Nashville Knights

by Vickie Sykes and Nancy Taylor

Archived January 2004 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

	Natalie folded another pair of jeans and placed them in
her suitcase.  She smiled as she sorted through her intimate
apparel, deciding that now was the time to pack the slinky black
teddy Grace and her co-workers had given her on her thirtieth
	Natalie hadn't had a real vacation in over a year, and now
she had some time off ... the same time off as a certain vampire
detective of her acquaintance.  She finished packing the large
suitcase and carried it out of her bedroom to place it beside
the front door.  Nick would be here to pick her up in less than
a half hour and she wasn't quite ready yet.
	Fortunately, Grace had been more than willing to take care
of Sydney, Natalie's large gray and white cat, while she was
gone.  Grace had already picked the kitty up and taken him home
with her.  One less thing for Natalie to worry about....
	Natalie fussed about the house, making sure the plants
were watered and calling a neighbor to remind him she would be
gone and would he please keep an eye on her apartment.  She was
so busy with the last minute preparations for the trip, that she
didn't hear the Caddy pull up just outside the building.  When
the doorbell rang, she jumped.
	"Ready to go?" Nick inquired when Natalie finally opened
the door.  He looked gorgeous standing there in his jeans and
turtleneck sweater.  Natalie wanted nothing more than to throw
herself into his arms and beg him to take her right there and
then, but ... practicality won out.
	Natalie pointed to the large suitcase sitting next to the
door.  "That's it," she told Nick.  "I'm ready to go."
	"That's 'it'?"  Nick smiled, lighting up his whole face
with his love for her.  "That thing's big enough to hold your
whole closet!" he teased.
	"And half my bureau drawers too," Natalie laughed.  This
vacation was going to be the best ever.  She could hardly wait.
She'd always wanted to visit Nashville, Tennessee.
	Natalie had always dreamed as a child to someday go to
Nashville to the Grand Ole Opry.  Natalie loved country music,
this is something that Nick was about to find out.  She also
loved to dress up in the western attire.  Tucked away in her
suitcase were a pair of tight black Levis she had purchased for
Nick and a dark blue shirt with embroidery around the collar and
pearl snap buttons.  She also got him a black cowboy hat. 
	Natalie could hardly wait to see Nick's look of surprise
when she gave these to him, nor could she wait to see him in
them.  Natalie could just picture his tight butt in those black
skin-tight jeans.  It made her shiver just thinking about it.
She planned on buying him some cowboy boots to finish the outfit
when they arrived in Nashville.
	Picking up her carry-on bag, she followed Nick out to the
Caddy.  "Hi, Schank!" she greeted Nick's cheerful partner.  Don
Schanke had been invited along so that he could drive the Caddy
back to Nick's place after taking the couple to the airport for
their red-eye flight to Tennessee.
	"Hi, yerself!"  He smiled and gave Natalie a mock salute.
"Ready to go get down with some good ol' country music?"
	"Yeah," Natalie chuckled.  "I want to teach Nick to line
dance."  In the back seat of the Caddy, she heard a groan and
turned to see Nick shaking his head in resignation.  "You'll
like it, Nick!  Just wait and see."  Natalie tried to be
encouraging, but she realized that Nick was doing this just to
make her happy.  He really was more of a classical kind of guy.

	Their flight arrived in Nashville at three in the morning.
It was a good thing they had made reservations at a hotel ahead
of time.  Nick whistled them down a cab and gave the driver the
address.  Arriving at the hotel, Natalie was surprised and
pleased to see that Nick had requested connecting rooms.  There
was hope after all....
	After a quick shower, Natalie knocked on the door
connecting their two rooms.  "Come on in," Nick called from the
other side.  Natalie opened the door to see Nick, wearing his
jeans, but shirtless, combing his still-damp hair.
	"Wanna go out and get something to eat?" Natalie asked.  
	"You've got to be kidding," Nick laughed, indicating the
empty green bottle on the stand next to the TV.  "But I'd be
more than happy to accompany you."  He turned and smiled at her,
melting her from the inside out.  He pulled on a t-shirt and
tucked it into the jeans.  "Let's go...."  And he ushered
Natalie out of the room and down the hall to the elevator.  
	They decided to take a walk in the cool night air and look
for an all-night diner or bar where Natalie could get a bite to
	On their way to the diner they stopped in a nearby park.
They sat on one of the benches and admired the beautiful water
fountain.  As they sat there on the bench, Nick moved a little
closer to Natalie and put his arm around her.  Natalie laid her
head upon his shoulder as he gently nibbled on her ear.  His
nibbles led their way down to her neck where he planted soft
kisses up and down her beautiful neck.  
	Before he could go any further Natalie jumped up and said,
"Boy am I ever hungry!"  She pulled Nick off the bench and
hand-in-hand they continued their walk to the closest diner they
could find.  They came across "The Boot Scooting Cafe."
	Once inside, Natalie and Nick got their menus.  Natalie
got all excited when she saw they had an Elvis burger, so of
course she had to order that.  Nick, on the other hand, did not
seem to find anything to accommodate his palate ... that is,
except for the beauty sitting across the table from him.
	The waitress brought Natalie's burger and fries.  The food
was so plentiful, it was nearly overflowing the large plate on
which it was served.  Natalie took the saucer from Nick's unused
coffee mug and placed a fistful of fries on it.  She plunked the
ketchup bottle down in front of Nick and pointed.  "Eat," she
commanded, smiling at Nick's look of discomfort.
	Pulling his eyes from her lovely face, Nick concentrated
on the food set before him.  He picked up the ketchup bottle and
all but emptied it on the few fries.  Picking one up gingerly,
he brought it to his mouth.  "I can't do it, Nat," he said,
putting the fry back down.  "I'm not hungry, really.  I just
	"You just *ate*," Natalie corrected.
	"You know," Nick hastily changed the subject, "we ought to
swing by Memphis and visit Graceland before we go home."
	"Graceland?"  Natalie's eyes lit up.  "I didn't know you
were an Elvis fan!"
	"I'm not," Nick grimaced.  "But Schanke has this velvet
painting of Elvis in his locker and, well, he'd kill me if I
didn't bring him back a souvenir."
	Natalie smiled.  Nick was becoming more human by the day.
His thoughtfulness surprised and delighted Natalie.  She hurried
to finish up her dinner.  She was exhausted and anxious to hit
the hay for a good twelve hours at least.
	As they strolled back to the hotel, Nick wrapped his arm
around Natalie's waist and pulled her close.  "You really look
lovely in the moonlight," he whispered into her ear as they
walked.  Natalie leaned her head on Nick's shoulder, and they
completed their walk back to the hotel looking for all the world
like a couple of lovers.

	They parted at their separate doors, entering their rooms
and locking the doors behind themselves.  Once Natalie was
alone, she quickly stripped and slipped on a warm flannel
nightgown.  Pulling down the covers on the bed, she flopped down
rather unceremoniously and was quickly asleep.
	Nick pulled on his silk pajamas and laid down on the
still-made bed.  His head rested on the pillow and his hands
were crossed across his chest in his favorite position of
repose.  But Nick couldn't sleep.  His mind was occupied with
visions of the lovely woman in the next room.  Just one thin
door separated him from her.  He cursed the vampire that kept
them apart.  How he longed to spend the day in her arms, her
bed....  With that thought, Nick's eyes slowly closed and he
drifted off to sleep.

     Natalie had gone into the bathroom to take her shower while
Nick waited patiently for her in bed.  He had removed his black
silk pajamas and was eagerly waiting his love to be beside him.
Well, patience Nick did not have that night.  As he sneaked into
the bathroom he peeked inside the door to see that Nat was
already in the shower.  He was really getting excited watching
her every move behind the white, thin shower curtain. He
marveled at her beauty, it was just breathtaking for him to
behold. He stood there for what seemed like half an hour until
Natalie bent in just the right direction, then Nick pulled the
curtain back to expose himself to her.  Natalie's eyes were
glued to his manhood as it stood at attention as if saluting
	Nick said, "I thought you might like a nice back wash."  
	Of course Natalie was all for that, as she stepped back to
give him and his erection plenty of room.  Nick took the soap
and started lathering her up at the back of her shoulders.  He
then worked his way down to her waist.  Taking both of his warm
hands and soaping them up, Nick gently massaged Natalie's butt.
	Natalie was really enjoying the massage as she started to
spread her legs exposing her luscious mound.  Nick slid his hand
down between her legs and then moved his fingers in and out.
Natalie began thrashing against the shower.  Nick then pulled
his fingers out and flipped her to face him.  There his mouth
found her firm and soft breast.  He rolled his tongue over the
breast and gently nibbled the nipple with his teeth. 
	Natalie was reaching for his manhood to guide it inside
her, but Nick was not quite ready for her yet.  He slid down to
his knees and grabbed Natalie's mound to his face.  The smell
was driving him wild as he stuck in his tongue in and lapped at
her inner beauty.  
	Natalie pulled Nick up wanting him more than ever inside
of her, so Nick took his very erect manhood and gently eased it
into her as she clung to him with each orgasm they experienced
	Nick rolled over in bed and reached across the mattress to
put his arm around his Natalie, only to find a big pillow there.
It had all been just a dream, but boy what a dream it was!  
	Nick climbed out of bed, his pajamas soaked with sweat.
He walked into the bathroom, stripped and showered.  He felt
much more in control once he was clean.  It had been a VERY cold

	Natalie knocked on the connecting door.  "Nick?  Are you
dressed yet?" 
	"Um, noooo ... not yet," came tentatively from the other
side of the door.
	"Well, put on some underwear and come in here for a
minute, would you?"  Natalie waited patiently, and soon heard a
click as the doorknob turned and the door opened.  
	Nick stood in the open doorway wearing nothing more than
his briefs and a robe.  On the other side of the room, Natalie
stood by the bed dressed in blue jeans and a light blue shirt
with fringe up the length of the sleeves and across the front.
Her outfit was finished off with knee-high western boots; a
white hat lay on the bed next to the suitcase.	
	"Come on in," Natalie gestured a 'come on' with her hand.
"I've got something here for you."  She pulled the black Levies
and dark blue western shirt from her suitcase.  She handed the
shirt to the bewildered vampire.  "Go on ... put it on."
	Nick admired the embroidery on the shirt as he fastened
the pearl snaps down the front.  Natalie, however, was admiring
Nick's eyes.  The deep blue of the shirt set off the paler blue
of his eyes so perfectly.
	"Ah, Nat ... the Levis?  Please?"
	Natalie shook herself out of her reverie to hand the jeans
to Nick.  He pulled them on and tried, without success, to zip
them up.
	"Nat, these are too tight," Nick gasped as he tugged at
the zipper.
	"Here, let me show you how that's done."  Natalie shoved
Nick down on her bed, then pushed him into a supine position.
"Exhale," Natalie commanded.
	Nick let out his breath and waited.  Natalie grabbed the
zipper pull and yanked it upward.
	"Ow!!!!  Nat...!"
	"Sorry."  Natalie blushed, but grinned.  She didn't sound
the least bit sorry, either.  Nick looked absolutely TERRIFIC
laying there on her bed in those skin-tight black Levis.
	Nick levered himself to a sitting position, then managed
to stand.  "Nat, I can't breathe."
	"You don't have to."
	"That's beside the point," Nick whined.
	Natalie pulled the black cowboy hat from its hiding place
and plopped it on Nick's head.  "Stop complaining."  Natalie's
grin stretched from ear to ear.  She slapped Nick on the butt.
"Let's get going, cowboy."

	Natalie had gotten them a rental car so they could go
shopping and check out one of the many Country Line Dancing
Clubs.  Their first stop was a western outfitter's to shop for
Nick's boots.  Natalie found a terrific pair of black boots with
blue tool-work.  She brought them over for Nick to try on.
	After pulling the boots on and standing up, Nick stamped
his foot.  "These hurt my feet, Nat," he complained.
	"They're cowboy boots, for gosh sake, Nick!  They're not
SUPPOSED to be comfortable!"  Natalie admired Nick in his
beautifully coordinated outfit.  "We'll take them," she told the
clerk.  Nick groaned and sat down again while Natalie paid for
the boots.
	Next on the agenda was to find some place to dance.  They
ended up at "Gilley's."  It was one of the biggest dance halls
they had ever been in.  Once inside, Natalie could not wait to
get Nick's tight butt up on the floor; she wanted to show her
man off.  So hand in hand they joined the group who where being
taught some of the finer points of the line dancing.  
	At first Nick was kinda all hands, but once the music got
going he started getting into the dancing and before long he and
Natalie were dancing up a storm to Brooks and Dun's "Boot
Scooting Boogie."  Nick had forgotten how uncomfortable he was
in those jeans and boots; he was having too much of a good time.
	Nick and Natalie stopped to rest for a while at one of the
tables and Natalie ordered a couple of 'Harvey Wallbangers.'
Before long Natalie was feeling no pain and was dancing on air.
She even got on stage and took the mike and began singing 'My
Achey Breaky Heart.' 
	Nick sat there watching her in disbelief.  He never knew
she could sing, let alone the moves she had.  Next thing he knew
she was motioning for him to come up and join her.  He tried
sliding down in the chair in hopes she would not see him, but to
no avail.  Silently he cursed his WAY too tight jeans. 
	He walked up the stage as she held out her hand to him and
she ended her song in his arms.  She had passed out and was as
limp as a rag doll.  Nick picked Natalie up in his arms and took
her outside the door.  Rather than taking their rental car, he
decided to fly back to the motel.  He figured maybe the cool air
would help bring her back around.
	Nick carried Natalie to a deserted alley and, after making
sure no one was around, took to the air.  He flew high above the
city, a dark shadow against the black sky.  Natalie started
coming around as they neared the park they had walked to last
night.  Nick landed softly among the trees and put Natalie down
near a bench.  
	Natalie still wobbled a bit, and plopped down on the
bench.  She put a hand to her head, trying to still the
throbbing.  "I usually hold my liquor just a little bit better
than that," she commented after a few moments.
	Nick sat down beside her and put an arm around her
shoulders.  He pulled Natalie close and just held her, letting
her recover a bit before continuing on back to the hotel.  
	"That was quite a show you put on there tonight," Nick
observed.  "I didn't know you were so multitalented."  He
	"Well, *I* didn't know I was quite that 'talented'
myself."  Natalie groaned at the memory.  "Please make sure I
don't drink anymore Harvey Wallbangers, okay?"
	Nick continued to smile, and nodded.  "Think you can make
it back to the hotel?" he asked.
	Natalie just nodded carefully and stood up.  Nick wrapped
one arm around Natalie's waist and held her hand with his free
one.  Leaning against Nick for support, Natalie manage the walk
back to the hotel.

	Nick unlocked Natalie's room door and ushered her inside.
Leading her over to the bed, he let her sit down, while he
removed the suitcase and extra clothes.  As he was putting the
suitcase on the floor, he noticed the lacy black teddy.  He
looked up at Natalie who had laid back on the bed and was gently
snoring.  Nick noticed the flannel nightgown thrown over the
back of the chair nearest the bed.  Looking back at the teddy,
Nick made his decision.
	Being careful not to wake Natalie, Nick picked up her legs
and turned her so that she was laying on the bed.  Then, with
great care, Nick removed Natalie's boots and unzipped her jeans.
Grabbing the cuffs, he gently tugged off the jeans, revealing
the pale blue lace panties Natalie had on.  Curious, Nick began
to unbutton the western shirt.  Easing it off Natalie's
shoulders, he admired the matching lace bra, and paused to watch
her chest gently rise and fall with each breath.
	Caressing Natalie's shoulder with the palm of his hand, he
slid the bra strap down.  Reaching under her, he unclasped the
back of the bra and carefully slipped it off.  Hooking his
fingers in the waistband of the panties, he gently tugged them
off as well.  Natalie lay in all her splendor before him, and
Nick could barely pull his eyes from her classic form.
	Picking up the teddy, he managed to maneuver around until
he had Natalie dressed in the skimpy scrap of lace.  He declined
to snap the crotch closed, however.  
	Admiring his handiwork, Nick found he was having a very
difficult time leaving.  He sat in the chair by the bed and
pulled off his boots.  With great relief, he unzipped the tight
jeans and took his first deep breath of the evening.  Wiggling
out of the Levis, he dropped them to the floor.  Yanking at the
snaps on the shirt, he pulled that off as well, and it soon
joined the jeans on the floor.
	Suddenly, sitting there in his skivvies and admiring
Natalie sleeping peacefully in her black lace teddy, Nick
realized just how hungry he really was.  He rose with speed and
grace, returning to his room through the connecting door.  He
went directly to the small refrigerator behind the bar and
extracted two unlabeled green bottles.  He slouched on the bed
and turned on the TV.  Removing the cork with his teeth, he spit
it across the room and lifted the bottle to his mouth.  Tipping
his head back, he downed the contents quickly.  
	Nick picked up the second bottle and eyed it with some
disdain.  Finally, he pulled the cork and took a sip.  His
hunger was not sated, and he downed the contents of the second
bottle as well.  Sitting back, Nick took inventory of his body.
The Hunger was gone, but another hunger had replaced it.  He
stood up to go shower and brush his teeth.
	Turning on the shower full strength, Nick tried to drown
the growing lust he was feeling.  The dream of the day before
returned full strength, and Nick felt his body responding to the
memory.  He turned the water from steaming hot to icy cold, but
the feelings would not go away.
	Toweling off after the shower, Nick sat back down on his
bed and stared at the connecting door.  He tried, he really did,
to resist the growing need.  Finally, he gave in and quietly
opened the door, his eyes locking on the vision on the bed.  
	Nick crossed the room, circled the bed, and sat down on
the side opposite Natalie.  He stretched out, laying beside her.
Carefully, he reached out, tentatively stroking Natalie's cheek
with the back of his hand.  She didn't stir, so he leaned over
and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.
	Natalie moaned and rolled over, throwing an arm across
Nick and pinning him to the bed.  Nick froze for a moment, then
tenderly wrapped her in his embrace, careful not to wake her.
Closing his eyes, Nick soon found himself drifting off to sleep
beside his love.

	Natalie awoke the next evening, snuggled under the
blankets which were tucked up under her chin.  She rolled over
to see Nick sitting at the table, wearing his red silk robe and
sipping something very red from a large wine glass.
	"Good evening, sleepyhead," Nick greeted Natalie with a
large smile.  "I was beginning to think you were going to sleep
the whole night away as well as the day."
	"What time is it?" Natalie asked, wiping the sleep from
her eyes.
	"It's seven o'clock and time to be up and out on the town.
We have tickets to see Garth Brooks and LeAnn Rimes at the
Grand Ole Opry tonight, you know."

	Natalie started to climb out of bed, then noticed she was
dressed in the teddy and NOT her favorite flannel gown.  "Uh,
Nick....  How did I get in this?"
	Nick's smile told Natalie the whole story.  She blushed
from her toes up to the roots of her lovely chestnut curls.
Nick thought it was a very good look for her, all rosy and
	"You didn't...." Natalie was flustered.
	Nick just shrugged and smiled.
	"You did, at least, spend the night in your own room,"
Natalie asked.
	Again, Nick just answered her with a smile.
	"You DIDN'T!" Natalie cried.  "Please don't tell me you
took advantage of me while I was passed out drunk, Nicholas B.
Knight!!"  Natalie was outraged at the thought.
	Nick held up his hands to ward Natalie off.  "No, no, Nat,
it wasn't like that, really!  I just stayed with you to make
sure you were all right and I, uh, I ... well, I fell asleep on
your bed.  Honestly, Nat," Nick protested, "your honor is
intact.  I respect you too much to take advantage of you that
	Natalie could see the genuine hurt in his eyes at the
thought that she would believe he would hurt her that way, and
she just had to forgive him.  Natalie had never known another
grown man with the uncanny ability Nick had to look so much like
a little boy when he was hurt.  It made her want to hold and
comfort him, and HE was the one she was trying to be angry at!
She couldn't stay upset for long, though.  Smiling at him, she
forgave him his every 'sin.'
	"Okay....  You're forgiven.  Your heart was in the right
place at least.  You meant well.  Now shoo and get dressed!  We
have to get to the Opry so we can get some good seats!"
	Nick put on his other pair of very tight Wranglers that
Nat had bought for him, except this time he zipped them up.  He
laid flat on the bed and kinda situated himself here and there
and finally the zipper went up.  Nick could not figure how guys,
let alone the girls, could wear such uncomfortable jeans, but
for Natalie he would do just about anything.  He put on his dark
blue silk western shirt with the pearl buttons down the front
and on the cuffs.  Then he sat down on the bed to fight the
boots on.  Finally they were on -- he grabbed his cowboy hat and
went up to Natalie's  door to see if she was ready. 
	Nat said, "Come on in," and when he walked in and saw her
he about fell over.  She was so beautiful.  She had on
skin-tight black leather pants with a red satin long sleeve
shirt with the white tassels hanging down and a matching leather
vest.  She had her hair tied back in a French braid.  She
grabbed her hat as they headed for the door, Nick was still
eyeing the beauty at his side.
	It took them about twenty minutes before they got to the
Grand Ole Opry.  Once there they hurried up to the ticket booth.
Nick used his position as a police officer to get them some
really good seats; in fact they were front row center stage
seats.  You could not have asked for better seats.  On their way
to their seats there was a woman selling long stem red roses, so
Nick bought Nat two of them.  They got to their seats and sat
and cuddled waiting for Garth and LeAnn to arrive.  
	Out of the corner of the stage came Garth swinging on a
rope from the ceiling.  The crowd went crazy at seeing him.  The
first song he sang was "Thunder Rolls."  Nat glanced over to
Nick every now and then to see if he was watching, and to her
amazement he was.  He was getting down with the music; he was
having a ball.  
	At about the end of the song, Garth looked over at
Natalie, and motioned for her to come up on stage. She motioned
back to him, "no no no," but Nick gave her a wee bit of a push
and off she went.  Once on the stage Garth asked Natalie if she
would like a special song sung for that someone special in her
life, and she came up with "The Dance."  
	Nat handed Garth a red rose and he kissed her gently on
the forehead as he led her to her seat.  Once seated, Nat could
not believe what had just happened. SHE was on stage with GARTH
BROOKS!  Her knees were shaking so hard she could not stop them.
That is, until Nick reached over and took her hand and placed a
very moist and soft kiss upon her lips.
	Then it was time for LeAnn to appear.  What a doll she
was, and only 14 years old with the voice of an angel.  Natalie
told Nick, "If we ever have children I hope our little girl will
look like her, with the long blond hair and blue eyes."
	She was an angel.  Her voice reached inside of you; such
power and strength in such a little girl.  Both Nick and Natalie
were overwhelmed with the talent this little girl had.  The last
song was sung along with Garth Brooks, "If Tomorrow Never
Comes."  It brought tears to both Nick and Natalie as they held
each other tight and rocked with the crowd to the music.

	When they left the Opry that night, Nick was feeling very
mellow and romantic.  He had enjoyed the music much more than he
had expected to and it certainly had had its affect on Natalie.
She leaned her head on Nick's shoulder as he drove back to the
hotel.  At one point she stretched up to nibble Nick's ear, but
the rental car swerved so badly that she gave up that avenue of
	Once they were settled back in their rooms, Nick ordered
room service for Natalie and removed another one of his green
bottles from the fridge.
	"Do you have to drink that?" Natalie asked.  "I brought
some protein shake mix for you."
	Looking across the table at Natalie with his puppy-dog
eyes, Nick murmured, "I thought maybe today....  That, well,
maybe today, we could, ummmm...."
	"Yes, Nick?" Natalie prodded.  Nick wasn't usually so
tongue-tied and she wondered if his mind was headed in the same
direction as hers.
	"Well, I thought that perhaps I could maybe spend the day
with you?"  Nick looked so hesitant, that Natalie laughed
lightly at his embarrassment.  "Unless, of course you think that
would be a bad idea," he added hastily.
	"No ... no.  Drink up."  She gestured to the bottle he
held and turned her attention to the food set before her.  
	Nick got up and walked into the bathroom where Natalie
couldn't see him drink the blood.  He downed the bottle, and a
second and a third.  He was embarrassed by what he perceived as
a weakness, this incessant need for the blood.  Turning to the
sink, he got out his toothbrush.  There was little that was more
distracting to lovemaking with a mortal than having blood
	When he emerged from the bathroom, Natalie was gone.  The
connecting door stood open and inviting.  Nick undressed and put
on his pajama bottoms, then walked to the doorway and looked
into Natalie's room.
	"Come on in, I don't bite."  Natalie chuckled at her own
pun.  Holding out a hand from her position on the bed, she
invited Nick to join her.  She had once again dressed in the
black lace teddy and was looking very flushed and completely
	Nick walked slowly over to the bed, sitting down on the
edge next to Natalie.  Reaching out, he brushed her cheek with
the back of his hand, then leaned in to give her a gentle kiss
with his cool lips.
	Natalie wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him
down on top of her.  As she explored the firm muscles of his
back with her roving hands, she began to feel something hard
begin to form between them.
	Nick fought to keep his arousal down as long as possible.
With the lust for her body came the inevitable lust for
Natalie's blood as well.  Despite the three bottles he had just
downed, the call of Natalie's heartbeat, the smell of the blood
in her veins, was driving him crazy.  Nick clawed at the teddy,
nearly ripping it from Natalie's body in his haste to have her.
	Natalie had been longing for this moment ever since they
first boarded the plane to come to Nashville.  All her efforts
had been to this end; to get Nick in a position where he was
comfortable and relaxed enough to give in to his true feelings
for her.  She didn't struggle as he ripped the lingerie from her
body.  In fact, she raised herself up to help Nick pull the
thing free.  With anxious abandon, she hooked her thumbs in the
waistband of Nick's pajamas and tugged them down past his hips,
where he kicked them off himself.
	Nick had always wondered what it would be like to explore
the body and soul of this beautiful woman whom he loved.  His
hands roamed freely as he kissed her deeply.  
	Natalie was ready; she was more than ready.  She felt that
if Nick didn't end this soon, she would burst at the seams.
Groping blinding, she finally connected with what she was after
and realized that Nick was more than ready himself.  Why hasn't
he tried yet? she wondered.  
	Guiding Nick gently into her warm moistness, she arched
her back to take him fully into her.  Feeling Nick inside her,
filling her, gave Natalie a feeling of completeness that she had
never known before.  She wasn't a virgin, and this wasn't her
first sexual experience by far, but it was different, special
somehow because she knew she was truly in love with this man --
this vampire.
	Nick felt as though he were going to explode.  As he
neared his climax, the lust, the NEED, for Natalie's blood
became overpowering.  Quickly, but with gentleness, he withdrew
from Natalie before he could hurt her.  Not wanting to spoil the
moment for Natalie, he slid his supple and talented fingers
inside her to complete the what he had started.
	Natalie cried out when Nick entered her the second time,
this time with his fingers.  She had been disappointed at his
withdrawal, but he hadn't given her a chance to be upset.  The
onset of her orgasms threw Natalie into a whole other dimension.
When Nick was through, Natalie lay exhausted on the bed.
	As Nick pleasured Natalie and felt her completion and her
joy, his own bloodlust diminished to be replaced by a warm fuzzy
feeling that he had just done something very good.  It didn't
matter to him that he hadn't reached his own climax.  He knew
what that would have meant for Natalie, and he couldn't have
lived with that.  
	Looking down at Natalie's contented face, Nick leaned down
to kiss her gently once more.  He wrapped his arm around her and
pulled her in close to him.  Natalie's warm body came in full
contact with Nick's cool one, and both Nick and Natalie felt
	The lovemaking hadn't been quite the lustful bawdiness of
Nick's dream, but it had been more than fulfilling in its
realization.  Snuggled together, the couple slept the rest of
the day in peaceful contentment.

	The next evening was to be their last full night in
Nashville before heading to Memphis and then back to Toronto.
One last time, Nick poured himself into his uncomfortably tight
jeans and boots and prepared for one last night on the town.
	They decided first to hit the mall.  Their first stop
ended them at a toy store.  Nick was having a ball going up and
down each aisle.  
	There was one aisle that had all these little wind up
animals.  Nick wound them all up.  He was just having so much
fun, you could see the child in his eyes as he played.  Next,
Nick found the little electric cars.  He told Natalie how he
would like to have one of these for their child someday.
Natalie just looked at him and smiled.  
	The next thing she knew, Nick was in the toy car motioning
for Natalie to get in.  Natalie said, "I can't fit in there." 
	Nick said, "Well, I fit into these jeans, you can fit in
here."  So very carefully Natalie eased her way into the very
small and tight quarters of the car.  
	Nick then proceeded to start it.  At first it would not
go, and Nat kept saying, "Okay, let's get out now."  Well, then
the car started and off they went up and down the aisles.
Natalie was telling him to stop, but Nick did not know how to
stop the little car.  They mowed down a stack of Lego blocks;
there were Legos everywhere!  
	About that time they heard over the loudspeaker, "Security
in the toy store."  Nick and Natalie knew who they were after.
Nick tried stopping the car with his foot, but was unable to
bend it enough to hit the brake.  He told Natalie to, "Hold on,
we are going in for a crash landing!", right into the pile of
stuffed animals.  
	They both rolled out of the car, laughing so hard as they
headed out of the store before they could be caught by the store
	Natalie collapsed on a bench several doors down from the
toy store.  She was laughing so hard that she could barely catch
her breath.  Finally, Natalie found her voice once more, and
slapping Nick on the back, told him, "I didn't know you had it
in you!"  Natalie was still chuckling, almost unable to believe
that Nick would pull a stunt like that ... and get away with it!
	When she could finally stand again, Natalie got up and
took Nick by the hand.  They strolled down the hallways of the
mall until they reached a theater complex.  Looking over the
options, they finally decided on "Jerry MaGuire," a romantic
comedy starring one of Natalie's favorites, Tom Cruise.  A
little over two hours later they emerged from the theater,
smiling and content.
	Natalie yawned.  Nick wrapped his arm around her waist and
pulled her close, supporting her weight as they walked.  "I
suppose we really ought to be packing," Natalie murmured into
Nick's shoulder.  "We have to drive to Memphis tomorrow night,
and I'm really tired.  Do you mind if we go back to the hotel?"
	Nick turned so that he could place a soft kiss on the top
of Natalie's head.  Then sweeping her up in his arms, he carried
her back to the car and drove her back to the hotel.  He carried
her up to their adjoining rooms and laid her on her own bed.
Natalie smiled sleepily up at him.  Unwilling to let him go,
Natalie wrapped her arms around Nick's neck and pulled him down
beside her.  
	Nick stretched out on the bed next to Natalie and cradled
her in his arms.  Once she was finally asleep he closed his eyes
as well.  They dozed through the middle of the night, waking
again before dawn.  
	Nick was up and showering when Natalie awoke.  Climbing
stiffly from her bed, still dressed in last night's attire, she
went to gather her suitcase and began packing.  When she had
most of her things neatly folded and laying in the suitcase, she
stripped off her tight jeans and western shirt and headed for
the shower herself.  
	Finally emerging from the shower, dressed comfortably in
her warm flannel nightgown, Natalie stuck her nose through the
connecting door.  "Nick?" she called out to the seemingly empty
	Nick stood up from behind the bar, bottle and wineglass in
hand.  His smile lit Natalie's world like a thousand candles in
the dark.  She smiled back at Nick, warming his world of
darkness as well.
	"Whatcha up to?" Natalie hesitantly took a few steps into
Nick's room.
	"Oh, just having a snack ... and packing."  Nick lifted
his wineglass in a toast to Natalie.  His hair was wet and
tousled from the shower, and he was wearing the black silk
pajamas that Natalie never seemed to tire of seeing on him.  
	Smiling, she fully entered his room and sat down on the
bed next to Nick's open suitcase.  Natalie idly picked through
what Nick had already packed, noting that he was nearly done.
One small object caught her eye.
	"Nick, what's this?" Natalie held up a small package
wrapped in glossy black paper and topped with a gold mylar bow.
	Setting the wineglass down on the bar, Nick crossed the
room to kneel in front of Natalie as she sat on the bed.  "Why
don't you open it and find out?" he asked.
	Carefully, so as not to tear the paper too badly, Natalie
picked at the wrapping until she managed to tease it open.
Slipping the paper and bow from the box, she slowly lifted the
lid.  Inside the small glossy black cardboard box was an even
smaller black velvet box.  Natalie tipped the larger box until
the velvet one dropped in her hand.
	Natalie's hands began shaking as she carefully lifted the
lid on the velvet box.  She gasped, and her hands dropped limply
to her lap as she viewed the contents.  Carefully taking the box
from Natalie's unresisting hands, Nick removed the antique gold
ring.  Lifting Natalie's left hand from her lap, Nick slipped
the ring on her third finger.  "Will you marry me, Natalie
Lambert?"  Nick's voice was soft and husky.  His emotions, too,
were beginning to run away with him.
	Natalie just stared at her finger.  She looked as though
someone had put her in a deep trance.  Nick was beginning to
worry a bit, when she finally looked up and caught his clear
blue eyes with her own.  "Yes," she whispered and fell into his
arms, crying with joy.

	They slept the rest of that day together, in Nick's bed,
snuggled warmly into each other's arms.  Upon arising early the
next evening, they finished their packing, dressed and prepared
to check out of the hotel for their trip to Memphis.
	After loading the rental car with their suitcases, Nick
held the passenger side door open for Natalie.  She climbed in
and leaned over to unlock and open the driver's side door for
	Nick slid into the driver's seat and put the key in the
ignition.  Turning the key, the engine roared to life, then
settled into a gentle purring idle.  Nick put the car in gear
and headed out toward the highway.
	Natalie had decided a while ago that she really liked
driving at night.  It was so peaceful and the traffic less
hectic.  What was so wrong with a life lived mostly after the
sun had set?  Especially if she had Nick to spend those hours
with.  Once more Natalie glanced down at her hand, staring again
at the gorgeous antique wedding band.  
	"Penny for your thoughts?" came a soft voice from behind
the wheel of the little Nissan.  Natalie looked up to find Nick
smiling at her instead of paying attention to the road.
	"Oh, just thinking about ... us.  Nick, what made you
decide to propose to me now?  You must have been thinking about
it to have brought the ring along on the trip."
	"Schank said something to me recently that got me to
thinking about us."  Nick paused and turned his attention back
to the road.  After about a mile had gone by in silence, Nick
spoke up once more.  "He was talking about companionship and
growing old together.  I may not be able to grow old with you,
Nat, but I can't stand the thought of not being with you for
every minute of every day that I possibly can.
	"I haven't given up hope that someday you'll find a cure
for this curse of mine, either.  We'll be together, Nat.  One
way or the other, we will be together forever."  His voice
trailed off and he stared at the dark road ahead.
	Natalie looked back down at the ring, which sparkled with
each passing headlight.  She twirled the ring absently on her
finger, deep in thought.  Life with a vampire wouldn't be easy.
They couldn't have children of their own unless Nick became
mortal again, or through some miracle.  But they could always
adopt.  Natalie knew the hardships, and she knew the love as
well.  Her heart sang with happiness as she thought of their

	Memphis was a madhouse, even this early in the morning.
Nick pulled into the "Blue Suede Shoes" Motel; a seedy little
place, garish with neon.  It was the height of tourist season
and they hadn't called ahead to book a room, so they were stuck
with what they could find.  Nick booked them a single room for
two nights, then carried the suitcases up the stairs to the
second floor.
	Natalie phoned an all-night pizza place and ordered a
pizza for delivery; no garlic, please.
	Sitting on the edge of the bed, Nick reached over to turn
on the TV to one of the movie channels.  The pizza arrived and
Natalie sat with the box on her lap, a liter of soda sitting
next to her.  Nick had his bottle and was drinking directly from
it.  They were "slumming," and having a terrific time.
	There was only the one, rather small, double bed in the
room and it was hard as a rock.  After their meal, the couple
snuggled under the covers, too tired to do more than just hold
each other and fall asleep for the day.

	The next evening they awoke early, eager to get to
Graceland.  The mansion was a short mile walk from their motel,
so Nick and Natalie took advantage of the warm Tennessee night
to take a stroll.
	They took the guided tour and Natalie was pointing and
drooling over all the memorabilia displayed in the house.  She
couldn't believe she was here.  She could almost feel Elvis'
presence in the very air.
	At the end of the tour, they stopped at the gift shop.
Natalie was admiring a little snowglobe of the Graceland
mansion, while Nick played with the little pens that you tip up
to see Elvis go from fully clothed down to his skivvies.  They
grabbed up keychains, mugs and a "hula" doll of Elvis to take
back for Schanke.  Natalie finally spotted a rather expensive
souvenir.  It was a signed publicity photo of Elvis, framed and
matted with a lock of his hair.
	Natalie picked up the picture to admire it, then briskly
put it down again when she spotted the four-figure price tag.
She gathered up her shopping basket full of treats for Schanke
and stepped up to the cash register.  
	Once Natalie had been checked through, she looked around
for Nick.  She finally spotted him over by the book section.
Tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention, she told him,
"I'm done, Nick.  Ready to go?"
	Nick turned around to give her a peck on the forehead.
"Give me another minute, okay?  I'll meet you outside."  
	Natalie walked outside to admire the beautifully
landscaped grounds of Graceland and waited for Nick.  He emerged
a few minutes later with a wrapped, rectangular package that
Natalie assumed was one of the books he'd been looking at.
	They took their time walking home.  The packages weren't
heavy and they were enjoying the night scenery of Memphis.
Dropping off their packages, they decided to explore the city by
night and see what Elvis' hometown had to offer.
	Nick and Natalie sat in their motel room trying to figure
out what they wanted to do on their last night in Tennessee.
Nick was just as happy to stay right there in the room as long
as he had Natalie by his side.  Then, Nick took Natalie's hand
in his and said, "Let's get married tonight!"  
	Natalie was speechless, but Nick knew by the hold she had
around his neck and the very sensuous kiss she gave him that the
answer was, "Yes!"  
	They wanted it to be very simple, so they got out the
phone book and let their fingers do the walking as they looked
for a justice of the peace.  
	Nick said, "I found it, 'Speedy's Drive-Up Wedding
Chapel.'"  He was really just being funny, but Natalie loved the
	They both went into their separate rooms and dressed for
the special occasion.  Nick decided to wear something
comfortable for a change, so he went for the Dockers slacks and
a blue pullover sweater -- it was that special blue that just
made those eyes of Nick's sparkle.  Natalie decided on a pair of
navy blue dress slacks and a white Angora sweater.  
	Nick tapped on Natalie's door to see if she was ready.
Grabbing her shoes she took Nick's arm and together they went
down to their car and off they went to the drive up wedding
	Once they arrived, there were two other cars ahead of
them.  Then there was only one car and they were next.  Natalie
was really getting excited and a bit nervous.  Then it was their
	The place kind of reminded Natalie of a hamburger drive-up
stand.  There was a Justice of the Peace sitting on a chair at
the drive-up window, and in the background was an older woman
playing music.  
	The Justice offered them their choice of music.  They
picked "We've Only Just Begun."  It was a rather old song, and
both Nick and Natalie were not too sure the woman would know it,
but she did.  
	Nick purchased a small bouquet of sunflowers and baby's
breath for Natalie.  Nick paid the preacher his due and the
ceremony was on.  Before they knew it they were Mr. and Mrs.
Nick Knight.  Nick took his new wife, Mrs. Nick Knight, into his
arms and planted a very wet and passionate kiss upon her lips.
	Behind them, an impatient couple honked their horn, urging
Nick and Natalie to move on.  It was nearly dawn, so the
newlyweds made their way back to the motel.
	At the door, Nick swept Natalie up in his arms and carried
her over the threshold and into the room.  Placing her down on
the bed, he once more smothered his bride with passionate
kisses.  Their clothes quickly found their way to the floor as
the couple carefully consummated their vows.  
	Natalie quickly fell asleep, but Nick continued to lay in
bed, propped up on an elbow, admiring Natalie's beauty as she
slept.  Reaching over, Nick gently stroked a loose strand of
hair from Natalie's face and contemplated the miracle that had
kept the vampire mysteriously at bay while they were making
	Getting up, careful not to disturb Natalie, Nick fetched a
green bottle from the ice bucket on the table and downed it
quickly.  Finally truly sated, he climbed back in bed beside his
bride and, wrapping Natalie in his cool embrace, fell asleep
beside her.

	Their plane landed in Toronto late the following night.
Schanke was there to meet them at the baggage carousel.  As
Natalie reached for her bag, the ring on her finger glinted in
the bright fluorescent lights, catching Schanke's attention.
	Snatching Natalie's hand for a closer look, Don Schanke
first looked up into Natalie's smiling face, then over to his
partner.  "You sly dog!" Schanke was practically cackling with
glee.  "So that's why you two wanted to get away together!  Man
oh man oh man....  I can't wait to tell Myra!"  He laughed and
looked at the grinning couple.  "The heck with Myra," Schanke
chuckled, "I can't wait to tell the whole precinct!"  Grabbing
Natalie's heavy suitcase, Schanke was off toward the car before
either of his bemused passengers could reply.
	The ride back to Nick's loft was filled with talk of the
trip.  Schanke pressed the couple for every detail of both the
wedding and of Graceland.  
	Finally, to Nick and Natalie's great relief, they arrived
at 101 Gateway Lane.  Schanke helped to carry in the luggage.
Once inside, Natalie dug in her suitcase for the package she and
Nick had prepared for Schanke.
	"For me?" the delighted detective exclaimed as Natalie
handed over the box.  Schanke tore at the paper, oblivious to
the mess he was making on the floor, and opened the box.
Nestled inside was a variety of items.  Schanke pulled out the
Elvis "hula" doll first, shaking it slightly and grinning as
Elvis swiveled his hips.  Next, Schanke admired the snowglobe of
Graceland that Natalie couldn't resist buying for him.  "Hey,
this'll go great on my desk!" Schanke exclaimed.  He continued
to peruse the contents of the box, carefully admiring each item
in turn, but his favorite piece was the action pen that you tip
to see Elvis disrobe.  Schanke chuckled with delight as he
played with the pen, finally tucking it into his breast pocket.
	"You guys are the greatest!" Schanke gushed, wrapping his
arms around both Nick and Natalie at once.
	"Nothing's too good for my partner and friend!" Nick
exclaimed magnanimously.  "But, uh, Schank," Nick continued,
suddenly hesitant, "could we talk about this more tomorrow night
at work?"  Nick caught Schanke's eye, then looked over at
Natalie with a significant glance.
	"Ooooh ... yeah, sure," Schanke replied, a wicked grin on
his face.  "I understand."  Slapping Nick heartily on the back,
he exited the loft whistling a jaunty tune.  
	Nick knew that tomorrow at the precinct was going to be
rough.  Oh well, he wasn't going to let that bother him now.
Turning to Natalie, Nick smiled a wicked little conspiratorial
smile.  "As long as we're handing out packages, I've got
something in here for you, too."  Nick opened his suitcase and
dug toward the bottom, finally extracting the rectangular
package he had acquired at Graceland.  Handing the wrapped
treasure to Natalie, he urged her, "Open it!"
	Natalie carefully tore at the paper, then seeing the
corner of a frame, began ripping with wild abandon, exposing the
beautifully framed and matted signed picture of Elvis with the
lock of his hair that she had been coveting at Graceland.
	"Oh, Nick, you didn't!  This was SO expensive!!"  Natalie
stared at the picture, then hugged it to her breast.  Standing
on tiptoe, she leaned over to plant a big, wet kiss on Nick's
	"Consider it a wedding present."  Nick gathered Natalie
into his embrace and held her close.  
	"I'd better not let Schanke know I have this, or it might
mysteriously disappear," Natalie chuckled into Nick's shoulder
as he held her tightly.  
	They shared a good laugh, then Nick swept Natalie up in
his arms, picture and all, and carried her upstairs to his, no,
THEIR, bedroom and dropped her unceremoniously on the bed before
taking a flying leap to jump on top of her.  They wrestled
playfully while Elvis slipped to the floor unnoticed.
	Hours of cavorting later, the newlywed couple lay sleeping
peacefully in each other's arms.  Both were aware of the
problems facing them as a vampire/mortal couple, and they were
equally aware of the joy they shared.  Marriage, as life, was no
cake-walk, but an adventure to be shared, experienced in all its
nuances, good and bad.  And the adventure had just begun....

The End