in its fullest measure.

He saw her eyes widen slightly and the mysterious smile that passed over

her face as she looked at his nude form. When he joined her on the bed,

her own desire seemed to have doubled.

His lips moved down her belly to the soft inner part of her thighs. He

could smell her arousal and his own manhood was throbbing with the need for


Nat parted her legs, wanting to feel Nick in her. "Nick, please, I need

you, NOW!" She cried out. She sighed with contentment as she felt his cool

hardness slip easily into her warm opening. Her heart pounded with

happiness as she both heard Nick's sigh of delight as he entered her and

saw the look of tender love and caring on his face.

For several moments they lay still, basking in the sensation. Nick

relished the feel of her hot slickness surrounding him, while Nat delighted

in his cool hardness filling her completely. Finally, Nick began to move

slowly in her. The feel of her welcoming moistness against his turgid

member sent shivers of ecstasy through him.

Nat raised her hips, to insure that she could take all of him as deeply as

possible and met his thrusts with her own. Together they gradually

increased the force and tempo. Nat could feel the tension in her womb grow

until at last, it burst into a cascade of gratification that washed over

her and caused her to cry out Nick's name. She could feel her entire body

shaking with the force of her orgasm and she relished the sensations.

Nat gasped when, at the same moment, she felt the sharpness of Nick's fangs

at her throat. The room seemed to fade as Nick's emotions, his fears, his

hopes, and above all his love were suddenly a part of her essence, too.

Tears filled her eyes as, thanks to the blood link they now had, his love

for her filled her mind.

Nick felt Nat's orgasm and sought his own release. As his fangs broke the

skin of her throat and her blood filled his mouth, he knew, as she did,

that this was their destiny. Her strength, her faith, and her love flowed

into him just as his innermost thoughts and feelings were now a part of

her. Her love for him warmed him and gave him the comfort that he'd craved

for so long.

He sensed their souls joining in a blaze of light that dimmed the sun, yet

only soothed instead of burning. Nick knew that from this moment on, he

would never again know the loneliness that had been his main companion for


His beast was sated after only a few small swallows and Nick withdrew his

fangs from Nat's neck. The strong steady sound of her heartbeat in his

ears was, perhaps, the loveliest sound he'd ever known. Shifting to lie

beside her, his arms still embracing her, Nick looked into her joy filled


"Still want that massage?" He asked, as his lips floated feather light

across her skin.

Nat laughed softly, "No, I think you've cosseted me perfectly!" She

snuggled against him. "What I want now," she said, "it to stay like this.

In your arms."

Nick kissed her forehead. "Forever." He whispered.

The end

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