Lust For The Truth

by Jeri E. Friedman

Archived November 2003 
Warning: This story is rated R. If you are under 
18 years then  please do not read any further

Nick arrived at Natalie's apartment a half-hour early.  They both had
the night off and had decided Nick would pick her up and they'd go to
the video store together.  Then they'd head to Nick's loft to spend the
evening watching videos.

Standing outside the door, Nick nervously retrieved Natalie's key from
his pocket.  Knowing her frustration and feeling frustrated himself, he
decided to finally tell her his true feelings.  He couldn't pretend or
avoid it any longer.  They'd deal with the repercussions later.  He
knew it was now or never and couldn't wait, fearing he'd lose his

Nick let himself in and was greeted by a soft meow.  "Hi Sydney," Nick
said as he bent down to scratch the cat's head.

He could hear the shower running and hear Natalie's familiar heartbeat
and he smiled, when suddenly it hit him.  The strong smell of blood.
Natalie's blood.  It assaulted his senses and made his head reel.  The
scent was heady like that of fine roses and he responded instantly to
it.  His fangs dropped and his eyes turned to glowing gold orbs.  A
soft growl came involuntarily from deep within his throat.  "No," he
moaned, "please no."  But Nick could not control himself.  He was
lost in the scent and the feelings for Natalie that had been building
all evening.  He knew the reason for the bloodscent and this aroused
him further.  He felt his growing erection begin to strain against the
fly of his jeans.

Moving to the bathroom door, he listened as he heard the water stop
and the shower door slide open.  Very quietly, he opened the door a 
crack and peeked inside.  Natalie was standing there with her back to
him, drying herself with a towel.  He opened the door wide and moved
just inside.  He was breathing heavily now, the bloodscent overwhelming
him.  He was barely in control.

Suddenly, Natalie sensed herself being watched, turned and let out a
bloodcurdling scream.  Realizing who it was and seeing his condition,
she cried out, "NICK!  What are you doing in here?" and immediately
wrapped the towel around herself in embarrassment.

Nick had jumped and cried out in surprise at Natalie's scream.  His
heart beat twice in succession.  He stared at her with golden eyes.
She stared back, unsure of what was happening.  Then Nick spoke quietly,
voice thick with lust and the vampire.  "I came here early to tell you
something.  Something I've wanted to tell you for a long time but
couldn't before.  I couldn't wait any longer and was afraid if I waited,
I might lose my nerve.  I wasn't planning on it happening this way.
When I let myself in, I smelled your blood and I couldn't control
myself.  I'm sorry I ...."  Nick's voice trailed off.

"It's okay.  I understand," Natalie told him.  Just then a drop of
blood splattered on the tile floor beneath her.  Nick's eyes went to it
immediately and he growled low in his throat.  For the first time she
noticed the large bulge in the front of Nick's jeans.  She blushed
and turned away.

"Nat, please don't.  Don't be embarrassed.  Look at me," Nick pleaded.

Natalie slowly turned around to face him.  "What?" she asked, shyly.

Nick got down on his knees before her.  "I didn't come here to
embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable.  I came here to tell
you something very important.  Natalie, I came here early to tell
you that I love you very much.  I always have and I'm sorry for all
the denials and always pushing you away.  I know you've been very
frustrated with me, and frankly, I've felt that way, too.  I want that
to end right now.  We'll find some way to deal with this but I just
can't deny my feelings for you any longer."

Just at that moment another drop of blood hit the floor.  Nick couldn't
stand it any longer.  He reached out and wiped the drop up with his
index finger and brought it to his lips.  He licked the blood off his
fingertip and groaned as the brief flash of images and feelings in the
blood exploded on his tongue.  He knew he had to have more.

Natalie was staring wide-eyed at him, stunned by his unexpected
revelation.  Here before her knelt an extremely aroused creature in
the form of a man with fangs and golden eyes, who was tasting her
menstrual blood from off the floor and professing his love for her.
She shook her head in disbelief, wondering how on Earth she'd gotten
to this point.  But regardless, she loved him deeply and wanted him
as much as he wanted her.

She moved closer to him and put her fingers under his chin, gently
raising his head until his golden eyes were staring longingly into
hers.  She stroked his cheek lovingly with her other hand. "I love
you, too, Nick.  I've also been afraid ... afraid for you.  What
would happen to you, what you'd do if you accidently hurt me.  I
couldn't risk that.  I couldn't risk you."

"That's all I wanted to hear.  That you love me, too.  Trust me, Nat,
please.  Trust me now."

"I do, completely.  I always have."

Nick tugged at the towel and Natalie let it drop to the floor.  With a
soft growl, he roughly pulled her to him and buried his face in her
pubic hair.  He inhaled deeply and then began to kiss and lick her,
working his way slowly lower.

Natalie closed her eyes and listened to Nick's soft growling as she
parted her legs to allow him better access.  She felt his tongue touch
her clitoris and she jumped.  He sucked at it and she felt her legs
buckle slightly and a moan escaped her lips.  She could hear Nick's
heavy breathing and it aroused her.  The sensations were growing and
spreading through her body when, suddenly, Nick growled loudly and
roughly shoved his head between her legs, gripped her buttocks tightly
and began to feed.

Natalie could feel the scrape of his fangs against her delicate flesh
and feel his tongue ramming into her and withdrawing, as Nick lapped
at the blood and sucked at her vagina to get more.  Nothing had ever
felt so good to her.

Nick was oblivious to everything but the images and feelings exploding
and whirling through his mind as he fed on Natalie's blood.  He could
taste her arousal and felt her love and longing for him as it burned
like fire down his throat and through his veins.  It was ecstacy in
liquefied form.  His own arousal was high and he could feel the fire
burn its way down into his penis which was already fully erect and
uncomfortable in the now too-tight jeans.

Natalie's legs began to collapse and she opened her eyes.  Grabbing at
Nick's shoulders she pushed him away from her, hard.  She was gasping
for breath.  He looked up at her puzzled by her behavior and feeling
just a slight bit annoyed that his feeding had been interrupted.  He
was panting hard in excitement.

When she looked down, she saw a puzzled, questioning face smeared with
her blood looking back up at her with red-tinged, lust-filled eyes.
"I can't stand up anymore," she barely whispered as she grabbed a
large, dry towel from the rack near her and pulled him up to his feet.

As he rose, he licked the blood from his lips and Natalie wiped his
face.  She could now see that he was fully erect and the zipper of his
fly was strained nearly to the bursting point.  Throwing the towel
over her shoulder, she unbuttoned Nick's shirt and removed it,
dropping it on the floor.

Running her hands over his already hard nipples drew a deep, growling
moan from him.  She leaned in and kissed him on the lips.  She could
feel his fangs and forced her tongue into his mouth and began to
caress them, being careful not to cut herself on their sharp tips.
This brought a soft whimper from Nick.  He reached up and began to
knead her breasts.  Nick kicked off his shoes.

Pulling back, Natalie ran her hands over his nipples again, causing
Nick to squirm and moan. She continued on down to the top of his jeans
and ran her fingers around the inside of his waistband.  At her touch,
he inhaled sharply, thus allowing her to get her hand inside.  She
could feel the slippery silk of his underwear.  Reaching further, she
felt the slick wetness of seminal fluid that had escaped from him in
his excitement.  She touched the tip of his glans which caused Nick
to jump and growl.  He pushed forward and rubbed himself against her
hand.  Natalie grasped him while she undid the button on his jeans
with her other hand.

Not being able to wait, Nick frantically grabbed the zipper, undid it
and shoved his jeans down.  He sighed as the pressure on his penis was
relieved and snuggled himself against Natalie's hand.  She fondled him
briefly and then pulled down his underwear.  She stared at his penis
which was proudly erect and whispered to him, "You're gorgeous."

"So are you," he replied and swiftly swept her up and carried her
into the bedroom.  He took the towel from her shoulder, spread it on
the bed and gently laid her down upon it.  He pulled off his socks and
joined her on the bed.  His eyes were red now with lust and hunger.
He kissed her mouth roughly, growled, "I want you," and moved quickly
down to her mound where he again buried his head and began to feed.

Natalie cried out in pleasure and tangled her fingers in his soft,
golden hair.  She could hear the sounds of his tongue lapping at her
and soft growls and moans as she saw him rubbing himself against the 
towel on the bed.  "Move yourself around here," she told him as she
patted him on his shoulder.

Without stopping his licking, Nick swung his body around and straddled
Natalie's head so that his erection was right by her mouth.  He felt
the tip of her tongue rasp across his throbbing glans and he cried out
in pleasure.  Then it was surrounded by the warmth and wetness of her
mouth.  He began to gently thrust involuntarily as he felt her start
to suck on him.  It nearly drove him crazy.

With a loud snarl, he pulled himself from her mouth and quickly spun
around.  The ache he felt in his balls demanded relief and he wanted
nothing more than to bury himself deeply in her.  He was just totally
overwhelmed by the love, desire and trust he felt from her blood.

Natalie knew what Nick wanted and she wanted it, too.  As she opened
her legs wide to him, he bared his fangs in a vicious snarl, eyes
blazing red, face smeared with blood.  She watched as he grasped his
penis and rubbed it against her bloody flesh, then plunged himself
deeply into her with one hard thrust.

Natalie closed her eyes as Nick began thrusting frantically and
whimpering like a lost puppy.  The sound of him and the force of his
thrusts pushed her higher and higher.  She began thrusting with him
and moaning loudly as his speed increased.  Suddenly, a huge wave of
sensation crashed around Natalie and she exploded in orgasm, screaming
his name.

Nick felt Natalie squeeze tight around him as she came and heard her 
scream.  That was all it took to push him over the top.  Throwing
back his head and releasing an earth-shaking roar, Nick gave one more
hard thrust and the semen exploded from him into her as Natalie held
him tightly.  He then collapsed on top of her.

Drifting on a cloud, tenderly rubbing his back, she became aware of a
soft tongue gently licking her neck.  She kissed his head and ran her
hand up to softly tousle his hair.  Soft little noises emanated from
Nick's throat, then he lay still for a minute as she continued to
gently rub his scalp.

Finally, he lifted his head and she opened her eyes to find herself
looking into the most loving blue eyes she'd ever seen.  He kissed
her on the nose.  "So, was that better than watching a video?" he
asked, eyes twinkling with mischief.

She swatted him lightly on the rear end, laughed and replied smugly,
"Umm, yeah.  I guess you could say that."

Nick began to laugh and at that same moment his soft penis slipped
out of Natalie, causing him to jump slightly due to the lingering
sensitivity from his orgasm.  She giggled at him as he wrapped his
arms around her tightly and smiled down at her.

"Kiss me," she told him as she tried to reach his lips.  But he
pulled away.

"Nat ... the blood."

"I don't care.  Kiss me."  Nick tenderly pressed his lips to hers and
proceeded to kiss her thoroughly.

They lay there cuddling and kissing for the next ten minutes, when
finally Nick pulled away slightly.  "Boy, are we ever a mess!" he

Natalie looked at him and nodded her head in agreement.  She sat
up and shouted playfully, "Last one in the shower has to rent the
videos all next week."  And with that, they both jumped up and raced
for the bathroom.

The End