Ladies Night at the Raven
by Soulseeker

Nick slowly made his way to the bar of the Raven where Janette, Lacroix
and Vachon were waiting.

"Good evening, Nichola."

"Hi Janette. Vachon. Lacroix."

"Are you almost ready, men?"

"I don't see why we have to do this," Nick complained.

"A bet is a bet and you lost." Janette smiled at the thought of their

"Janette really, one such as myself is above this sort of thing."
Lacroix hoped reasoning with her would work. He was wrong.

"Lacroix, would you go back on your word?"


"Then you men had better get ready, your audience is growing impatient."

Vachon smiled devilishly at Janette as he made his way to the back room.
Once they were out of sight Janette made her way to the entrance of the
Raven and the her latest guests.

"Natalie, how good of you to make it and his must be Vachon's Tracy

"I wouldn't miss this for anything." Natalie surpressed a giggle as she
thought of what was coming.

"And you must be Janette. I have to thank you for inviting me."

"You are most welcome. Come, I saved you a table near the front. The
show will begin shortly."
Janette lead her guests to their table and signaled the waiter to bring
them drinks. Then Janette was gone, leaving the women to chat.

Natalie and Tracy sipped on Mudslides while waiting for the show to
start. They weren't quite sure what was in store for them, only that
Vachon and Nick were involved and that it was an evening they would not
soon forget. Natalie had made sure to bring her camera since Janette had
told her it would come in handy.

Within minutes Nick, Vachon and Lacroix were making their way onto the
stage with Janette watching them like a hawk. They were dressed like
gangsters from the 1930s, complete with the hats and guns. Once they
were on stage the music began and the audience became silent.

/A common road seems just like a dream to me
It is a mystery to me
Fills me within while we are together
Oh baby can't you see/

The three men stood on stage looking at each other trying to decide if
they could make it off the stage and out of the club before Janette
caught up with them. The crowd began to get restless. Janette shot
Vachon a look and took one step forward. That was all she needed to do.
Vachon began to move to the music, Nick followed suit and a reluctant
Lacroix finally joined in.

/You're taking me to the point of no return
To the point of no return./

Then the second song played. Finally, the sound of all the cheering
women had gotten to them and they put aside all their hesitations and
got into the show. Each movement was made with the anticipation of how
the crowd would react. Of course having Janette standing to the side of
the stage looking sternly at them was more incentive for them to please
the crowd.

Their movements became sensual to match the tone of the song. Vachon
seemed to especially enjoy all the attention as he started to sing.

/Come inside take off your coat I'll make you feel at home
Now let's pour a glass of wine cuz now we're all alone
I've been waiting for you girl just let me hold you close to me
Cuz I've been dying for you girl to make love to me/

Nick could not believe he was actually on stage. He had avoided looking
at the audience through the first song, but he decided it was time to
find out who he was performing for. His stopped dead in his tracks when
he saw Natalie and Tracy sitting at the table in front of him, grinning
away. A tap on his shoulder brought him back to reality and he started
to move again.

/Girl you make me feel real good
We can do it til we both wake up
Girl you know I'm hooked on you
And this is what I'll do/

As he danced about the stage he kept his attention focused on Natalie
who seemed to really be enjoying the show. The more he though of her the
more he could feel the song flow through him. His heart beat in time
with the music and the words carried a whole new meaning. He decided it
was the perfect chance to tell Natalie exactly how he felt about her.
Just as the Vachon was about to sing the next set of lyrics Nick started
singing. With each word he sang he focused on Natalie.

/I wanna sex you
All night
You make me feel good
I wanna rub you down
I wanna sex you up/

She could feel her heart racing as she heard Nick singing those lyric.
When it came to the last line he stopped pointed at myself and then at
her. Her heart stopped and she looked deeply into his eyes looking for
some kind of confirmation that he meant her. He smiled devilishly at
her. She knew. The crowd of women started screaming in response. Nick
didn't seem to hear them as he continued to sing to Natalie.

/ Let me take off all your clothes
Disconnect the phone so nobody knows
Let me light a candle
So we can make it better
Makin love until we drown/

By the time he had said those last words the women in the audience had
started to chat "Take it off! Take it off!" Natalie looked at Tracy who
had turned a bright red. Tracy leaned over to Natalie and whispered in
her ear. "They aren't actually going to take it off, are they?"

Natalie glanced up at Nick, smiled and whispered back. " I hope so."

/Make sweet lovin all night long
I wanna sex you up
Feels so right it can't be wrong
Don't be shy girl rescue me
I wanna sex you up
Open up your heart and I'll set you free/

By the time the song reached its end both Natalie and Tracy had started
to chant "Take it off!". They didn't actually think they would get a
show, but they couldn't resist the excitement that spread through the
club at the prospect of seeing these men strip. Just as the music
stopped Janette motioned the men to the corner of the stage. The women
all cried out in protest.

Janette whispered instructions and threats to the three very displeased

"You want us to do what?" asked an exasperated Vachon.

"You heard me, Javier," warned Janette

Lacroix attempted to reason with Janette. "Janette, surely you do not
think that such threats would persuade us to do such an act."

"This crowd will not let you off so easily. You can do it the easy way
or the hard way." Janette smiled.

"But, Janette, Natalie is out there and my partner. I couldn t." Nick
had to try to gain her sympathy.

"Ah, Nichola can you not see they too are eager to see the show
completed. You had better get started before they turn ugly."

Reluctantly they returned to center stage, each with a chair in hand.
Nick whispered "This is so degrading."

Lacroix was in no mood to listen to Nicholas whine. "Enough Nicholas.
Whining will solve nothing."

The music started and so did the show of a lifetime.

/Erotica, romance
My name is Dita
I'll be your mistress tonight
I'd like to put you in a trance/

They sat on the chairs looking very solemn and sexy. As the music played
on, their movements started in a slow and sensual manner. They looked
like professionals. The women were silent and stared at the men. Natalie
turned to Tracy who seemed to be getting into the show. "So what do you

Tracy gave Natalie an embarrassed smile. "I think they should strip."

Natalie chuckled. "I think they should too." The two women grinned
evilly. Natalie glanced up at Nick who had the same look he always got
just before he took a sip of the protein shakes she made for him. She
couldn't resist the urge to yell at him. "Come on Nick, we want to see
some skin!"

From the table next to Natalie a group of very enthusiastic women
yelled, "Yeah!" Even with the glare of the harsh lights, Natalie could
have sworn she saw Nick turn red. The audience quickly quieted down in

/If I take you from behind
Push myself into your mind
When you least expect it
Will you try and reject it
If I'm in charge and I treat you like a child
Will you let yourself go wild
Let my mouth go where it wants to/

The men stopped and stood completely still, their hands poised on the
top button of their suit jackets. The audience held their breath.

/Give it up, do as I say
Give it up and let me have my way
I'll give you love, I'll hit you like a truck
I'll give you love, I'll teach you how to .../

In one fluid movement, they undid both buttons and the suit jacket
hurled through the air in the crowd. The Raven erupted with screams.
Natalie and Tracy both sat grinning quietly, not quite ready to give in
completely to the excitement.

Nick watched Natalie carefully as he danced on stage to see if she was
enjoying the show. He secretly hoped she was. He wasn't ready to be
showing off his body to the crowd before him, but all the screaming and
chanting was beginning to get to him. The turning point for him was when
Natalie had shouted. Now he was ready to take most off it off. He
figured if Natalie wanted to see more he could give her a private show

Just as he started to picture what a private show with her would be
like, he heard Lacroix whisper "On the count of three, rip your shirts
off. One..two...three." The shirts were easily ripped from their bodies,
much to the pleasure of the room full of cheering women.

/ I'd like to put you in a trance, all over
Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body (repeat twice)
Erotic, erotic/

Natalie could not help staring at Nick's toned chest, even though she
had seen it before. Finally she pulled her gaze away from Nick long
enough to look at Tracy who was eyes were on Vachon. Natalie smiled, it
was good to see Tracy in love. She glanced up at Vachon and admired him
briefly. She figured Tracy had pretty good taste in vampires.

After a moment of trying not to look at Lacroix, she could not resist
any longer. She glanced at Nick first to see if he was watching her, he
wasn't so then she turned her gaze to Lacroix. She was shocked by what
she saw, he was in very good shape. It was no wonder one of the women
at the next table was screaming his name and drooling.

/Once you put your hand in the flame
You can never be the same
There's a certain satisfaction
In a little bit of pain
I can see you understand
I can tell that you're the same
If you're afraid, well rise above
I only hurt the ones I love/

Vachon had moved to the edge of the stage, right in front of Tracy and
began dancing very seductively. Tracy was turning various shades of red
and trying not to look directly at him. Finally after a moment of
avoiding his gaze, their eyes met. His hands rested on the sides of his
pant legs and he smiled devilishly at Tracy. In one quick motion, the
pants tore in half and fell to the floor. His eyes were still locked on
Tracy's as the sound of two other pairs of pants tearing could be heard.
The music was drowned out by the cries of lusty women.

It was all Tracy could do to keep from falling off her chair in shock as
Vachon wiggled away in a g-string on stage. Suddenly, her attention
shifted to Natalie who half whispered, half shouted, "Oh my God!" when
Nick had ripped off his pants. Natalie's eyes were wide and her
attention was completely on Nick who was now shaking his way to the
front of the stage. He came to a stand still on the stage in front of

As he stood there staring deeply into her eyes, he mouthed the lyric to
the song, "Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body." As he said
the words he pointed at Natalie and then ran his hands from his chest
down to his thighs.

The stage was rushed by women waving five dollar bills and carrying
toonies. Natalie sat there in shock. Watching the women trying to put
money in Nick's g-string and trying touch his body sparked a flame of
jealousy in her. Grabbing her purse she pulled out a ten dollar bill, a
business card and a pen. She wrote a short message on the back of the
card and then quickly made her way to the stage. She pushed past the
flock of women to the front of the line where Nick was trying to escape
the grasp of one very aggressive woman who had his g-string tightly in
her grasp. Natalie easily hip checked the woman out of the way and shot
all the other women a warning look. The crowd of women quickly moved
onto the stage and toward Lacroix who was near the rear of the stage.

/Erotic, erotic
Put your hands all over my body
All over me, all over me/

Natalie now stood before Nick in all his glory. He smiled down at her
"Thanks Nat."

She smiled back shyly. "It looked like you could use some help."

He glanced down at her hand. "What do you have there?"

"Oh that. I thought it was thing to do."

"Go ahead then. I'm all yours." Nick took a step closer to her. Natalie
reached up, trying to keep eye contact with Nick, and eased the bill and
the card between his cool skin and the string. She glanced down making
sure it was secure and slowly pulled her hands back to her sides. By
this time she was beet read and grinning widely. She quickly returned to
her seat. The table was empty.

Natalie surveyed the crowd of women and finally spotted Tracy among a
group of women battling for Vachon's attention, among other things.

/Erotica, [give it up, give it up] romance
I'd like to put you in a trance
Erotica, [give it up, give it up] romance
I like to do a different kind of
Erotica, [give it up, give it up] romance
I'd like to put you in a trance
Erotica, romance
Put your hands all over my body/

Tracy couldn't believe how completely annoying these women were being.
Finally she admitted it to herself, she was jealous and she certainly
didn't want these women pawing Vachon. After being nice for so long,
she'd had enough. She began pushing the women aside and making her way
to the front of the group where a battle for Vachon's g-string was
ensuing. Tracy wasn't going to let either one of the women to have his
g-string. She tried pushing them aside with little success. In the end
she became part of the g-string battle and was more then a little
embarrassed when she heard the sound of clothing rip and realized she
was the only one holding the piece of clothing.

She looked up at Vachon who was smiling. "Trac, if you wanted it that
much, all you had to do was ask." In a flash he was gone and she was
standing on stage holding his g-string.

The crowd cheered wildly as she died of embarrassment, especially since
her partner was standing only a few away from her grinning. Tracy
quickly made her way off the stage and back to her seat.

Natalie was grinning widely at her. "Having fun, Tracy?"

Tracy looked sheepishly at Natalie. "Uh...yeah."

/Eroti - ca/

The song ended, Lacroix and Nick left the stage. After about fifteen
minutes the fully dressed men wandering back into the main club area and
were pleased to see people dancing, having fun and paying very little
attention to them. Nick made his way over to Natalie while Vachon went
to see a still very red Tracy.

Nick came up behind Natalie, leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Your
request is granted."

Natalie smiled. "I see you got my card."

"Oh, yes. Shall we?"


As Nick led Natalie towards the door they were stopped by a group of
grinning women. One of them handed him a business card and before he
could get a good look at their faces they had turned and walked away.
Nick read the name on the card and showed it to Natalie, then both
smiled knowingly. Then he read the title out loud, "Stripping Coach."
Both him and Natalie burst into laughter.

The End