1. Are Natalie's parents dead?
There's no evidence in the series either way.

2. Was Nat responsible for saving vampires in Fever?
LaCroix makes it quite clear in this episode that Natalie had the power to save vampires or let them die. LaCroix: "Why save vampires? Why not let them die?"

3. Does Natalie remember Nick kissing her in her apartment?
The night after Azure, Natalie tells Nick, "Alright, I don't remember a thing from the time I stepped in the restaurant until you took me home in the cab last night," establishing she doesn't remember what happened at Azure. She also remarks, "The whole day is just a b..." (blur assumed). Not only is her remark open to interpretation, but time-wise it is outside the scope of the apartment scene. The apartment scene took place in the early evening at least one night before Azure -- *before* the day that was a "blur". There's actually no evidence that Natalie's memory is anything but normal regarding the apartment scene.

4. Has Natalie ever saved Nick's life?
Nick was brain dead in Near Death. The guide told him that only the humanity he desecrated could save him now, and Natalie was the one who saved him. Although his spirit/consciousness may have survived indefinitely in the ND land, he would be considered dead dead by our standards.

5. Has Natalie ever witnessed Nick killing someone?
She saw Nick kill her brother Richard in IWR, and vampire Spark right on her bed (AMPH).

6. Has Natalie ever assaulted anyone?
In 'Undue Process', she slapped the public attorney across the face and in 'AMPH', she clobbered Spark with a pillar shaped vase thingie.

7. Does Natalie believe in the afterlife?
In 'Near Death', she says, "Come on Nick, you know what I believe. Is there an afterlife? Yes. Can we just knock on the door and visit whenever we want? No."

8. Has Natalie seen any vampires besides Nick?
Several of them - Richard, Spark, LaCroix, Janette, Screed, Vachon, the Barber (Jack), Serena, Urs, Sophia, Inca, Ellen (though not her vampire personality).

9. Has Natalie ever admitted to Nick that he had evil in him?
In Francesca she said, "Because evil is a part of the human condition, Nick. Curing you won't eradicate the evil in you, but it will help you to control it."

10. Has Natalie ever removed bullets from Janette?
She did this in AFWTD.

11. Is Natalie's birthday April 14th?
Natalie stated point blank in LK that her birthday was April 14th. While there was evidence in OtL that her birthday was in the "summer", there was also contradiction. Her desk calendar was set at June, but the last date in her journal (Nick's progress) clearly reads, "August 4th, 1991". Both the August and June dates suggested in OtL left room open for rationalizing (she had the pages of the calendar flipped, she scribbled down the wrong date accidentally, etc.) whereas her statement in LK was straightforward. If she had actually said outright in OtL that her birthday was August 14th or June 25th or whatever - that's another story, like Schanke's mother-in-law - evidence of equal weight, and the result would be "Undetermined".

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