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Subject: ADULT: No Dream Too Farfetched- A birthday story for Shelia

WARNINGS: Explicit Sex (M/F) (Nick/Natalie)

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This is a little something I wrote for fellow N&NNUT, Shelia, for the occasion of the annual celebration of her nativity. :) It needs a strong sappiness warning as well in addition to the others mentioned above, but I hope that she and you will enjoy it. It is also a Dark N&N story as I know Shelia's fondness for those.


No Dream Too Farfetched- A birthday story for Shelia By Nightlady (c) 2000

Nat pulled her car into her parking spot, glad to finally be home. She sighed tiredly and stifled a yawn. When her relief had called in sick, less than twenty minutes before his shift was to begin, she'd had no choice but to stay. She'd gone in at three the previous afternoon and, having worked for the past nineteen hours, was exhausted. To top it off, today was her birthday. 'At least I'm too tired to think about being another year older.' She mused.

As Nat headed down the hallway to her door Millie, her neighbor across the hall, stepped out of her apartment. "Oh, good you're home!" Millie greeted Nat. "I was just going to slip a note under your door."

"A note? What's up?" Nat asked.

"I took a delivery for you and wanted to be sure that you knew I had it." Millie replied, smiling.

Nat's brow furrowed. "A delivery? I wasn't expecting anything, so I wonder what it could be?" She said, following Millie into her apartment. Nat's eyes widened, as she saw the two packages one long and flat and the other square, that Millie indicated. They widened further when Nat saw the name of one of the most exclusive ladies clothing establishments in the city on them. "Well, they do seem be addressed to me." Nat conceded glancing at her name clearly printed on the labels. Nat could think of only one person who could afford to patronize that store, Nick.

Millie eagerly helped Nat carry the boxes over to her apartment, hoping to get a peek at whatever might be inside. After she'd place the square box on Nat's dining table, Millie mused, "Wonder what's in them?"

Nat smiled. "I guess I should open them and find out." She said, knowing that her neighbor was about to die from curiosity. She carefully opened the long flat box.

"Oh! That is absolutely gorgeous!" Millie exclaimed as Nat removed a very slinky black evening dress from the box. Nat had to agree. The dress was obviously a designer original, made from a soft, clingy material. It was long sleeved, with a plunging vee shape neckline. The back of the dress, from the waist up, was made of a fine lace. Nat knew that it was the most elegant dress she'd ever seen along with a sealed cream colored envelope with her name on it. Nat recognized Nick's writing and decide to wait until Millie had left before reading whatever was inside.

Carefully placing the dress back in the box, Nat opened the large square box. Inside she found four smaller boxes, three from the same store and one bearing the name of a well-known jeweler. The first box contained a pair of shoes that Nat knew would be perfect with the dress. The second, a delicate evening bag with jet beading and the third, which Nat didn't show to Millie, contained a pair of sheer hose with a lacy garter belt. Nat opened the jeweler's box and nearly dropped it in shock. Inside was a choker and earrings set. They were patterned like small suns, each sun outlined in gold with sparkling white diamonds radiating around a central, round cut blue diamond. Nat heard Millie's gasp as she saw the jewelry. "If those stones are real, you really need to keep that locked up in a safe deposit box." Millie breathed. She realized that Nat wasn't going to read what ever the person who'd sent these beautiful items had written while she was there. "Thanks so much for letting me see these and remember if you don't want them, I'll be glad to take them off your hands!" She teased as she headed to the door.

After thanking Millie for accepting the delivery and seeing her out, Nat took the envelope and sat down on the couch. Opening it she read the note inside.


I know that this is very short notice, but I would be honored if you would allow me to accompany you to dinner this evening. Please accept these items and grant me the pleasure of your company. If I don't hear from you, I'll pick you up at eight this evening.

With deep affection, Nick

Nat sat very still, her heart beating rapidly as she wondered what all of this meant. She wished that she could just accept it as a birthday gift from Nick, but she knew that recently several people had remarked about how Nick never seemed to look any older. Nat was afraid that Nick would soon be moving on, leaving her behind. "If he is going to tell me that he's leaving," she said softly, "how am I going to bear it?" She glanced over at the boxes and knew that she had to accept the invitation. Wearily, she headed to her room and changing into her nightgown, crawled into bed, expecting to spend the day tossing and turning, only to fall asleep almost the moment her head touched the pillows.

When her alarm went off, at six-thirty, Nat was amazed that she'd slept so well. She felt refreshed and rose to begin her preparations for the evening. After seeing to Sydney's needs and drinking a cup of coffee, Nat bathed and started dressing. She slipped the hose on, delighting in the silky feel of them against her skin and carefully fastened the garters. Her heart beat slightly faster as she realized that there were neither panties nor even a g-string included in the package containing the underwear. The thought of being near Nick, without either was exciting and she decided against wearing any of her own underpants. Next she slipped into the dress and paused to look at herself in the mirror. It fit as thought it had been made specifically to her measurements, clinging in just the right places. The dress accentuated her slim waist and showed off far more of her cleavage than she was used to doing, but Nat had to admit that it looked good on her. The lace back made wearing a bra impossible and Nat blushed slightly as she realized that her slightly erect nipples were visible beneath the fabric. She debated on how to wear her hair, finally deciding to pile it loosely on her head allowing it to tumble down her back. She applied her makeup and then put on the choker and earrings. She slipped on the shoes and had just finished putting the items she needed into the evening bag when her doorbell chimed.

Nick waited, slightly nervously, for Nat to open the door. He'd chosen tonight not only because it was Nat's birthday, but because it was also the anniversary of their first meeting. Nick knew that the time was fast approaching when he'd have to leave Toronto; he'd over heard too many whispers on his lack of aging to be able to stay here much longer. He also knew that he couldn't stand the thought of leaving Nat. The idea of an eternity without her beside him was unbearable, but he couldn't imagine that she would agree to being brought across. He knew that she cared for him, but to be willing to become a vampire to be with him would require a love that Nick wasn't sure existed. At last, he heard her footsteps and the sound of the lock opening. He caught his breath at the vision that stood before him.

Nat saw the look on Nick's face and smiling she twirled around to give him a complete view. "I take it you approve?" She asked.

Nick nodded. "I do. You make that dress look beautiful, Nat."

Blushing at the compliment Nat responded. "The dress is beautiful, Nick, as are these." She indicated the choker and earrings. "Thank you for letting me wear them."

"They were made with you in mind, Nat." Nick told her as he reached out to lightly touch an earring before caressing her face. "The little suns are what you are to me; the light in my eternal darkness." He leaned closer and softly kissed her before offering her his arm. "Come, my lady. Your carriage awaits."

Nat took his arm and they walked downstairs. Nat's eyes widened as she saw the shiny, black limousine and driver that waited at the curb. Nick helped her inside, then joined her on the spacious leather seat.

"I wanted to be able to concentrate solely on you tonight and not have to worry about driving." Nick explained as the driver closed the door behind him. He reached over to a slender box and took out a single, deep red rose. He handed it to Nat.

Nat took the flower and inhaled the rich fragrance. She wondered if Nick meant what the rose stood for, love. As she slid the stem through her fingers she suddenly winced. Pulling her hand away from the flower she looked at the small drop of blood where she'd stabbed herself with a thorn.

Nick saw the look of discomfort on Nat's face and felt his beast stir as the scent of her blood reached him. Taking the injured hand in his, Nick raised it to his lips and kissed the small wound. The taste of the sweet nectar that was Nat's blood, even in such a tiny amount, swept through his veins like fire igniting his passion. Nick felt his fangs ache as his beast craved more of this rich elixir. The taste was also enough to allow him to know, without any doubts, the depth of Nat's feelings for him. The pure unconditional love that he felt from her and the certain knowledge that she desired to be with him, no matter what the cost, made his heart and soul soar with joy. He also felt her fear that he was getting ready to vanish from her life and the despair that possibility brought her.

Nat saw Nick's eyes briefly flash golden as he kissed the blood from her finger. She was surprised at how such a simple act could cause her to shiver with desire. Only the presence of the driver kept her from begging Nick to please take her, right now. She prayed that somehow Nick might love her and that she could convince him that for her happiness meant being with him, even if that meant she must become a vampire. When Nick looked into her eyes, his had returned to their normal, soft blue color and Nat felt as though she could gladly drown in his gaze. She was barely aware that the limousine had come to a halt until the door opened. Nick forced himself to release Nat's hand and got out of the vehicle. He helped her out and they made their way into Chez Pierre's, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. Inside, Nick quietly gave his name to the Maitre D' while Nat took in the softly lighted ambiance of the room. She noted that there was a small dance floor to one side, with the music provided by a very accomplished band. In moments, they were shown to a secluded banquette table. Nick noticed how virtually every man in the restaurant turned to admire Nat as they walked to the table.

"You have every male in here wishing they were me." He told her after the waiter left to get their drink orders. He saw the look of surprise on her face. "They're all wondering how on earth I managed to find the most beautiful woman in Toronto."

Nat blushed. She wasn't in the habit of thinking of herself as beautiful; her grandmother had spent enough years listing all of her 'faults' for that. She loved the idea that Nick found her attractive, especially considering all the undoubtedly beautiful women he'd know in his long life. "I don't know if I qualify for that position." She said, quietly.

Nick took her hand in his and looked straight into her eyes. "You do. Never, ever doubt that." He told her, his voice full of sincerity.

The next several minutes were spent ordering their dinners, some small talk and then eating. Fortunately, the restaurant tended to serve rather small portions, so it wasn't difficult for Nat to eat enough of both hers and Nick's meals to make it appear that they'd both eaten. Nick did try a very small amount of the food and was able to tolerate it without much effort. While Nat enjoyed the food, a part of her mind kept wondering if this was Nick's way of trying to ease the pain of saying goodbye. Finally, while waiting for desert, a lovely, rich dark chocolate cake with chocolate icing, she voiced the question that had plagued her thoughts of late.

"Nick, I know that there's been talk about your lack of aging. Are you moving on? Is this a goodbye dinner?" Nat asked, dreading his answer would be that it was.

Nick looked at her and slowly shook his head. "No, Nat, it's not." He saw the look of relief that washed over her face. " There's a lot that I want to discuss with you, but I'd rather wait till we've finished here and go back to the loft to do it." He added. The idea of a waiter or other patron overhearing a discussion of bringing Nat across was not something Nick wanted to happen.

Nat realized that the discussion must have to do with Nick's 'condition' and she knew that the middle of a public restaurant was definitely not the place to have it. "Okay, now that I know that this isn't goodbye, I can wait." She told him, as the waiter brought her desert. Knowing that Nick wasn't about to disappear from her life, she was more than willing to let the evening progress however he wanted it to.

When Nat finished her desert, Nick stood and held out his hand to her. "Would you like to dance?" He asked.

Nat smile up at him. "I would love to." Once on the dance floor, Nick took her in his arms holding her close to him. The band started playing a slow tune as they began to dance.

Nat leaned her head against Nick's chest as they glided across the floor. It felt so very right to be in his arms. When she felt Nick's lips, as he lightly kissed her brow, a shiver of pleasure passed over her. Daring to risk showing her feelings, she raised her head and looked up into crystal blue eyes that were as filled with love as her own.

Nick inhaled the fragrance of Nat's hair and couldn't resist kissing the smooth skin of her forehead. His love for Nat filled his soul and he said a silent prayer that he could convince her to join him, forever. When she raised her face toward his, he instinctively lowered his lips to hers, capturing her mouth in a kiss ripe with tender passion.

Nat felt her leg muscles tremble as Nick kissed her. She felt as though she was floating and pressed her body closer to his. Parting her lips, she allowed his tongue access to her mouth, savoring the feeling of desire that possessed her. She gasped slightly as she felt his hand drift down from the small of her back to the soft curve of her buttocks. Knowing that there was only the thin fabric of the dress between his touch and her skin excited her. When, holding her gently, but firmly, he pressed his groin against her, she made a soft sound of desire as she felt the hard bulge of his manhood against her abdomen.

Nick closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of Nat's body against his throbbing penis. The small taste of her blood still seemed like fire in his veins and he ached to possess her totally. He yearned to feel her smooth, soft, naked flesh against his and to know every curve and crevice of her body. His beast stirred, causing small golden flecks to show in the blueness of his eyes. In all of his existence, he'd never felt such a burning need as he now did for Nat.

As the music stopped, they stayed in one another's arms for a moment longer staring into each other's eyes. At last Nick whispered softly, "Why don't we go back to the loft, where it's a bit more private?"

Nat nodded. "Yes." She breathed. After a brief pause to settle the check, they were back in the limousine. Nat snuggled next to Nick, her entire body aching with desire. Her eyes widened as she suddenly felt Nick's hand sliding up her leg, beneath her dress. "Nick? The driver?" She said, slightly nervous.

"I put the screen up. He can't see anything back here now." Nick replied as he nibbled one of her ear lobes. A quick glance showed her that there was indeed an opaque screen separating the driver's compartment from the section of the vehicle they were in. Any further thoughts on the matter fled as Nick began to kiss and nibble his way down from her ear to the angle of her jaw. Nat moaned softly as she gave into the delicious feelings that spread from her innermost core throughout her body. She felt one of his hands slide inside the deep vee of the neckline to tenderly cup her breast. As he kneaded it, while lightly stroking and then gently grasping the nipple between two fingers, Nat could feel a luscious tension start to form. She sought his lips and welcomed his delving tongue into her mouth.

Nick's being was filled with Nat's scents, not only of her blood as it coursed through her veins, but also of her arousal. He moved his other hand caressingly up her inner thigh until he reached the soft curls of her pubic hair. Pausing for a moment to rhythmically press his hand against her mound, he then slid his fingers within the soft, moist lips that covered the sensitive nub and slick moist hollow. Inserting a finger within that hollow to moisten it, Nick began to softly, but steadily stroke the core of Nat's pleasure. Her soft moans muffled by his lips, the increasing moistness between her legs, and the gradually increasing tension of her muscles told him that she was nearing her release. When she came, Nick ached to feel her surrounding his turgid shaft and to taste the sweetness of her release in her blood.

Nat felt as if she were going to explode with pleasure. She'd dreamed of Nick touching her like this many, many times. As her body responded to him, she felt her whole universe contract until the only thing in it was the sensations that suddenly burst free, drowning her in ecstasy. Even as her breathing slowly returned to normal, she was aware that there was still an aching need that had not been fulfilled, the need to feel Nick deep inside her impaling her on his steel hard shaft. She felt Nick's arms as he held her tightly to him and she knew that she would wither away should he ever leave her. She stayed snuggled in his arms until the limousine came to a halt at the loft. She accepted Nick's hand to assist her from the vehicle and together they rode the lift up. Nick kept his arm around her waist and Nat willingly leaned into the solid strength of his body.

The sense of peace and comfort that Nat felt was shattered as she stepped into the main room of the loft. She felt her stomach sicken as she saw the neatly stacked pile of heavy furniture covers that sat on the floor just to the right of the entry. Further glances about the room showed her that many of Nick's prized mementos were absent from their usual locations. She turned to face Nick, uncertainty written on her face. "You said that this wasn't a goodbye dinner, but..." She broke off, gesturing around her.

Silently, Nick took her by the hand and led her over to the couch. Only after they were seated, side by side, did he speak. His first words did nothing to alleviate Nat's distress.

"I am preparing to move on. I've been here longer than I should have stayed and now I have to leave or risk being discovered for what I am." He said softly.

Nat felt her eyes fill with tears. "You lied to me?" She asked.

Nick shook his head. "No. You asked if I was saying goodbye. I wasn't, but we do need to talk, Nat."

Nat bit her lower lip to keep it from trembling. After a few moments she managed to ask, "What do you want to talk about?"

Nick reached over and gently brushed away a tear that had escaped from the corner of her eye. "About us. About you moving on with me." He said. He waited for her reaction.

"Move on with you?" Nat gave Nick a sad smile. "How much time would that buy us, Nick? Another ten years if we're lucky before I start to look older than you and risk drawing attention to you?" She dropped her eyes, not wanting him to see the pain in them.

Nat felt like her heart was being torn to shreds. She wanted to be with him, yet she knew that this would only postpone the inevitable. 'If only there were some way to let make him see that if he would consider bringing me across we'd have the time we need to find a cure!' She thought.

Nick placed a finger beneath Nat's chin and forced her to meet his eyes. "Only if you were to stay mortal." He said silently. He could sense her heartbeat quicken.

"What...what are you saying, Nick?" Nat inquired, searching his face.

"Nat, I'm asking you to consider joining me, for eternity." Nick said. "I want to bring you across. I love you and I cannot imagine my existence without you at my side." He took a breath, then went on. "I pledge to you that if you do agree, I will love you forever." Now, he dropped his gaze as he added. "You don't have to answer now, I'm not planning on leaving for a week or so."

Nat felt as if an iron band had been removed from her chest. "I can answer you now, Nick." She said softly. "I don't need time to consider it, I've considered it for a long time and I know what my answer is." Nat waited till Nick again looked into her eyes before she continued. "My answer is yes, bring me across. I want to be with you, to love you, forever." She smiled as she saw the look of utter relief that washed over his face.

Nick lifted Nat's hands to his lips and softly kissed them. "Are you certain? I couldn't bear it if you hated me for this."

Nat shook her head. "I'm certain and I'll never hate you for loving me." She told him, then leaned forward to meet his lips in a soft kiss. "Bring me across, Nick. I don't want to wait any longer to be with you."

Nick stroked her face. "I want you, Nat. I want to hold you in my arms and make love to you. I need to feel your body surrounding me and see your face full of passion." He told her. "I want you to know me fully, not just my body but my very soul." He pulled her closer and kissed her again, this time fully and deeply.

Nat felt her body melt into Nick's embrace. She knew that her decision was the right one. This was her destiny, to be with Nick, even if it meant being a vampire. She shivered slightly as she felt Nick carefully remove the choker necklace she was wearing, allowing him unimpeded access to the slender column of her throat.

Nick gently turned Nat in his arms as his lips moved slowly from hers down along the curve of her jaw to her throat. He felt his fangs drop as his beast emerged. Caressing Nat's body, Nick slowly kissed his way to the pulse in her throat. Tenderly, he slipped his fangs into the throbbing vein and began to drink the rich nectar that was her life's blood.

Nat felt a small sting on her throat that was followed by a wave of such ecstasy that she gasped in delight. Her mind was filled with an overwhelming sense of being loved. "Nick! Oh, Nick!" She gasped as her body was carried to a height of sensual pleasure she'd never experienced before. She was aware that the room seemed to be growing dimmer and a part of her knew that she was dying. To her surprise, she felt no fear, only an eagerness to be totally one with Nick. As she slowly lost consciousness she managed to murmur, "I love you, Nick. I love you!"

Nick felt Nat go limp in his arms, yet he continued drinking until he heard her heartbeat slow and start to become erratic. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her upstairs and laid her on his bed. Removing his shirt, Nick got on the bed beside Nat and held her in his arms. Cradling her in a semi-sitting position, he opened a vein in his wrist and held it to her lips. "Drink, my love. Drink and return to me for eternity." He whispered.

Nat opened her eyes to find herself sitting beneath a tree in a sunlight glade. She frowned, trying to remember how she'd gotten here. Rising to her feet, she looked around for some indication of where she was. A short distance away from her was a rustic wooden fence with a locked gate. Nat saw a couple approaching the gate from the other side. Waving to get their attention, she started in that direction. As she drew closer Nat's pace slowed. There was something terribly familiar about the two people. She stopped only a few feet from the gate as recognition dawned.

"Mamma? Daddy?" Nat asked softly.

The woman smiled gently. "You grew up to be a beautiful woman, Natalie, just as I always knew you would."

Nat closed her eyes unable to believe this was happening. She carefully reopened them to find both of the people watching her.

"We're quite real." Her father said, smiling the slightly lopsided grin that Nat remembered.

"Am I dead?" Nat asked. "Is that why you're here?"

Her mother shook her head. "No, you're not dead, but you are very near death." She said. "The choice, whether to live or die, is yours to make."

Her father added. "You must decide if you will come with us or return to the one who calls you."

Nat's eyes suddenly widened as her memories of Nick flooded her mind. "Nick! I was with Nick at his loft and," she broke off unwilling to reveal what Nick was even to her parents.

"And he was bringing you across, making you into a vampire, like he is." Her father said quietly.

Nat nodded. "Yes." She met her father's gaze. "We love each other and it is the only way that we can truly be together." She offered in explanation.

Her mother gave her a tender look. "You've already made your decision, haven't you?" She inquired.

"I have to get back. I love him and I want to be with him, even if it means that I'll never see either of you again." Nat said, near tears.

Her mother smiled. "No fear of that, but it will be a very long time before we meet again." She glanced lovingly at her husband who nodded and then continued. "The love that you and Nick share is very special. Few are ever blessed with finding the other half of their souls the way you both have. Remember, Natalie, that with this love, nothing is impossible and no dream is too farfetched to come true." She made a shooing motion with her hands. "Go for now my dearest child. Don't you hear him calling you?"

As her mother spoke the words, Nat did hear Nick's voice calling her name and she turned in the direction it seemed to come from. "Yes, I do hear him. I love you both, but I have to go to him." She said.

"We know, Natalie." Her father said. "Remember that love and faith in each other can work miracles."

Nat nodded, tears running down her face. She hated to leave her parents but her heart ached to be with Nick. She walked resolutely toward the sound of Nick's voice.

 Nick watched anxiously, waiting for some sign that Nat would accept his blood and return to him. He murmured her name over and over, as he told her that he loved her. At last he saw her swallow and then felt the first tentative pull on his wrist as she began to drink from him. Relief washed over him and, as she drank more deeply, Nick kissed her temple then rested his cheek against her hair. He prayed that when she opened her eyes he would not see regret in them.

Nat slowly opened her eyes and released her hold on Nick's wrist. She turned slightly in his arms and found his soft, blue eyes looking lovingly at her. She smiled as she realized that she could sense his feelings and a wave of desire washed over her. "I love you, Nick." She said as his hold on her tightened slightly and their lips met.

Nick gazed into Nat's now golden hued eyes and saw the love in them. Her words seemed to remove a heavy band from around his chest. He captured her mouth and began to kiss her with all the passion he'd held back for years.

Nat eagerly responded to Nick's kiss, meeting his tongue and leaning into him. She could feel her body aching with the need to be totally one with him. She ran her hands over the smooth skin of Nick's back, noting that no longer felt cold to her. She felt Nick's hands as they traveled along the curves of her body and she shivered with delight at his touch. Breaking the kiss she whispered, "Help me out of this dress, Nick. I want to feel your skin against mine."

Nick needed no second request. He caught the hem of the dress and with a single, smooth movement pulled it off over Nat's head. His eyes drank in the sight of her soft, alabaster skin. His lips were drawn to the full roundness of her breasts and he savored the pleasure of softly kissing and suckling at them. His hands caressed each soft globe and Nat's moans of pleasure fired his own desire.

Nat couldn't believe the sensations she was feeling. Her newly enhanced senses enabled her to detect the subtle scent of Nick's blood and of his arousal. Both served to heighten her desire but the new mental connection she shared with Nick surpassed anything else. She could feel the depth of his emotions for her and the power of his love for her filled her with a sense of peace she'd only dreamt of knowing. She tentatively pushed into the link, wanting Nick to know her feelings, and was rewarded with a wave of love and joy from Nick.

Nick felt Nat's mind touch his and her happiness and the sense of peace he felt from her only increased his love for her. She had no regrets about her new condition, only joy that they were at last able to fully express their love. He renewed his ministrations to her wanting to give her all of the pleasure he could.

Nat moaned aloud as Nick again found her mouth with his and began to lightly stroke her canine teeth with his tongue. She was left breathless by the intense sensual pleasure this produced and she gasped slightly as she felt her teeth elongate into the fangs of the vampire she now was. Once she gathered her wits, she sought Nick's fangs with her tongue. She smiled as she felt them descend and she looked up into Nick's now golden eyes.

Nick felt his body shiver as Nat teased his sensitive canines with her tongue. His manhood throbbed with need as it pressed tightly against his trousers. He pulled away from Nat, who whimpered in disappointment, to quickly undo the offending clothing and strip off all of his remaining clothes as well. Nude, he stood gazing down at Nat and drinking in her beauty.

Nat looked at Nick, nude before her, and felt her insides seem to melt. The firm, solid angles and planes of his muscles seem to ripple beneath his skin. As her eyes dropped lower, she smiled as she saw the size of his thick, long erection. She wanted him badly. Unabashedly, she parted her legs and held out her hand to Nick in invitation.

Nick sat down on the bed beside Nat and ran his hand slowly up Nat's stockinged leg. When he reached her thigh, where the stocking attached to the lacy garter belt, he undid the fastenings and then reversed the direction of his caress rolling down the stocking as he went. He repeated this on her other leg then undid the garter belt's fastenings and removed it.

This accomplished, Nick leaned forward and began to kiss his way from her lips down past her breasts, along her smooth flat stomach and finally to the sweet moistness of her groin. He parted the protective lips and began to tease her clit with his tongue.

Nat writhed as Nick's tongue traces paths of ecstasy along her body. As she felt him licking and sucking gently on her clit she grabbed at the silken sheets in the throes of enjoyment. She felt her body gradually tensing as she climbed toward the ultimate release, but she wanted more than that. She wanted Nick deep in her, one with her. "Nick, please I want you in me." She begged.

Nick shifted and lowered his body over her. He growled deep in his chest as she reached down and guided his shaft to her entrance. Pausing only for a moment, he pushed into her, fully burying his manhood in her embracing folds. He felt Nat grasp at his shoulders as she thrust upward with her hips as she sought to take as much of him into her as possible.

Nat closed her eyes and savored the feeling of at last having Nick within her. She could feel every inch of him as he filled her completely and she pressed against him wanting even more. When he began to move in and out of her, she arched her back and cried out wordlessly at the wonderful gratification. She rose quickly on the spire of pleasure and her enjoyment was enhanced and magnified by her ability to feel Nick's pleasure. As she neared her release she realized that she was feeling an ache for something more.

Nick watched as Nat's face blossomed with passion. As they rose together toward release he saw her sudden look of confusion. Lifting her head he guided her to his throat. "Drink, my dearest love. Know me as totally as I know you." He urged.

Nat hesitated only a second. The scent of Nick's blood drew her and she sank her fangs into his throat. She felt her orgasm start at the first mouthful of his blood and she was only slightly aware of the slight prick of Nick's fangs as they found her throat. As her body started to spasm with the force of her orgasm she felt Nick's release, too. Nat drank deeply of Nick's blood, relishing not only the taste but also the rich images that filled her mind. At this moment, they were truly one, each knowing the other's fears and dreams. Nat had never experienced such closeness to another person and it brought tears of happiness to her eyes.

Nick felt Nat's release as he again drank her nectar. He felt her joy at their closeness and her willingness to bare mind to him. Her love and faith in their love soothed his beast and hers. He mentally chuckled as he felt her worry over what would now happen to her beloved Sidney and sent her reassurance that Sidney would be a part of their new lives. Nick knew that Nat's craving would not be for cat blood and that Sidney was perfectly safe. When the last exhilarating wave of delight finished washing through them, he slid from atop her and pulled her tightly into his embrace.

Nat lay snuggled against Nick, reflecting on the experience she'd just had. As she slowly relaxed, the memory of her time in the glade returned. "Nick, when I was having to make my choice whether or not to return to you, I saw my parents." She said softly.

Nick looked into her face but saw only serenity there. "What did they say to you, Nat?" He asked.

Nat smiled. "They told me to remember that out love is special and that because of it there is nothing we cannot do." She looked into Nick's eyes. "They didn't say it outright, but they indicated that we will find the cure Nick."

Nick looked at her. "How do you mean indicated?" He asked, hope clear in his voice.

"My mother said because of our love for one another, nothing is impossible and no dream is too farfetched to come true." Nat responded, watching as a look of peace came over Nick's face. "But she did say that it would take a long time." She added.

Nick kissed Nat softly, her words renewing his hope for the future. "Let it. So long as we're together, eternity would not be too long." He told her. He saw Nat's eyelids drooping as his own senses told him sunrise was approaching. "Sleep for now, love." He said as she snuggled closer to him. In minutes she was deeply asleep and Nick soon joined her.

The End.

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