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Date: Wed Sep 1, 1999 10:05 am

Subject: Nick and Nat Join the Mile-High Club

WARNINGS: This is an adult story with adult situations and activities. It also

contains descriptions of bodily functions. If you are not at least 18 years of

age or if you are offended by or squeamish about such things, DO NOT READ THIS


DISCLAIMERS: Nick and Natalie were created by James D. Parriott and Barney

Cohen. Unfortunately, they are owned by Columbia/TriStar, not me. No

infringement of copyrights is intended. I'm just taking them out for a little

romp in the "friendly skies". I promise to return them to their seats happier

than when they left them.

I blame this story on Nancy Taylor. It's *ALL* her fault!!! She asked me to

beta her latest story and I agreed. As we talked about things, she mentioned

wanting to do a "Laurene series" fanzine. She wondered if I'd be willing to

beta all her early stories and she teased me that I would have to beta "Bali Hai

- The Special Edition" ("Special" equals "exta-smutty"), knowing how much I love

that story. I joked what a horrible thing she was asking of me. That night, I

re-read that story (as I have more times than I can count) and woke up with this

story in my head. It wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down. Sooooo ...

if you don't like this story blame Nancy! If you do like this story, thank her!

I would like to thank my faithful editor, professional writer Ellen

Ashton-Haiste, who has taught me so much about this thing I love - writing. She

has taken this rough stone (me) and polished it into a gem. I hope I always

make you proud. (Now if you could just teach me to type! <G>) It's time to

pass on the crown. ;-)


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By: Jeri E. Friedman

Copyright (c) August 1999

Natalie stared at her magazine. Seated next to her, Nick was reading a book.

Their half-full, pre-dawn flight had left Toronto an hour earlier, heading east

for Sydney, Australia and the Worldwide Police and Forensics Conference. It was

going to be a long, boring trip with a few short refueling stops. Most of their

fellow travelers were asleep. Reading lights brightened the seats of those who

weren't. All the sunshades were closed.

Sighing, Natalie stood and laid her magazine down. "I'll be right back," she

whispered to Nick.

Nodding, he sat up straighter and turned his knees to the side so she could get

by. As she sidled past, her rear end came tantalizingly close to his face.

Nick's acute sense of smell detected her fragrance causing his fangs to ache.

Natalie was ignored by the other passengers as she walked to the restroom at the

rear of the compartment. Entering, she was pleased to find it immaculate.

Standing at the mirror, she fussed with her hair, repositioning a bobby pin to

rein in a few stray locks. Satisfied, she proceeded to pull down her slacks and


Just as she was about to begin urinating, the door opened quickly and a figure

slipped inside. She started to protest loudly until she realized who it was.

"Nick! What in hell are you doing?" she whispered.

Locking the door, he turned and openly stared at her pubic hair with a lewd

grin. She blushed deeply. "I'm glad you forgot to lock the door." His voice

was husky with desire.

"Nick! Are you crazy? Get out of here before someone catches us!" She crossed

her arms over her lap in embarrassment.

"No one will bother us." He gently grasped her hands and moved them to her

sides. "I love you, Nat. I've been dreaming about you every night. When you

squeezed past me just now ... I couldn't resist any longer."

Natalie was stunned. He was behaving like a bull elk in rut. Of course she

loved him and had been wanting him just as badly, but this was ludicrous! "Nick

... we can't --"

"Go ahead. Finish." He indicated the toilet and stepped back until he was

against the door.

Her jaw dropped. "Not with you watching! Turn around."

"No. Let me watch you ... please?" She saw his eyes turn golden and his fangs

drop in anticipation. How could this be arousing to him? Yet it obviously was.

Still feeling embarrassed, she nodded her consent, not wanting to lose the

opportunity to make love to this creature she adored. He had rebuffed all her

advances in the past as being "too dangerous".

"Thank you. I promise you won't regret this." His fangs were bared by the huge

smile that lit his face.

"I love you, too, you know. I do trust you." She smiled back.

"Please spread your legs for me and finish." His expression became serious.

Doing as he requested, she fully exposed herself to his eager eyes.

Nick's mouth opened and his respirations increased as Natalie's delicate labia

were revealed. Involuntarily, he licked his fangs and shuddered.

His staring caused her to feel self-conscious. She couldn't urinate.

"Please ... finish for me," he begged in a strangled whisper. She watched as he

became instantly erect, his hips moving slowly, seductively. The sight aroused

her and she released a flood of urine.

With the last drop, Nick stepped forward and grabbed some tissue. "Allow me,"

he breathed.

"All right." She was too overwhelmed to protest.

Gently, with a trembling hand, he patted her dry then flushed the toilet. He

smiled as he cupped her breasts in his hands, lightly kneading them through her

blouse. "You are more beautiful than the most perfect rose."

Standing directly in front of her, his crotch was at eye level. "And you are

incredibly well-endowed." Natalie reached out and ran her hand up the length of

his fly. She felt his penis twitch.

"Curious?" He rubbed himself against her palm. She nodded. "It's all yours."

Grabbing the tab of his zipper, she lowered it, eliciting a deep sigh from him.

That made her smile. Leaning forward, she kissed his silk-covered erection.

Nick hissed softly between fangs pressed painfully into his lower lip to keep

from growling out loud.

Natalie unbuttoned the fly on his boxers and reached in to grasp his hard shaft.

Carefully, she pulled it free. In her right hand lay a long, thick

uncircumcised penis. The foreskin was slightly retracted by the tumescent state

of the partially revealed purple glans. Tiny droplets exuded from its tip,

signaling Nick's intense arousal.

Tenderly, she ran the fingers of her left hand lightly along the turgid shaft

causing him to shiver. Upon reaching the head, she rubbed the fluid over it.

"You, my fair knight, are gorgeous."

Nick's hands slid from her breasts to massage her bare thighs. "Slide back,

Love." When she did, he moved closer, his erection barely an inch away from her

lips. Without thinking, she licked the tip of his glans. The taste was

exquisite. She wanted more.

Surprising him, she engulfed the head of his penis with her mouth and sucked

vigorously. He moaned softly.

The effect on Natalie was immediate. Copious amounts of lubrication flowed from

her. Smelling it, Nick slid his hand between her legs, wetting his fingers.

Slowly, he slid two inside. He felt her vagina contract around them as her lips

tightened their grip on his penis. He knew heaven could not be better than


Natalie thrust against his hand, driving his fingers in deeper each time. She

began panting.

Not wanting her to climax yet, Nick withdrew. When she opened her mouth to

protest, he pulled his penis out. Placing a finger on her lips to silence her,

he lowered himself onto the toliet seat, then helped her remove one leg from her

pants. "Place your legs over my thighs and lean back." Again she did as he

requested. "Comfortable?"

"Yes." Her love for him shone in her eyes.

Leaning forward, Nick put his arms around her and kissed her on the nose. She

felt him nibble at her cheeks, lips and neck, the kisses interspersed with the

velvet-soft licks of his tongue.

All the while, he slowly slid closer. With a low growl, he slipped his tongue

into her mouth just as he gently penetrated her.

Natalie's head swam as she was overwhelmed by the sensuous feelings. It was

unlike anything she'd ever experienced.

She caressed his tongue with hers as he began careful, languorous, long strokes,

being sure to press his pubic bone against her clitoris with each forward


Nick stifled her moans of pleasure with deep, probing kisses. She wasn't far

from orgasm and neither was he.

Suddenly it overtook her, his mouth covered hers to silence her cries.

Nick's whole body spasmed as Natalie's vagina clamped down on his painfully

swollen penis. He couldn't take any more. Pricking her tongue with a

razor-sharp fang, he sucked on it, drawing in her sweet essence. Her enormous

love for him exploded in his mind. He thrust sharply into her, burying himself

as his bloody semen was forcefully ejaculated into her deepest recesses. No one

had ever made him feel the way she did.

Ripping his lips from hers, his pressed his mouth tightly against the base of

her neck, smothering a roar of orgasmic ecstacy.

Nick continued rubbing himself within her confines until all his semen was

spent. He held her tightly, kissing and caressing her.

They remained joined -- unmoving -- for several minutes until he realized she

was crying. "Nat? What's wrong?" He tenderly licked the tears from her cheeks

with the tip of his tongue and lightly caressed her hair.

"Nothing," she sobbed softly. "I've just never experienced such incredibly

tender lovemaking." She shook her head lightly. "I'm sorry. It's silly of me

to cry."

"No, my love, it isn't." He nuzzled her cheek and kissed her lips. "You

deserve to be treated with gentle, loving care. I only want to please you and

make you happy."

"You do, Fair Knight. You do." She held him close and kissed him, tenderly

rubbing his back.

Reluctantly, Nick pulled away. "We've been in here quite a while. I think we

better return to our seats."

"Unfortunately, you're right. I'd hate to explain why we're in here together if

someone comes knocking at the door." They both snickered.

Nick slowly pulled out of Natalie, inch by inch, reluctant to leave her

surrounding warmth. A gush of semen emptied from her. Were you storing it up

all this time?" She giggled.

"Four years," he chuckled, eyes twinkling, then gripped his still-erect penis as

he stood. Natalie watched as it became flaccid in his hand.

Going to the sink, Nick washed, dried and replaced it in his pants. He then wet

some paper towels and handed them to her so she could clean up.

Bending down, he kissed her on the lips. "I'll meet you back at our seats."

"Okay. I'll wait a few minutes before coming out. Maybe no one will notice."

Nick quietly opened the door and slipped out. Five minutes later, Natalie


Once again in their seats, they were both sated and happy. Kissing, they

cuddled together and fell asleep.

~~~THE END~~~


Lover of the Knight

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