My First Erotica

by Heather L Markle

Archived November 2002
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further
        Dr Natalie Lambert, ME sat at her desk, typing up her latest
report. `Only three more to go, whoopee!' she thought. She noticed a
flicker of movement out of the corner of her eye, which experience had
taught her meant the arrival of a vampire. She smiled.
        "Hello, Detect..." the word died on her lips. She was not looking
at the smiling visage of Nick Knight, but the scowling face of LaCroix.
His eyes were glowing red as he growled at her, his fangs dangerously long.
"Good evening, Doctor", he sneered. "What the matter? Were you expecting
someone else?"
        A very old part Natalie's brain responded to what she saw. Telling
her she was prey in the sights of this predator. Primal fear overtook her
and she froze.
        Natalie could smell the fresh blood on his breath as he drew
closer. "What are you doing, doctor? " He said the last word like a curse.
"Working on your cure. Can't you see this is so stupid!  How pointless this
is?" He was growing angry as he spoke.
        LaCroix picked up Natalie by the throat with one hand, and held her
trapped against the tiled wall of the morgue. "You think you are so smart.
You are meaningless to Nicholas.  He has been mine for eight hundred years!
You are but a moment to him! He will not remember you, any more than you
remember your breakfast." he said in a fierce, cold whisper.
        Natalie struggled in his grip, causing him to tighten it. "Can you
see how easy it would be for me to crush you?  To leave your fragile body a
bloodly heap?"
        Natalie was able to force out only one word "Nick!" before as her
vision went dark.

        Nick Knight heard Tracy babbling about something as they walked
towards the coroner's building, but he wasn't paying any attention to her.
He was looking forward to seeing Natalie. He had tried to leave Tracy at
the stationhouse, but she insisted on coming along. He listened for
Natalie's  heartbeat as they entered the building.
        Suddenly, he froze. He could feel him, hear him. LaCroix was here
-and he was with Natalie!
        In an enraged panic he burst into the room, his eyes golden and his
fangs bared. He saw LaCroix holding a barely conscience Natalie against the
wall. LaCroix turned and tossed her away like a rag doll.
        Before LaCroix could say a word, Nick was at him, attacking in a
blind rage.

        Natalie slowly sat up from the floor were she had been thrown. Her
neck was throbbing, but she didn't notice it as she watched the man she
loved and the man she hated fighting. `They are fighting over me', she
realized.  A part of her noticed that it was not unlike the cat fights
Sidney got into. All fangs, and claws and growling as they threw each other
around the room. Their movements were almost too fast for Natalies' eyes to
        Suddenly they paused. LaCroix was caught in Nick's grasp with his
neck bared to Nick, but on his face was a look of . . . victory? With a
flash, Natalie realized what was happening: LaCroix was trying to get Nick
to drink his blood!
        `NO!' Natalie thought, but events moved to quickly for words. Nick
raised his head to strike, then heaved LaCroix across the room.
        "Get out!  Your little game failed!"
        LaCroix stood up and stared at Nick a moment, then he was gone.

        Nick rushed to Natalie and took her in his arms. "Are you alright?"
he asked. His eyes were full of sadness and concern.
        Natalie nodded. "Just get me out of here."
        At that moment Tracy Vetter came in one door as Grace came in the
other. "What happened?" they asked in unison.
        "A drunk came in and attacked Nat. Did you see him on your way in?"
        "No" Tracy answered.
        "Are you alright, Honey?" Grace looked concerned.
        Natalie managed a quick smile. "I think so." Her voice was rough
from both the injury and emotion.
        "I'm going to take her to the hospital. I'll call you", said Nick
as he helped Natalie into her coat. He led her out to his car.
        "I am *not* going to the hospital, Nick." Natalie said as she got
into the caddy.
        "Don't worry, I only said that to get you away as fast as I could."
He looked into her eyes, "Are you okay?"
        "I don't know." she said tightly. Nick could see her struggling
with her emotions. He started the car and drove towards the loft.

        When they were in the safety of the loft Natalie finally released
her emotions. "I hate him, Nick! I hate him!" she screamed.  Nick stood by
silently, handing her breakables which she threw at the fireplace.  After a
few minutes, the rage left her and she sank to her knees crying.
        Nick went and knelt beside her. He wrapped his arms around her and
held her close.
        "Oh God, Nick. I hate him. I hate being so powerless against him."
"Shhhhh, I know, I know,"  he whispered tenderly.
        Natalie looked into his eyes and saw that he did understand, better
than anyone else. She saw the sadness and pain there and touched his cheek
        "Was it true? What he said? Am I meaningless to you?" Her tears ran
down her face. Nick wiped them away.
        "Natalie, you mean more to me than anyone I have ever known. I love
you. I always will." Natalie could see the love in his eyes reinforcing his
words. She leaned forward and kissed him.
        Nick was surprised by the words that had come from his heart. But
he had said them and he knew he could not deny his feelings anymore, not to
himself or to her. He returned her kiss gently but he was afraid to go any
        Natalie felt so close to him. She could sense every emotion as it
passed over his face. She knew that he loved her. She also knew he was
afraid of hurting her and the sadness and pain it caused him. She knew what
she needed to do.
        "Nick, I love you." She stroked his face. "I want you to be happy.
I need you. Please trust me, trust yourself." Nick looked puzzled at her
words as she leaned close and kissed him.
        For once in his life, Nick forgot about worry and simply enjoyed
the feeling of Natalie's kiss. His heart filled with joy at the sensations
of her: her touch, her smell, her warmth.  Natalie deepened the kiss, her
tongue gently working into his mouth. Nick's hands moved to her hair,
stroking it and holding her near.
        Natalie could feel her desire growing. She kissed him again and
again. 'Please,' she thought, 'please trust in yourself, in us! Don't push
me away.'

        Nick stopped for a moment. Natalie looked into his eyes, afraid of
what she would find there. His eyes showed nothing but love and desire,
matching her own.
        "Are you sure?" he breathed.
        "Oh yes, Nick! Yes"
        His desire was like a demon released. His mouth covered hers,
hungerly kissing and devouring her. Much to his surprise Natalie's passion
matched his own. He never realized how sensual she could be but now her
every touch was like fire on his body.
        He felt her hands slip under his shirt, stroking his chest. Buttons
flew everywhere as she ripped open his shirt. Her mouth left his and
quickly found a nipple. She twirled her tongue around it and sucked. Nick's
head swam with pleasure. One hand tangled in her hair, while the other
wrapped around her shoulders, holding her tightly to him. Her hands were
everywhere: his back, his thighs, his arms.
        When Natalie broke off for air, Nick quickly scooped her up in his
arms and carried her up the stairs. He had waited, dreamed of this for so
long. He wasn't going to make love to Natalie on the living room floor. She
playfully caught his mouth in a kiss as he carried her to the bedroom and
it took a force of will for Nick not to take her right there on the
        "Oh Nat. Nat, please!" he moaned.
        "Please what?" she asked with a naughty giggle, her eyes dark and
        Somehow Nick made it to the bedroom. He put her down and carefully
removed her clothes. Natalie closed her eyes, clearly enjoying every moment
of it.  Nick couldn't take his eyes off of her. She was more beautiful than
he had dared to dream. His kiss was deep and full of love; tender and
passionate at the same time. Gently he laid her on the bed and quickly
removed the rest of his clothes.
        Natalie never felt satin sheets like this before. She stretched
out, enjoying the feeling of cool, slippery fabric on her naked body. She
noticed Nick staring at her. It made her insides flip-flop to see the
burning desire on his face. He got into the bed beside her. His cool hands
slid over her body, stopping at her breasts. He squeezed and pinched her
nipples, making her moan deep in her chest.
        His mouth followed the path of his hands. He couldn't believe how
hot her breasts were. He kissed and sucked her nipples with abandon.
Nothing tasted so delicious as his beautiful Natalie.
        Natalie's hands clutched Nick's head to her breast. She gave a soft
yelp as she felt his fingers brush over her. Gently he began stroking her
lips and folds. Natalie opened herself to give him better access.
        Natalie had never in her life felt anything so good. All she knew
was    that she wanted, needed more. Without realising it, she pushed
Nick's head off her breasts and down towards where his hand was pleasing
her. It was Nick's turn to smile evily as he obeyed her unspoken commands.
        Nick gently kissed Natalie's clitoris. Then he began licking her,
gradually increasing his speed and pressure. He loved the sweet taste of
her. Natalie moaned in pleasure, encouraging him on. He slipped his fingers
into her moist vagina, one at a time.
        Nick gasped as he felt her hands. They had found his hard penis and
began stroking. He knew he would have to be careful. He hadn't realized how
excited he was and he did not want to come like this. He licked  Natalie
faster as her hands beat on him mercilessly. He was just about to give up
when Natalie began screaming. Her hips rose up as her thighs clamped around
his head. Wave after wave overtook her, leaving her spent and dazed.
        Nick had never seen anything so beautiful or exciting before.
Wiping his mouth on a sheet he lay down along side her. He held her and
kissed her gently. Her arms wrapped around him and she returned his kisses.
She opened her eyes and he was amazed at the desire he saw there.
        "Nick, please," she begged between kisses. "I need you."
        There was no turning back. Nick couldn't stop if he wanted to - and
he did not want to. Quickly he climbed on top of her. Natalie parted her
legs and tipped her hips towards him. Slowly he entered her. Cold to hot,
they joined. Nick moved in long, smooth strokes. Natalie grabbed his
shoulders, pulling him closer as she wrapped her legs around his waist. His
deep moans answered her's as they moved faster and faster towards a fevered
        Nick could feel his bloodlust burning in his veins, but
surprisingly, it didn't overwhelm him.  All his desires surged forward to a
climax. Natalie began to shutter and scream as another orgasm  swept over
her. As Nick found himself at the edge, he swiftly bit her neck. His fangs
piecing the throbbing vein he found there. Natalie came again as he began
to suck her blood.
        He felt her pleasure in her blood. It was the sweetest he had ever
tasted. In it he tasted her love for him and found it strangely satisfying.
He stopped drinking, feeling no need for more.
        When their breathing returned to normal Natalie looked up at him in
joyful amazement. "Nick? Nick how do you feel?" she smiled.
        "I feel great" He kissed her and answered the question in her eyes
. "It worked Natalie. It's still there, but the beast is . . . calmer." He
took her hand and kissed it. "Are you okay?"
        Natalie took a deep breath. "I have never been better in my life!"
She smiled " I'm going to enjoy giving you this treatment. I think you will
be better about taking it than you are with your protein shakes."  Her eyes
        He kissed her. "I promise to follow your orders explicitly, Doctor."

       Downtown it was a very bad night at the Raven. LaCroix had closed
the bar and in his rage had destroyed most of the furniture. All of the
`residents' cleared out as soon as he had come in and wondered how long it
would be before it would be safe to return. His Nightcrawler broadcast was
spent ripping apart his callers psyches.
        Then, about an hour into the show, LaCroix felt something snap. He
put on a pre-recorded broadcast and sat in the silence of the soundbooth
think about what it meant.
        He had lost. He knew tonight had been a gamble, but the possibility
of losing had never entered his mind. Still, there it was. His connection
with his son was gone.
        At first he wanted to fly out and snatch him back. But he knew it
was impossible. Nicholas would die before he would cross back over. He
would leave them, leave Toronto. It was over.
        He took out a piece of paper and began writing.

They laid together in each other's arms, basking in the glow of their love
and happiness. Natalie had drifted to sleep and Nick was on his way to join
her when the phone rang.
        The answering machine picked up.
        "Nick, are you there?" It was Tracy's voice. "Nick, pick up.
Natalie's not at any of the hospitals and we can't find her anywhere!"
        Nick picked up the cordless. "I'm here Tracy."
        "Nick? You sound like you're asleep.  Where's Nat?"
        "She's right here. She's fine."
        There was silence on the other end of the line.
        "Tracy? You there?"
        "Ah, yeah, I'm here. So, Nat's okay?"
        "Do you want to speak to her?" In the background, he could hear
Grace's voice saying "She's there...with bed?"
        "No, no . . . I guess I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"
        "Bye Tracy." He rang off.
        Natalie looked at him sleepily and smiled. "They know, don't they?"
        "Sounds like it."
        She sighed. "I guess we are going to have the happiest co-workers
        "No," he kissed her "they are."

The End