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Here's a little bit of pure N&N smut for you all to enjoy. It was inspired

by a picture in Playgirl magazine. Don't ask...or do, but off-list, please.

<g> Enjoy!!

Thanks go to Heather-Anne Gillis and Lynn Messing for beta reading.

I really appreciate it!!

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DISCLAIMER: The Forever Knight characters in this story do not belong

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Sony/TriStar. No copyright infringement was intended by the author.


by Nancy Taylor

December, 1999

Warm summer air whipped against Natalie's skin, blowing her hair

in unruly wisps about her face. It was a beautiful night for driving

with the top down on the Caddy. She brushed at the stray locks,

tucking them back inside her scarf.

"Where are we going?" She glanced around as Nick drove, trying to

get a feel for their destination.

"You'll see," he answered, grinning.

She had gotten dressed up this evening on a whim. Nick's whim.

The detective had offered to take his favorite pathologist out to

dinner after a particularly grueling week at the Coroner's office.

Her curiosity was further aroused when they exited the expressway

and began to take rural roads leading farther and farther away from

downtown Toronto. Leaving the lights of the city behind, they drove

through open country.

After almost an hour on the narrow road, the Caddy sputtered and

died. Coasting, Nick pulled off to the shoulder and grimaced at the

gauge. "Out of gas," he muttered.

"What are we going to do now?" Natalie asked, looking around the

deserted countryside.

"How about a picnic in the moonlight?" Nick pulled a basket from

the recesses of the back seat, presenting it to her.

"You *planned* this, didn't you?" she accused, trying her best to

look stern and not succeeding.

He shrugged. "Yeah, well ... I didn't want any interruptions."

Taking the basket, he walked around to the passenger side of the Caddy

and opened the door. He took her hand and led her out into a field,

spreading the blanket near an oak tree, under the stars. "Isn't it a

beautiful night?"

"Yes," she sighed.

Nick poured a glass of wine for her. As she sipped, he gazed at

her, admiring the pearl-whiteness of her skin in the moonlight. How

perfect she looked. Eternal.

She nibbled at all the delicacies wealth could offer--caviar,

fine cheeses, bread and champagne. He sipped at his own dinner, but

his hunger was for more than blood this night. Far more.

When Natalie had finished, he packed the basket, leading her back

to the car. "That was wonderful," she sighed, feeling contented.

"Thank you."

"Nat, there's something I need ... need to tell you," he


"What? That we're stuck out here until someone brings gas?"

"No. No, not that. Nat...." She looked at him expectantly. "I

*do* need something. I need you."

He gathered her in his arms, kissing her passionately. Her lips

parted as his tongue begged entrance. He tasted her, drinking her in

her sweetness. When he finally released her, she gasped and stared at

him with wonder.

Golden eyes looked back at her. "Are you afraid?"

"No." Brushing her hand down his cheek, she rubbed her thumb

across his lips, feeling the hardness of his fangs beneath the flesh.

"I could never be afraid of you."

Reaching behind her, he unzipped her dress, pushing the sleeves

off her shoulders, revealing creamy, lace-covered mounds. Thumbs

brushed across satin, raising hard nubs of flesh beneath. He buried

his face in the cleft of her breasts, reveling in her vanilla-cinnamon

scent, enchanted by the beating of her heart.

Natalie tossed her head back. His touch ignited fire within her.

Her love, so long suppressed, exploded within her. Eager fingers

worked at the buttons of his shirt, exposing the alabaster whiteness

of his skin to the moon. Her hands brushed across the expanse of his

chest, feeling tight points of flesh as she caressed his nipples.

Nick groaned. Taking her hands, he placed them on his crotch,

imploring her. She rubbed the hardness that she felt there, kneading

the rigid flesh through the cloth of his trousers. The sound that

bubbled from his throat was almost a whimper, not quite a cry.

As she worked frantically at his belt and fly, he ripped at her

bra. As the lingerie snapped, her breasts bounced free. Cool hands

cupped them, while lips suckled eagerly. Finally, she was able to free

his erection. The hard shaft of flesh pointed directly at her.

Nick struggled to wiggle free of his remaining clothes. Tugging

at her dress and underwear, he finally freed Natalie, as well. He

rubbed against her in a vain attempt to relieve the growing ache in

his groin.

"Nick? Nick!" Natalie fought for his attention. "Can we move to

the back?" she asked softly.

Noticing the awkward, and likely uncomfortable, position she was

in, he agreed. Lifting her over the seats, he placed her in the back

and climbed over.

She lay across the trunk of the car, spreading her legs

invitingly. Nick grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs in the air,

standing between the "V" they created. She reached out, fondling his

erection, stroking the silken hardness. She guided his penis gently

past the folds of her labia and into the moist warmth of her vagina.

Shuddering at her touch, Nick thrust, sheathing himself

completely within her. His hands massaged her breasts. His lips

engulfed the fullness of one, suckling the tight flesh of her nipple.

Natalie groaned, thrusting her hips toward him, encouraging him to


He began with long, slow strokes, pulling his penis nearly all

the way out, then gliding back in, filling her completely. She grabbed

his buttocks and pulled. At the same time, she thrust her hips

forward eagerly.

His need was growing with every stroke. He wasn't sure how much

longer he could hold out. He increased his tempo, thrusting harder.

"Oh, Nick!" Natalie cried out, tangling her fingers in his golden

locks and pressing his face to her breast. Her orgasm swept over her

like a tide, threatening to wash her away if she didn't hold fast.

Nick felt her vaginal muscles contract around his penis. The ache

was incredible. He pumped harder, trying to relieve the pressure. With

a cry, his fangs found the soft flesh of her shoulder, and he drank.

She saw him in those moments--loving, fierce; beautiful, beast;

filled with God, wracked by evil. She felt him pulsing within her,

emptying his seed deep within. She floated in a cloudless sky, the

moon washing her in a silver light.

And then it was over. Nick stood above her, cupping her face with

his hands. "I love you, Natalie Lambert." His voice was a fervent


Once the afterglow had faded and they were once again dressed,

Nick flew her back to the city, with the assurance he would send

someone to get the Caddy in the morning. Secure in his arms, Natalie

knew they had only just begun....


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