1. Did Nick know he would have to murder before becoming a vampire?
a) Before his first kill in the flashback of Dark Knight, Nick's confusion and his entire conversation with LaCroix right from, "I'm thirsty," through LaCroix's, "Mortals die. Does it really matter how or when? Her life for yours," *strongly* imply that Nick didn't realize he would have to kill in order to survive as a vampire. The proof that he didn't know comes after the kill when Nick says, "You've made me a murderer," and LaCroix responds with, "I've made you a God..." etc. Not only does Nick accuse LaCroix, but LaCroix then goes on to defend what he did. After realizing he has become a murderer, Nick wants to "go back" to being mortal. If Nick knew he would have to kill beforehand, this entire exchange would be irrational.
b) Janette makes it clear in BaBa that Nick was ignorant of the consequences of becoming a vampire: Nick: "She was a victim" (Serena). Janette: "So was I, so were you, so are all vampires in the beginning. Seduced by one thing or another, ignorant of the consequences."

2. Was Nick influenced by Janette's whammy when he was seduced by her?
DBTLOTM. The evidence is that Nick's heartbeat can be heard, a clear indication that Janette is connecting with him at some level. This occurs when Janette says, "How badly do you want me?" to Nick from across the room, and when she touches her finger to her mouth and turns to leave.

3. Has Nick really not killed for 100 years?
Although in LYTD Nick states that he hasn't killed for 100 years, it's obvious in other episodes that he has. It's possible that he hasn't killed strictly for food or pleasure in 100 years.

4. Did Nick know LaCroix before Nick was brought across?
In DBTLOTM, when Nick sees LaCroix: Nick:"Who are you?", Janette: "His name is LaCroix", LaCroix: "Hello, Nicholas. We're going to be friends for a long, long time."

5. Is Nick the only vampire trying to become mortal again?
Serena, whom Nick brought across in the past, is also attempting to regain her mortality.

6. Is the fear of crosses all in Nick's Mind?
Nick makes it clear in FIHS that all vampires fear the cross because it is the "one true light" and they are creatures of the dark. As well, other vampires have been shown to recoil from the cross. In addition, in Blackwing, Nick gets a jolt from a ceremonial dagger that is used for native spiritual rituals, without knowing anything about it.

7. Has Nick ever been told that the evil in him came from LaCroix?
In 'Near Death' the guide told him, "LaCroix is the source of the evil that infests you. His evil is still the greater part of what you are."

8. Was Nick bluffing LaCroix about bringing Nat across in BMV?
In present day scenes when Nick's vampire is 'aroused', he always hears the woman's heartbeat. Evidence that he is bluffing is found in what you don't hear - Nick spends a great deal of time working on Natalie, yet never hears a single thump.

9. Has Nick ever saved LaCroix's life?
For certain the flashback of NiQ by pulling the stake out of LaCroix's heart; and most likely in AtA (present day), and Hunters (flashback).

10. Did Nick wipe Natalie's memory of his confrontation with LaCroix at Azure?
Although Natalie establishes that she doesn't remember what happened in the restaurant, it's not known whether her memory loss is due to Nick making her forget, simply because of her lethargic state at the time, or some other factor.

11. Does Nick believe Natalie is the only one who thinks he has any humanity?
Nat: "Don't you have any humanity?" Nick: "I don't know. You're the only one who ever thought I did." (IWR)

12. Has Nick, as a vampire, ever eaten/drank anything other than blood?
As well as sips and swallows of the drinks Nat prepares for him, Nick drinks wine in Baby Baby, whiskey in The Code, and what might be vodka (or water) in 1966. He also ate French Fries in FtB, and hamburger (BBu)

13. Does Nick believe that vampire families are eternally bound together?
Janette tells him this in IWR when he is considering bringing Richard across. Nick replies that he doesn't believe it, and Janette refers to LaCroix's following him around.

14. Have any mortals in Nick Knight's present Toronto life ever known him by a different surname?
Katherine Barrington from FITP (who he met in his present life) knew him as Nicholas Hammond. Lily Toffler from 1966 (who he spoke to on the phone in his present life) knew him as Nick Thomas.

15. Did Nick ever ask Nat to help him find a cure?
Her line in Dark Knight pretty much sums it up, "Is this the same guy who came begging to me to help him change so that he could see a sunrise?"

16. Has Nick ever suggested that it was he who composed one of Beethoven's musical pieces?
In 'Night In Question' Nick said, "...when I was playing it I remember being with a friend and he was jotting down notes on a staff, with a quill, while I was playing it..." suggesting that Nick was actually creating the music while Beethoven was simply copying down the notes as Nick played them.

15. Has Nick really killed only the guilty for several centuries?
Although Nick apparently had a "code" since around 1590 of killing only the guilty (LYTD), this was broken a few times including the flashbacks of Hunted and Strings.

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