Methods of Relaxation

by catspaw, LizM

Archived April 2002

Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

 Nat showed up at the loft unexpectedly. She had had a really long shift
and every muscle ached. All she could think about was relaxing and watching a
video with Nick. But Nick, after seeing the condition she was in, had other
ideas.He sat on the sofa next to her and took the remote from  her tired hand.
She glanced at him, surprised, and said, "What's  going on?" "I think you need
some therapeutic body work more than tv, and I know exactly where to go to get it."
      "Nick, I really don't feel like going out. Why don't we just pop in a
movie, and relaxe?" Nick smiled at her and said "Nat we don't have to go very
far, in fact we don't even have to leave the building. come on." He stood up
and took her hand. Reluctantly she got up, and was surprised when they headed
for the lift. "I thought you said we didn't have to leave?" she said suspiciously.
"We don't. You do know i own the entire building, right?" She nodded. "Well, I
have a surprise for you on the first floor, come on!" "Oh, all right. lead
the way." He pulled her into the lift and pushed the panel for the 1st floor.
      The door opened to a  sybaritic paradise.The floor was thickly padded,
there was a huge jacuzzi in the middle of the room, with heated towel
racks...a massage table with room for two...a cabinet full of oils and
lotions of all types. Nats jaw dropped as she stepped into the room.
She looked around in disbelief. Nick was enjoying her reaction when she
suddenly whirled around to face him, planted her hands on her hips
and with a look he couldn't quite figure out spoke. " Nicholas B
Knight! Just what do you use this room for? and with who?" Nick was
more then slightly surpised at Nats reaction. " Nat.. what, what do you mean?"
he stuttered.
     Natalie stalked over to him, and poked him in the chest with her finger.
How come you never showed this to me before? I'll just bet Janette has
been here!" Nick was trying to say something, but the words just wouldn't
come he'd never seen her quite this angry before, and it was... daunting.
     "Nat, whatever do you mean? This is a place for me to work out my
problems and tensions. I thought a nice massage and soak would make you
feel better." "Yeah, right. So you're going to give me a massage?
Another in your long line of professions, eh? Well, I must admit it
does sound nice."
     Nick showed her to a screen behind which she could remove her clothes
and wrap in a warmed towel, unaware that in the low lighting and with the
screen backlit, Nick could see every inch of her.As Nat removed her cloths
and wrapped herself in the wonderfully fluffy, warm towel, she wondered.
This room was....decadant. The low ligts, combined with the soft murmur of the
the jets of the jacuzzi relaxed her somewhat and she began to dream
of the things that could happen.
     She stepped out and Nick led her to the massage table.She eyed the
inviting looking table warily . " Nat, why don't you lie down on your
stomach?" She gave Nick a quick look and climbed up and streched out waiting
to see what he would do.
     Nick started by warming his hands and pouring a light herbal scented oil
on his hands, then started on her neck and shoulders, working knots out and
letting the tension drain out of her She sighed and relaxed even more. Till
his hands unwrapped the towel,and he ran his hands down her back to her
buttocks, kneading the muscles, then working his way to her thighsHe poured
more oil in his palms, then began rubbing it into her thighs.
     Nat groaned as Nicks strong fingers kneaded her tight leg muscles.
His cool hands sent shivers through her and she felt herself becoming aroused
at the thought of what thoses hands would feel like on other parts of her body.
She shifted slightly as she realised his hands had moved up to her butt.
    Nick was enjoying the feel of Nat's soft, warm skin under his hands.
He heard the slight increase in her heartrate and could smell the beginings
of her arousal. He let his hands wander up to her but and smiled softly as
she shifted. Leaning down, he placed a tender kiss on the nape of her neck
She parted her legs, hinting at what she wanted, but he was in no hurry.
He continued to kiss and nibble her neck and work his way slowly down her
spine to her crack...He suddenly pulled away and gave her a light slap. "OK,
that side's down. Turn over."
    Nat debated trying to keep herself covered, but decided what the hell and
turned over, displaying herself for him. He pretended to continue a therapeutic
massage, fooling neither of them, as his hands seemed to be concentrating on parts
of her without muscle tissue. Her nipples hardened in response and her body
arched, trying to get closer to him. Nick leaned down and whispered in to
her ear " Nat close your eyes and relaxe." Nat stared up in his blue eyes
for a moment then closed her eyes. She gave a startled squeak as she felt
Nick climb up onto the table and kneel next to her. Something warm dripped
onto her stomach and she twitched. Nick began running his hands over her in
a circular path, each stroke taking him higher till he reached her breasts.
His cool fingers began to play with her nipples and she moaned as he pinched
and stroked them erect.
    He lay down beside her and nuzzled her neck then kissed her. She groaned
and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. He rolled on top of
her, his erection pressuring her legs to part and let him enter. But he was
still dressed she noticed with dismay. He pulled back and said, "OK, just
rest there for a minute, till you're ready to dress. Mustn't undo the
therapy, must we?" grinning at her as he walked behind the screen to
remove his clothes.
    Nat sat up, more then slightly miffed at where Nick had ended the "massage"
As she watched him step behind the screen she realized she could make
out the most.... interesting sillohute. She could see, quite clearly that
Nick was just as interested as she was. He wrapped a towle around his waist
and steppped out.Walking over to the jacuzzi, he asked " Care to join me for a
    Nat jumped off the table, and ran at him, tackling him and pushing him
into the pool of warm bubbling water.When she entered the pool after him,
he surfaced and pulled her into his arms, pushing her hips into his.His mouth,
warm from the heated pool, kissed her, while his hands were rinsing the oil
off the rest of her body, especially the tips of her breasts and the curly
thatch of hair between her thighs.
    Nat returned the kiss hungryly, thrusting her tounge deep into his mouth
and moaning as his hands moved over her.She wrapped her arms around him and
arched into his hand as he stroked her mound. Nick was surprised at Nat,
but quickly ajusted. His fingers moved faster, with increased pressure as his
tounge dueled with hers. Her moans increased his passion and he pressed his
erection into her thigh.
    She wriggled, twining her legs around him, lining herself up with his stiff
organ, desperately wanting him inside her.He complied,sliding his hard shaft
deep into her, eager to please, and desperate for release after all the
teasing. He sat her on the edge of the jacuzzi, still inside her, moving in
and out compulsively, his hands every place.
    Her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him closer as she thrust back at him,
trying to draw him deeper into her. She arched her back pressing her breasts
into his chest, moaning as his erection drove her towards the edge, Nick
could feel her begin to come and he thrust faster, wanting to come with her.
They both screamed as they came, holding each other tightly and then sliding
down into the relaxing water, they held each other.
     After a few minutes of total collapse, they both became aware they'd
landed directly in front of the jacuzzi's high pressure jetstream and it
was pushing Natalie's hips back into Nick's.
     Nat smiled up at him and said whith a mischevious grin, " I
think I could use another massage, interested?" With a matching grin, Nick
picked her up and whispered, " I think I can manage another one." Levetating
out of the tub, he grabbed the towel and they headed upsairs.
The End