Monk Nick?

by Lisa a.k.a. KnightOwl

Archived April 2002 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie had all she could take.  She reached over and grabbed the remote 
control out of Nick's hands.  "Enough with the flipping channels, surely
there's a movie or something on."

She frantically began to push the buttons.  "Seen that, hate that, I
thought they burned that..."  She kept flipping.

Natalie paused briefly when the cinesmut channel came on.  She averted
her eyes towards the floor as the lovers on screen did the dirty deed.
"Oh my, not this channel."  she pushed the button, but there was no

Her face began to blush as the actors on the screen moaned and screamed
their pleasures.  As her fingers frantically pushed, she hit the volume

Nick enjoyed watching Natalie squirm.  "Problem?"

She turned towards him on the couch.  "Um, I think it's broke?"

Once again she heard the actress on the screen, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Her head turned towards the screen, she cocked it slightly to the side.
can't do that."

Nick looked at the screen also. "Yes you can."

She nearly fell off the couch as her startled gaze met his eyes. 

"Sure you can.  It just takes......balance."

Natalie shook her head.  She couldn't believe what she was hearing. 
"How would you kno.....Oh skip it."

"What?  You think I haven't had any sex in 800 years?"  he grinned evily
at her.

"Well, I, I mean you never said...I thought?  Can I leave this
conversation now?  Is it getting warm in here or is it just me?" 
Natalie began to tug at the top of her blouse for some air.

"Nat, I'm not a monk,"  smirked Nick.

"I didn't say you were.  I just never thought of you doing...I
mean...can we drop this?  I'm getting hot."  She began to fan her face.

He grinned, "Hot?  I think that's a *good* thing."  He moved his hand
and began to brush her hair upwards off her neck.  His hand ran down to
her neck.  "You're right. You are getting warm."

He moved closer and began to blow gently on her neck.  Natalie felt as
if her insides would melt.  "Nick, what are you doing?"

"Cooling you off.  Like my technique?"  He licked her neck then gently,
blew again.

Natalie sighed, "Um, well, yeah."

Nick's hand moved down to the button on her blouse.  "This might help
too."  He slowly unbuttoned each button.

His hand gently rubbed her stomach, then moved to cup her breast covered
the black lace of her bra.  Natalie's breathing increased, "Nick, what
are you....oooooooooo my!"

Nick leaned into Nat and gently eased her backwards onto the couch.  For
a second he stopped and looked into her eyes.  The lust was clearly
written upon both of their faces.  His lips found hers and their tongues
began to duel for superiority.  His hand reached round, undid the
clasp.  The bra was flung to the floor.  His hands cupped each breast as
he kneaded and pinched the rosey nubs to perfect hardened peaks.

He released Natalie's lips and placed feather kisses down her neck until
he found her rosey nub.  He pulled it into his mouth and sucked
tenderly.  His tongue swirled around, teasing her to delight.  He
released the  breast and 
then gently blew again.  

Natalie felt the chill start at the top of her head, then travel down
and curl the tips of her toes.  He looked up when he heard the sigh
escape her lips.  He smiled as she looked down at him.  She barely
gasped, "That's interesting, but," she hesitated.

"What?" he asked.

Nick could see the worry on her face as she spoke again, "Can I? I
mean... What can I do to you?  How far can this go?"  

Nick thought for a quick split second then smiled.  "How far do you want
to go?"

Deep down she hoped she knew the answer to this question.  "Well...all
the way?"  

"Well, it's risky, but perhaps?  Maybe?  We don't know unless we try." 
His finger softly touched the tip of her chin.  "It's up to you Nat."

She thought for a second, then Nick noticed the huge grin building on
her face.  She reached down and pulled his face towards her.  Her lips
captured his and he felt all her passion release.  She released him only
for a moment to pant, "All the way!"  She captured his lips again.

Her hands began to roam his chest.  Her fingertips found and undid the
buttons to his shirt.  She quickly jerked his shirt off and ran her
hands over his muscular back pulling him closer.

Nick was pleasantly surprised to find Natalie wasn't as bashful as he
thought she'd be.  Her hands roamed over his body.  She savored the cool
touch of his...against her flesh, now warming with her rising passion.

As they kissed, his hands began to explore her body.  His hands traveled
downward and grasped the waist band of her skirt.  As he lifted up to
remove it, Natalie reached down and undid the clasp of his jeans.  She
began to pull and tug his jeans down  as he worked at removing the last
stitch of her garments also.

He placed his cool body atop Natalie's warm flesh.  Their fingers
entwined as he pulled her breast into his mouth once again.  Natalie
writhed in pleasure as the feel of his tongue teased  her flesh.  She
felt Nick move to capture the other breast to give it equal treatment. 
All the while, he would not release her hands.  He released the breast
and trailed kisses down her rib cage, past her pelvis, until he had
reached the curly mound of hair.  

He could smell her arousal calling to him.  As his own desire began to
build, the vampire began to sense the warm blood flowing through her
veins as her ecstasy rose.  His tongue gained access into her heated
core as he began to suck and lick on her clit.  Natalie tightened the
grip on his hands as she felt the first waves of rapture flow deep
within her soul.

Nick savored the mewling noises coming deep within Natalie's throat. 
The sound called and the vampire responded.  Natalie heard the low growl
as Nick continued to pleasure her.


He looked up.  Natalie saw his fangs had descended and his eyes were now
a golden amber.  The small growl once again escaped from his lips,
"Don't be afraid Nat."

"I trust you Nick."  She smiled and squeezed his hands.

Nick pulled himself to his knees, then he pulled Natalie up off the
couch towards him until she was on her knees facing him.  She released
her hand from his.  She took her hand and began to touch his face.  He
began to stop her, but she only shook her head no.  He released her hand
again.  She took her finger and traced his mouth.  She parted his lips
slightly and ran her finger across the tip of his fang.  She pushed
harder until she could see the small trail of blood.  Nick immediately
reacted to the fresh blood and pulled her finger into his mouth.  He
sucked gently, sensing her emotions for him. All too soon though, the
small amount of blood had stopped.

He released her finger and moved towards her neck.  He encased her in
his arms as he pulled her closer.  His tongue licked at her neck, then
he sucked gently pulling her flesh into his mouth, releasing it.

Natalie arched her back and threw her head back.  A moan escaped her
lips as the erotic pleasures he caused ran through her body.  His hands
roamed her back until they trailed down and cupped her butt into his
hands.  Natalie could feel his arousal begin to grow as his penis began
to throb against her sex.

He continued to nibble at her neck.  She felt him abrade her flesh with
sharp tips of his fangs. Nick lapped at the time droplets of blood
welling to the surface.  His growls became deeper and more guttural.  As
Nick held Natalie in his embrace, he shifted their position on the couch
until he was sitting and she was now stradling his waist.    

Natalie slowly began to move herself against Nick's swollen member.  She
moved until it had spread her labia and was now caressed her clit with
each forward thrust.  Nick released her neck and began to enjoy the
sensation her rocking motions were causing.  He began to move in rhythm
with her as she began to moan with pleasure.

With each slow and grinding thrust, Natalie could feel the passions
growing, nearing the brink of orgasm.  Her breathing again became heavy
and she rested her head against Nick's temple.  Nick could feel the
perspiration building on Natalie's skin.  His hands traveled over her
now slick, damp flesh.  He took his tongue and licked between her
breasts.  He continued upward to her neck where he paused to nibble. 
Before Natalie's orgasm could take complete hold, Nick reached down and
with Natalie's next thrust, he brought her hips forward with his hands. 
As Natalie rocked backwards, Nick's swollen member slipped into and
pounded deep within her center.  Natalie screamed Nick's name as she
felt him penetrate.  

She buckled slightly and fell forward into his embrace.  She steadied
herself again and began to rock herself, each thrust causing Nick to
penetrate deeper.  As her rhythm increased, his hands ran up and into
her now soaked hair.  He pulled her head down and captured her lips with
his.  As their tongues once again dueled, she could feel his fangs.  She
slowly ran her tongue around the razor edge tooth.  Natalie impaled her
tongue into his fang.  The blood flowed freely  into his mouth.  She
increased her rocking motion as Nick pulled her tongue into his mouth
and sucked.

Natalie could feel her orgasm building.  As she began to feel her
release, Nick released her tongue and began to nibble at her neck.  As
her orgasm crashed over her body, Nick's fangs gently entered her pliant
flesh.  As her blood flowed into him, his could feel his own release
explode into Natalie's moist chamber as his final thrust penetrated to
her very core.

They grasped tightly to each other as they rode the waves of their
passion together.  Nick could feel and sense all Natalie's love and
trust in her blood.  After a few more seconds, he gently released her
neck as they both clung to each other for several moments.

Nick could feel Natalie beginning to nibble gently at his neck.  He
turned his face, Natalie could see his now blue eyes shining towards
her.  "What are you doing now?" he asked.

"Well, I thought we might try that position we saw on TV.  You know, the
one I said no way and you said yes there is?"

"But Nat, we just...."

"I know......again?"

Nick sighed, "I've created a monster!"

She nibbled on his ear then whispered, "No you didn't.  It has always
been laying dormant.  You just need to let me know when to release it."

Nick reached for the remote and turned the TV off.  He shifted Natalie
until she was sitting on the couch facing him.  She began to whimper as
he began to raise.

"Well, wait just a minute.  If we are going to try that....I need a pint
of cool whip and a bottle of cherries out of the fridge."

She looked at him strangely. "You have those in *your* refrigerator?"

He grinned, "Like I said,  I have NOT been a monk for the past 800

The End