Magic Fingers

by Mel Moser

Archived November 2003
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Natalie Lambert cursed softly to herself as her shoulder twinged with
pain again.  Darn it, she was never going to get this autopsy done if
her shoulder kept aching like this.  She set her scalpel down and began 
massaging her sore shoulder.  Bending her arm at the elbow, she gently 
rotated her arm, trying to shake off the pain. What she wouldn't give 
for a nice, long soak in the tub right now.

The past couple of weeks, the pain in her shoulder had been getting
worse.   She knew she should go and see a doctor, but after that
last incident with her knee, she was skeptical about seeking medical
attention.  Rest was what she needed, especially a vacation.  But with 
the layoffs, an increase in crime, and the lack of capable staff in 
the morgue, the double shifts she had been working lately had made that
nearly impossible.  She looked back at the corpse in front of her
and hoped this would be the last autopsy she'd have to do tonight.  

"I can help you with that you know,"  said a familiar voice in front 
of her.  

Nat jumped slightly, "Oh really?"  She had almost gotten used to the way 
Nick could sneak in without her realizing it.  She glanced up at him 
while continuing to rub her shoulder.  "The autopsy or the tired shoulder?"  

He stood across the table from her, wearing his familiar long, dark coat
which was unbuttoned, revealing his attire of jeans and a dark blue silk 
shirt which matched his eyes.  His blond hair shimmered in the light of 
the room.  Glancing at the body on the table in front of him, he made a
Vampire or not, Nat knew he still found autopsies unnerving. "The shoulder. 
It's still bothering you?"  

Nat didn't even know he had noticed.  She had been so busy over the past 
weeks, she had barely had time to say more than three words to him.  Had 
he been watching her?

"Just a little tired," she lied, purposely taking a renewed interest in 
the dead body she had been working on.  She picked up her clipboard and 
began making notes, frowning as she found it hard to concentrate.

"I mean it, about the shoulder."  He nodded towards her shoulder.  "I've 
learned a few things while traveling aboard." His eyes twinkled 
mysteriously.  "And living among mortals in a few other nations."

"Uh huh,"  Nat stared up at him wondering what and exactly where and from 
whom he had learned these 'few things'.  Her mind whirred with thoughts of 
other women Nick had surely known until she was sure her eyes were turning 
green.  She shook her head. and went back to her note-taking.  Of course 
Nick had known many other women, she was foolish to think otherwise... or 
to let herself get so riled up about it. The room was silent except for 
the hum of refrigerators.  She looked up and her eyes met Nick's.  She 
realized that he had been staring at her watching her.  There was along 
pause as they became lost in each's others eyes, until Nat looked away, 
fearful of what emotions her eyes might reveal.

"I'm serious, Nat,"  Nick chimed in, not losing a beat. A second later, he 
was around the table and beside her.  Taking the pen and clipboard from her 
hands, he laid them on the desk behind her. Nat began to protest, only to be 
silenced by a cool finger across her lips.  "Nat, you need to take a break." 
He placed his other hand on her good shoulder and pulled her closer as he 
used his other fingers to lift her chin and make her look up at him.  

She shook her head and tried to speak.  

"Yes, you do,"  Nick leaned back to half-sit on the desk as he reached for 
the phone and dialed a number.  Nat tried to move away, but he dropped his 
arm to her waist and held her in place.  He didn't notice the dirty look 
she gave him.

"Hi, Grace?"  Nick said into the receiver.  "This is Nick.  I'm at the 
morgue.  Nat isn't feeling too well, so I was wondering if you'd mind-" 
He fell silent for a moment as he listened to the phone.  

He nodded a few times.  "Yes-"  he began, "Oh, I agree."  He smiled and 
winked up at Nat who glared at him, wishing she knew what Grace was saying 
on the other end.  "That's what I was planning on-"  Nat tried to shoot 
mental daggers at him with her eyes.  "Oh, don't worry, I will."  He 
smiled at Nat.  "Bye, Grace.  And thanks."  A second later, he hung up 
the phone.

"There.  All set."  

"Nick, how dare you!"  Nat began.  She felt the waves of anger coursing
through her.  Or was that exhaustion?

"Nat,"  Nick looked down deep into her eyes.  She had forgotten how tall 
he was, and how beautiful his blue eyes were.  "You need a break, 
especially to take care of that shoulder."  His eyes averted briefly to
glance at her shoulder, which he was now softly massaging with his fingers.  

It felt good, Nat couldn't help but notice and closed her eyes.  He
somehow knew exactly where to rub, where to touch, his fingers expertly
pressing and kneading the sore muscles.  No, she couldn't give in to
him nor his manipulating ways.  Had he been trying to hypnotize her?
Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him.  Nick's face was
full of worry.  He was worried about her?  

The weight of the feelings she saw on his face and in his eyes hit her 
like a ton of bricks.  True, their relationship had been pretty much on 
the rocks for the past couple of months.  She figured it was lack of 
interest on Nick's part, but the concern she now saw in his eyes made 
her pause.  Maybe a little break would be good.  For both of them.  
"Okay, I give up.  I'm all yours."  She smiled up at him.

Nick chuckled, giving her a devlish smile.  "Good girl."  He leaned 
down and kissed the tip of her nose.  "Now, go home," he finished 
massaging her shoulders and ran his hands down her arms to catch her 
hands.  "Take a nice hot bath,"  He continued. "Put on your bathrobe 
and-" her heart began to plummet.  He wasn't coming over?  He was 
just sending her home alone? She felt rejection settling over her tired 
body and nearly sighed.

Nick lifted each hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of each one. 
"And I'll be along in a few minutes."  He whispered, giving her the 
biggest smile she'd ever seen.  

Nat's heart skipped a beat.  

The hot bath had helped tremendously, but her body was still tired
and her shoulder still ached.  Nat finished towel-drying her hair
and used the towel to wipe away some of the steam on her bathroom
mirror.  In the reflection, she saw her old familiar face, a face 
that kept looking older, just like her body was feeling.  Nat sighed.  
Her skin was good, but now, without makeup, she could already imagine 
she saw the beginnings of wrinkles, tiny crow's feet at the corners 
of her eyes and mouth, the beginnings of dark circles underneath her 
eyes.  Her lips were not full enough, her eyes too large, her nose 
not quite right.  Too many things she found fault with.  And thank 
God there wasn't a full length mirror in the room so she could bemoan 
the faults of her overworked, underexercised body.  No wonder she was
still single.  A knock at the door interrupted her moment of self-pity.  

It had to be Nick.  He was really here.  All during her bath, she had
wondered if he would really come.  And if he did, what he did he have
in mind?  And how should she react?  Lord knows she had been in love 
with the man, correction, vampire, for years, and just because he's 
coming over to visit for the first time in months was no reason for her
to be as giddy as a schoolgirl?  Another knock.  Nat grabbed her bathrobe, 
wrapping and tying it tight around her, and headed for the door.

* * * * *

Nick knew she was inside.  As he stood patiently outside her apartment
door, he could sense her familiar heartbeat, could smell the familiar 
scent that was her, the combined smell of her warm blood and the alluring 
scent of her perfume. Since escorting her to her car and watching her 
drive off towards home, his thoughts had been working overtime, thinking 
about her, about touching and holding her, thinking about what he would 
say to her, things he had been wanting to say for a long time. He had 
said them before, but knew she didn't remember.  This time, he wanted to 
say them again and not have her forget, to tell her how much she meant 
to him.  To hell with LaCroix.  To hell with all the fears and anxiety 
that had been preventing him... preventing *them* from being together. 

He knew how hard Nat had been working lately, the long days, the 
numerous cases, how tired she was, and how her shoulder had continued 
to grow worse.  He also knew she was stubborn and would keep going 
until she dropped, unless someone stopped to remind her that she was 
only human.  It was part of what he loved about her, her fierce 
determination to face the odds, to never give up no matter how tough 
it became.  When Grace had called him about how tired Nat looked, and 
that her shoulder was hurting her, he had taken the cue.  It was a 
good excuse to get together and perhaps finally get some things out in 
the open between the two of them.  Plus, he hoped he could figure out 
what was wrong with her shoulder and perhaps persuade her into going to 
see the doctor.

He lifted his hand to knock again, but then he sensed her drawing near
the door.  Putting on his most charming smile, he watched as the door 
slowly opened. 

Nat stood in the opened doorway, backlighted by the lamplight and glow 
of the fire burning in the fireplace in the living room.  She wore her 
fluffy pink bathrobe... and little else, he guessed, noticing the bare 
skin of her legs and the hint of cleavage at the vee where her bathrobe 
came together in the front.  He could smell the dampness on her skin, 
and the slight scent of soap and and perfume. Her hair was still damp 
and her face was clean of makeup, her skin looked velvety soft and just 
asked to be touched. Her lips looked kissably soft and he wondered if 
they tasted as good as they looked-

"Nick?  Are you going to come in or stand there staring?"  Nat smiled, 
a bit nervous at the attention.

Nick realized he had been staring.  Still grinning, he blushed
slightly.  "Sorry, can I come in?"  

Nat realized that she too had been standing there silently staring at
him looking at her.  Embarrassed, not just by her lack of courtesy,
but also by the appreciative look she had seen on Nick's face, she 
welcomed him inside and shut the door.  How long had it been since 
she had been so carefully checked out by a man?  And without makeup
and in her old bathrobe even.  She must have met with his approval, as 
Nick seemed distracted as he slid past her.  This could prove to be
an interesting evening, she thought to herself, her heart skipped and
began to pound in anticipation.  

"You like?"  Nick whispered in her ear.  His hands continued to knead her
aching muscles, working their magic.  For the past half hour, Nick had
kneaded and rubbed her aching shoulder, making most of the pain go away.
His first matter of business was to get her relaxed, to help heal her 
tired body with a nice massage.  

"Mmmmmmmmm." was all Nat was able to respond with.  She sat on the sofa,
turned sideways with her back to Nick who sat behind her.  Her long chestnut
hair was almost dry and had been swept to the side around her neck.  Her 
bathrobe hung partially open to the waist, her left hand holding it closed 
over her breasts, her right arm out of the sleeve as Nick continued to 
massage her shoulder's sore muscles.  The room was warm, additional heat 
from the blazing fire in the fireplace which also lit the room, creating 
shadows on the wall. Usually the one to be treating Nick, it was odd having 
their roles reversed.  But Nick definitely knew how to give a great massage.  
She made a mental note to ask him later where he learned.  Right now, she was 
enjoying the finer aspects of his talent as his fingers pressed across to her 
back and neck again.  

At first, Nick had just massaged her shoulder, but slowly, to her delight,
his range had expanded to include her upper back and neck and her side. 
His hands were cool but refreshing against her warm skin.  His touch was 
light but with just the right amount of pressure to leave her skin tingling 
where he touched it.  Or was that tingling from something else?  Nat 
blushed and hoped Nick didn't notice as she felt her mind straying to 
thoughts of other places she'd love those fingers to touch. She wondered
if Nick noticed the affect their closeness and his touch had on her.  

Nick let his fingers explore a little farther on each pass across Nat's
skin.  He marveled at how beautiful she was, how soft and silky her skin
was beneath his hands, the gentle curves of her warm body, the heady
scent of her blood intermixed with her perfume and own natural scent.
It was intoxicating and he found himself utterly lost in sensations.  At
the back of his mind, he felt the vampire beginning to grow aware of how 
close they were.... how easy it would be to lean down and slip his fangs 
into the heated vein at the curve of her neck.  His eyes began to tingle 
with the vampire awakening within him.  Shaking his head, he fought it 
back.  No, he was in control, this was his life and his Natalie... he 
wouldn't do anything to harm her.  He was suppose to be keeping things 
simple, light to start with, right?  

"I can do the other shoulder too, if you want,"  Nick's voice was husky 
as he struggled to speak.  He couldn't even remember the last time being 
so close to a woman had affected him like this.

Nat hesitated only for a moment before slipping her other arm out of her 
bathrobe, pulling it tight against her chest.  She didn't want to expose 
too much... or did she?  She blushed when she realized where her thoughts 
were leading, how wanton she was beginning to feel.  This was Nick, her
patient, her friend. Her hands brushed against her breasts as she held the 
bathrobe against them.  She nearly moaned as she realized how sensitive 
they felt right now... and her nipples were taut with arousal, aching to 
be touched.  Damn it, Nat.  He's a vampire, she reminded herself.  But 
it's Nick, said another tiny voice inside her head.  Not just a vampire, 
a man, the man she loved.   She sighed as she felt Nick's hands begin to 
work their way across her back to her other shoulder.  Torn between desire 
and common sense, she closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift along as 
Nick continued to massage her back.

Nick gave her other shoulder the same dutiful treatment he had given its
partner, but he found his own attention wandering... and wondering what
if the rest of her skin was as soft and supple, so warm and silky to the
touch.  He trailed the backs of his fingers down her back and spine,
and smiled as she shivered lightly.  For the last little while, he had
sensed the deepening of her breathing, heard the slight increase in the 
beat of her heart, felt the warmth of her skin increasing, her slight
reactions to his touch.  As he suspected, Nat was not unaffected by this
closeness.  Now, to continue on with his plan of romance...

Nick let his hands roam up her back to where her hair was still pulled
to the side.  Lifting the thick, soft mass of curls in his hands, he let
his fingers run through the still damp tresses, roaming up to lightly
massage her head.  Nat tilted her head back in response, letting the long
silky strands dangle down her back.  "I love your hair, Nat,"  Nick
whispered softly, slowly inching towards her so his chest and hip were
closer to her back.  His lips were so close to kissing her warm skin
he realized as Nat arched her back and turned her head to the side, seeming
to luxuriate in the feel of his fingers massaging her scalp.  Her eyes 
were closed, her lips slightly parted, it would be so easy to lower his 
mouth and taste her, to see if she was indeed as good as she smelled and 

Nat leaned back and found herself easily caught by Nick's arms as they
wrapped around her.  

"Nick?"  Nat struggled to speak as she felt his hands slip from her hair 
and down her arms until they rested on her abdomen, right beneath where 
her arms were holding her bathrobe shut, his hands just beneath hers.  She 
felt cool kisses against her hot skin.  Were those fangs she felt?

"Yes?"  Nick purred against her skin, as his lips began to trail kisses down
her neck.  

"What's happening?" Nat found herself unconsciously curving her neck 
invitingly towards him.  

"Something that should have happened a long time ago," was his only response. 
Nick's head lowered as his fangs headed down towards her neck.  

The fire crackled and snapped as a log fell in the fireplace, sending up
a shower of sparks and embers.  Nick glanced in concern, the momentary
distraction was all that was necessary for him to take notice of what
was happening.  The fire settled down and Nick threw back his head in
anger, his eyes closed, his heart heavy with guilt.  How could he have
let things get so out of hand?  His fangs ached, his spirit yearned for
the taste of her blood.  

"Such interesting, " Nat said throatily, "techniques you have."  She
lowered her hands to his and stroked them gently.  Her bathrobe started
to fall open, but suddenly she didn't care.  Unknown to her, a battle
raged on within Nick.  

Nick pulled her tighter against his chest and nuzzled her hair, letting
the goodness of her warmth and closeness seep into his suddenly cold
body and heart.  He held her like that for several long seconds, his
eyes closed, each second full of painful agony as he struggled to 
vanquish his darker half.  At last, he felt the vampire fade away. 
His eyes stopped burning, his fangs retracted and his bloodthirst was
suddenly gone.  All that was left was the strong echo of Nat's heartbeat
in his ears.  The heartbeat that he had almost stopped.  He inhaled
deeply and cursed the beast within him.  

He needed to make it up to her... to show her, to prove that he could
control the vampire, and to show her how much she meant to him.  Even
if she didn't know how close he had come to losing control.

"Nat,"  he kissed her temple, "I need you to lie down on the sofa,"
he said and began to pull away from her.  

Nat opened her mouth to question him.  This was all still part of the
massage?  Was she just imagining that they were almost getting somewhere?

"Please?  I need to do your lower back and your legs."  Nick pleaded.
"It will help you feel better, I promise."  His voice sounded mysterious, 
hinting at romance.  

"If you say so,"  Nat tried to keep the disappointment from her voice.

As Nick stood up beside the couch, Nat carefully shifted her legs to stretch 
out on the sofa, gently lying on her stomach while still trying to keep her 
bathrobe from riding up too far above the backs of her legs.  It was not an 
easy task. She settled back down on the cushions, letting her head rest on 
her forearms.  

He began with her feet, taking each into his hands, rubbing and massaging 
the heel, her instep, the tired toes.  He gave each deliberate attention, 
massaging each toe, each curve, the tops and bottoms of her feet.  He gently
ran a finger down the length of her foot and noticed the jerk reaction that 
Nat did her best to hide.  She was ticklish, he noted.  Something to remember 
for a later time, Nick smiled to himself.  And now, it was time for the fun 
to begin.

Nick let his hands begin working up her legs, massaging her ankles and her 
calf muscles.  Her legs were bent slightly as Nick continued treating them, 
giving him enough room to sit on the sofa.  His hands slipped up to her feet 
again, where he began placing gentle kisses against the soles of her feet. 
Nat nearly pulled her feet out of his grasp in surprise, but his hold was 

"Shhhhh,"  Nick whispered in between kisses, "let me show you what it's 
like to be loved, Nat,"  He gently kissed and nibbled each instep causing 
Nat to inhale quickly in response.  He kissed a circle around each ankle 
and slowly higher, continuing to massage and stroke each inch along the 
way, releasing the tight muscles, relaxing them into a different type of 
tension, he suspected, as he heard the increase in her heartbeat, the 
quickening of her breathing.  

Nat hugged the pillow she had been resting on a little tighter. Nick's lips 
were kissing higher and higher up her legs, almost to the backs of her knees. 
She tried to hold still.

"Remember a few months ago, when I said I adored your knee?" Nick kissed 
the back of each knee, his tongue and lips nibbling lightly at the tender 

His attention to this sensitive area sent shivers up her spine. Nat moaned 
in response.  "You also said something about-" his hands began to stroke 
the backs of her thighs, interrupting her train of thought for a second, 
"-liking the entire package-" His lips trailed quickly after his hands.    

"Just the way it is,"  he finished the statement for her. "And I'm going 
to show you how much I love you, every part of you."

And he continued to do so, whispering soft words of love against her 
skin, sometimes slipping into French, or Italian, or some other language 
that sounded romantic but she couldn't identify.  Nat pinched herself to 
see if she was dreaming.

It was sweet torture as he massaged and kissed his way up the backs of 
her legs to where the hem of her bathrobe covered the beginning curves 
of her rear.  She felt his hands trail over her hips to grab the top of 
the bathrobe and begin to pull it off.  Nat began to protest.

"Shhhh,"  Nick whispered, kissing her shoulder, then giving it and her 
back a few quick reassuring rubs. "Nat, I want to adore every inch of
you," he kissed across her shoulders and down her back.  

Before Nat realized it, he had tugged the bathrobe off, exposing her
bare buttocks to the air and his touch.  Nat thought about saying 
something, but the idea was lost as the sensation of his lips kissing
down her spine and his hands softly cupping her rear distracted her.  

Nick kissed the curve of her back and began nibbling lightly at the
firm flesh of her butt, making Nat wriggle her hips in response. He
paid deliberate attention to her rear, making Nat feel very self-conscious.
His hands continued to knead and massage her back and legs.  In between
kisses, his smooth, now deep, voice continued to murmur endearments, 
gentle words of love and adoration, making Nat feel like a worshipped
goddess.  He started kissing up her side as his hands began to lift
her gently at the waist to help turn her over.  


"Hmmmm?"  He noticed she was resisting him.  "But I'm not done yet,"  
he smiled wickedly, "We have a whole other half yet to do."  His fingers
seductively caressed the curve of her waist.  He was totally enjoying
this, had forgotten how wonderful it could be to make love to a woman 
so thoroughly.  And no one deserved it more than his Natalie.

Nat looked up at him, her mouth hanging open.  This was a dream, wasn't 
it? Nick leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.  His lips were
cool, his tongue running lightly across her upper lip then expertly
darting inside her mouth, stirring the passion within her, nearly taking 
her breath away.  He pulled away only to stare deeply into her eyes, 
still smiling.  

"Come on, Nat,"  Nick whispered, "When I agree to do something, I don't 
do it in halves."  He began to gently turn her over.  

Nat grabbed for her bathrobe then realized in doing so, she exposed her 
front.  She looked up only to discover that it hadn't escaped Nick's notice.
He stopped her from laying back down, helping her turn on her side, 
exposing the rest of her to his curious eyes.

"You're beautiful."  Nick murmured, his eyes continuing to roam down her 
chest, taking in the sight of her full, soft breasts then to the dark 
triangle of curls at the juncture of her thighs, and onward down to her 
soft, shapely legs.  His glance then swept back up to stare dreamy-eyed,
his eyes full of love and passion, into her eyes.  

Nat must have blushed all of the way to her toes, as she felt her body 
responding to his adoration.  Embarrassed at his scrutiny, she reached 
for her bathrobe in a last ditch effort to modestly cover herself.

"No, don't."  Nick's voice was more forceful, deep and rich.  He stopped
her from grabbing the bathrobe and tentatively touched the soft skin of
her hip, gently stroking it as if she were made of porcelain.  His hand 
came to rest on her thigh. 

"But I'm old, Nick,"  she whispered, "Could use to lose a few pounds..."
her hand caressed the soft curve of her stomach, down to the slight
swell of her hip.  

"Nat, you are perfect,"  Nick took her hand from her hip and raised it
to his lips, kissing it gently.  His blond head lowered to kiss her again.  
It was a long, deep kiss, his tongue powerfully parting her lips to explore
her mouth, tasting the warm sweetness within. Her tongue tangled with his
and Nat found herself responding as if a floodgate had been opened, passion 
and love for this man flowing forth.  She let Nick roll her onto her back 
as the kiss continued. Her hands tangled in his blond curls as she felt his 
hands stroke her sides and stomach, then down to caress and massage the tops 
of her legs.  Nat let her hands drift down to his shoulders, feeling the firm 
strength of his muscles through the silk of his shirt.  

Nat sighed contentedly to herself, unsure whether to consider this lovemaking 
or still just part of the massage she had been promised.  Her mind began to 
wonder where they were heading all this, and she realized it was not just her 
thoughts, but her body as well, as she felt the warm dampness and a gentle
throbbing starting to build between her legs.  Her body once again cried out 
for fulfillment.  

Nick kissed up her legs, letting his massaging hands lead the way up her
body, his lips leaving not an inch of her skin untouched.  Occasionally
he would nibble, teasing her flesh, making her blush as her body involuntarily
responded to his attentions.  He kissed the tops of her thighs, then each 
hip, kissing unbearably close to her thatch of hair, then up to match his 
hands where they continued to stroke closer to her breasts, making her hold 
her breath in anticipation...

...and exhale it a moment later as she found herself being scooped up into 
his arms and carried towards her bedroom.  

Nat looked up at Nick in surprise as he carried her into her bedroom.
His face was dark, unreadable, and he was still fully dressed. She wrapped
her arms around his neck as he held her and nestled her head against his 
shoulder, relishing the feel of his muscles against her bare skin, the
feel of his silk shirt against her side and breasts.  

Nick smiled to himself at the warm bundle he held in his arms.  She felt
so full of life, her eyes full of love, it was so easy to get lost in 
loving her.  And thus far, he had been successful at keeping the vampire
at bay.  Laying her gently on top of the white comforter, he paused only
for a moment to stoke the fire in the bedroom fireplace before joining
her on the bed.  Settling next to her, he watched the firelight play across 
her skin, flickering to reflect the dark passion smoldering in her eyes.  
His breath caught as he simply stared starry-eyed at her.  

Nat reached up and laid a hand aside his face, her eyes full of longing 
as she returned his gaze.  Nick smiled in return, lowering his mouth to
kiss her, a slow, passionate kiss that increased with intensity the longer 
it progressed.  His tongue delved into her mouth to meet hers, together
dancing.  She pulled Nick down on top of her, delighting in the feel
of his full weight pressing down on hers, his body cool against her
heated flesh.  His denim-clad thigh parted her legs and pressed against
her.  Against her hip, she felt the hardness of his arousal, letting her 
know he was just as affected by this as she was.  Any doubts she once
had about the direction their lovemaking was heading dissipated from
her mind.  Her hands roaming down his still silk-covered back, she found 
her thoughts filled instead with wonderings of what it would be like to 
feel his bare flesh against her, to feel his hardness plunging deep 
within her.  

"Nick, I want you,"  Nat kissed his lips, her fingers weaving through his
golden mane.  She wrapped her legs around his still jean-clad hips and 
pulled him tighter against her, rocking her hips against his.   

"Oh no, not yet," Nick smiled devilishly down at her, "I haven't finished 
adoring you all over yet." He trailed kisses down her neck, stroked down 
her sides, and carefully removed her legs from his hips.

Nat looked at him, not sure if she should be disappointed or not. That 
faded quickly as Nick's hands cupped her breasts, holding their firm 
roundness in his palms, his thumbs tweaking the raised peaks, shooting 
electrifying sensations throughout her body.  An instant later, his lips 
replaced his hands, and Nat moaned in response as Nick suckled long and 
hard at each breast, his tongue running circles around each nipple, his 
teeth lightly nibbling at each hard nub.  Long moments passed as he 
adoringly worshipped each breast, kneading, kissing, and suckling at each 
for what seemed like hours.

Nick was marvelously delighted to discover Nat tasted and as good as
she looked.  He always loved to watch her before, wondering what curves 
had been hidden by those hospital scrubs she often wore, but to find 
out the reality exceeded his expectations was a double blessing. He
continued to murmur in French against her skin, telling her over and
over again in his native tongue exactly how beautiful she was, not
just her body, but every part of her.  He had loved her for so long for
her mind and her friendship, but now, he could love the rest of her
like he had only fantasized about up until now.  He smiled as he heard
the slight moans of pleasure his deliberate devotions to her breasts 
were evoking.  

Slowly, his mouth and hands began to drift lower, his finger tips
dancing down her stomach as his mouth sought and found her belly button,
pressing her wet cool tongue into the slight depression and swirling
small circles within it.  It took a minute for Nat to realize his hands 
had moved lower and his finger tips were weaving through her soft pubic 
hair before moving to each inner thigh and caressing slowly inwards.  

Then he stopped as he looked up above her, his eyes twinkling.  Nick
grabbed a pillow from behind her.  

Nat looked at him, curious and yet afraid of where he was heading. 

Nick winked at her. "Every inch, remember?"  Gently raising her hips, 
he placed the pillow beneath them, then lowered her back down, 
spreading her legs apart, leaving her totally exposed to his view.

Nat blushed and protested, trying to close her legs only to be stopped 
by him kneeling between her legs as he removed his shirt.  She watched 
entranced as the firelight flickered across the light muscles of his chest. 
She wanted to touch him, but he remained out of her reach.  His mouth 
lowered to nibble on her inner thigh as his fingers began to stroke through 
her curls.  She tried to object again, only to have Nick hold her hips in 
place with his hand.  

His fingers traced around her outer lips, slowly, then started probing 
and investigating further inward, rubbing gently and lightly across the 
center of her womanhood.  His fingertips quickly moistened with her 
dampness, Nick smiled at the thought of being able to do that to her. 
His lips kissed her soft belly and started a trail of nibbling kisses 
down to the top of her mound of curls.  Then his fingers parted her soft 
folds and discovered the hard nub of her desire.  Looking up and watching 
the waves of passion on her face, he carefully rubbed her there, hearing her
cry out, feeling her hips buck in response.  His lips returned to her skin, 
kissing down the top of her thigh as his fingers began to thrust slowly 
and steadily into her hot core taking Nat to a near peak, her hips rocking 
to match his strokes, until he gently slowed and withdrew his fingers.  

Nat murmured a cry of frustration, bunching up the comforter with her 
hands.  She looked down at Nick, panting slightly, her eyes wild with want 
and desire.  

Where his fingers once tread, now his mouth and tongue followed. Nick 
kissed up her inner thigh, nibbling at the delicate skin, licking lightly 
as he eventually came to her mound of curls. Burying his nose within them, 
he inhaled the sweet, warm scent of her womanhood, nuzzling her gently,
the curls tickling his nose.  He nuzzled lower, the nibbling continuing as 
his lips found the outer folds of her labia and his tongue began to lap 
lightly at the tender skin, sliding up and down each crevasse, following
each fold and skirting around the place he knew she wanted touched the
most.  Nat curled her pelvis up, thrusting it up towards his mouth as he 
heard her moan in frustration.  Slowly, be began savoring the tasty soft 
skin of her inner folds, his tongue darting dangerously close to her hot, 
wet core.  

She was so soft and sweet, he couldn't hold back much longer. He nuzzled her 
again as his hands stroked and cupped the sensitive skin of the back of her 
thighs and buttocks.  He heard Nat cry out his name, pleading with him.  

"Patience, my sweet,"  he whispered in between a tongue lashing.

"Nick, please?"  She pleaded, her voice raw with emotion.  

It was then that he let himself savor her fully.  His mouth descended upon 
the entrance to her hot, slick core, his cool tongue diving into her. There, 
he suckled long and hard, his mouth filling with her warm juices. His 
probing tongue sought and found her clitoris and lapped at it lightly, 
feeling Nat quiver in response, her moans growing louder as his strokes 
grew more demanding.  Nat writhed in agony, her hips continuing to pulse 
as his tongue lashing became more insistent.  In and out, in and out, 
his tongue expertly stroked her hard nub, his mouth continuing to suckle 
between strokes, until at last, Nat cried out, her back arching as 
orgasm washed over her.  

An objective of his mission accomplished, Nick began kissing up her
stomach and laid the side of his head on her abdomen for a long moment 
listening to her heartbeat and breathing as her orgasm subsided.  He
lifted his head, gently raised her hips and removed the pillow, then
returned to begin kissing up between her breasts, caressing her flushed 
skin along the way. 

Nat, coming round to her senses again, looked down at him smiling. She
was now able to stroke his bare shoulders as he drew within reach, loving 
the feel of his smooth, cool skin beneath her heated touch.  He had a 
beautiful chest.  Sure, she had seen him without his shirt on occasion, 
but that had only increased her curiosity about how it would feel to touch 
him like this, in the middle of lovemaking.  Her fingers found his nipples 
and played with them lightly, feeling them harden at her touch.  She
continued to stroke down his chest, admiring the light muscles and smooth
flesh.  She wasn't sure, but she thought she heard and felt a quiet
growling coming from Nick, but the thought was forgotten as Nick slowly
lowered to rest his full weight on her, his bare chest making contact
with hers, making her body all too aware on their intimate closeness
and where they were heading. 

Nick tried to remain focused on continuing to love her from head to foot, 
but it was growing more difficult with the feel of her warm, soft hands 
touching him.  His jeans were becoming increasingly tighter, and he felt 
his control waver.  He slipped between her arms and began paying generous 
attention to her collarbone and the front of her shoulders, taking great 
interest in the delicate curve of her neck.  

"I want you, Nick," she whispered, "I want all of you, inside me, filling 
me."  She pressed her hips up against him, feeling the rough denim and the 
hardness of his arousal against her.  

"Nat,"  Nick protested, "I can't do that, I can't risk hurting you." It 
was much easier loving her and bringing her pleasure. He could almost 
control the vampire that way, but the thought of losing himself entirely 
within her terrified him.  He knew he couldn't stop himself from taking 
her fully if he did so.  

"To hell with that, Nick,"  Nat replied, anger flashing in her eyes. 
"Besides, you did say 'every inch', did you not?"  She wanted him deep 
inside her, more than anything she ever wanted in the world.  She wanted 
to be part of him, to share in the one way she had only dreamed about up 
until now.  She grabbed his face and made him look her in the eyes, 
letting him see the desire, longing and love there.  

Perhaps it would be different with Nat, Nick reasoned as his breath
caught at the passion he saw in her eyes.  Perhaps it would be possible
with the one he really loved, and had loved for years now, longer than 
any other mortal woman he had known.  His world had changed the night 
she had come into his life, and it had never been the same.  With her, 
he wanted more than anything in the world to become mortal, and for her 
sake, he would do all within his power to love her fully and keep the 
vampire from ruining it for them both.

"That I did,"  he answered.  Intrigued and strengthened by her fortitude
and bravery, Nick kissed her fully on the mouth and lowered himself on top 
of her again, letting her warmth seep into his cold body and heart.  Nat's 
arms wrapped around him to pull him even tighter, her hands stroking his 
back and down to his waist.  Her knees pressed against his hips, pulling them 
and his arousal against her.  Nick felt the vampire surging within him, but 
this time, he didn't fight it back, letting it rise up, but not letting it 
take over.  He felt his fangs drop, his eyes burning as they turned to gold, 
but he didn't let it stop him from continuing to kiss her thoroughly as his 
hands reached for the snap of his jeans.

Nat's hands found his and together, they undid the flap of his jeans and 
began pulling them down over his hips.  Nick kissed her briefly and stood 
up for a moment, pulling the jeans the rest of the way off, leaving him 
totally nude, his manhood full and thick as it became free from the binding 

Nat swallowed hard as her mind began to imagine what it would be like to feel 
it plunging deep within her.  The throbbing between her legs increased.  It 
was then she noticed Nick's face.  His eyes were golden, his fangs bared as 
the vampire remained aroused within him.  Her heart trembled in fear for a

Nick saw the look of panic cross her face and quickly rejoined her on the 
bed, laying down beside her.  

"Shhhh, Nat, " he whispered, showering her face with kisses, being careful 
not to touch her with his fangs, "Don't be afraid."  He ran his hands up her 
sides, stroking, coaxing her, letting her know and feel that the vampire was 
not in control.  

"I'm not afraid,"  Nat replied, looking up at him with a strength of spirit 
and love that astounded him, "Not with you."  She cupped his face and pulled 
him down into a warm, sweet kiss.  The kiss grew as her tongue met his and 
then slipped into his mouth where she began to expertly traced each fang, 
worshiping each with her tongue.

Now it was Nick's turn to moan, feeling her delectable tongue in his mouth
and stroking his very sensitive fangs was one of the most erotic feelings he 
had ever felt.  His body nearly exploded with ecstasy.  Nat had somehow known 
that his fangs were nearly as sensitive as his other aroused member.  She 
continued to rub each fang with the tip of her tongue, letting the sharp 
points occasionally prick her tongue, sending waves of pleasure through him.  

It took him several moments to focus on returning the pleasure. Pressing his 
bare leg against her dampness, he ran his finger down her belly, through her 
curls to the center of her, feeling her wet slit with his finger.  She was 
ready.  Both of them were ready.  Slowly, he guided his tip to her entrance 
and entered her.  Her hips rose up to meet him, and they came together as if 
sealing a promise made long ago.  Nat moaned deeply beneath him, almost
losing contact with his mouth.  His fangs continued to itch with desire.  It took
all his concentration to focus on continuing to kiss her, his mouth finding hers 
again as he felt her body adjust to cradle him in her deep warmth.  It was
then that he began to slowly withdraw from her only to thrust deep within her
again, sending their senses reeling.  

Nat's body was tingling with sensation, a sense of completeness beyond 
anything she had ever imagined filled her.  Slowly, they began moving 
together, her hips rising to match his thrusts as they journeyed towards that 
peak of fulfillment. He continued to kiss her deeply, his fangs grazing her 
lips and tongue.  She heard a hushed growl coming from him, making her realize 
how close he was to losing control of the beast that raged within him.  Her 
resolve strengthened and she wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders, 
pulling his head and mouth harder against hers.  Her tongue once again sought 
out his fangs and caressed them again, making Nick groan in response against 
her mouth.  Their pace quickened, taking them higher and higher, rocking them 
both with sensations as the pleasure grew.  A scant second later, Nick
plunged deep within her again and orgasm began to wash over her, her body 
exploding with light and sensation. Nat cried out, the world around her shattering 
into shards of brilliant light and colors for what seemed like eternity.

Nick felt Nat's body rocking with orgasm beneath him and felt his own body 
reach the summit right along with her, his body exploding with sensations, 
his heart thudding quickly, the vampire keening for fulfillment within him. 
As he felt wave after wave of pleasure wrack his body, his fangs 
involuntarily found the pulsing vein at Nat's neck and slipped into it, 
his mouth greedily sucking and filling with her hot, coursing blood, 
answering the call of the vampire within him.

In her blood, he tasted her intense pleasure as the orgasm continued to rock
then slowly ebb within her.  The beginnings of her thoughts, filled with 
passion and love, began to assault his mind.  The taste of the first human
blood he had had in a long time teased his senses, overloading the already 
overwhelming tidal wave of emotions and thoughts that their lovemaking had 
wrought.  And then he felt and heard Nat gasp with pleasure as her thoughts
met his through their unique link.  Her love for him awashed over him anew,
touching his thoughts, and his heart.  His desire for her blood quietly
faded, his heart cleansed by her goodness and love.  He brought the bite
to an end, amazed at how easy it was to stop, and kissed the wound at her
neck shut.  Her hearbeat continued to pound strongly in his ears, letting
him know she was ok.  He rolled to the side and swept her into his arms,
and listened as her breathing slowed into a more even rate as she fell
asleep in his arms.  

* * * * *

"Nat?"  Nick stroked down her back, cupping her rear and adjusting her
tighter against him as she laid in his arms, both of them still simmering
in the afterglow of their lovemaking.  He had heard her breathing change
as she awoke, smiling at her soft murmurs of contentment as she hugged
him back.   

"Mmmmmmm?" Nat's whole body still tingled with pleasure and she was sure
she never felt more comfortable in her life than she was right now in 
Nick's arms.  Her thoughts were filled not only by the memories of their 
lovemaking, but also by the beautiful thoughts and feelings she had sensed 
from Nick when he bit her.  She would never again doubt the depths of his
feelings for her.  The bond had revealed more to her then words could ever 
say.  Shifting slightly, she looked up at him and laid a loving hand against 
his cheek, marveling at the feel of his day's growth of beard against her 

"Shoulder feel better?"  Nick teased, taking her hand and nibbling on
her fingertips.  

"Mmmmm, that was some massage."  Nat replied, and kissed his chest. She 
pulled her hand from his grasp and traced a slow line over his lips and 
jaw, down his neck to his chest where she watched the play of his muscles 
reacting to her touch.  "Care to demonstrate those techniques again?" 
Her voice was husky with passion.  

"I think it could be arranged." Nick nuzzled her hair, "Besides, I think 
I missed a few parts." His hand squeezed her rear again then slowly began
caressing up her waist towards her breast.  Of course, he'd have to do a 
thorough job to make sure he didn't miss a inch this time, a job that 
could take years to complete.  He could handle that.

The End