9 ½ Hours
by Soulseeker


Archived November 2002

Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under
18 years then please do not read any further

Nick stood just outside the morgue doors listening to Natalie work. After a few minutes of lurking he finally entered the morgue.

"Hi, Nat!"

"Hi, Nick. What are you doing here? I thought it was your night off?"

"It is. I just thought maybe once you are done working if.. well.. maybe you would want to rent a movie and we could go back to my place and watch it."

"Your place? I don't think so. You never have anything good to eat. We can go to my place."

"Okay. Should I go get the movies now or do you want to go together?"

"You can go pick them up, but no more cop movies, okay?"

Sure. So I'll meet you at your place in two hours. Need me to pick up anything?"

"I think I have everything." Natalie smiled devilishly.

"Bye, Nat."

"Bye, Nick."

Nick went to the video store closest to Natalie's apartment. After ten minutes of looking for a good movie that wasn't police related he gave up and went to the counter. After explaining to the woman that he wanted something not police related that would appeal to a woman and after several questions the woman at the counter handed him "the perfect movie" and grinned happily as she assured him it would appeal to women. He went back to Natalie's apartment to get things ready for when she finally got home.

He searched through her cupboards until he found the popcorn and read the instructions, carefully. He placed the bag in the microwave and stared at the panel. Finally he pushed a few buttons and it started. He smiled triumphantly. Nick rummaged through the contents of Natalie's fridge for something to make her a sandwich with. He settled on a salami, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and ketchup. He figured he couldn't go wrong as long as he added ketchup, since she seemed to have it on most foods.

Nick heard Sydney meowing from the bedroom. He went to investigate and was surprised to find Sydney locked in the closet. He couldn't resist the urge to open the closet wider and look at some of Natalie's clothing. He was surprised by some of the outfits, especially a black teddy. Suddenly his mind wandered back to a recent dream he'd had in which she had worn something very similar. Just thinking about that dream brought the vampire to the surface. Nick quickly closed the closet door and made his way back to the kitchen, pausing briefly at the door to look at Natalie's inviting bed.

Delicately, Nick arranged all the food and drinks on Natalie's coffee table hoping to impress her with his abilities in the kitchen. He looked at his watch, ten minutes before Natalie was due home, just enough time to get himself a drink and clean up. Taking a bottle of cow`s blood out of his bag, he paused briefly debating whether he should be civilized and drink from the glass or take a swig from the bottle. Finally deciding to forgo any civilized behaviour he pulled the cork out with his teeth and gulped down the whole bottle. Knowing Natalie would have a fit if she saw how much blood Nick had drunk he placed the empty bottle back in his bag hoping that one bottle was enough to keep the beast at bay for a evening in such close contact with Natalie.

Just as Nick finished placing the bottle in the bag he heard Natalie footsteps in the hall. With ease he made his way to the door and opened it just as she had reached it.

"Hi Nat!"

"Hi Nick. How long have you been here?"

"Long enough." He grinned proudly as the shock of all the food was visible on her face.

"You sure have been busy. Did you do this all by yourself?"

"Of course. What do you think, does it meet with your approval."

"Hmm...popcorn, chocolates, Diet Pepsi, sandwiches, Oreo cookies and barbecue chips definitely, but I¿½ll be paying for it tomorrow."

Nick looked at Natalie suggestively. "Not to worry I`ll help you wear it off."

"Oh really and just how do you plan to do that?"

"You`ll find out soon enough."

"Uh huh. What movie did you rent?"

"It is one you are sure to like."

"What`s the name?"

"Umm... I`m not sure."

"Okay, well what is it about?"

"I don`t know. What I do know is you will like it."

"Okay. Well I`m just going to get changed and the we can start."

"All right."

Natalie quickly changed into a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and made herself comfortable on one end of the sofa. Nick was quick to take a seat right next to her allowing their bodies to brush up against each other. He reached for the remote and hit play all the while silently hoping the movie would meet Nat`s approval. The previews started and he was satisfied with letting them play, but Natalie had other ideas. Just as he had set the remote down on the coffee table she was reaching past him for it. The previews blurred past in a frenzy and finally the feature presentation began.

Natalie settled back and began to relax as the names flashed on the screen. Then she saw the title and just about choked the Diet Pepsi she had began to sip.

"Nat, are you okay?"

Natalie managed to recover . "I`m okay. 9 ½ Weeks?"

"What`s wrong? Have you seen it?"

"Nothing is wrong, it`s just I have heard about this movie."

"Is that good or bad?"

"Let`s just watch and see how it goes."

About half way through the movie Nick had put his arm around Natalie who could now feel her temperature rising. As the movie continued Nick was moving continually closer to Natalie who was enjoying the closeness of his hard body.

By the time the movie had finished neither Nick or Natalie were in any hurry to move from their present positions. With a sigh Natalie pulled away from Nick and reached for her pop.

"So what did you think of the movie Nat?"

"It was very interesting. I think I need a cold drink."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

Natalie went to the fridge and poured herself a glass of cold water, adding ice cubes for a final touch. The ice cubes reminded her of one very erotic scene in the movie and she wasn`t sure she would be able to sit next to Nick again without her urges overriding her sanity. Taking a large sip of water and savouring the cooling effect did little except to increase her thoughts of what the ice would feel like gliding across her hot skin. She tried to put aside those thoughts as she made her way back to the couch, back to Nick.

Just after Natalie had sat down she could feel Nick's cool hands beginning to massage her very tense shoulders. Images of honey and ice danced in her head as his fingers slowly worked their way down her back. Then she could feel his hands pushing her hair aside and his cool lips grazed the skin of her neck. Natalie resisted the temptation to turn around and face him for fear that if she moved the moment would end.

Nick`s kissing increased and his hands roamed freely from her back to her sides and then slowly turned her to face him. His cool lips met her hot ones in a passionate kiss sending both of them into overdrive. Natalie¿½s hands wrapped tightly around Nick, pulling them closer together. In the meanwhile Nick`s hands search for a opening that would allow them access to her fiery hot skin. Finally finding the opening he was seeking, his hands made contact with Natalie`s bare skin much to her shock. That was the opening Natalie was waiting for as she untucked Nick`s shirt and began to explore his toned chest.

Their kiss deepened and soon Natalie could hear the snap of her bra hook and feel Nick`s hands cupping each of her breasts and running his thumbs across the nipples. Natalie left hand slipped down to the front of Nick`s pants and began to lightly massage the area. Their kiss became a frenzied dance of tongues and finally Natalie pulled back to catch her breath. Nick used that moment to slip her shirt and her bra off, finally giving him access. He placed a trail of light kisses from her cheek down to her right breast where he cupped the breast and took the nipple between his lips. A mixture of sucking lightly and flicking the nipple caused it to harden, much to Nick`s satisfaction. Soon he was working on her other nipple as Natalie played with the zipper on his pants. She slipped her hand inside his now undone pants and began a more intimate massage of Nick`s manhood.

Natalie revelled in the sensations as Nick¿½s hands roamed lower to stroke a more sensitive area. Her sweat pants were hampering his efforts so in one quick motion he had lifted her up slightly and removed her pants and the panties underneath. Natalie had a brief moment of embarrassment which soon passed as stared lustfully at her body.

"Nat, you look so beautiful."

Before she could respond his lips were pressed firmly against hers. All thoughts of anything but how much she wanted him disappeared with his kiss. Nick broke off the kiss, swept Natalie up into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her gently down on the comforter.

"Nat, don`t move, I`ll be right back."

"But, Nick!"

He turned back from the door and placed his finger to his lips silencing her.

After what seemed like forever Nick returned to the bedroom and closed the door behind him leaving them in complete darkness. Before Natalie could protest Nick was on the bed with her, his weight gently displaced across her body. She pulled him down for a deep kiss. Their kiss was full of need and desire.

Nick`s hands explored every inch of her nude body as his lips traced their way across her cheek and down to her neck where they remained for a moment too long. He eased himself up and on his knees next to Natalie and reached over to the night shade for one of his little surprises. When he had finally retrieved it held it just above her.



"Keep your eyes closed and don`t open them, okay?"

Natalie was too far gone to bother questioning him. "Uh... sure." She had no sooner said that then a drop of water hit her hot skin near her belly button. That drop was followed by another and she was squirming as the drop ran down her side. Soon she could feel the cold ice slowly moving across her skin towards her breasts melting with every passing second. Once the ice reached the heat of her breasts it began to melt even quicker and Natalie convulsed in response as the ticklish erotic sensations tore at her. Then she felt Nick shift his position as he began licking and sucking her breasts with the ice in his mouth, creating an even more amazing sensation. The waves of sensitivity passed and Nick made his way up to her lips, using the ice in between his lips to tease her hot skin. Finally he ran the ice across her lush lips, forcing her lips to part and allow the ice in. Their tongues began a chilled dance of passion and love as the ice melted away.

Natalie decided it was time to turn the tables so she gently pushed Nick off and asked him to remove his pants, lay back, close his eyes and not open them for anything. She went to the kitchen and after some searching found a squeeze bottle of honey and some whipped cream. She was back in the bedroom within minutes. She was happy to see Nick had obeyed her. Natalie stood at the side of the bed, within inches from where he lay. Holding the honey container just above Nick`s waist, she squeezed and watched as the honey slowly poured out and onto his shapely body. Natalie wasn`t quite finished there as she shook the can of whipped cream and sprayed it lovingly on Nick`s very erect member. Nick visibly jumped as the cold substance hit him, but did not open his eyes. After a few moments Natalie set to work on the task ahead, getting Nick cleaned up and there was only one way to do that, she would have to lick it all off.

She walked to the other side of the bed and climbed on the bed, kneeling in a position that gave her the best access. Slowly she proceeded to lick up all the honey starting from his waist and working her way down. Pausing briefly just above his cream covered erection before she hungrily went to work on the whipped cream and him. Nick felt the sensation of her hot tongue running across the engorged head and then felt her hot breath as she engulfed him. Nick felt as thought he would loose it right there, but he managed to maintain control. Her ministrations soon became too much for him and he had to pull her up for a kiss before he lost all control.

Rolling her over, Nick was poised to finally become one with his beloved. Easing himself forward gently for fear of hurting her, Nick was pleasantly surprised when Natalie`s hands tightened on his butt cheeks and pulled him deeper into her. The pace of his thrusts increased slowly as their passion built. He thrust his tongue in deep into her mouth as he thrust deeper into her, reveling in the amazing sensations of being within her heat.

As he thrust harder and faster, Natalie could feel her climax building. Her hands tightened on him, pulling him deep into her and their kiss reached a fevered pitch as Natalie was overcome with waves of pleasure. Feeling the throbbing waves coming from Natalie was enough to send Nick over the edge. In one climatic moment they were in complete in unison. Waves of passion, lust and pure love washed over them. It was a moment that neither would ever be able to forget.

For minutes they lay together joined as one, basking in the afterglow of their love. Finally with an exhausted sigh Nick rolled off Natalie and engulfed her in his arms as he laid beside her.

"I love you Natalie Lambert."

The End