1. Does Janette consider 'desire' to be a 'weakness' ?
Janette says to Nick in the DBTLOTM flashback, "Surrender to the darkness of the soul, to the weakness of desire."

2. Was Janette ever married when she was a mortal?
In 'AFWTD' we learn of two reasons why a woman might end up in a brothel -- because she doesn't produce an heir for her husband, or because she is in the way of an arranged marriage. It's never stated which circumstance (if either) applies to Janette herself.

3. Has Janette ever filled out an Income Tax Return?
In CRCH, Janette is calculating and commenting about her taxes when Nick visits the Raven. Nick's line telling her not to cheat would be aimless unless she was actually working on her tax return.

4. Does Janette know what LaCroix's father looked like?
She said, "He looks like your father," about the man LaCroix was torturing in the flashback of Dead Air. How she knows is anybody's guess -- perhaps through a rendering, or through a blood exchange with LaCroix.

5. Did Nick bring Janette back across at the end of The Human Factor?
It's the only possible conclusion without compromising a major theme of the series -- that death is an integral part of mortality. There are alternative possibilities for everything else, including the painting being brought 'today'; but the insurmountable line is, "Through hellish circumstance, she obtains what has proven so elusive to you, only to have that one in a billion happenstance taken from her by you." The only thing LaCroix can be referring to is Janette's mortality, so:
1. Janette is not dead. In keeping with a tenet of the series, if she had died, her mortality could not have been 'taken from her'.
2. LaCroix said, "by you," a direct indictment of Nick, without protest. Had he said, "because of you," it would leave room for interpretation, i.e., Nick's fault for subjecting Janette to trauma which reverted her back to vampirism, or some such. As it stands though, Nick is personally and directly responsible.

6. Has Janette ever suggested to Nick that he might one day become mortal?
In Cherry Blossoms, she says, "You may become one of them some day, but right now, right now, I know exactly what you are."

7. Did Janette ever tell Nick that he was becoming so mortal she could barely tell he was a vampire?
In KI she said, "You're more mortal now than ever. I see it in your eyes and I barely felt you when you came in."

8. Did LaCroix allow the mortal Janette to choose whether to remain as she was in the brothel or go with him?
In 'A Fate Worse Than Death,' he said to Janette, "You must choose. Stay here and die like your friend... and as all these women will... or come with me and without your permission no mere mortal will ever dare touch you again."

9. Has Janette ever brought anyone across?
In IWR, Janette told Nick she never brought anyone across, that she was going to once but she took too much blood. In ILCK, it was inferred that Janette brought the baroness across when she said, "Sometimes it takes another woman...".

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