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Subject: Leapin' Lizard!

Just a little piece of fluff that resulted from a slightly warpped convo on


The blame, er I mean credit (yeah, that's it credit<G>) for the premise of

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Leapin' Lizard!

By Nightlady

(c) 2000

Nick looked up from the book he was reading as the sound of the lift's

motor reached his ears. He was expecting Nat this evening, but he didn't

hear her heartbeat. He raised an eyebrow as he sensed LaCroix's presence.

It was unusual for the elder vampire to bother with such mundane things as

lifts. Nick's expression grew bemused as the lift halted but the door

remained closed.

"Nicholas, I require your assistance." LaCroix's voice, only slightly

muffled, reached Nick's ears.

Crossing to the lift Nick opened the door. The sight that greeted him

nearly caused him to burst out laughing. "What's the matter, LaCroix? Did

your laundry service go out of business?" Nick asked smirking.

LaCroix pushed past Nick, his arms laden with what looked like a large

comforter. "In case you hadn't noticed, it is the middle of winter and we

are in a cold climate." LaCroix said as he headed toward the dining room

table. Reaching it he stopped and looked back over his shoulder.

"Nicholas, are you going to clear a space for me to sit this down, or

should I do it myself?" He asked.

Nick knew that LaCroix would likely just sweep any object he felt to be in

his way onto the floor, regardless of what that object was. Nick quickly

cleared a space on the table.

LaCroix carefully sat whatever was under the comforter on the table. "I

find that I must be absent from Toronto for a period of several weeks,"

LaCroix said as he began to unwrap the comforter. "Ah, you've tolerated

this quite nicely haven't you?" He said looking into what appeared to Nick

to be a large aquarium type tank.

Stepping closer Nick could see that the tank was obviously not filled with

water. He also saw something move near the bottom of the tank. "What do

you have in there, LaCroix?" He asked.

"This is Nero, my pet collared lizard." LaCroix said.

"And it's here, in MY home because?" Nick prompted, an uneasy feeling

settling on him.

"Because, as I just told you, I find that I must to attend to some business

away from this city for a period of time. I cannot leave Nero alone during

that time and I wish you to take care of him for me. He's here because

this way you won't have any excuse to forget to do so." LaCroix said, in a

tone of voice that indicated that this was not a request.

"LaCroix! I don't know a thing about taking care of a lizard." Nick

exclaimed. "Can't you leave him at a vets or a pet shop instead?"

LaCroix fixed Nick with a stern look. "I cannot. As to his care," he

handed Nick several sheets of paper, "I've written down everything you'll

need to know. Read it." With that LaCroix turned and before Nick could

protest further vanished through the skylight.

Now alone, Nick quickly scanned the papers then moved forward and

cautiously looked inside the terrarium. A pair of shiny, beady black eyes

looked back at him. The lizard appeared to be about six to eight inches

long and Nick guessed it might weigh close to a quarter of a kilo (about

one-half pound). "Well, you're NOT spending the next two to three weeks on

my dining table." Nick informed the creature. "Nat's due any minute and I

promised her dinner before the videos. Besides, I don't think staring at

you would be good for her appetite." He continued as he lifted the


Glancing around the room Nick decided to place the container under the

stairs. Nick heard one of the rocks shift as he carried it over to there.

Putting it down, he made sure to plug in the various lights. He failed to

notice that he'd accidentally unlatched the wire mesh lid. Satisfied that

all would be well Nick turned his attention to preparing for Nat's arrival.

He never saw the lid slowly opening.


Several hours later, Nick had all but forgotten about his new, very

temporary roommate. He and Nat were comfortably ensconced on the wide

leather couch. Nick was stretched out, his back against one high armrest.

Nat was lying snuggled against him, her head resting on his chest, as they

watched a comedy on the TV. Nick was only half watching the movie; most of

his attention was on the soft, warm, thoroughly desirable woman in his arms

who's scent filled his head. He longed to do so much more than merely hold

her; every fiber of his being ached to make her his, totally and

completely. For now, however, he welcomed even this limited closeness.

Lifting the crystal goblet he held to his lips, Nick drank the deep red

liquid it contained then sat the glass on the coffee table next to him.

Nat luxuriated in the feel of Nick's body against hers. It was so seldom

that he permitted them to share this type of closeness and Nat relished

anything that allowed them to enjoy even limited physical intimacy. A soft

smile that had nothing to do with the movie crept across her face as she

felt a light touch on her thigh. 'Nick must really be feeling in control

tonight.' She thought as the sensation moved slowly upward under the skirt

that she was wearing. She closed her eyes and concentrated on hoping that

Nick would continue his 'exploration'. She could feel Nick's other hand

resting on her shoulder and wished that he'd move that one a bit lower.

Her reverie was shattered when, just as she felt Nick's hand move farther

up under her skirt, she heard the soft sound of a glass being set down.

Her eyes flew open and she looked over just in time to see Nick's hand

release the glass he'd just placed on the coffee table. A quick glance

showed his other hand still on her shoulder. Craning her neck slightly,

Nat saw what looked like some type of a tail slowly disappear beneath the

hemline of her skirt. With a shriek, she jumped up from the couch with a

speed that was almost as fast a vampire's.

Nick suddenly felt Nat stiffen in his arms, just before she screamed and

all but flew off the couch. To his amazement and, he had to admit,

pleasure Nat was all but tearing off the skirt she had on. "Nat? What?"

Nick began to question when he caught site of something clinging to Nat's

upper thigh. As Nat started to swing at the object with her hand Nick

realized that, somehow, it was Nero.

"Nat! NO!" Nick yelled as he launched himself to intercept the

potentially fatal blow to the lizard. Just the thought of what LaCroix

would do to him if anything happened to the creature sent a chill through

Nick. His effort was successful, Nat's blow landing on his head rather than

on Nero. Nick grabbed the lizard and quickly moved away. He might be

immortal, but that didn't mean he was impervious to pain and Nat packed a

mean wallop! He put Nero back into his terrarium, making sure the lid was

latched this time, and then turned back to Nat.

Nat stood in the middle of the floor, trembling slightly with reaction.

"What the HELL was that?" She demanded half-angry, half-frightened.

"It's a collared lizard." Nick explained. "It belongs to LaCroix and I

guess you could say that I'm babysitting it while he's out of town." Nick

was finding it hard to keep his eyes from Nat's shapely legs encased, as

they were in shear hose and garter belt, not to mention the dark outline of

her pubic hair that was visible through the thin lacy panties she had on.

Nick was painfully aware that his manhood was becoming uncomfortably hard

at this vision.

"And it just runs around loose? You might have warned me, Nick." Nat

said. She knew that she was being harsh, but more than having been

frightened, the disappointment she was feeling because it hadn't been

Nick's hand she'd felt was so intense she was fighting back tears.

Nick walked over and embraced her. "I'm sorry, Nat. I must have knocked

the catch open and he got loose." He tightened his hold on her, unable to

resist the feel of her in his arms.

Nat turned and laid her head on Nick's shoulder. "I know and I'm sorry to

have snapped at you. I thought..." She broke off, blushing slightly.

Nick could feel the additional warmth as Nat blushed. "What did you

think?" He asked as he rubbed his cheek against her hair.

"That what I felt on my leg was your hand." Nat said softly her blush


Nick put his finger under her chin and raised her face to look in her eyes.

He could see the shimmer of unshed tears. "Nat," he said, his own longing

evident in his voice, "I want to make love to you, to give you every

pleasure that you've ever dreamed of, but to do so means that I'd be

putting your life and very soul at risk."

Nat shook her head. "I don't care about the risk. I know that you won't

harm me, but even if I'm wrong and you did take too much, I'd rather be

what you are than to never be able fully express just how much I love you."

A single tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

Nick searched her face. "How can I condemn you to this hellish existence?"

He asked.

Nat gave him a sad smile. "Oh Nick, don't you see? For me, our current

situation is far more hellish than giving up the sunlight and needing blood

to survive could ever be." She traced the contours of his face with her

fingers. "And if I'm right and you can control how much you take, then we

are denying ourselves for no reason."

Nick closed his eyes, allowing himself to consider the possibility of Nat

being correct. He wanted her to be right, he wanted her. At last he

opened his eyes, to see Nat watching him hopefully. "Come." He said and

led her toward the stairs.

Nat could feel her heart start to race as they climbed the stairs. 'I've

got to remember to thank LaCroix when he returns.' She thought wryly

imagining how the elder vampire would react to that.

Reaching the bedroom, Nick turned and softly kissed Nat. "Tell me what

you've dreamed about." He said.

Nat smiled. "I've dreamed of you slowly undressing me and of me doing the

same for you."

Nick returned her smile. "Good, so far we dream alike." He said as he

reached out to unbutton her blouse. Once it was open, he slowly pushed it

off her shoulders. His eyes drank in the sight of her firm, full breasts

and the lacy bra that covered them. He felt his groin tingle as Nat's warm

fingers undid the buttons on his shirt and lightly caressed the solid flesh

of his chest. He gasped slightly as she paused to toy with first one, then

the other of his nipples. It had been many decades since he'd allowed

himself to experience such pleasure. His hands found the fasting of Nat's

bra and in moments had freed her breasts. He sought her mouth with his,

while his hands caressed and kneaded the twin mounds. Nat's eager

responses serving to further ignite his passions and his enjoyment.

Nat moaned softly as Nick's tongue plunged deep into her mouth and his

skillful touch sent waves of desire from her bosom to her womb. She sucked

on his tongue and allowed her fingers to rake lightly along the muscles of

his back. She'd dreamed of this moment but the reality was far superior.

When Nick broke the kiss, she mewled softly, only to soon nearly purr as

Nick's lips traced a cool path down her throat and along the curve of one


Nick inhaled deeply as he planted soft kisses upon Nat's breast, working

his way slowly to the ripe, inviting nipple. He kissed it then took it

into his mouth running his tongue in a circle around it while suckling

gently on it. He could hear Nat's heart speed up as she arched her back

and pressed against him. One of her hands found its way to his hair and he

felt her holding his head, urging the continuation of his actions. At the

same time he felt her kissing his temple and his manhood stiffen even more

as her warm breath caressed his ear.

Panting slightly, Nat managed to murmur, "I've also dreamed of you

caressing my whole body." Nick raised his eyes and grinned. "Again, we

think alike." He lifted her and carried to the bed. Seating her on it, he

knelt and removed her shoes. Running his hands slowly up her leg Nick

undid the fasteners that held up the stocking. Slowly he rolled the

stocking down her leg, following his hands with his mouth as he licked and

kissed her sweet flesh. When that stocking was removed, he repeated his

actions on her other leg. The rich scent of her arousal called to him and

his erection, trapped in the confines of his jeans, was rapidly becoming

painful. Nat raised her hips to allowing Nick to slid both the garter belt

and her panties off. Nick leaned forward to kiss the triangle of curly

hair that hid the core of her sexuality. He felt his fangs drop as his

passion raged.

Nat could feel her body reacting to Nick's touch. She could feel the

moistness between her legs and the physical need to have him deep within

her. She looked at Nick just as he raised golden eyes to hers. "Stand up,

Nick." She urged.

When he complied, Nat reached out and undid the silver buckle of his belt,

then the waistband of his jeans. She could see the very sizable bulge of

his manhood and carefully undid the zipper of the jeans. The moaning sigh

of relief that Nick emitted as the constricting fabric fell to the floor

only made her more anxious to remove the final layer of his clothing. She

rapidly pushed his silken boxers over his hips to join the jeans. She

unconsciously licked her lips as she gazed on his now fully erect penis in

appreciation. Taking his thick, large member in on hand she cupped his

scrotum with the other, noting that this was the perfect position for what

she had planned.

Nick found it necessary to lightly grab Nat's shoulders for support as he

felt her warm mouth envelope his manhood. As she lightly ran her teeth

along his sensitive organ, Nick growled deep in his throat. It felt so

good and this had been a part of his dreams, too. As Nat sucked and licked

along the length of his swollen organ, Nick felt himself growing even

harder than he already was. Knowing that if she continued he'd soon need

to drink from her or be in intense discomfort and wanting his release to

occur while he was sheathed in the warmth of her core, Nick managed to

speak. "Nat, no. I want to come in you and with you."

Nat grinned. While she was more than willing to provide Nick his full

pleasure in this manner, she too, ached for them to share the moment of

fulfillment. Giving the head of his member a final soft kiss, she released

her hold on him.

Nick kicked off his shoes, stepped out of the tangle of pants at his feet

and removed his socks. He joined Nat on the bed, gently pushing her into a

prone position. No words were needed now, as they both caressed and

fondled the other's body. Nat moaned with delight as Nick's hands and lips

moved slowly over every inch of her.

Nick could sense no fear in Nat, despite his gold eyes and descended

fangs. Her acceptance of him gave him strength and confidence. As both

their needs grew, Nick slid between Nat's legs. She eagerly guided him to

her opening. Nick cried out as, with one slow thrust, he buried his shaft

in the warm folds.

Nat felt as if her entire body was electrically charged as Nick filled her

completely. Unable to stand another moment of unrequited need, she ground

her pelvis against him, seeking the pinnacle of her pleasure. Her actions

were rewarded by Nick thrusting deep in her then withdrawing to thrust

again. Each contact carried her closer and closer to her orgasm. She

clung to Nick, crying his name as she at last found her release. As wave

after wave of pleasure washed over her she barely felt the sharp sting of

his fangs as Nick sank them into her throat. She felt Nick's body shudder

as he climaxed. At the same time she felt Nick and knew all of him. Every

horror he'd committed, every remorse he'd felt, and most of all the depth

of his need and love for her. She accepted it all unafraid and met it with

her own love for him.

Nick felt Nat's body spasm in orgasm and he could no longer deny his own

need. Growling softly and praying that he'd not harm her, Nick sank his

fangs deeply into Nat. The rich, warm taste of her blood filled his mouth

and triggered his climax. The pure, unconditional love Nat felt for him

filled him, calming his beast and loosening the dark chains that had bound

his soul of so many centuries. Awash in both the physical release and the

spiritual one, Nick found that he was able to control the beast and cease

drinking from Nat well before any harm befell her. Withdrawing his fangs,

he kissed the small wounds until they closed. Gazing at Nat, his eyes now

clear and blue, Nick felt a peace he'd long given up hope of ever again


Nat looked into Nick's eyes and saw the glow of hope reborn in them. Her

own spirit soared with happiness. 'Who'd ever would have thought that

lizards could be so lucky?' She thought as she and Nick snuggled together.

The End

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