1. Does LaCroix keep physical reminders of his own mortal past?
Divia's cameo and the bust of himself.

2. As a vampire, has LaCroix ever interfered in human historical events?
One example occurs in the flashback of Strings with Rasputin (whom LaCroix earlier brought across). He has Rasputin thrown in the river to "catalyze events".

3. As a vampire, has LaCroix ever killed anyone with a knife rather than with his bite?
In the flashback of Dead Air, he used a knife to kill the man he and Janette had been torturing.

4. Has LaCroix ever stolen any material goods?
He stole the Mayan mug from the Museum in 'Dark Knight', money from the nun he killed in the flashback of 'Capital Offence', and Nick's watch in 'Killer Instinct'

5. Does LaCroix believe in ghosts?
He believes they are hallucinations. "A ghost is an hallucination of some famous regret. No more..." (DoN)

6. Apart from Janette, is there any evidence that LaCroix is particular about whom he brings across?
While he had watched Janette for some length of time, he had no previous known contact with Nick but already planned to bring him across the first time they met, "Hello, Nicholas, we're going to be friends for a long, long time." He didn't know Rasputin wasn't a real monk before bringing him over, "Delightful conceit don't you think? A holy man." Alyce, Alexandria, Tran, and Daniel were all brought across on a whim.

7. Does LaCroix hold any special status within the vampire community due to his age?
There is no evidence that LaCroix holds any special status within the community due to his age or any other factor. Apart from the extremes of the Carouche and the Enforcers, there is no recognizable caste system in the general vampire population.

8. Has LaCroix ever involved other vampires in his schemes against Nick?
LaCroix enlisted the aid of vampires in the flashbacks of LYTD and FFo (Thomas) in his schemes against Nick. He also took Raleigh to a carouche (which is technically a vampire <g>) in the BF flashback, instructing the carouche to leave some life in the dog so he could "have sport with it later".

9. Has LaCroix ever lied outright to Nick?
Two examples: In Dark Knight he told Nick, "You need never fear anything again," knowing that vampires have several inherent fears. In Capital Offence he said, "Believe me, Nicholas, the good sisters of St.Angelus? are quite safe." Afterwards he killed one of them.

10. Has LaCroix ever suggested that good may be stronger than evil?
In Ashes to Ashes he suggests Nick's resurgent goodness may have been enough to fight off Divia's evil.

11. Did LaCroix ever tell Nick that vampires don't need to kill anymore?
but it's very subtle. LaCroix's rhetorical question in response to Nick's reason for leaving him (Dark Knight) indicates that vampires no longer need to kill: Nick: "I couldn't kill anymore" LaCroix: "Who needs to kill?" Nick: "You do."

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