Standard declaimers and copyright apply. The Lyrics
used are from "One More Night" by Phil Collins
Knight of Reflection
by Soulseeker

Nick sat, on the sofa, in the dark savour the taste of cow's blood.
Guilt overwhelmed him, what would Nat say if she knew he'd had
an extra glass. He quickly switched on the radio hoping to take his
mind off of her.

   // I've been trying for so long
   to let you know
   let you know how I feel

   If I stubble or I fall
   just help me back
   so I can make you see //

Nick mind wondered back to Natalie. Would she help him if she
knew that he fallen yet again? What would she say if she him now?
Would turn away or would she embrace him? He would give
anything to be in her arms. Surely she could not love him
not with the beast within him. No one could love him, a killer,
a fiend, something that's so unholy even the sun rejects him.

   // I've been sitting here so long
   wasting time
   just staring at the phone

   I was wondering should I call you
   then I thought
   maybe you're not alone //

The words stung him. Could it be she wasn't alone? No...Nat
was probably still hard at work. Even though logic told him
that he was being silly, he couldn't resist the urge to pick up
the telephone and call her. He could listen to her sweet,
soothing voice for hours. He reached for the phone and hit
redial. He waited impatiently as the phone rang. Four rings
and still no Nat. She always answered by the third ring.

He hung up the phone and tried her home number. Two
rings and her answering machine picked. He tried again
with the same response. Nick's mind began racing. Where
could she be? Who could she be with? Was she in trouble?
He jumped off the sofa and raced for the door.

Nick got as far as the elevator when he realized if Nat
was at home safe and sound and he showed up she
would not be happy to see him and certainly wouldn't
understand his sudden concern. His shoulders sagged
as he slowly made his way to the fridge. He pulled
out a bottle of blood and headed for the couch to
drowned his pain in the only other thing the could
soothe it.

   // Like a river to the sea
   I'll always be with you
   And if you say the way
   I'll follow you //

Nick hurled half full the bottle at the fireplace. The
bottle smashed, splattering the blood everywhere.
A single blood appeared in the corner of his left eye.
He had failed her again.

Natalie lay in bed with the covers pulled up around her
neck giving her a comforting feeling. Before she had
gone to bed she had turned the ringer on the telephone
off to prevent anything from shattering her sleep. The
radio, on her night table, played a song that slowly
weaved a tale of love.

   // I know there will never be a time
   you'll ever feel the same
   and I know it's only right

   But if you change your mind
   you know that I'll be here
   and maybe we both can learn //

The words evoked thoughts of Nick. She it could
never be for them, but her heart would not accept
it. Nick would not let her get close to him for fear
of what he might do. No matter what been said and
done she still loved him and had faith in him. Perhaps
she had enough love and faith for both of them.

- The End --