Never Enough

by StormyNite

Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under
18 years then please do not read any further

Natalie sat typing on the computer, mumbling to herself as Grace walked
by her desk for the third time in an hour. Each time, Grace would stop,
start to say something, but receiving the evil 'don't start on me look'
from Nat.

It had been like this all week. The work load had been light, so
everyone was finally catching up on their paperwork. Nat was wound
tight as a spring. As sure as Grace was 40lbs overweight, Natalie's
problem was related to a certain blonde detective. She knew they were
spending a great deal of time together, but the sexual tension between
the two of them was almost palpable. Finally, she'd had enough.

"You know what your problem is, girl?" Grace started in.

Natalie stopped typing and glared at Grace for interrupting her. She
was having a tough time concentrating anyway, but with Grace clearing
her throat, pacing, and trying to get her to talk every 5 minutes, she
was getting nothing accomplished. "No, Grace. What is my problem?"
Natalie snapped.

"You need to get laid.....and if a certain blonde detective doesn't
relieve both of your sexual frustrations pretty soon the entire night
shift is going to resign. They are starting to call him the
'Knightmare' and you 'Dragon Lady'. You two are strung as tight as any
couple I have ever met." Grace stood with her hand on her hips as she
lectured Natalie. "I've got only two words to say to you girl....for
all our sakes.....FIX IT! By the way I'm booking off early. Maybe you
should too." With that, Grace dropped her lab coat on the hook and
walked out the door.

Nat sat stunned, watching her friend and co-worker walk out the door.
It probably was true. She and Nick were both pretty edgy. They had
spent the last few nights over at the University working with a special
DNA sequencer. A friend of Nat's had gotten her access to it for the
week. When they finished, they would return to Nick's for a little
R&R. Each night they seemed to get a little closer,then Nick would back
off just when things would start to get interesting.

Grace was right. She needed a release and soon or she was going to
start using the scalpel on other things besides dead bodies....but how
to convince Nick that he had control and not the beast. He wanted her.
That thought pleased her immensely. She knew the reason he held back
was to protect her, yet a part of her was not certain she wanted
protection. At least not if it meant they couldn't be close. She
stared at the DNA information on Nick's blood from last night for the
10th ten in the last hour when it virtually jumped off the page at her.
The answer was there all along. Why hadn't she seen it? Picking up the
phone, she dialed Nick.

Nick answered the phone on the first ring. "Knight."

"Nick, meet me at the University in an hour. Book off early. I have
something I want to try and I need the sequencer." She waited patiently
for him to answer, holding her breath all the while.

Nick could almost feel the tension in Nat's voice and grew concerned.
"What is it, Nat? Is something wrong?"

"No, Nick, I just need you there in an hour. Can you do it?"

"No problem. I can be there sooner if it helps." He smiled when he
heard her finally let her breath out.

" hour....okay?"

"One hour it is."


Nick walked into the Sequencer Lab just a little after 2 am. The
Captain actually seemed relieved he was booking off early. He knew he
had been a little edgy with people lately. He was going to have to
seek relief or cause bodily damage to Nat or someone else. Trouble was,
he really didn't want anyone else but Natalie. The thought of hurting
her ate at what was left of his mortal soul. He would take cold showers
for eternity before he would ever hurt her, but he knew this was hard on
her too. Was there an answer aside from him leaving?

As much as he dreaded the time spent here in this lab, having Nat strap
him onto the analyzer table, he truly enjoyed all the attention she
lavished on him. He had never told her why he was terrified of being
chained up, but somehow she understood his irrational fear about it.

Those months in chains during the crusade took their toll on his psyche,
not to mention the number of times that LaCroix had chained him up to
control him. If she knew what it took for him to willingly give
her his wrists to clamp down before she turned on the machine, she
probably would not have asked it of him. Nick stared at the manacles on
the table. The machine required flesh to be touching the manacles
firmly without movement in order to sequence properly. That's why they
were made of a special titanium alloy that they used in the last NASA
space shuttle. There was supposed to be nothing stronger.

Natalie walked into the room and watched the emotions play across his
face as he stared at the table. She knew he hated it, but he would
never tell her why; yet he was willing to do it for her. Eventually, he
would tell her when he was ready, but for now it was a sign of faith in
her that he would crawled on the table and let her tie him down.

"Hi!" She stepped in front of his view of the sequencer before she
continued. "I see you made it a little before me. Do me a favor and
remove your jacket before you get on the sequencer. I want to check
your heart rate when I turn it on tonight." Nat's heart was beating
unusually fast and it caught his attention.

Nick gently touched her cheek and pulled her into his arms, not only to
calm her fears but his as well. "You want to tell me what's going on?
Why are you are about to crawl right out of your skin?" He forced her
to look at him before she answered.

Nat started to deny any problems only to be silenced with his lips on
hers. What started as a simple kiss soon turned passionate as Nick let
his tongue circle the inside of her mouth. A tiny moan escaped her lips
as he gently sucked on one lip and then the other, only to return and
plunge his tongue back into her willing mouth. Natalie gave into him
willingly and wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her against
his body. She could feel his arousal on her thigh and marveled at the
effect she had on him. If only he wouldn't stop.

His hands roamed freely own her back as he pulled her harder against
him. He wanted her so badly it hurt and with each kiss, her need was
growing as much as his. She removed her hands from his neck and let one
drift down his shirt front as her other hand found his now throbbing
member straining to be released from his tight jeans. As soon as her
hands touched him through the material, his canines began to ache with a
need for blood: Natalie's blood. He fought to control the beast and
concentrated on pleasing just her, but as each stroke to his manhood
brought more pleasure it also brought the beast surging forth, demanding
to be fed.

With a feral growl, Nick pushed reluctantly away and stepped back
breathing heavily. A small cry came from her lips as he broke the
embrace and put some distance between them.

A single tear escaped from her eye as she let her blue ones meet his now
golden eyes as he fought for control. They were so close. Nick watched
the tear slide silently down her cheek, causing more pain in his heart
than a stake ever could. "Nat.....I.....?" He reached for her and
this time she pulled back.

"I can't do this anymore, Nick. I know it's not your fault but I� have
needs." She walked over to the sequencer, wiping the tear from
her cheek as she spoke. The sequencer table was in the standing
position as she touched it with all of its wires, monitors and
clamps. "The answer IS here, Nick. I know it." She almost whispered
as she reverently stroked the table top facing her.

Nick came silently to her side and ran his cool fingers over the top of
her hands and finally cupped both of hers into his. Slowly he brought
them to his lips and kissed them gently. Removing one hand from hers he
caressed her cheek, as he let his eyes roam her beautiful face while she
leaned into his touch. "This isn't fair to you...I know that, but if I
were to hurt you I couldn't...."

She touched his lips to silence him with her fingertips and then
caressed his cheek as he had hers only moments before. "Trust me, Nick.
The answer is here. We just have to prove it. I have an idea if you're
willing to try." She looked hopefully into his eyes.

Taking both her hands back into his, he kissed them quickly. "I trust
you with everything that I am and always."

Nat smiled broadly and pushed him flat against the sequencer table in
one smooth motion. "Good....because...." She locked the manacles in
place as he watched in amazement. "I have had enough." With that she
turned and walked out of the room leaving Nick clamped in a standing
position on the sequencer.

Nick automatically tested the manacles out of habit and waited. He
wasn't sure what Nat had in mind,but the thought of being tied up with
no one around brought back many unpleasant memories that he didn't want
to revisit. Nat returned moments later wearing her lab coat and
carrying Nick's forever growing file. She smiled when she entered the
room and put on the 'Dr. Lambert persona' she had perfected in Med

"Well, Detective, let's start with the latest information and put it to
a test. What do you say?" Nat locked eyes with Nick for only a brief
second before she returned to the file. "Your last DNA samples
yesterday were driving me crazy all night, along with this little
anomaly that showed up only once in the whole sequence. It finally hit
me why it was there only once. I checked the time and I was right. The
anomaly only appeared when we turned the sun lamp on you, which in turn,
caused you pain,as I recall."

Nick stood patiently clamped to the machine as she continued. He didn't
understand where this was going or how it was related to his condition.
Nat noticed the questions in his eyes.

"Don�t you see, Nick? When you are stressed or in pain, the anomaly
appears and aggravates the vampire traits in your cells. Your cells go
crazy, almost like they are in pain and cry out for relief. That relief
being the need for blood. That's why when you get pissed or excited or
hurt, your body requires blood, preferably human blood because that's
what your original cell structure was." She looked at him to see if he
was understanding all this.

"So you're saying that if we can control the anomaly then I won't crave
blood?" He looked hopefully at her.

"You got it! " She smiled broadly before she continued. "Now we have
to test the theory. Are you game?"

Raising one eyebrow and glancing at the manacles, Nick finally
answered. "And just what did you have in mind....Doctor?"

Natalie smiled sweetly as she walked over to him and laid her hand
gently on his chest. "Well, as a physician, I can tell you, it's a well
known fact that sex is a major stress inducer as well as stress
reliever." She let her hand run up his hard muscled chest as she spoke
in a sultry whisper. Dropping the folder on a nearby desk, she turned
her full attention to the exploration of his shoulders, chest and
stomach, gently stroking her hands across him as she slowly unbuttoned
his shirt. Nick took in a quick breath as she let her hands roam across
his stomach and slowly trace a pattern down his thigh as he watched.
She moved closer with each stroke until she stopped with her lips only
an inch from his before she continued. "We will, of course, keep the
sequencer going the entire time and so we can monitor all the changes
as they happen and then...." She kissed his lips lightly and let her
right hand caress his inner thigh.

Nick captured her lips in his and strained against the manacles in
frustration. "Nat, release me," he commanded hoarsely as he captured
her lips again.

Nat broke the kiss then stepped back to admire his now bare chest, the
open shirt gently rippling with his movements. A sly smile appeared on
her face as she watched the bulge in his jeans become pronounced. She
loved the fact that she had this effect on him.

Nick followed her gaze to his erection and realized she had no intention
of releasing him. "Nat?" His eyes pleaded with her.

"Not this time, Nick," she whispered softly as she slowly unzipped her
lab coat. In one motion she let it drop to the floor in a pile and
stepped out of it. She stood before him in a black lace bra and thong
with black high heels. Odd he hadn't noticed them before, but that lab
coat hid a great deal of Natalie's lovely attributes that Nick always

Slowly she walked over to him, never letting her eyes leave his. "This
time, Nick, I say when we stop...." She let her hands trace his chest
and upper arms to the manacles around his wrist. "because....I have
control of the beast." She laid her breasts up next to his cool chest
and rubbed them slowly across his upper torso, finally melding his
willing lips to hers. Nick wasn't sure if the groan that escaped them
came from himself or her, as her tongue plunged into his mouth and she
pressed her nearly naked body against his. Natalie let her hands roam
his hard body at will, eventually running one hand into the waistband
of his jeans. She unzipped them and slowly pushed them over his hips.

She laid a path of wet kisses on his chest, gently sucking his nipples
causing such exquisite torture Nick thought he would go mad. All this
time her hand was slowly encircling his now hard shaft. Slowly she
pulled his briefs over his hips as she kissed the flat of his stomach.
The sensation of her breasts rubbing against him as she worked her way
down his flat stomach nearly drove him over the edge. The beast was
already begging to be released. His fangs ached to the point of physical
pain. If she continued, he was lost.

She stopped only long enough to watch Nick's now golden eyes turn red,
as she released his now hard cock from its final restraint and placed
her fingertips around his swollen member. As she watched in fascination
the effect of her caressing, a low feral growl radiated deep from within
his chest. His hard cock grew even more in her hand until she was
beyond stopping. As she went to her knees before him, he cried out to
her in a ragged voice.

"Nat,! I won't be able too...." he panted between words but
was to late.

As he pleaded, she took him completely into her mouth and sucked hard.
As his hard cock slid into her warm mouth, electricity shot through
him as the beast was released. He strained at the manacles and pushed
himself deeper into that warm chamber as she sucked. He couldn't get
deep enough into her, so she opened her throat and took him completely,
pulling his buttocks with her hands and wrapping her tongue around his
member with each stroke. Nick was on fire and almost insane with
pleasure as she continued to take him fully into her throat and mouth.
He was close to exploding and virtually ripping his arms to shreds in an
effort to free himself. Each stroke driving him closer and closer to
the release they both sought when the human part of the man gained a
little control.

Between ragged breathes, he begged her. "Not like this
Natalie....please.....I want to be inside you....Nat....please? I want
to feel all of inside you....touch you....I need you to come
with me." His eyes were red with lust but his voice spoke of more. She
needed no more encouragement.

She released his cock from her lips, inched back, and then rose. She
panted heavily as perspiration dotted her entire body. Slowly she
pressed her body next to his and found his lips again. She let her
tongue trace his fangs as he nipped at her lips and sucked the few drops
of blood that appeared. She reached for the remote on the wall and hit
tilt, causing the sequencer table and all aboard to rotate from a
standing position to supine.

Reluctantly Natalie released his lips and sat straddling his waist. She
let her hands roam his chest and locked her eyes with his now feral red
ones. She looked at his bloodied wrists still restrained by the
manacles and wished desperately she could release him. Desperately she
wanted his hands on her breasts, her body, everywhere at once.
Instinctively she let her own hands cup her breast through the lace bra
and squeeze the nipples into hard buds as he watched.

"Nat?" Nick whispered barely in control of the raging beast. "Let me
feel you. I need to touch you..." He stared momentarily at his
restraints and locked eyes with her with an understanding of her
fear and acceptance. The risk she would take if she released him only
made him want her more. "Ride me, Nat...if this is the only way.....
then you are going to have to be my hands because I need to be with you
and bury myself deep inside you. Help me,...Nat....Help us!" As he
spoke the blue returned to his eyes and the hope in Natalie's heart

She let her hands run over his body slowly as she bent to suck one of
his nipples into her mouth. With her other hand she undid the clasp of
her bra and released her breasts to his gaze. Slowly she rubbed them up
his chest until he was free to reach them with his mouth. He let his
tongue encircle the nipple and he sucked gently at first, and then
stronger until she gasped with pleasure as it turned hard under his
ministration. He treated the other breast with equal care as she let
her hand caress his flat stomach and make her way back to his still
hard cock.

Pulling her breast free from his lips, she let her hand encircle his
shaft and needed it softly at first and then harder as he gasped for
air. Her breathe was coming in short gasps now as she became wet with
anticipation. She lether eyes lock with his as she eased the thong to
the side and slowly slid onto his hard shaft.

As he slid deep within her warm wet chamber, he could feel her life's
blood pounding in his ears. Ever so slowly she rose off him feeling
every inch of his cock and burying it again all the way to her core.
Each time she withdrew he thought he would go insane as he pushed harder
to be closer to her. She was amazed at his size and their fit together,
but she could not get enough of him. With each push she took him
further and further into her body until she screamed with tension and

It wasn�t enough until she could feel him against her uterus. Only
then did she rock in motion with his lunges. Each stroke took them
closer and closer. Nick strained at the manacles as his whole being
centered on her very core and how she felt with him. The more she
moved, the more he wanted. She was on the edge of release and he wanted
to come with her. To love her completely and let her feel his love for
her. Blood filled his mind and his body as he drove into her and she
matched him stroke for stroke until she screamed his name in release and
her whole body contracted around his hard member. He was lost as he
drove in one final thrust and exploded within her. As his body released
into hers, the pain from denying him her blood tortured his very being.
His body burned with a fire that demanded to be quenched in order for
him to survive, yet the man fought to find another way. Ever so slowly
the fire traveled throughout his body until none of the pleasure he felt
only minutes before existed. The beast would be fed or Nick would die.
His whole body burned with the need for Natalie's blood.

Natalie let herself go to her orgasm as white lights danced behind her
eyes, erupting into a kaleidoscope of color as her whole body contracted
on his. She drove hard onto his final thrusts, wanting Nick to feel all
that she felt and gain his release as he exploded inside her. She was
filled with such warmth as he pumped his seed into her and released
himself only to her. She watched him experience the ecstasy she had
felt only moments ago engulf him, only to be replaced by agony. He was
on fire and the pain was etched into his face.

"Nick?" Natalie screamed as she climbed off him. "Tell me what to
do." Tears ran down her cheeks freely. "Nick, open your eyes. Tell me
what�s happening!"

Nick opened red eyes of pain to hers as the words just wouldn't come.
His breath was labored and he no longer struggled against his
restraints. Natalie quickly released them by the switch on the wall.

"My God, Nick! What have I done?" She was crying uncontrollably as
she returned to his side. "Help me here, Nick. Tell me what to do?"

Nick fought the beast and the pain as he weakly raised his hand to her
neck and felt her pulse. The beast surge forward trying to control the
man as his fangs ached for the taste of her blood. His soul cried out
to become one with her. The feel of her hand on his and her breathe next
to his ear as she wept cradling his head next hers stopped him. She
loved him. It was in her heart, her actions, and her blood that he got
a small taste of during their love making. She would be there for him
no matter what happened and for the first time in over 750 years he had
loved without taking a life. He would endure the fires of Hell to keep
Natalie safe from himself.

Natalie sensed his conflict and realized her mistake. Taking blood
during sex was not just an emotional but a physical need. He needed her
blood. Without thinking Natalie ran to her bag on the desk and grabbed
a scalpel. Making one clean incision on her right arm, she let the
blood flow freely and then offered it to Nick. She would face what ever
consequences came as long as Nick survived.

The scent of her blood permeated the room. She offered her wrist to him
and his eyes turned feral red again as he clutched her bleeding arm in
his grasp. The burning pain increased as he fought for control. Just
to taste her...her warmth... her love just once and they could be one.
He struggled with himself and his past failures in stopping and he met
her gaze through painfilled eyes. There was no doubt in her. She knew
the risks as well as he.

"You will stop, Nick. I know it. Drink...feel what I feel for you and
let me be a part of you in the only way you can." She offered him her
bleeding wrist again.

Quickly he sank his teeth into her wrist and drank. With the first
swallow, he was lost in her feelings of love for him. With each
mouthful her warmth touched his heart and caressed his soul. It was
sweet,yet bitter, filled with hope and longing for a life with him. She
loved him body and soul just as he was. The fire that burned within him
calmed, and the pain disappeared only to be replaced by something he had
never felt before....a completeness, as if after all these centuries
that cold empty part of him no longer existed. Only Natalie's warmth
and love lived there. He pulled his fangs from her wrist to meet her
eyes once more. What he found there was not disgust, but love and hope.
She made him whole.

"For unto me you have given the greatest gift of all, Natalie
Lambert. I shall cherish it, protect it and be ever faithful to your
love. I swear this to you, Natalie. I am only a shell without you and I
shall love you forever." He brought her bleeding wrist to his lips and
kissed it gently, applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

As he kissed her wrist, she brought her fingertips to his lips and
then gently stroked his face. "I will hold you to that, Nick Knight,
because until you let me feel some of what you are, I was afraid.
Afraid that you would never let me touch you, afraid that we were never
meant to be together, afraid that you would walk away and never look
back, afraid you couldn't love me for who I am or that if you did, it
wouldn't be enough.

Nick cupped her face between his hands as he spoke. "And now?"

Natalie smiled. "Now...I know that you are the other part of me. The
part that I've been searching for my whole life and no matter what
happens between us, we will always be together." She pulled his lips to
hers and let the fire build again.

The End