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Subject: New Year, New Life

Just a little something to, hopefully, add to the holiday spirit. Thanks to the NUTS for all their encouragement and suggestions.

WARNINGS: Explicit Sex (M/F) (Nick/Natalie)

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New Year, New Life By Nightlady (c) 1999

Nick parked the Caddy and moved quickly up the stairs to the door of Nat's building. Though he'd tended, for the past several decades, to avoid such things as New Year's Eve parties he was surprised to find that he was looking forward to the one tonight. He chuckled as he thought, 'It's not the party; it's getting to spend the time with Nat.' Reaching the door to Nat's apartment he knocked and waited for her to open the door.

Nat was just giving a final quick pat to her hair when she heard the knock. She grabbed her coat and slipped it on before heading to the door. "Be good, Syd," she called out as she passed the somnolent cat.

She was looking forward to tonight. She'd been surprised, but pleased when Nick had proposed that they go to the department's New Year's party. So pleased that she'd splurged and bought a dress especially for the event. 'Now if I can just get the nerve to take off my coat.' She thought with a grin. Opening the door her grin turned into a smile as she looked at Nick. He was resplendent in a well fitted, classic black tuxedo that set off his golden hair. She felt her heart skip a beat as she met his eyes. "You look very handsome tonight. That tux looks great on you." She told him.

Nick smiled back at her, seeing the artful way her hair had been gathered up to cascade down her back in a tumble of auburn curls that accentuated the slender column of her neck. He also noticed that she had her coat buttoned to the very top. "Thanks. I guess I'm going to have to wait till we get to the party to comment on what you're wearing, but from what I can see, I've no doubt that you are going to be the belle of the ball." He said as he leaned forward to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. He pulled her arm through his. "Shall we?"

Nat leaned against him, "Yes, let's go dazzle the rest of the department."

Driving to the ROM, where the party was being held, Nat asked. "Nick, you've never been keen on New Year's celebrations before, why this year?"

Nick smiled. "I've seen more than one century change to another, but I have to admit that changing from 19-to 2000 is somehow a bit special." He glanced at her. "I know that technically the new millennium doesn't begin till 2001, but who am I to fight all the popular opinion on it."

Nat laughed. "Well it is more fun to watch the odometer change from 999 to 1000 than to 1001." She said, as Nick pulled the Caddy into a parking space. Nick got out and went around to Nat's side of the car. He opened the door and offered her his hand to assist her in getting out of the car. They paused for a moment to gaze at the clear, star filled sky. "I know this sounds silly, but tonight feels almost magical." Nat said as they walked the short distance to the museum entrance.

Nick looked at her. "Anytime I'm with you is magical." He said softly as they reached the doors to the museum. He felt Nat gently squeeze his arm and met her look of love with one of his own.

Inside, Nick led Nat over to where a cloakroom had been set up for the party. As they approached, Nat could feel butterflies in her stomach. At the check counter, Nick turned to her. "So, am I finally going to see your dress?" He asked.

Nat took a deep breath and unbuttoning her coat, slipped it off. She heard Nick's intake of breath as he caught sight of her gown. Almost fearfully she slowly raised her eyes to his face.

Nick felt a wave of pure desire rush through him as he gazed at the vision before him. Nat had chosen a gown of soft, moiré silk in a rich shade of blue that deepened the color of her eyes. The neckline plunged in a deep vee that allowed a delectable view of cleavage. The bodice clung enticingly in all the right places showing off Nat's curves to their best advantage. Nick felt his mouth go dry as he struggled to not sweep her up in his arms, find a secluded area and ravish her. He met her eyes and saw the uncertainty in them. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear. "It's a good thing you didn't let me see this back at your apartment or we'd have never made it here." He placed a soft kiss on her slender throat, noting as he did so that the back of the dress revealed as much as the front did. "You are exquisitely beautiful and I feel honored to be allowed to accompany you this evening." He added.

Nat felt a blush start to rise as she saw the open look of hunger and desire on Nick's face. His words only served to deepen the blush. At the same time, the knowledge that Nick found her attractive filled her with a deep joy. "So you approve?" She asked.

"I very much approve." Nick said, slipping his arm around her waist as they headed to the great hall where the party was being held. They quickly spotted Joe Reese and his wife and headed in their direction. Nick's keen hearing allowed him to overhear the reactions of many of the other men present and not a few of the women. "You're causing quite a stir." He whispered to Nat. "The men are all trying to figure out how to get you away from me and the women are all wishing they looked as lovely as you do."

"The men can forget it. I'm with the only man I want." Nat said, surprising herself by her boldness. She felt Nick's arm tighten slightly around her just as they reached the Reeses.

"Natalie, you look wonderful." Denise Reese said, giving Nat a hug. "And you're not hard on the eyes either, Nick." Even before Joe had taken over the 96th precinct, Denise had heard about the handsome couple before her. Seeing them together she decided that if ever there were two people who were meant to be together, it was these two.

Joe Reese shook hands with Nick. "Good to see you here, Nick." He turned to Nat. "Denise is right, you look lovely."

After chatting with the Reeses' for a few minutes, Denise was eagerly looking forward to the fireworks display that would be set off at the stroke of midnight; Nick and Nat moved on to greet other friends. Each person they met commented on what a nice looking coupe they made. When they met Grace she eyed Nat's gown and then gave her a 'thumbs up' sign, causing Nat to laugh.

They drifted over to the buffet table. Nick chose items suggested by Nat and they found a table. Nat nibbled from both their plates, so that it would appear that they were both eating to anyone casually passing by. When the music started, Nick stood and offered his hand to Nat. "Would you like to dance?"

Nat nodded. "I'd love to." They moved out onto the dance floor and Nick took her into his arms. Nat laid her head against his shoulder as they began to glide across the floor.

Nat closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of being held in Nick's arms. She loved to dance and Nick was a skilled partner. She felt her knees weaken as Nick's hand lightly caressed her back, imagining his cool touch on other parts of her body, and she smiled when she felt the physical evidence of his desires as he pressed her tightly against him. Nat felt the softest of kisses on her temple as she tried to commit every nuance of the moment in her mind.

Nick laid his cheek against Nat's hair inhaling the scent of her. He softly stroked the soft skin of her back that the gown made accessible to him and he felt the tightness in his groin increase. He wanted her so badly; the touch of her body against his was a glorious torture. He pulled her closer to him, craving the feel of her. Unable to resist, Nick brushed her temple with his lips.

As they glided to the music time seemed suspended. Neither was aware of anything else, for them the universe consisted only of each other. At last the music ended and they reluctantly left the dance floor. Nick's arm lay protectively around Nat's shoulders as she snuggled close to him. Across the room, Denise Reese and Grace shared knowing looks and smiled. The hours until midnight passed quickly and soon they joined the rest of the partygoers to count in the New Year. At midnight, the large hall was filled with cries of "Happy New Year!" while at the same time the lights were dimmed to permit better viewing of the fireworks display.

As the dull boom signaling the launch of the first skyrockets cause many in the crowd to turn to the face the large floor to ceiling windows that ran along on wall, Nick turned Nat to face him. "Happy New Year, Nat." He said gazing into her eyes. Before she could respond, he leaned forward and captured her lips with his. Their lips met just as the first rocket exploded, filling the night sky with a burst of multicolored glory. As Nick deepened the kiss, the sparkling explosions outside paled compared to the ones that seemed to run through their bodies.

Nat, needing to breathe, unwillingly broke the kiss. She could feel her heart pounding as she prayed that her legs, which suddenly felt like overcooked spaghetti, would support her. She looked into Nick's face and saw the golden flecks that sparkled amid the blueness of his eyes. "Nick," she breathed, "let's get out of here."

Nick nodded, "My very thought." He was struggling to keep the vampire contained. They slipped through the crowd and reclaimed Nat's coat. Nick helped her on with it, taking the opportunity to plant several kisses on her neck as he did so. Quietly, they left the museum and hurried to the Caddy.

At the car, Nick found himself unusually clumsy as he tried to unlock the doors. His need for Nat was so intense as to verge on being painful. At last he managed to complete the simple act and a few moments later pulled the car away from the ROM He started to drive in the direction of Nat's apartment.

"Nick, can we go to the loft?" Nat asked. "I'm not confident that the drapes at my place would offer enough protection for you."

Nick pulled the car over to the curb looked over at her. "Nat, I don't want to risk hurting you. It would be safer if I took you home." He gasped as Nat laid her hand on the swollen bulge of his manhood. "Nat, I'm barely controlling my beast. I want to make love to you so badly, but I do not want to hurt you." He gasped.

"Then take me to the loft and make love to me, because if you take me to my apartment and leave me there, alone, you'll hurt me far more." Nat said calmly. "I know the risk and I'm not afraid. I love you, Nick, and I need you."

Nick saw the love in her eyes and heard the sincerity of her words. "I love you too, Nat, more than my own existence." He reached over and caressed her cheek, then pulled away from the curb and drove toward the loft.

At the loft Nick parked the car in the garage and helped Nat out. "Nat, are you sure?" He asked, even as the scent of her arousal filled his head.

"I've never been more certain of anything in my life." Nat said, her eyes shinning with happiness. She sighed with pleasure and closed her eyes as Nick claimed her mouth with his and then lifted her into his arms. She was conscious of a slight whooshing sound and the feel of air rushing past her. Opening her eyes she found that they were upstairs, in the master bedroom of the loft. Nick set her gently on her feet. Nick moved swiftly about the room lighting several candles, their warm golden light providing just enough illumination to turn the chamber into a fairy tale setting. Once the candles were lit, Nick shrugged off his tuxedo jacket and removed the bow tie he wore before he returned and again took her into his arms. He kissed her while his fingers were undoing the buttons of her coat. In moments he was sliding it from her shoulders.

Nick paused to gaze again at the vision before him. He admired the tantalizing glimpse of Nat's full, firm breasts that the gown offered and the beguiling way it shimmered in the candlelight. "You are so beautiful," he told her caressing her face. "And I love you so very much." He added. Gently pulling her close to him, he rained light kisses on her face and down her neck. The sound of the sweet nectar of her blood as it rushed through her veins and its scent, now combined with the musk like scent of Nat's arousal filled his head and Nick felt his turgid cock swelling even more.

 For Nat, each kiss sent a shiver of anticipatory pleasure through her body. When Nick nuzzled the sensitive area, just below her ear, where her jaw and neck met she moaned aloud at the feeling this action produced. She gratefully leaned against Nick, delighting in the feel of his firm muscles. She felt his hands as they strayed to her upswept hair and removed the pins holding it in place. As it tumbled free, Nat gave her head a slight shake causing the mass of fiery curls to frame her face. Her hands were running through Nick's hair and along the planes of his chest and back. The simple act of being able to at long last touch and caress him as she'd dreamt of doing was a delight to her. She could feel her juices flowing already and her very core ached with thus far unfulfilled need. Boldly, she removed the cummerbund and then began to undo the studs of Nick's tuxedo shirt, her fingers swiftly accomplishing the task. Nat slid her hands inside the shirt feeling the cool firm flesh of Nick's chest beneath them. She glanced up at him to see his reaction.

Nick closed his eyes as Nat's warm hands caressed him. He'd spent many long days imagining just such a thing, but the reality was far more pleasurable than any of his dreams had been. Opening his eyes, he found himself gazing into Nat's eyes. With a smile, Nick reached behind Nat and slowly lowered the zipper of her dress. He ran his hands up along the edge of the plunging back until he reached her shoulders then eased the dress off of her. As the soft fabric pooled at her feet, Nat stood before Nick clad only in her garter belt and stockings. Nick's eyes traveled slowly down her body, drinking in the sight of her proud firm breasts, the nipples already tightened into erect peaks, the soft curve of her waist and the curly thatch of hair that formed a triangle between her thighs. Nick slipped off his shoes as his hands moved to undo his slacks, his erection demanding to be released, letting the slacks drop to the floor. He sighed in relief as the constraining fabric dropped away.

Nat unconsciously licked her lips as she noted the way the black silk boxers Nick wore were tented out by his erect manhood. Carefully stepping away from her dress, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the boxers and pushed them down over Nick's hips to join his slacks. Her eyes were drawn to his long, thick, pulsing member. She noted that the foreskin was already retracted and the tip moist with lubricating fluids. An overwhelming desire to taste him washed over her and she dropped to knees before him. Closing her hand around his thickness, she ran her tongue slowly over the tip of it. She heard Nick draw in a sharp breath and saw the muscles of his stomach and thighs tighten. Licking him she slowly took as much of his penis as she could into her mouth.

Nick threw back his head as a wave of blissful pleasure flowed through him. He felt his fangs drop as his beast emerged to enable him too more fully savors this experience. His world seemed to narrow to Nat and the intense, sensual sensations her actions were causing. His hips twitched as she began to slowly suck and slowly slide her mouth up and down the length of his erection. The need to sheath himself deep within the moist folds of Nat's vagina grew with every passing second. "Nat, I want to come in you, with you." He said, his voice deepened by the beast's presence. Gently he reached down and urged her to her feet. He watched her face as she saw his now golden-hued eyes and descended fangs. Her smile and the willing way she leaned into him, seeking his mouth with hers filled him with warmth.

Nat allowed Nick to help her to stand. She noticed immediately that Nick was fully vamped but she felt no fear. It was still Nick, still the man she loved. As her mouth found his and their tongues met in a dance of love, Nat felt Nick lifting her. Seconds later, she felt the luxurious caress of the satin bed sheets beneath her back. Nick smoothly undid each stocking and slid it off, caressing her legs as he did so. Nat raised her hips slightly and Nick slid the garter belt off. The he lay next to her on the bed.

As Nick's mouth moved from hers to trace an arousing trail to her breasts, she gave herself to the moment. When his velvet soft lips caressed the receptive nubs of her nipples, Nat squirmed with need. As he suckled, first at one breast then the other, Nat's womb seemed to fill with a molten pool of pleasure. She arched her back, wanting more and groaned with disappointment when she felt Nick's lips leave the fullness of her bosom. It quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as he sought and found her clit. Her body shook as waves of intense erotic gratification flowed from the skillful ministrations of Nick's tongue and mouth.

Nick relished the taste of Nat's juices as he licked and sucked at the core of her sexuality. That and her scent served to increase his need for her. The sound of her moans of pleasure and knowing that he was the source of that pleasure only increased his joy. As he felt her muscles tighten as her climax approached, Nick skillfully paced the rhythm of his actions. He brought her to the very brink of climax, holding her there for several moments before he granted her the release she craved.

Nat writhed as her body screamed for release. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she clutched at the sheets. She cried out wordlessly when at last she felt her body awash in the gratification of release. She could feel her womb contracting over and over in the throes of her orgasm. Despite all the pleasure, she still ached to feel Nick deep inside her.

Nick shifted his position to cradle Nat in his arms, holding her as she recovered from the orgasm. He lightly kissed her face; his own need was now nearly painful in its intensity. Still, Nick hesitated fear for Nat's safety more powerful than his own desires.

"Nick, please, I want to feel you inside me." Nat murmured.

"Nat, I must have blood to fully make love to you and if I take too much," Nick began.

"Then bring me across." Nat said. She softly stroked his cheek. "I know that you think that making me what you are is the worst thing you could do to me, but it's not." She saw Nick's look of confusion. "I know that in only a few more years you're going to have to move on. To have you leave, to never see you again, that would be the worst thing you could ever do to me. That would destroy my soul." She felt tears forming in her eyes as she tried to convey her emotions to him. "I love you, Nick and I will gladly trade the sunlight to be able to be with you, forever."

Nick turned golden eyes on her and slowly nodded. "I cannot bear the idea of being apart from you, either." He told her. He cupped her chin in his hand as his mouth once again sought hers.

Nat returned Nick's kiss in full measure. When he moved to slide between her legs, she moaned in anticipation. Reaching down, she took his member in her hand and guided him to her moist entrance.

Nick eased the tip of his manhood into Nat unable to deny his need any longer, with one smooth thrust entered her completely. Both gasped as at the overpowering sensation of rightness they experienced. Slowly, Nick began to move inside Nat and she met his movements with her own. Nick's thrusts grew in both speed and intensity as his body reveled in their union. He felt waves of pleasure course through him, each one more powerful than the last, until he knew that he was on the brink of climax. He could tell from Nat's movements and the small sounds of ecstasy she was making that she too was poised on the edge of the precipice of her own orgasm. Even as these thoughts crossed his mind, Nat reached up and pulled his mouth to her exposed throat. "Now, Nick, please. Remember that I love you and that I want to be with you forever." She whispered.

Nick slid his fangs into her and as the first drops of her blood filled his mouth, her unconditional love of him exploded in his mind along with her delighted pleasure as she reached her climax. He closed his eyes and gave himself to the intense feelings that filled both his mind and his body as he found his release in several shuddering spasms.

As he continued drinking images of Nat's life, her childhood, her joys, sorrows, and her hopes and dreams filled his mind. The strength of her love for him outshone it all and he knew that her greatest hope and dream was to be with him. He felt her mind touch his and, withholding nothing allowed her to fully know him.

Nat felt her orgasm burst upon her as Nick's fangs found their goal. She saw all that had made him the person he was today and she accepted it, both the bad and good, with out censor. Her soul sang with happiness as she felt his love for her. She clung to that love as she felt herself slipping into darkness. She wasn't afraid, she trusted that this love they shared would be enough to call her back to Nick. She smiled as the darkness claimed her.

Nick sensed Nat's heart slowing and withdrew his fangs. He moved to pull her into his arms as he sat up against the headboard of the bed. Pushing thoughts of his failure to bring Alyssa across from his mind, Nick opened the vein in his wrist and held it to Nat's mouth. "Come back to me, my love. Come and be with me forever." He whispered. Relief flooded through him as he felt Nat swallow and then begin to suck at the open wound.

Nat found she was standing in a clearing surrounded by a mist-filled landscape. In front of her, in the distance, she could see a bright golden light. A part of her wanted to go to the light, but her heart told her to wait. After what seemed only a few seconds, she heard Nick's voice. Turning her back to the light she stepped into the mist.

Nick watched as Nat's eyelids fluttered, then opened. He gazed into soft golden eyes that were filled with love and happiness. "Welcome back, my dearest love." He said as he cuddled her tightly in his embrace.

Nat smiled at him and snuggled against him. This was the first night of a new existence and she had never been happier in her life.

The End.

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